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Ursula Faw

Ursula Faw
Ursula Faw is a former radio newscaster and talk show host. She's a law school graduate and did legal writing and trial preparation in the last twenty years of her career. Ursula Faw is a writer at Politizoom and a regular contributor to posts at Daily Sound and Fury. Email:

Buttigieg Nails Trump Fixation — ‘It Is The Nature Of Grotesque...

Donald Trump doesn’t know where the red-line is drawn, or at least he pretends not to. His latest journey beyond the pale involved putting out an altered video of Nancy Pelosi. Trump created this blasphemy and then used social media to amplify it, tweeting, “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” and then Rudy Giuliani backed him up with […]

Trump Slaps Japan’s Customs In The Face, We Know It’s Because...

Did you hear that Toyko rocked with an earth tremor, as Air Force One was preparing it’s final descent with Donald Trump onboard? It did indeed, which shows that even Mother Earth was not looking forward to this buffoon landing — say, you suppose She could arrange for Trump to enter that space in the Twilight Zone where the plane just flies and flies, through all of earth’s past, and can’t catch up to its own time? Nah, we can’t get that lucky, we’re going to have to sit through this episode to the bitter end, whatever that might be. In the meantime, Trump is trashing Japanese customs. They graciously invited him to present a trophy at the Sumo wrestling championship Sunday and Trump will show up — but he refuses to sit cross-legged on the cushion provided, thereby flouting, if not mocking, centuries of Japanese tradition, which, needless to say, was honored by the presidents before him. Now, the yous and mes know that the reason Trump won’t even try is because he’s too fat and he knows how ridiculous he will look, getting up and down off the floor, even with Melania and four Secret Service men propping him up. But that’s not how it’s framed in the international press — at least, not yet. Reuters: Masaru Tomamoto, 73, said he sympathized with Trump but nonetheless would prefer the U.S. leader to follow custom. “I also want to sit on chair as we watch sumo wrestling,” admitted Tomamoto over a steaming bowl of chanko nabe, the stew favored by sumo wrestlers. “But if (Trump) watches a Japanese traditional sport, sumo, I think that it would be much better for him to sit cross-legged with the cushion on the floor, rather than on chair.” Izumi Chiba from Sapporo in northern Japan echoed the sentiment: “As we say, when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Trump will have to climb onto the ‘dohyo’ – or sumo ring – to present the award alongside Abe. Shoes are typically not worn on the dohyo so he may have to wear slippers or shoe covers. Almost one-eighth of the 11,000 seats have been reserved for Trump, Abe and their security teams. Ordinary attendees will have to go through security checks, media reported. Now, canned beer is usually sold, but is expected to be banned from the front section, according to D.C. Tribune, which quipped, “Can you imagine sitting near Trump, watching him be a colossal dick to your customs, and not even be able to drink?!” A quick, and truthful, rewrite of this story would be: “Toyko: Fat slob American president touches down in Air Force One today, while even the earth shakes — she must be throwing up as Donald Trump draws near — and we can’t say we blame her. “The rotund pig that regularly squats in the Oval Office has been invited to honor our finest Sumo wrestler with a trophy. And what does he do? Does he accept this honor like a statesman and a gentleman? Hell no. He refuses to sit on the ceremonial cushion provided, or take his shoes off, because he knows; 1. Taking his shoes off, which contain lifts, will expose the lie that he is 6’3” and 2. Flailing around trying to get […]

‘It’s A Fake World After All’ Heroes Of The #Resistance Banned...

