First off, the FBI never confirms or denies an investigation of anyone. Nonetheless it sure seems like the FBI is investigating a $100 Million tax refund push to the mining companies of Arizona. This $100 million tax refund would have wiped out most of Arizona discretionary funds.

The FBI’s Public Corruption unit is investigating efforts by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s past and current staffers – including one who is now a federal judge – to push for a closed-door deal to issue tax refunds worth as much as $100 million to aid one of Ducey’s campaign supporters.

It seems that three of Duceys top administrators quit to work for a tax company in Texas to get mega tax refunds for sales tax of diesel fuel used by mining companies in Arizona.  There is a law in Arizona that you cannot work for another company after quitting a state of Arizona job and representing a company doing business with the state for one year. These three immediately went to work for the tax company and campaigned to get the revenue department to give diesel tax refunds to the mining companies. 

The Arizona Revenue Director opposed the deal and took it to court. The appellate court agreed and had the scheme  stricken.  So what did Ducey do then? He fired him. 

Nulle, who along with ex-Revenue Director Carlton Woodruff opposed the giveaway, succeeded when an appellate court ruled in their favor and opposed the tax refund claims. Ducey later fired both men.

The whole article is long and interesting.  Please take a look and see how corrupt and business oriented my governor is

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