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The moment Attorney General William Barr laid eyes on a letter from special counsel Robert Mueller criticizing Barr’s summary of his two-year investigation, he knew his goose was cooked. Mueller was creating a written record that wouldn’t allow Barr to bastardize his concerns the way he had mischaracterized Mueller’s report.

“Bob, what’s with the letter? Why didn’t you just pick up the phone and call me?”

Mueller didn’t need to tell Barr what they both knew: Mueller now considered Barr an untrustworthy adversary—a liar, in essence. Going forward, Mueller was going to memorialize his views in writing.

In his testimony, Barr explained that Mueller didn’t necessarily accuse him of misrepresenting the report’s principal conclusions but was rather concerned about the media coverage. Actually, Mueller’s letter to Barr never once mentioned the media or press coverage. Not once.

Barr went on to call Mueller’s letter “snitty.” That’s interesting given the fact that he had unequivocally stated in previous testimony: “I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion.” Oh, but Mueller was “snitty” about it.

Snitty or not, Mueller won this round, at least, after Barr completely undermined the public rollout of his once-pristine probe. As anxious as Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham was to declare the entire proceeding “over,” he was forced to end the hearing with the promise that he would reach out to Mueller concerning the gap between Barr’s characterization of their phone call and the letter Mueller actually sent.

As Barr ultimately conceded, “The letter speaks for itself.”


Watch the exchange below.

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  1. The fact that Barr said he would not let the Dems see the notes of the phone call is telling me that he lied. If it was as he said why hide the notes.

    • why hide anything is you’re telling the truth? seems to me truth was absent today from #DisbarBarr … snitty doesn’t even cover his responses …

    • This pretty much sums up the whole administration, doesn’t it? No one can see the notes, No one can see the visitor logs, No one can see the travel itinerary, No one can see the bank records, No one can see the tax returns….

      But we’re not guilty. We did nothing wrong. Believe Me.

  2. Loretta Lynch was better at stone-walling Congressional Committees… Trump said that he heard that Barr had done a great job. He probably hadn’t seen the video(s) yet…

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