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If there is any one person on Team Trump who is basically satire proof, it would have to be Ben Carson. The things that come out of his mouth are so abysmally stupid that no one else could think them up.  Carson makes a bigger fool out of himself than any comedian could dream of doing:

Whenever you’re worried that President Extremely Good Brain doesn’t have this whole running the country thing on lock, take solace in the fact that his cabinet members are all super smart and capable. Just kidding, they’re all dumbshits too. Take, for example, Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who said Wednesday that rebuilding Puerto Rico could take “between one and 100 [years].”

Carson was speaking at an event on the administration’s response to the thousands of newly homeless Americans following Hurricane Maria’s destruction on the island of Puerto Rico. Before proving his best guesstimate on the length of the recovery effort, Carson explained how the storm had affected everyone, himself included.

“Rich people, poor people, people in the middle — we’re all in the same boat,” Carson said. A disaster relief bill finally passed the Senate Tuesday to help fund recovery efforts in hurricane-affected regions, but still, the suffering is so “tremendous” Carson said that it could take “somewhere between one and 100″ years for Puerto Rico to be fully rebuilt.

There were other remarks and of course commentary followed on twitter.

And don’t forget his signature comment from last month, “Poverty is a state of mind.” Ben Carson is stomach churningly stupid. He makes Betsy DeVos look like Marie Curie. Maxine Waters called him an “educated fool” and she’s being too kind. His idiotic laughter at the mention of the misery of Puerto Rico is outrageous and unconscionable.  He’s more lacking in empathy than Donald Trump.

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