Journalism stands at a crossroads today. Just this week, a number of stories have broken, none of them good news, which question the very essence of journalistic responsibility, especially in the internet age. The Julian Assange story in particular, threatens to shake notions of First Amendment freedoms to the roots. But it’s not the only story worth reading and talking about. Read this excerpt from The New Yorker: But journalism—unlike, say, medicine, law, or architecture—is a profession that any person can practice. There are no licensing or education requirements, and we journalists generally think that this is a good thing: the public can decide which journalists are worth reading or watching, and the law can intervene in those rare cases when journalism causes harm. The last thing we want the U.S. government, or any government, to do is to start deciding who is and who is not a journalist. “For the most part, the charges against him broadly address the solicitation, receipt, and publication of classified information,” DeCell tweeted. “These charges could be brought against national security and investigative journalists simply for doing their jobs, and doing them well.” Two takeaways from that paragraph, which is from an article addressing the possible ramifications of the Assange case. To paint the conflict in overly simplistic terms, for the sake of expediency, if it’s decided Assange is indeed a journalist and a publisher, and he’s found guilty of espionage, the ramifications for legitimate journalists and publishers, could be staggering. Look no more for the Pentagon Papers or anything of that sort to show up on the front page, because the reporters and publishers will be in jail. Now, keep that thought in the back of your mind and then look to an article that Rolling Stone just published, “Avenatti, Wohl and the Krassensteins Prove Political Media Is A Huckster’s Paradise.” The subtitle of the piece is “In the Trump era of cartoon politics, the world’s biggest jackasses have an easy highway to fame and fortune.” Now, you already know about Michael Avenatti’s newest grief, for which he was indicted, yet again, last week, for ripping off Stormy Daniels. Already charged for attempting to extort Nike and for embezzling $12 million from a batch of clients, he’s been hit with a new indictment. He’s accused of blowing the proceeds of porn star Stormy Daniels’ book deal on things like his monthly $3,900 Ferrari payment, while stalling her with excuses that the publisher was late or “resisting… due to poor sales of [Daniels’s] book.” The man stacks up indictments like you and I do pancakes. But take a look at how the author, Matt Taibbi, links together some other internet luminaries. The fate of Avenatti-Icarus feels intertwined with Ed and Brian Krassenstein of #Resistance fame. The flying Krassensteins have just been removed from Twitter, allegedly for using fake accounts and “purchasing fake interactions.” This comes three years after their home was raided by federal agents, and nearly two after a forfeiture complaint made public the Krassensteins’ 13-year history of owning and operating sites pushing Ponzi-like “High-Yield Investment Plans” or HYIPs. Authorities said the pair “generated tens of thousands of complaints by victims of fraudulent HYIPs.” (Emphasis mine) [“mine” meaning Matt Taibbi, author of the piece quoted] After their Twitter ban this week, in one of the most perfect details you’ll ever find in a news story, the Krassensteins were […]

Trump Is Building His Wall On Private Land, With The Help...

Remember when Donald Trump chose an obscure, two man outfit in Montana to rebuild the grid for hurricane devastated Puerto Rico? Remember how great that turned out? Here we go again, this time with Trump’s favorite vanity project, The Wall. Fisher Industries is a company based in Dickinson, North Dakota. It’s CEO, Tommy Fisher, has made numerous appearances on Fox, and gives money to the GOP, which of course makes him a darling of Donald Trump for openers. Fisher also claims he’s got a new method of getting the wall done, a patent-pending method that will allow the company to build fencing, “faster than any contractor using common construction methods.” Terrific. Somebody you never heard of with a too-good-to-be-true scam. So far it’s vintage Trump. And the great part, is that building right now is underway. Washington Post: Even as Trump pushes for his firm, Fisher already has started building a section of fencing in Sunland Park, N.M. We Build the Wall, a nonprofit that includes prominent conservatives who support the president — its associates and advisory board include former White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon, Blackwater USA founder Erik Prince, ex-congressman Tom Tancredo and former Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach — has guided an effort to build portions of the border barrier on private land with private funds. The first section is expected to be unveiled soon. Fisher-branded equipment and workers were visible this week preparing the site outside El Paso, within feet of the International Boundary Monument No. 1, placed in 1855 at the beginning of the effort to delineate the Mexican border. The stretch, part of which is on private land owned by a brick company, is the only area in the region without a barrier, in part because it crosses rugged terrain. And guess who else is on board? You’re gonna love it. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, has joined in the campaign for Fisher Industries, along with Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), an ardent promoter of the company and the recipient of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Fisher and his family members, according to campaign finance records. Cramer, in an interview Thursday, said the Trump administration has shown a great deal of interest in his constituent’s company. So, this company is going to do it cheaper, faster, and of course the idea here is to get something built so that Trump’s ongoing lie about the wall is being built, can actually have some substance to it. This is the big lie he ran on, that he would “Build the Wall” — and by golly, he’s going to build some wall, somewhere, and these are the people who are helping him. And what a wall it’s going to be. Most recently, the president has insisted the structure be painted black and topped with spikes, while grumbling to aides that the Army Corps contracting process is holding back his ambitions. At the White House meeting Thursday, he said he doesn’t like the current design for the wall’s gates, suggesting that instead of the hydraulic sliding gate design, the Army Corps should consider an alternative, according to an administration official: “Why not French doors?” the president asked. Why not French doors, indeed? If Trump rode a horse, he’d want it to run for senate, and if you tell him there’s […]

Trump DOJ Lands Low Blow, Charges Julian Assange Under Espionage Act,...

