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Here’s what happens when people who don’t know how to govern, and care even less about doing it right, try to pass massive legislation. Some time during conference on this tax bill, someone in either the House or the Senate put in two provisions aimed at helping far-right Christians that won’t pass muster in the Senate.

The end result?

The Senate is still planning on voting on the bill later tonight. At this point it looks like they will just strip the two provisions and pass the bill, then send it back to the House for a revote tomorrow.

That means you’ve got another half of a day to raise hell with your House representatives. Use it.

The GOP Tax Scam added a special provision to help real estate investors like Sen. Bob Corker, who “mysteriously” flipped his vote to a YES without even reading the bill. Call your members of the Senate & House at (202) 224-3121, and give them a very angry piece of your mind.

Three things are wrong with it. Including the title. They got the TITLE wrong. You have to work really, really hard to be incompetent enough to write a title wrong.

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