Barr: “Serious Irregularities Found at Epstein’s Jail”

Attorney General William Barr says he is working to prepare Robert Mueller's Russia investigation report to be released to the public, with redactions.

Attorney General William Barr issued a statement today from the podium, declaring there to be “serious irregularities” already found surrounding the Jeffery Epstein suicide this weekend.

In other news, water continued to run down hill, and Amazon sold stuff.

Jail, or “prison,” is the punitive means by which our society takes away the maximum amount of freedom any one person can have. Preventing suicide should be easier within a jail than even a hospital, or god-forbid, the home of a mentally-ill person.

Yet Epstein succeeded in what he failed to do just three weeks earlier, and six days, prior. That alone suffices to prove that serious irregularities existed.

When the world’s most notorious inmate succeeds in taking his own life, yes, serious questions must be answered. Barr, the master of “obviousness” and “lack of courage” noted that the Manhattan Correctional Center failed to adequately secure the prisoner.”

Right. I agree with Bill Barr, and that is news.

Then Barr went out of his way to note that the issue will be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and the DOJ Inspector General.

Of course, we all have no reason at all to not trust that the investigation will be thorough and non-partisan in assigning blame, just like anything else Bill Barr says, or does. Correct?

Charlie Pierce over at Esquire had it right. Nothing can ever be done to squelch out various conspiracy theories regarding Epstein’s death, given how it occurred. That appears to be another truism, along with the water thing.

But that is what happens when the inexplicable seems to happen anyway, and when what happened would seem to make a lot of powerful people rest easier. Bill Barr to the rescue again. He stated that anyone who conspired with Jeffery Epstein “should not rest easy”  … except for political friends of the president and possibly the president himself, Barr did not go on to say.

Here we have a dilemma. It is entirely possible that, faced with a life of unending imprisonment, Jeffery Epstein conned his way into solitude long enough to end his life purely on his own terms. It is also entirely possible that extremely rich and powerful people, already feeling vulnerable, managed to do what extremely rich and powerful people do, silence the person who poses the greatest threat. Moreover, the truth could be a mix of the above.

I refuse to facilitate a conspiracy theory. However I will not naively stay mute when something this egregious happens and a noticeable stanch lingers. Either reaction squelches out possible leaks of “truth.” It is for this precise reason why – in the past – we had Attorneys General who, at least with respect to non-political crimes, such as sex-trafficking, could be counted upon to not cover-up inconvenient facts. Anyone doubt that Janet Reno actually would figure out what happened? Eric Holder?

Yet we have already seen this Attorney General carry the water for this president in a largely unprecedented manner, with his great Russian hoax building upon the “Hire Me” memo written before Barr even got the Attorney General position.

Do we now extend full trust again, lest we get labeled as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory freak? Or do we try to balance some sort of skepticism while also allowing the investigation to play out?

In some ways, it no longer matters. As Pierce noted, no answer will be fully embraced by everyone, not even the truth. Nor should anyone expect differently, when an office like Attorney General is so obviously politicized.

In other news, chickens made it back to roost.


Peace, y’all.




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Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con
I bet he will find his way to a microphone to drop the conspiracy nugget agreeing with Trump that the Clintons did it. While Trump has several pics with Epstein and mentions of him in tv and radio, Barr’s father loses his job for giving Epstein a job in a high school and somehow Bill Clinton is who we care about? All these investigations into Hillary and Bill looked over by every Republic who ever had a job in government over the last 30 years and they missed this blatant pedophile connection? Really. And the Clintons, who are not in… Read more »
True Patriot
True Patriot

I trust lying Barr, as far as I can throw him. He who run the prisons, ordered the hit to save his Tresident (Treasonous Resident in our White House), both must be voted out and locked up.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

He’s going to look good in jail orange and lipstick.