Look out, First Amendment. Thursday, Julian Assange’s charges were escalated to include being charged under the Espionage Act. This is a crucial change, because previously Assange was being charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Being charged under the Espionage Act means that the publisher of leaked secrets, not just the leaker herself, can be held liable. This would put every publisher of leaked material, no matter how well vetted internally, and every media outlet in the world at risk for prosecution. Now, it can certainly be argued that Assange is no journalist, nor a publisher, as those terms are commonly understood. But, hypothetically, if a court would decide that he was, then that would not bode well for journalists and publishers in our democracy, and it would be the end of national security journalism and a blow to First Amendment Rights. And this happened, not only on Trump’s watch, he who hates “the enemy of the people” but also on the watch of his attack dog, William Barr, who heads up the Department of Justice, the governmental entity that  made the decision to charge Assange under the Espionage Act. Simply, if Assange goes down in flames under the Espionage Act, all other media outlets are at risk for exactly the same thing. Daily Beast Insider: The current set of factual allegations underlying the Espionage Act charges essentially state that Assange communicated with [Chealsea] Manning about securing classified documents, encouraged Manning to leak documents to WikiLeaks, published the documents (sometimes without sufficient redactions to avoid harm to third parties), and then continued to encourage Manning to leak more documents for publication. Here is the problem, though: That is similar to what just about every national security reporter and investigative journalist does on a regular basis. They all from time to time have to communicate with their sources about leaking classified information and materials, and do what they can to encourage their sources to keep leaking to them despite knowing that the source is breaking the law. You see the work product of those classified leaks on a regular basis in media reports. Do those actions technically meet the legal requirements for charges under the Espionage Act? Yes. However, with the exception of one instance in the midst of World War II when prosecution of a newspaper was briefly considered, the government has always declined to seek criminal charges against media outlets because of an institutional understanding that it was inconsistent with First Amendment protections for the press. Even under Richard Nixon, no friend of the press, the Justice Department did not seek to prosecute The New York Times or The Washington Post for their publication of the Pentagon Papers. Instead, they limited their actions to civil litigation to stop the publication of the leaked materials, and ultimately lost that argument at the U.S. Supreme Court. Having a governmental department decide that somebody has violated the espionage act by leaking “state secrets” — and that’s a call which is subjective, and open to interpretation — opens up the door for all sorts of totalitarian abuse. What it means, simply, is that criminal liability would be decided at the discretion of the Justice Department and the White House. And with this cabal of thieves in office presently, you can see why journalists everywhere are shuddering and […]

‘She’s A Mess, She’s Lost It’ Trump Tears Into Nancy Pelosi...

Elvis was touted early on in his career “the king of gyration,” and Donald Trump is indisputably the King of Projection. This is what he had to say about Nancy Pelosi Thursday, in response to a question about when the new NAFTA bill would be passed. “She’s a mess. They feel she doesn’t understand it. They sort of feel she’s disintegrating before their eyes. She doesn’t understand it. They want to have her understand it before we — it’s finished, signed, as you know. Mexico’s approved the deal. Canada’s approved the deal. They’re waiting to get a signal for [sic] her … the Democrat [sic] House does not, Pelosi does not understand the bill. … It’s a replacement for the worst trade deal ever made.” “So she’s gotta get up to snuff, learn the bill, by the way I think she wants to approve it…we’re at a point where we’re going to have to send it in. She wants two weeks to ‘get to know’ the bill.” That’s the usual incomprehensible hype and tripe from Trump, here’s the reality from the Washington Post: Meanwhile, deep sticking points remain over NAFTA 2.0. Many congressional Democrats won’t support it without changes strengthening its labor protections, and view its intellectual property protections as a giveaway to Big Pharma. So both of these are hanging in the balance. Trump needs big wins to restore populist aura It’s hard to overstate how helpful getting these things could prove to Trump’s reelection prospects. Trump’s strategy turns on going full steam ahead with the reactionary, nativist demagoguery on immigration, while executing a phony pivot back to the “economic populism” he jettisoned upon taking office. Infrastructure was central to that original populist aura. Just after Trump’s 2016 win, Stephen K. Bannon vowed a “trillion-dollar infrastructure plan” that would usher in a trans-racial working-class populist realignment. The plan went “poof,” and Trump’s biggest accomplishment since has been a massive tax cut largely for the wealthy and corporations. Trump doesn’t have any real leverage against the Democrats, so he has to fall back to disparagement and name calling, “Cryin’ Chuck” “Crazy Nancy” and his usual lexicon, “Liddle” and “Loser” and “Low IQ.” Trump is like a rat in a maze, he doesn’t know which direction to run. He wants infrastructure, and God knows he could use some good optics from a bipartisanship infrastructure plan, but he’s shooting himself in the foot by telling Democratic leaders that he won’t give them an infrastructure plan until they approve his trade deal — and stop all congressional investigations, to boot. And they should do all this, why? So, he rampages on the one hand, while demanding impossible concessions on the other and this is why things stall — not because Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand a piece of legislation. She understands it at the molecular level. She’s the professional in this arena, Trump is the neophyte, and she’s mopping the floor with him. Incredibly, Trump seems to believe that he’s going to get what he wants by bullying and ranting, and politics doesn’t work that way. But Trump doesn’t know that, so get used to escalating political insults from Bizarro World. Trump and Pelosi are at war now and it’s going to get a whole lot uglier, I fear. Trump can’t stop himself from making things worse with his […]

