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While most Americans are spending Christmas Eve enjoying time with their families, finding that last-minute gift, or baking for tomorrow’s Christmas feast, the Orange Buffoon occupying the White House was forced to cancel his holiday in Florida to pretend he cares about shutting down the government. So now, with Melania and the kids beating a hasty retreat south without him, Trump is left alone to pity-tweet.

Trump started his morning by forgetting that Mexico was going to pay for his racist wall, before pivoting to a whine about allies taking advantage of the United States, how we actually subsidize said allies’ militaries, AND, oh yeah, James Mattis sucks. He then moved on to a double attack on Brett McGurk and “Little” Bob Corker, because why not? Next up, big news to all the countries that now hate us, Trump shouted:

Then he decided to crash the stock market with his deep thoughts on decision-making via the gut, tossed in a quick denial that he would ever lash out at anyone, swung back to lie about his wall again, and then on to thanking Saudi Arabia for his decision on Syria that prompted his defense secretary to resign, and finally, a pity-party and a lie in one fell swoop.

Ho, ho, holy crap, he’s nuts.

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  1. Has he finally proved to the diehards that he’s completely incompetent? As always, “it’s the money, stupid”. All those buy backs the corporations made with their tax cuts are beginning to look a bit foolish. “So sad”, said no one.

  2. Berlin, April 1945 Hitler is hiding out in his bunker, ranting about fairy tale super weapons that will destroy the Allies, howling at his generals to move nonexistent armies around the battle field, screaming, we will win this war! as the Russians are pounding the city with thousands of mortars and rockets.
    Washington Dec 2018 Flump hiding out in the WH, flailing about his nonexistent wall being built, we’ve built hundreds of miles of my beautiful wall and many more miles are going up as we speak! as the Orange Howler Monkey has put our country in financial peril, pissed off most every one of our long time allies, sucked up to every murdering despot tyrant in the world, sold us out for a quick buck, and will most likely, unlike Hitler, get to “flee” after being voted out of office, impeached or forced out to one of his ‘shithole’ clubs in another country to continue tweeting like the dumbass that his so very much is. So yea Ok, F off forever Don, plus a 100 years.


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