Barr On the Edge of Obstruction: Fallout from the Shot Across His Bow




The fallout from yesterday’s revelations continue to reverberate across the land bringing some elements of the ever-evolving story into clarity.

One detail emerged yesterday that I believe is both trustworthy, and hugely significant.

From the Washington Post story that came out suspiciously fast after the NYTimes story, almost as if coordinated, as summarized by HuffPo:

Some investigators were particularly miffed that Barr had not released the official summaries of the report that their team had prepared, the Post reported. One official told the paper that the special counsel report was written in such a way that would have allowed “the front matter from each section … [to be] released immediately — or very quickly” to the public.

“It was done in a way that minimum redactions, if any, would have been necessary, and the work would have spoken for itself,” the official said.

Barr has some explaining to do, and it is NOT going to be comfortable.


Congressman Schiff has some obvious questions, Mr. Attorney General, I recommend you be highly cautious in how you answer: From same HuffPo.

“Why didn’t he release a summary produced by Bob Mueller himself instead of trying to shape it through his own words?”

Mr. Barr will likely respond — initially — with something about “classified information.” To which, the obvious follow-up question is going to be:

“Do you mean to tell me, that in a 400 page report without counting exhibits, one that took 2 years to create, you — in 48 hours — identified classified material overlooked by the team that collected the material, and determined you were in a better position to judge what to release?”

At which point Barr starts to sink into his seat, because there really is no good answer to that question. If he states: “Yes.” Then the follow-up question would be:

“If you had such huge concerns, why did you rush out YOUR summary? Why did you not take more time and work with the Mueller on such HUGE concerns?”

And Barr reaches into his coat pocket, grabs the prescription bottle and pops a “little yellow pill,” he goes running to the shelter of the defendant’s little helper.

Politics is different today ….


Or he can start squawking about protecting those third parties he imbued himself with the duty to protect.

And there Barr needs to be Sesame Street careful.

Trump can’t even fire someone himself (ironic). He outsources his dirty work. Trump is basically a mob boss. He will order that crimes be committed, often the order is in code.

We know that the MOST nefarious stuff is going to have at least been attempted through third party intermediaries.

A whole lot of dirty laundry can be swept up in protecting these “third parties.” Barr had to know that, and have planned it out.

Except, apparently, attempts to utterly sweep away significant findings will be met with headlines on Barr’s doorstep. And that’s a bit of a problem for Barr because every once in a while, Attorneys General that get too cute protecting their boss find themselves convicted of obstruction.

Barr must be asking himself where he’s going to draw the line, now that the Mueller team has demonstrated they intend to play hardball.


Yes, yes, yes, I know, “Sources close to the investigators …” which means neither the Times, nor Post heard directly from the investigators.

But,  no one should believe that a Mueller team that didn’t leak shit for two years suddenly shot their mouths off to “third persons” over nachos at their kids’ bowling party.

This didn’t happen:

“Three whole pins, Jenny!

“So, Mike, I’ve been dying to tell you, we even prepared these beautiful summaries in which we redacted all classified information, grand jury information, other material protected under Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and all material expressly excepted under the U.S. Code. We designed for immediate release. But then Barr threw them all out to write his own.

“You’re up, Noah. Use the small pink ball with rainbows.”

This story was carefully planted, and timed. A warning shot.

Team M isn’t playing.


As of this morning, everyone in the country with the inclination and ability to read knows that perfectly clean summaries are waiting, right now, to be released, but Billy Barr decided you can’t see them.

People hate that.

Americans will tolerate one hell of a lot of corruption, so long as it’s corruption by their guy, and corruption they know about.

But, they hate being in the dark.

A significant portion of the public could turn — fast — against the administration. If the public perceives a massive cover-up. In such a scenario, a fall guy will be needed and the biggest target now is …William Barr, the guy protecting the guy.

At some point, some point that is sooner today than yesterday, Barr has to take stock. At what point does he determine: “Fck it, this guy isn’t worth me putting my ample ass on the line for …” …?


One last last thing. There is a tension between the “decided to not make a traditional prosecutorial decision” and what Mueller really intended.

THIS is total speculation, but now having seen how far Barr will go, and how mad the Mueller team seems


Mueller found very concerning contacts between Russia and Trump’s team. But no one would cop to actual meetings coordinating the election itself (which was Mueller’s stated task). No collusion. Perhaps no need.

However, innocent people rarely obstruct justice. It is possible Mueller found Trump to be totally compromised because of prior financial entanglements with Russians (we know those exist). We also know Trump declared his previous business/finances “off-limits.”

Mueller — not wanting to compromise those findings by crossing boundaries declared “off limits” — would forward that potion to the SDNY … also under Barr.

Meanwhile, Mueller might then set about demonstrating that despite the lack of evidence on collusion itself, the country ought to STILL be terrified bc Trump was utterly terrified of being investigated, especially certain things. So terrified, that Trump did XYZ, and ABC. And why is that, anyway?

Such a finding would essentially tie Barr’s hands from stepping in and shutting down the SDNY investigation, bc, again, Barr likes his grandkids. And Mueller ain’t playing.


Today is different than yesterday.

Stay tuned. With this president, literally anything can happen at any time. Barr knows better than anyone, and suddenly has new things to consider.

Peace, y’all. Here are those novels you need, where the freak flies in far more interesting times.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

He is committing a crime. He knows, Trump knows and the entire country knows it. So let’s use him as an example to what happens to crooks who obstruct justice. Make his miserable life really miserable.

Impeach trump
Impeach trump

Barf had a seemingly positive career and now he deserves to go down in flames trying to protect trumper, he needs to be charged with the crime he is committing….why would a person do that over that demented old man playing “president”….