Avenatti Calls For Investigation of Rudy’s Personal Finances


Avenatti is doing what he does best, making life for Team Trump absolutely miserable, for that we all give thanks. This time, he called for an investigation of Rudy Giuliani’s personal business and finances:

Responding to a tweet that read, “Curious if anyone’s been demanding the personal financial, business and family details of @RudyGiuliani as well?” Avenatti had a suggestion.

“Now this is an excellent question. Hopefully some members of the media will chime in this weekend and tell us what current steps are being taken to investigate and publish on the other 13+ lawyers in the cases – Giuliani, Ryan, Harder, Blakely, etc. Why just me? #Waiting,” he wrote.

Recall how Bernie Kerik, Rudy’s business partner, ended up pleading guilty to tax evasion and illegal loans in the late 2000’s, and Rudy has always been seen as ready to “cash-in” on his stature during 9-11,

I am not a fan of every side calling for an investigation of everyone else, I find that feeds the frenzy which would allow Trump to call for an investigation of the investigators. I just know that Avenatti likely wouldn’t make the statement without some indications that Giuliani would not fair well in such an investigation.

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I agree when it comes to Rudy. “..he doth protest too much.”

C. Rose
C. Rose

Please do. If he is not being paid by Trump, who is paying him. Kinda like Manafort was not bring paid by Trump.