Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti are bad for Trump’s political health and not surprisingly, his rabid supporters have in turn threatened their lives and their families lives, as Avenatti shared recently with Salon:

She’s handling it incredibly well. She’s a very strong. She has incredible fortitude and perseverance and I’ve been nothing but impressed with the way that she’s handled it. There’s been a number of security concerns that continue to arise, but regardless of them, she’s shown absolutely no weakness and she is 100 percent committed to seeing this through to the end.

Salon: When you say there’ve been a number of security concerns, including those that continue to arise, have any of them come from Trump or his political allies?

Michael: When you say political allies, that’s a very broad term, but I don’t think that the people that are making death threats against me, my clients and our families are certainly, supporters of the Democratic Party. I think there are certainly supporters of the President, Republican Party, and the far right. In any event, there’s nothing to indicate that any of them are, have direct ties to the President.

Naturally, no interview of Avenatti would be complete without commentary on Michael Cohen.

He picked the wrong fixer to handle it. He picked the [wrong] guy in Michael Cohen, who is not that tough and is a moron.

Salon: Michael Cohen, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed at that, but it was a… I take it you would not consider Michael Cohen to be your professional equal?

Michael: Hardly, nor what I consider him to be the Socrates of our time.

The Battle of the Barristers is coming up, except only one of them is a true barrister, Avenatti. Cohen and Giuliani are not on Avenatti’s level and that sad fact will only become more evident as the story develops.

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