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Ursula Faw

Ursula Faw
Ursula Faw is a former radio newscaster and talk show host. She's a law school graduate and did legal writing and trial preparation in the last twenty years of her career. Ursula Faw is a writer at Politizoom and a regular contributor to posts at Daily Sound and Fury. Email:

Lincoln Project Hits Grand Slam With Ads On Vulnerable GOP Senators....

The Lincoln Project and comedian J-L Cauvin have united their considerable talents and come up with three attack ads on incumbent senators Susan Collins, Steve Daines and Dan Sullivan. If you haven’t heard Cauvin before, he’s a Trump imitator that sounds so much like Trump that it’s scary. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t go […]

The Sequel To Pool Boy, Jerry Falwell Jr. Shares Pic Of...

What say we have some good, clean, Christian fun right now? I mean, we come here everyday and read about the woes of the world and how Donald Trump has managed to trash the country more today than he did yesterday, so we need a break, right? In that vein, let’s look at vacation pictures […]

Trump Turns On Deborah Birx, Calls Her ‘Pathetic!’ says ‘She Took...

I love the smell of Trump panic tweeting in the morning. It smells like Democratic landslide. So Crazy Nancy Pelosi said horrible things about Dr. Deborah Birx, going after her because she was too positive on the very good job we are doing on combatting the China Virus, including Vaccines & Therapeutics. In order to […]

Trump Has Zero Chance Of Swaying Suburban Women Who See ‘Moms’...

The Lincoln Project is krytonite to Trump’s reelection campaign, which is having enough problems of its own even without the anti-Trump Republican strategists. What do you say about a campaign that has no message and is pulling ads right and left, 90 days out from the big day? Not to mention the ads that Twitter […]

HAHA! Trump Continues To Whistle Dixie On Healthcare, While Meidas Touch...

Donald Trump is a very busy man. Here’s his official calendar for this week, from Axios. President Trump’s schedule, per a White House official: Monday: Trump will sign an executive order on Hiring American. He will also have lunch with Vice President Mike Pence. Tuesday: Trump will participate in a signing ceremony for “The Great American Outdoors Act.” […]

Now the RNC Walks Back Its Media Blackout Statement About Trump’s...

Well, this didn’t take long to blow up. On Saturday the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that Donald Trump would receive the Republican nomination behind closed doors, where the press was banned from attendance. It was debatable whether C-Span would even be allowed to cover the event. This was stunning for two reasons: first of all, banning the […]

Politico: ‘Why Trump Might Quit’

Rats are not the brightest of creatures, but they know when they’re cornered. Donald Trump resembles the rat, insofar as what it does not eat, it fouls. Trump and cadre have befouled our institutions as surely as a hoard of rats ruin the contents of a grain silo. Rats are also, so far as we […]

Trump Campaign Pulls ‘Break In’ Ad, Which Bombed Replaced It With...

The Trump campaign is floundering, because it can’t find a message, which is a chilling indictment for any campaign, much less a presidential one, and let alone 90 days out from Election Day. Trump has been hitting the law and order turf pretty hard and that simply has not been working out well. His classic […]

REVEALED: Trump Wasted $.5 Billion On Ventilators We Won’t Even Get...

