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Trump’s sense of the ceremonial couldn’t overcome his pettiness. Using a Laura Ingraham interview with D-Day as a backdrop, he turned a military cemetery into a prop.

It’s fairly clear that the WH is acting according to plan, and even having Chris Ruddy of NewsMax on the trip allows Individual-1 to obsess about his current worries. Ruddy is a key advisor besides being a regular golf partner but even he couldn’t stop Trump from trying to reframe a solemn occasion.

So many stunts, so much discord. Back to Ireland for a round of golf tomorrow before returning to DC.

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  1. The cartoon in this article insultingly makes Trump look like a Toad… the Toads will be very unhappy!!!

    What is it that Ron White says? To paraphrase, “He has the right to remain silent, but not the ability…” Donald is perfect… a complete and perfect waste of otherwise useful DNA. He needs to be recycled at the first opportunity.


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