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Remember yesterday when we heard Michael Cohen’s voice threatening NPR reporter, Tim Mak? If you missed it, you can listen to it here.

Well, early today, Michael Avenatti sent this tweet out:

Sounds like he will soon make good on his message from yesterday, in which he says he will “continue to bring the facts and evidence to the American people so they can judge for themselves what happened.”

Knowing how Avenatti has worked in the past, this is just a teaser and those Trump tapes are on the brink of becoming public.  It will be a good day when Americans can finally know the “real” Donald Trump.

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  1. Trumplicans infest the government under the guise of being the GOP, but that’s OK: WE the people and the millions of new and past voters will make one thing very clear, very soon: tRump IS the mental idiot he seems to be, cannot write a single, logical, properly spelled piece without terrible grammar and spelling mistakes! In fact, I doubt he STILL doesn’t know what grammar is!

    WE the people will eat and sleep well once he’s in Prison, and that’s sure to happen! And soon!

  2. Can the ridiculous CNN stop feeding into the attacks on Avenatti fostered (I am sure) by Trump and his people. Why does the liberal media keep falling for it. How is Avenatti’s past any of our business. We know nothing of Trump’s taxes, yet we are aiding Trump’s team by tearing down our allies. Sad.


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