Avenatti: “I know for a fact” Donald Trump Is on One of Cohen’s Recordings

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Avenatti is on Ari Fleisher’s show at this very moment describing a phone call he got from a reporter last week, asking him to comment on a tape in which his client’s former attorney is discussing “making a deal” with the person whom he is supposed to be adversarial to – Michael Cohen. More importantly, the “Breaking News” feature under Avenatti has a quote stating that he (Avenatti) knows for a fact that Donald Trump is on one of Michael Cohen’s tapes, discussing Stormy Daniels.

Avanatti has built a certain amount of credibility, despite being on TV seemingly every minute, he generally can back-up what he says, as opposed to say …oh, I dunno, Donald Trump. In fact, Avenatti not only knows that the tapes exist, he knows they remain under lock and key, and thus went to court today seeking the key to that lock, or more formally, that the tapes be handed over. The judge did warn Avenatti today that if he wants to be heard in court, he must stop the publicity tour. I believe I wrote something very similar to that just last week. What he’s doing on Ari’s show after being warned by the judge, I have no idea, but I do enjoy seeing Cohen getting sweated-out, and Trump even more worried.

To tell you the truth, I am utterly lost at this point as to what this has to do with Avenatti’s original lawsuit against Trump, though Cohen did make the mistake of counter-suing for millions, calling Stormy a liar. You don’t need to go to law school to know the rule as to the absolute defense to being accused of lying, disparaging, or libeling someone, “the truth is an absolute defense.” Thus, Avenatti now gets to run roughshod over anything and everything Cohen has that proves that Daniels has been telling the truth all along.

If there’s one thing we know about Trump, attorneys who get court permission to dig into the truth can do a ton of damage to the man, even if Trump finally got a real lawyer in Emmet Flood.

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