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Well, it looks like Trump Housing and Urban Development head Ben Carson can expect some angry tweets in his direction. Carson has generally kept a low profile—a very low profile—in an effort to avoid the sort of confrontations with Trump that have resulted in now-regular firings and  forced resignations among Trump’s top staff. But every television or press interview comes with the real risk of saying a thing that Donald Trump won’t like, and Ben Carson Did That.

The thing that’s going to get Carson on Trump’s insufficient loyalty list is a televised admission, on Fox News this weekend, that black Americans are now suffering from the lowest rates of home ownership on record. Carson acknowledged as much to host Maria Bartiromo, while insisting at length that it was due to the 2008 financial crisis, not anything related to Trump’s own administration. Nor could he explain why Latino home ownership has been rising during the period that black ownership has been sinking.

But “black unemployment is at the lowest level ever,” Carson emphasized, repeating the one talking point about black Americans that Donald Trump himself prefers to emphasize.

All right, no big deal, right? Carson was asked a question by a (friendly!) Fox host and merely acknowledged the data on hand: For whatever reason, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for black Americans to own their own homes in America during Trump’s administration. He defended Trump mightily, to the point of absolute naivety, throughout the rest of the interview.

But you can bet that Trump is stewing mightily over the televised moment that stepped ever-so-slightly on his claims of being the best thing to ever happen to black Americans. And you can bet Carson will be keeping an even lower profile for the next week or two, just to make sure there are not two such moments in a row.

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