Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ursula Faw

Ursula Faw
Ursula Faw is a former radio newscaster and talk show host. She's a law school graduate and did legal writing and trial preparation in the last twenty years of her career. Ursula Faw is a writer at Politizoom and a regular contributor to posts at Daily Sound and Fury. Email:

Steve Bannon Says Trump Is ‘Up 21 Points’ Will Declare Victory...

I was wondering when Steve Bannon would chime in on the election and I need wonder no more. Bannon, out on bail for fraud charges, relating to a fundraising scheme to build Trump’s southern border wall and pocket the money instead, spoke to the Young Republican Federation. He assured them that Donald Trump would not […]

‘Better Nuclear Winter Than Another Letter In LBGTQ’ Trump Supporters Have...

When Donald Trump was elected, the Doomsday Clock ticked up to 2.5 minutes to midnight. — signaling apocalypse. Since then, it has advanced to 100 seconds before midnight. The world is nuts.  This is the preamble to the 2020 Doomsday Clock announcement: Humanity continues to face two simultaneous existential dangers—nuclear war and climate change—that are compounded by […]

WATCH: Trump Do the ‘Rona Roid Rumba

You thought that the flag hugging was embarrassing, wait until you see Donald Trump on coronavirus steroids shift the position of his girth from side to side and make disco gestures — I mean what can I say? Jackie Gleason was as big as Trump but he was graceful and he could dance. I can’t […]
Gage Skidmore / Flickr Duncan Hunter...

Duncan Hunter Is Going To the Slammer For 11 Months For...

In 2017 I made the comment that there were four congressmen — all Republicans — who were the worst representatives in any state, ever. And they all were from California. They were: Dana Rohrabacher, Devin Nunes, Darrel Issa and Duncan Hunter. Rohrabacher, aka the “Surf Nazi” was voted out in 2018, after 11 terms, and […]

Gretchen Whitmer Fires Back At Trump’s Attack In Michigan Rally

The sociopath White House squatter went to Michigan today for a rally, insulted the governor, made reference to a non existent award he never got, the Michigan Man of the Year award, lied about leading in early voting, and then proceeded to laugh when the MAGAts chanted Lock Her Up! Ahhh, the good old days. […]

GOP Strategist Explains Why This Election Is ‘Closer to 1964’ Johnson...

Let’s take an assessment of where we are in this race, 17 days out. Ben Sasse has secured his footnote in history as number one in a guaranteed conga line of Republican senators who will come forth and disavow Donald Trump, a day late and a dollar short. Sasse is predicting “a Republican blood bath.” […]

Trump Campaign Ponders Where to ‘Place Our Bets’ To Pull 270...

The party’s over, it’s time to call it a day, They’ve burst your pretty balloon and taken the moon away — Jule Styne Bill Stepien, back from his bout with COVID-19, we presume, because no real information ever comes out of this White House, sees a number of paths to a Trump reelection, not to […]

Beyond Parody, Melania Posts Whiny, Self Pitying Screed About Her Former...

Man, there must be something explosive on the rest of those secret recordings that Stephanie Wolkoff made of former BFF Melania Trump because Melania is fuming. She has taken to the White House website, for the second time this week, this time to post a whining aggrieved blog, dripping with self pity — and beyond […]

Dueling Town Halls Frame “Decision” 2020: Vote For Mister Rogers or...

For a show biz guy, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know the first law of the Hollywood jungle and that is: You never, ever show that you’re desperate. Ask any actor, they’ll tell you, when you’re desperate for a part, you don’t get it. Success breeds success, failure breeds more failure. At last night’s town […]

‘Recovering Republican’ Men Dropping Away Like Flies From Trump 35% to...

The Trump crazy train keeps caroming down the tracks. But apparently some Republican men, white, non-college educated, specifically, are having a moment of clarity, as they say in 12-step programs, and they want off. They are realizing that their lives have been adversely affected by Donald Trump and they’re seeking to walk a different way. […]

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