I was thinking of whether I had anything original to say about the situation making the news big time (image on right) which Rep. Matt Gaetz, known as a loyal Trump ally and hero or an obnoxious sycophant depending on your political persuasion, and for 2016 campaign mailers like this, now finds himself in.

I wondered if I could find a Getty Image to illustrate a story if  (a big if since nothing jumped to mind) I came up with an idea.

I found a story from November 2020 published on MEAWW which I came up with on Google Images which I thought worth a backstory story:

Rep. Matt Gaetz Slammed on Social Media for ‘Creepy’ Tweet to Trump’s Daughter Tiffany

Here’s the tweet:


I am not conversant with the meaning of how combinations of emoji are interpreted though I did think the fire emoji sent a weird flirtatious message. Elizabeth Vargas, the current host for Fox’s revival of America’s Most Wanted, perhaps ironically prescient if the current allegations are true, a show about criminals, had a similar reaction:


Of course Tiffany Trump is 27, which made her 26 at the time of the tweet, so she is obviously not a minor. Since she has had a boyfriend since 2018 he was sending message to someone already in a relationship which one might say could be interpreted as saying that based on her photo he thought she was hot. Kind of inappropriate, one might say…

Matt Gaetz, 38, is engaged to Ginger Luckey who is 26, hardly a child. Here’s a story published yesterday:

Who is Matt Gaetz’s fiancée Ginger Luckey? Couple transcended 12-year age gap before lavish Mar-a-Lago engagement

The website MEAWW came up with what I consider the best title for another article about Gaetz:

Did Trump ally Matt Gaetz have sexual relations with 17-year-old girl? Trolls say ‘you Gaetz what you pay for’

Back to whether I have anything original to write about this, I really don’t. I just thought this was interesting background.


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How likely do you think it is that some kind of legal action (indictment, trial, etc.) will be taken against Gaetz? 5 = Very to Very unlikely = 0

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How likely do you think it is that some kind of legal action (indictment, trial, etc.) will be taken against Gaetz? 5 = Very to Very unlikely = 0

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