Roger Stone exits the federal courthouse Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Before the disinformation campaign began in earnest, before Faux News, Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham —  none of whom give a rat’s ass about children locked in cages or black men being shot by cops in the street by police playing a real life and death version of Grand Theft Auto —  laced up their fake outrage boots and waded, pearl clutching, their way into yet another murky puddle of lies, whinging that the FBI violently kicked in Stone’s door last Friday, guns leveled at his chest and shouting “Achtung, motherfu*ker!!!” …

… Mr. Nixon Tattoo had this to say:

“Extraordinarily courteous.”

Basically then, everything that Republicans have said about Stones arrest since he made that statement has been day old, left-to-rot-in-the sun, vermin ravaged tripe.

And even while he was making the one truthful statement uttered by Republicans or their operatives about the arrest, above, Stone could not help himself and told yet another lie impugning the character of his dogs, if not his wife…that they were “terrorized”:


Dude, those are Yorkies.

The FBI could have been King Edward I’s army, Kahleesi and her dragons, Godzilla, King Kong, the Super Friends and a contingent of sword-brandishing ISIS executioners, and those little Bravehearts would have — far from being “terrorized” — stood their ground ready and willing to rush into the breach, yapping and snarling, to protect you and your wife —  sacred guardians of the supper bowl —  from harm.

You are such a freakin’ liar.

Just shut the hell up.

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