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Donald Trump is in over his head. Running for President was just supposed to be another branding exercise, he wasn’t supposed to win. Look at the campaign he ran. Who in their right mind pisses off the quickest growing segment of the population by calling them rapists and drug runners? Who tells African Americans “Vote for me. You’re already so fucked, how can I possibly make it any worse” with a straight look on their face? But, even for a man who miscalculated his way into four bankruptcies, Trump miscalculated once again. He miscalculated the complacency of Democratic voters in sitting home thinking Hillary was a lock, and he miscalculated the number of angry, scared, order Americans who bought his shtick lock, stock, and barrel. Now we’re all paying for his miscalculations.

But Trump brings something other than stupidity to the table in his Presidential skill set. He brings arrogance. “I alone can fix it.” “I’m going to have to fix the mess that the last President left me.” But apparently, pampered arrogance and incompetence is a hereditary trait that can be passed down. His son Eric screwed up a real estate deal in South Carolina so badly that Daddums had to step in and buy the industrial park to save him from bankruptcy. His daughter Ivanka in all earnestness blathers away brainlessly about empowering women, while women in other countries are basically held hostage in stinking dormitories, and chained to sewing machines to make her crappy clothes.

But by far the most stupidly arrogant of the clan is Donnie Jr. Donnie redux figured that just because his old man was scamming the straights for applause in pretending to run for President, that made Li’l Donnie a “playuh” in the political arena. This is like me playing a hand held poker game, and then entering a World Series Of Poker event. And the result is turning out to be pretty much the same. He’s losing his ass.

Right now Jared Kushner holds the world lightweight championship belt for the largest number of Russians met with in a single campaign. But there is an extenuating circumstance there. At least some of the Russians he met were for the express purpose of trying to prop up his failing family real estate business. He may have been trying to use his proximity to Trump as a selling point, but his base motives were business related, not political. Could the Russians have used aid to Kushner as a hammer over Trump’s head? Of course they could, but when you’re in the running for the Twit of the Century award, those things don’t occur to you.

But not Donnie Jr. He was in it for the political glory he could bring to his old man. Remember, Li’l Donnie is the guy who got slapped across teh face by his father for daring to show up at the door wearing a Yankees jersey when he was going to a game with the old man. He had to change intoa suit to go to the game. More thananything, he wanted to impress his father, make him admit he couldn’t have done it without Donnie.

But Donnie Jr was stupid, clumsy, and inexperienced. And career intelligence analyst and ex Navy intelligence officer Malcolm Nance just nailed him on it. In an interview on Friday with Chris Hayes on All In, In the interview, Nance referred to Trump Jr as “The nexus of all dirty tricks.” Who agreed to a meeting with Russians that Ron Goldstone claimed right out front were representatives of the Russian government, wanting to help and support his father, and then not only met with them, but dragged Kushner and Manafort along for the ride? Who, in accepting the meeting told Goldstone that “If it’s what they say it is, I love it, especially later in the summer”? Who was in direct contact with Wikileaks via Twitter direct messaging, going so far as to have his father directly reference posts Wikileaks wanted highlighted linked in tweets? None other than Donnie Jr.

Nance points out that the Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskiya was direct. Trump knew going in that he was meeting with Russians he thought aligned with the government, and took the meeting. But the Wikileaks connection is just as damnig, since US intelligence had already confirmed that the DNC and John Podesta hacks were carried out by Russian intelligence, in a long planned out strike. It is starting to appear more and more like every time there’s a Russian involved in assisting the Trump campaign, Donald Trump Jr is the direct link. This puts Donnie Jr in the crosshairs of the Mueller investigation, since at its heart it is not a criminal investigation, but rather a counter intelligence investigation.

You have to remember one thing, because you can bet your ass Robert Mueller has. Trump did not run a traditional campaign, nor did he staff it normally. First Corey Lewandowski, and then Paul Manafort, and finally Steve Bannon may have been the campaign managers, but his children ruled over all, they were the true inner circle. Trump was in the campaign, as he was in his business life, a micro=manager, everything ran through and revolved around him. I find it hard to believe that a kid who got smacked in the puss over a baseball jersey is going to openly collude with Russians without running by the old man, and apparently I’m not the only one who feels that way. Watch the video for yourself below.

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