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Ursula Faw

Ursula Faw
Ursula Faw is a former radio newscaster and talk show host. She's a law school graduate and did legal writing and trial preparation in the last twenty years of her career. Ursula Faw is a writer at Politizoom and a regular contributor to posts at Daily Sound and Fury. Email:

Trump Says Joe Biden Will ‘Hurt God’ ‘Hurt the Bible’ In...

Unhingery and Donald Trump are made for one another, like hot dogs and mustard. That said, today’s raving mania in Ohio was one that even he will find difficult to exceed. I mean, we are talking unalloyed, pure sterling batshit. It was only nine seconds, but it is one for a time capsule, lest anybody […]

For Once, Fox News Is On To Something — Trump Is...

This time every four years the airwaves in America are dominated by political theater — but nobody has ever seen anything like what’s going on in 2020. Not even close. And that includes 2016, which, for all of it’s bizarreness, did not have an impeached incumbent, a crooked as hell attorney general, convicted felons getting […]
Crash Symbols / Flickr Donald Trump in church...

Oh, My God. Trump Just Turned the Election Into A Religious...

This isn’t at all surprising, considering it’s coming from the lips of a man who self-identifies as “The Chosen One.” Donald Trump spoke with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Thursday morning and he said that Joe Biden is “against the Bible.” Voters everywhere: "… How could he possibly know that?" Common sense: "He can't. He […]

‘Don’s Next Con’ Ad Asks Trump’s Base If They Want To...

Nothing like getting ripped off and but good. Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has been begging, and we mean begging for money, nonstop. And what does it do with it? How about Brad Parscale’s Ferrari and $180K salaries for Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric’s wife? If the base wants to finance those things, I guess it’s their […]

Trump Banned From Twitter Until He Removes COVID-19 Misinformation Piece

Isn’t it interesting that two of the giants of social media, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, have to police the Child in Chief in the Oval Office, because he can’t be trusted to police himself? And apparently neither can his aides. Washington Post: Twitter said it will require President Trump to remove a post containing coronavirus […]

Trump Says It’s ‘Okay’ With Him To ‘Lose An Election’

This is the newest ricochet around the blogosphere that’s going to come back and hit Donald Trump between the eyes. Pres Trump on a tear on Fox. He says Black Lives Matter is a “Marxist group” & that it’s wrong for the group to have gained “respectability.” He is bashing athletes for kneeling during the […]

Mary Trump Suggests If Trump’s Reelected, He’ll Ask Pence To Resign...

Mary Trump has given another interview, this time with The Independent, and her predictions for what would happen should her Uncle Donald get reelected are frightening. I mean frightening. It will come as no shock that Trump’s reelection would single the end of democracy as we know it. The Independent: “I think if somehow Joe Biden […]

No Chaos Here, Trump Now Encourages Mail-In Voting In Florida, While...

Donald Trump is the pushmi pullyou of politics. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. His “message,” if there is one, is dependent upon the impulse of the moment. While Kayleigh McEnany was at the podium decrying the horrors of mail-in voting and using the recent New York City primary as an example, Trump […]

Neil Young Posts Law Suit Against Trump Campaign, Upset Over Continued...

Neil Young has told Donald Trump in the past to stop playing his music. The Trump campaign does not have a proper license to play “Rockin’ in the Free World” and “Devil’s Sidewalk,” both of which were played in Tulsa and Mt. Rushmore. So Young posted a lawsuit against the campaign to his Archives Tuesday. At the time […]

Trump’s Interview With Axios Is A Bigger Train Wreck Then the...

This is yet another historical moment in what the election of Donald Trump has meant to the downfall of this nation. Take a look at this clip, where Trump tries to argue facts illogically. He is bound and determined to back up his idiotic talking point that everything is great with coronavirus, it’s just being […]

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