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As the legal scrutiny surrounding Cohen continues, Avenatti raises questions about Stormy Daniels’ previous lawyer, Keith Davidson’s conduct as her legal representative, and whose interests he had at heart.

The question for Keith Davidson is whether or not he was advocating for his own clients or if he was working to actually provide the best possible outcome to Michael Cohen.

Some interesting facts about Keith Davidson:

  • He was Stormy Daniels’ attorney at the time the $130,000 hush money payment with Michael Cohen was negotiated just prior to the 2016 presidential election.
  • He also represented Playboy model Karen McDougal and negotiated a similar $150,000 payment for her alleged affair with Donald Trump.
  • He negotiated another payment to another Playboy model, Shera Bechard, to the tune of 1.6 million dollars so she would promise not to reveal an affair with Elliot Broidy.

Last week, Avenatti published emails that were between Cohen and Davidson last month.

In the first email, Cohen asks Davidson, “how you want to communicate”.  In the second email, Cohen writes that it is his “understanding that Ms. Clifford has or is seeking the advice of additional counsel regarding the above matter” and that “under no circumstances should forward” certain information he described in the email to anyone without Cohen’s written consent.

Sounds like a totally legit conversation, right?

As well, last month, Davidson gave an extensive interview with CNN in which he said the details of the deals he helped negotiate have not been fully disclosed.


Given Avenatti’s history of dropping information bombshells, and knowing Davidson has not disclosed all the details, sounds like we’ll be hearing about what and who were really at the core of Davidson’s interests and who benefitted most from them…. And soon.

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