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Michael Avenatti went on TV again today (it is a day that ends in “y” even a three day weekend won’t deter him) and this time drove a promising stake through the heart of the Trump claim that it is all a partisan witch-hunt.

“This is a president that people have routinely stated that he insists on knowing what’s going on around him. He absolutely despises people who are trying to make money on his ‘back’ without his knowledge.”

“In my view, there was no question he knew what was going on here in relation to Michael Cohen selling access,” he continued. “And I think when all the evidence comes out, there’s going to be substantial evidence that not only did he know about it, but he participated in it.”

I absolutely believe it must be true that Cohen couldn’t have gotten away with “selling access” without having to pay a premium to Trump. Does Trump strike you as the type of person to let someone else, anyone else, take the entire profit of granting access to him?

Avenatti later made a point of turning Trump’s own language on him:

“This whole mantra by [Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani] about draining the swamp, it’s an absolute joke. These guys have created a swamp within this administration that makes the everglades look like a backyard plastic pool. I mean, they’ll say or do anything at this point to distract away from the evidence that we uncover, to distract away from the Mueller investigation, which is picking up steam. I mean, they will literally do anything to divert attention from the facts and the truth.”

Well then.

Of course, it’s not exactly a tightly kept secret that Trump will “literally do anything to divert attention from the facts and truth,” it’s just that generally Avenatti delivers, as opposed to say …Devin Nunes or Sean Hannity who are always promising something “bigger than Watergate” is upon us.

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