I have a problem. I am dumbfounded by this president. I sit here and watch him in action and it just goes over my head. He’s talking about how he’s going to fix things when he gets elected. How everything is so terrible right now and if you get Joe Biden elected it will just go into total chaos.

Now, I know he’s an old man and you are supposed to respect your elders but did he already forget about 2016. As I remember it, he was the one that got elected president. Although being an American, I myself would want to forget about an election that had so many foreign governments helping me get elected.

Apparently that didn’t bother him too much. There are even more people involved now. From what I understand you have the Russians that the Republicans keep trying to convince us it’s Ukraine. That’s what they said about 2016. It was the Ukraine government hacking us. Now let’s take a moment to look at this. The Ukraine government is shaky at best. They are a small country with little wherewithal to even conduct normal cyber communication. Why or even how would they hack us? We are giving them most of what they want.

Of course, there’s the Ukraine conspiracy. Where supposedly our “dear” president asked their newly elected president if he could do us a favor. And if you do us this little favor we will release your current aide package. Now according to several people smarter than me, this was an illegal act and could result in impeachment. Well, not to get into all the sordid details, our House Of Representatives, did impeach Trump.

Of course, the House is controlled by Democrats. Then they shipped it over to the Republican held senate and they gave it a compulsory little song and dance hearing and voted to not convict or whatever you say. Oh but I forgot, one Senator donned his backbone suit and voted to convict on one count. That means that he was impeached.

Now I have this tendency to ramble….

But let’s get back to current affairs here. Trump is telling everyone that if you elect Joe Biden you will have chaos in the streets and you will have riots and people burning down buildings. And here’s his latest one. He has some friend who told him that some airplane had a whole army of people on it and he knew it was ANTIFA because one person had an ANTIFA America tattoo. Now the journalists that heard this tried to press Trump on exactly who this friend was and where all this happened all he could say was you know him and eventually it will be revealed. Now not to mix Scripture with politics but if my memory serves me right they say something like that before the supposed rapture when God comes and takes the 144,000 to Heaven.

I myself believe that the rapture will happen before Trump comes up with the clarification of who this person was.

Upon checking with the airlines, none of them have seen anything remotely like this. I think Trump forgets here that it would be easier to get a dog on a plane with you than to get this kind of group on a plane. A little thing called 9/11 changed all that forever. Now we get to my problem. Who does Trump think is the current president? I really want to know this. He keeps claiming that he’s running as a candidate. Did anyone tell this idiot that he’s the one in charge? That he’s the one responsible for all the looting and anarchy. And he really is responsible for that because if a group got on a plane like that it would be Republican thugs. That most Democrats don’t have enough money right now to drive to a damn protest, let alone fly. Who is this clown anyway? He is the incumbent. He’s been in charge for four years!! Although it’s my personal opinion here that Putin has a hand here. My dad always said that the one that protests too much usually has a hand in what’s going on.

I was going through the news to see what’s happening in our great nation. I came across something that really saddened me. We have hit another milestone in our fight against COVID. Or, according to the one that is supposed to be in charge – the “China flu”.  We have lost 185,909 poor souls to this pandemic. You know the disease that the White House is trying to act like it’s someone else’s responsibility. That’s the thing that sticks in my craw. In case you don’t know that. It’s a part of the digestive section on birds. They have a pouch where there food goes in their neck where there food goes to be digested. And being a Midwesterner we pickup on these things as slang. You know a lot of us hang around animals and tractors and other sundry things. But there’s one thing we have as a saying around where we might gather to swap lies. When it gets down to it on serious endeavors. Fool me once it’s your fault, fool me twice it’s my fault.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t bring this up. Another black man got shot. Some idiot cop shot an unarmed black man in the back seven times. I believe I mentioned this before but I do think this was wrong and we should remember this. It’s reported that the victim here is alive but paralyzed from the waist down. This is a man with five children to feed and take care of. So many men these days don’t do this. But I believe all his children were in the car when he was shot. That itself is heartbreaking. And of course, that has brought more trouble to our country. Now that’s where Trump’s fictional army was supposedly headed. But that’s another story.

I bring this up because of a video that happened. Now originally two Basketball teams decided not to play in support of this young man and the people involved in Black Lives Matter. Now I don’t know there might be more than one video but the one I saw was of these baseball teams. They all came on the field and took their positions. Then it all stopped. And then both dugouts went on to the field for a moment and without what looked like a word to anyone they all walked off the field and the only thing left on the field was a Black Lives Matter black T-shirt covering home plate. I have never seen anything like this. When asked they said they had to show solidarity with the basketball teams. The basketball teams had actually gone on strike. As one of their demands to return they stipulated that any basketball owners who also own the arena will open said arena as a safe voting venue. And since most arenas are in the downtown areas of cities it will help the minority’s that Trump and company are trying to block from voting.

And of course, the son-in-law of the president said it was no big deal if these teams give up a day. What the moron doesn’t understand is that there are all kinds of statistics that come into play. Some of these players forfeited records and possibly will get lower compensation when they negotiate their new contracts. Oh yes, my dear Jared, there are real consequences in the real world!! People are dying while you are sitting in the White House trying to figure out ways to boost your idiot father in law to another term in the White House. Yeah, you remember. The damn disease that spoiled Barack Obama’s economy and ruined your winning streak. If Trump is such a great businessman where’s his plan to save us from starvation here?

Let me remind you here. You don’t have squat to tell us except that the bad man Joe Biden is going to give us terror and chaos. You know the stuff that is happening every day –  and you can’t come up with one original idea to stop it!!


  1. HE is not US. You know: US – We the People. We ARE America. The vast majority of us are NOT bigots, racists, hateful, stupid, uninformed, lying, smug, xenophobic, narcissistic, LOONEY-TOONS, or anti-ANYTHING – except for people who destroy our democracy, air, land, water, families, national treasures, insult EVERYONE, and crush individuals who don’t worship Mr. Bonespurs. Vote 4 Joe!

  2. Couldn’t have been Democrats on that plane. We’re all wearing masks and hiding out in our basements. And why, because Republicans and Trump failed to control the Covid pandemic. They also won’t address the genuine concerns of police brutality against black people and the whole problem of race relations in this country.


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