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From the Daily Beast.

The dramatic collapse on Wednesday of the shaky alliance between President Donald Trump and his former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, marked perhaps the most vicious falling out between a president and a former aide in modern history.

Well, that will happen when someone who would know comes out and essentially confirms you’re a Russian agent.

And now people associated with the Russian agent, the one that sits as president, are furious at the traitor … just kidding, these’re Republicans. Of course most Republicans are madder at the truly horrible man who — so ironically — may at least save the nation from a traitor in the White House:

“Bannon was shot on the South Lawn and run over by a tank and the president shifted in gear and ran over him again,” said veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins, a strategist for the pro-Trump Great America super PAC. “I’ve never seen anybody blown up like he was.”

Let’s be perfectly clear about this, Ed Rollins is NOT some freak who’s just lately joined the Republicans because he needs a KKK person in the oval office. No, this IS a man who, formerly, was actually seen as semi-normal, and at least respected as a formidable political advisor.

He’s supporting the Russian agent, and throwing the guy telling us Trump’s a Russian agent into the now-very-well-used-and-needs-an-oil-change wood chipper.

It’s also getting more perfectly clear, Republicans, even veteran mainstream Republicans, will fight obvious facts in order to support a Russian agent.

I’ve said it before, this clearly means that top Republican leaders in Congress, Ryan, McConnell, many others — at a minimum —  were at least aware of and did nothing knowing of the Russian agent, more likely benefited from it and are terrified it will spill out soon.

Nothing else explains not getting rid of the Russian and embracing Pence or Ryan, nothing else explains this.

On Wednesday evening, a spokesman for Kelli Ward, the candidate Bannon is backing in the Arizona Senate race, and who has attended parties at Breitbart headquarters in Washington, issued a statement about Bannon.

Bannon, said the Ward spokesman, “is only one of many high-profile endorsements Dr. Ward has received.

Embrace the horror, a Republican running for the Senate, a former Brietbarter, want’s nothing to do with the guy who may still be the leader of the Alt-Right, were it not for the fact that the guy may be a main witness to traitorous behavior. They’re mad at the witness. They’re silent about the traitor.

We’re at the bottom, right? Republicans will never shock us again …ah fk it, it’ll be 48 hours max, or they wouldn’t be Republicans.


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