Much of the cruelty and corruption, not to mention sheer ineptitude, of the current administration flies under the radar. This next story would have gone that way too, but for the fact that plague, like pestilence, war and famine, rears its ugly head with regularity and COVID-19 is the 100-year-cycle deadly virus. It was anticipated that something like it would come along in the fullness of time. Much was learned from the last pandemic in 1918 and from other, more recent outbreaks of lethal viruses, notably SARS and Ebola. Therefore, the United States, under Barack Obama, had prudently planned for just such an event as we are experiencing now — and Donald Trump’s administration shortstopped and botched those plans, resulting in costly and deadly results. New Civil Rights Movement: A new report from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform found that the Trump Administration repeatedly delayed an Obama-era order from the health-technology company Philips for 10,000 ventilators, wasting half-a-billion dollars for machines that won’t even arrive until September 2022. According to the report, in 2014, the Obama Administration signed a contract with Philips to add 10,000 ventilators to the nation’s stockpile by June 2019. Though Philips delayed the fulfillment until November 2019, had they been held to that deadline, the nation would have had plenty of ventilators for when the coronavirus epidemic started in March 2020. [emphasis added] However, the Trump Administration granted Philips three extensions. “On January 21, 2020, when the first coronavirus case was reported in the United States,” the report states, “Philips approached the Trump Administration about accelerating the delivery of ventilators under its existing contract.  The Trump Administration ignored this opportunity, and for six weeks, it did not respond to Philips’ offer.” When  Peter Navarro — Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy — and other senior officials in the White House negotiated a new contract with Philips, they ended up scrapping the Obama-era terms and agreed to pay almost five-times the price set under those terms. Now that is not only the synopsis of yet another example of how coronavirus has been frightfully bungled under Trump, it is the template for the gross incompetence that is the norm in this administration. Peter Navarro is no kind of an economist or administrator. The man does not belong in government. He is the punch line of jokes that real economists and financial people make. If you have not yet hit the link to the press release issued by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform do so now. It is subtitled, “Staff Report Details Inept Negotiations Led by White House Official Peter Navarro” and dated July 31. Read how, “While the Trump Administration paid $15,000 per ventilator, some small purchasers, buying as few as one unit, were able to negotiate prices as low as $9,327 per unit.” Now read between the lines here. In January, Philips approached the administration about accelerating delivery of ventilators — and they were ignored. This was most probably due to the fact that in January, Trump’s “policy” with respect to COVID-19 was to characterize it as a hoax. Or, alternatively, hoax or no hoax, it was believed that it would only affect blue states, and that was just fine, as we learned from the Vanity Fair bombshell yesterday. In all events, nothing was done until March, when, incredibly, the Trump administration screwed things […]

Trump’s Pathetic Tampa Rally Turnout Is the Shape Of Things To...

It’s a little over three months until the big day for the little man, i.e., November 3 and this turnout in Tampa is not something that I would view as a harbinger of success for Donald Trump. In truth, I have catered bridal showers in back yards that were bigger. Trump was there to acknowledge the support of Florida sheriffs. His blather is not worth repeating. It’s another variation on the same theme that no matter how bad things are now, they will be ten times worse with Joe Biden in the White House. Here’s a good synopsis. Trump 2016: Things are bad, vote for me so I can fix them Trump 2020: Things are even worse, vote for me or else things will get much much worse — Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) July 29, 2020 Trump did make one comment that I found interesting, though. “There will be no safety, no security, no peace, no justice, no one to protect you and no one to defend the American way of life. People like the ones standing behind me will not be considered prime time. With me, they’re considered prime time.” I find this a valuable insight into Trump’s psyche. First, the fear mongering and then his slip into show biz vernacular. His greatest fear is not no safety, no peace, etc. Those are not his issues. He’s got enough money to insulate himself from those concerns. His only issue is being relegated to obscurity, not being prime time. Trump projects more than an IMAX theater. All he’s trying to do is stay in prime time. Please oh please MAGAts of all ages, don’t exile him to an occasional call-in to Hannity or Limbaugh, or Drudge, assuming the two of them are even speaking on November 4. Trump is terrified and so he’s projecting the horror of what will befall him on November 4 by translating it onto the horror he hopes he’s convincing you will occur when Joe Biden takes over. The real horror that he’s trying to avoid is the fate that awaits him, when he’s alone at night, walking the parapets of his own personal Elsinore, and nobody cares what he has to say. When he can’t pull the emotional triggers anymore. When everybody has seen his act, grown tired of it, and moved on to something else. After their two terms were complete, Bill Clinton started a foundation, George W. Bush went home and painted a picture of his dog, and Barack Obama got an Oscar. None of that awaits Donald Trump. He’s a third rate fringe performer with the ego of an Olivier, and none of the talent to justify that level of lionization. But despite that, miraculously, he made it all happen. He got a part where he’s in front of the cameras every single day. And now they want to cancel him. Interesting that the phrase “cancel culture” wafted it’s way into the vernacular, isn’t it? All of our living presidents are venerated as statesmen. They’re members of a very small and elite club. Trump will never be a part of this club, because although he was elected a president, he never was a president. He lacked the humility and love of the work to be a real president. Do you recall the letter that […]

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