Michael Avenatti Indicted For Forging Stormy Daniels’ Name, Ripping Off Six...

I presume you’ve seen the cartoon above before, which is admittedly a cynical view of the legal process, but all too true, nevertheless? I propose that we revise this cartoon to reflect the Michael Avenatti definition of “pro bono.” If there’s an artist in the house reading this, would you mind penning an image of Avenatti, social justice warrior, wearing a halo, and bragging about how Stormy Daniels has only paid him $100.00 for the “millions” in legal advice which he has purportedly given her — while a small army of farmers with shovels and plows, create piles marked “Publicity!” “Payroll!” “Ferrari Payments!” and everything else that Avenatti ripped Daniels off for, to the tune of $300,000 — so far. That’s a cartoon that will sell, I would get right on it, if I were you. Wednesday, California lawyer and once-seeker of the Democratic party’s nomination for president, Michael Avenatti, was indicted twice in New York, one separate indictment for his alleged extortion of Nike and another for allegedly defrauding his former client, Stormy Daniels. Avenatti and Daniels severed their professional relationship in February, and the court documents do not mention her by name, although the details of the case make it plain that it’s Daniels that is being spoken of. And Avenatti has admitted that one charge is related to Daniels — while of course he categorically denies all charges, and tweets that he looks forward to his day in court and full exoneration. Is there an echo in this room, or does he remind you of anybody we know? The Hill: The funds were also allegedly used “to make payments to individuals with whom Avenatti had personal relationships, to make a luxury car payment, and to pay for hotels, airfare, meals, car services, and dry cleaning.” When the then-client asked Avenatti about when her advance for the book deal was arriving, Avenatti allegedly “repeatedly lied … including by stating that he was working on getting the fees from [their] publisher, when, in truth and in fact, Avenatti had already received the fees and spent them on his own personal and professional expenses.” [..] Avenatti allegedly told the agent involved in the book deal, without his client’s knowledge, that the agent should send a payment for the book to a bank account under his control. After the agent told Avenatti that the payment couldn’t be sent to that account, Avenatti sent a letter with a forged signature stating that the payment should be sent to the lawyer’s bank account. The former client allegedly and repeatedly asked Avenatti about the payment from October 2018 through February 2019, to which the document says he “fraudulently stated … that Publisher-1 was withholding payment.” […] The client later got in touch with the publisher herself and discovered that the payment had already been sent. Now, I would have given anything to have been a fly on the wall when THAT conversation between Daniels and Avenatti took place, when she realized how she had been screwed. Avenatti’s other indictment, the one involving Nike, is also severe. Avenatti allegedly attempted to extort $1.5Mil from Nike by threatening to hold a press conference on the eve of the company’s quarterly earnings report, “to unveil allegations of misconduct by Nike staffers.” The severity I speak of, is that Nike said in a statement that Avenatti threatened […]

Ben Carson Just Turned Politics Into A Limbo Dance and It...

