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A couple of weeks ago, Politico did a profile on Andy Hemming, the feel-good young Trump minion who had risen to become the White House director of rapid response. You can imagine what his job must be like. I have a video re-enactment here somewhere.

There you go

Hemming, who is paid $89,000 a year, is a career Republican campaign operative who until he entered Trump’s orbit had worked for establishment GOP figures like Meg Whitman, during her failed run for governor in California; Mitt Romney, during his unsuccessful 2012 bid for president; and Greg Abbott, during his successful run for Texas governor. Last year, he worked for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign before going to the Republican National Committee and being embedded in Trump Tower for the final 100 days of the general election.

Even Sarah Huckabee Sanders had nice things to say about Andy.

“Andy does an incredible job of finding those hidden gems and trying to amplify those positive messages,” Sanders said. “He’s quick, and I would say he has a very good pulse on what’s hot, but also on what wasn’t hot but should be.”

What those gems are, it’s hard to say. But I’ve found another artist to illustrate the gem-finding process.

That’s the stuff

On Thursday, Andy Hemming decided it was time to move on. 

W.H. RAPID RESPONSE DIRECTOR IS OUT — ANDY HEMMING left his job on Monday as the White House director of rapid response, according to multiple sources. A source familiar with the move told us it was a “mutually agreed upon” separation, and Hemming now plans to take a vacation (in which golf may play a big part) and then explore future opportunities.

Can’t say we will miss Mr. Hemming. It was hard finding an image of Andy Hemming, but I was able to get my hands on this re-enactment of Mr. Hemming’s last days in the White House.


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