In my younger footloose days, I actually visited the White House. I don’t mean I went inside, the Secret Service wouldn’t let my scruffy Mick ass within 30′ of the guard shack. I mean I walked around it, just to eyeball the ultimate in subsidized housing, which I was helping to pay for. Nice digs. I must admit that as I gazed across the lush lawn, I did wonder that if I did a Forrest Gump, would George H W Bush be able to see my scrawny ass from all the way over there? Probably not.

The Peoples House is a magnificent structure, and the seat of all power. From behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office, the most powerful man in the free world makes decisions. In one aspect that is completely true, but in another aspect, it’s nothing but romanticized bullshit.

If say, a President Biden needs to jet off somewhere, Vice President Harris doesn’t sit down and start answering the phone. Whatever he needs to do, the President does if on the most magnificent high tech video and telecommunications equipment you never saw, and paid too much for to boot. If Biden has to stop in to see German Chancellor Merkel, to apologize personally for trump having been such a douche all this time, he does his work from a desk in the 5 star hotel he’s staying at, or the embassy.

The power of the Presidency doesn’t emanate from the stone structure of the White House, it emanates from the United States Constitution. That’s why this whole thing about Trump refusing to leave the White House is such a joke. The White House has nothing to do with the inauguration, the President takes the oath of office from the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office in the Capitol building. The Secret Service, civil service employees all swear an oath to the constitution, not the president, even Trump. If Biden wins the election, and is sworn in, at 12:01 on January 20th, 2021, Donald Trump becomes nothing more than a bad tempered squatter.

If Biden needs a temporary crib, he can just send Vice President Harris and the Second Gentlemen to the Hyatt down the road for a couple of days, and go to the Naval Observatory. Better yet, he can hop on Marine One, and bunk at Camp David until the Trump family is fumigated out of the white House, and the broken crockery replaced.

I can’t for the life of me believe the kind of legs this nonsense has gotten. And yes, I know what people are really worried about, and that’s Trump calling the military into the street if he loses. And I’ll have something to say about that in my next article.

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  1. My sister worked in DC for one of the Democratic senators (no names). I had the privilege of visiting the inner sanctum of the WH in the early days of Obama’s presidency (remember him?). I must admit the WH was a bit underwhelming and a tad tired looking – the coffee was good and I grabbed a WH mug. I did spy Boo taking a dump in the vegetable garden.

    Leaving the building I couldn’t feel more proud of what the WH stood for….freedom!


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