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Awww, so the Attorney General has a case of the sadz. Thanks to the antics of his boss, Emperor Numbus Nuttus. William “Biker” Barr was forced to beg for mercy yesterday in the only way that has a chance. He had to go on television and insult the president. He had to come out and tell ABC News that Trumpenstein comments and tweets are making it impossible for him to do his job. Boy, talk about the understatement of the year!

And actually, “Dive” Barr’s complaint goes deeper than just the Roger Stone sentencing kerfuffle. Trump is actually making it damn near impossible for him to do his daily job. Look, everybody already knows what “Honky-tonk” Barr is, he’s a total tool, owned and operated by Trump. And that by itself is not fatal, there are a lot of total tools out there that live with the label and sell their souls to the devil every day.

The problem is that “Family” Barr runs one of the highest profile departments in the United States government. And the Department of Justice has a long and proud reputation of putting politics aside and dispensing fair and impartial justice. Every time that “Jazz” Barr throws the rule book out for Trump, it causes anger, disgust, and a drop in morale throughout the entire department. And he has to maintain an acceptable level of morale in the DOJ in order for it to function at all. That’s his real problem with Trump’s constant interference.

“Lowered” Barr’s broadcast plea yesterday was as obvious as it was plaintive, Please. Just shut. The. Fuck.Up! I know what you want me to do, you don’t have to broadcast it. But I can’t do it if you keep highlighting the fact that I’m doing it! If you want to talk to me, just pick up the phone, otherwise, just leave me alone!

Because the Roger Stone debacle is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “Energy” Barr’s problems. It has already been reported and acknowledged that he has stuck his sticky little fingers into Michael Flynn’s case as well as Stones. It has already been reported and acknowledged that he has also demanded and is receiving updates from the Southern District of New York on the progress of their investigation into possible criminal violations of the Trump organization in regards to the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougle. It has been reported and acknowledged that he’s getting updates on the investigation into Rudy Giuliani. And because running the DOJ is apparently a part time job, it has been reported and acknowledged that he is receiving reports on the progress of the “Lev and Igor” campaign contributions case.

The fact of the matter is that thanks to His Lowness’ tiny twitter digits, “Snickers” Barr or the DOJ have had to acknowledge all of these connections between Trump influenced cases and William “Pick Up” Barr personally. Which is a problem. because the Trump administration has more holes in it than a colander, and the media is already aware of, and covering these cases. Reporters are no dummies, they know what the basic ebb and flow of a federal investigation look like. And every time that they find, or are tipped to, a deviation in the normal process, they are going to front page it, and start demanding answers from the DOJ.

Here’s one more. In his ABC interview, “Lead” Barr had to admit that Trump had pissed him off, that he was “irked” by having his name mentioned in the Zelinsky call, as a contact point for Ukrainian officials, along with Ghouliani. This wasn’t a matter of personal or professional pique. He’s already got his fingers in the Ghouliani criminal investigation, so it wasn’t very helpful for him to have to admit that he had set up an “intake process” to pipe line Ghouliani sludge from the Ukraine directly into the FOJ for processing. He can’t afford to have Trump tying him directly to Giuliani’s Ukraine bait-and-switch operation while he’s tipping the scales on a US criminal investigation.

But the finny thing is, it may not matter in the long run. It was reported yesterday on MSNBC that there may be trouble in Paradise. Despite his public vows of support and affection for “Criminal” Barr, privately Trump is reported to be steamed with, and sniping at Barr. Turns out that Traitor Tot wants that cobbled up piece of shit report on the origins of the Russia investigation that “Singles” Barr ordered completed and released, so that he can weaponize it for use against the Democrats in retaliation for the impeachment debacle. But the report apparently is not immediately forthcoming, and there has been previous reporting that they’re having trouble finding any irregularities, which may explain the delay. But Trump is not a patient despot, and a lengthy delay, along with “Country” Barr’s public criticism of Trump, could cause a schism.

But the long and short of it is, the public criticism of Trump was a wasted and petulant display of self pity. As I’ve already shown, the horse is already out of the barn on the many and various machinations that “Gay” Barr is trying to pull for Trump, and him shitting up now is not going to make the media or public forget about them. He’s just going to have to soldier on and take his lumps. My only question is how much closer he wants to move towards possible disBarrment before he pulls the plug himself to save his ticket to practice.

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He’ll keep right on doing his baseless and unfounded “investigations” to keep the mango maniac happy, regardless of how illegal they may be. As for his legacy, he’s already said that he doesn’t really give a shart about it. So I say let him keep drilling holes in the SS Trumptanic so they all go down together