C-Span didn’t used to be confused with Comedy Central, but if Ben Carson keeps appearing, that will all change overnight. Carson made an appearance Tuesday before the House Oversight Committee, where Democratic Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45) literally had to explain terms and concepts to him that are a basic part of his job as HUD Secretary — but you wouldn’t know that to listen to his replies. “I would also like to ask you to get back to me, if you don’t mind, to explain the disparity in REO rates. Do you know what an REO is?” asked the congresswoman. “An Oreo…” replied Carson. “R, no not an Oreo. An R-E-O.” shot back Porter. “Real estate?” asked Carson. “What’s the O stand for?” said Porter. “E-organization?” asked Carson. Third grade level guessing games from a Cabinet secretary. I would be falling on the floor, if I wasn’t so pi**ed off. Now, listen to this short clip. Congresswoman Porter is to be commended for her decency and composure. If it was me, I would have blasted this moran into the next time zone, with my foot in his a$$. I asked @SecretaryCarson about REOs – a basic term related to foreclosure – at a hearing today. He thought I was referring to a chocolate sandwich cookie. No, really. — Rep. Katie Porter (@RepKatiePorter) May 21, 2019 Now, you wouldn’t think that it could get worse. But you would be wrong. Carson treated all this as a joke. Here’s what he sent to Porter. OH, REO! Thanks, @RepKatiePorter. Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks. Sending some your way! — Ben Carson (@SecretaryCarson) May 21, 2019 Ben Carson’s Oreo gaffe. Betsy DeVos and her imaginary grizzly bear. Rick Perry not knowing the name of the department he oversees. It’s time to cancel Who’s the Dumbest Cabinet Member? After 2.5 seasons it’s gone on for far too long. — Adam Best (@adamcbest) May 21, 2019 Of course, this is funny on a whole different level. Ben Carson doesn’t know what an Oreo is? Look in the mirror, Ben. Or, ask one of the pictures of Jesus over the mantle piece, preferably the one with you and he in your bathrobes, in a selfie. That’s primo. Or, go ask one of those educational institutions who gave you your fifty-five honorary degrees. Maybe one of them knows. Maxine Waters said about Carson, “He’s what my grandmother called ‘an educated fool.'” To say the least, to say the very least. I never thought I would live to see the day when politics is a limbo dance, where we wait to see which Trump appointee can go even lower still. But that’s exactly what it is. Yep, this is what winning looks like, in the Age of Trump. Here is a longer clip, 3:26, which underscores how utterly clueless Carson is on the fundamentals of housing. He should be impeached and replaced. This level of incompetence is totally unacceptable. The good news is that Porter will replace your faith in government, even as Carson shatters it. Another star of the freshman class.        

Trump Junior Scared To Testify Because He’ll Have To Sell Out...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, it’s time for us to play our favorite Trump game, “Connect The Dots.” All you need to win is a modicum of common sense, the ability to read a newspaper, and a willingness to suspend disbelief, when you say to yourself and anybody else who will listen, “These f**kers can’t be that stupid!” And the voices you hear are not your own echo, but everybody else who has ever dealt with the Trumps, saying the very same thing. Let us begin: You recall that Michael Cohen testified both before Congress and in over 16 hours of closed-door sessions, over a two-day period, in February. Transcripts of that testimony were released Monday night. Among the revelations from Politico: Cohen said lawyer Jay Sekulow requested he falsely tell Congress that negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow ended on Jan. 31, 2016, nearly six months before they actually fizzled. Trump’s former fixer also testified during one of those closed-door sessions in February that the president was considering pardons for him and others to “shut down, you know, this investigation.” Two big GOP-red dots to connect off the bat. One you just got, Trump was planning to pass pardons all around, like they were party favors, to his children, his lawyers, everybody in his orbit, because two, he was in serious negotiations with Russia for both the building of Trump Tower Moscow (where Vladimir Putin would receive the entire top floor penthouse apartment as a “gift”) and for dirt on Hillary Clinton — translating not as normal opposition information but as something a great deal more sinister: Russian bot infiltration of the American political process and the 2016 election. Of course Cohen was instructed to lie by Jay Sekulow, about the timing of Trump’s negotiations for the Moscow tower, because how would it look, a presidential nominee in active negotiations with a hostile foreign power, during the campaign? So Sekulow didn’t tell Trump to cease and desist, he told Cohen to lie. The Trump Tower Moscow negotiations that Cohen testified about actually continued through June 2016, and the president’s former lawyer said he briefed Trump and his family members — including Trump Jr. — several times on the status of those negotiations. According to Cohen, Sekulow had urged him to use January 2016 in his original testimony to “stay on message,” and Cohen said he believed the Trump legal team wanted to use that date because it came before the Iowa caucuses that officially kick-started the Republican nomination fight Trump would go on to win later in the summer. […] But Sekulow’s role didn’t end with Cohen’s congressional testimony. The two lawyers also had conversations about pardons until July 2018, Cohen testified, which is when Cohen withdrew from his joint defense agreement with Trump’s legal team. […] Cohen said Trump and his legal team dangled pardons because they wanted to keep people in the joint defense agreement. He withdrew from that agreement, he told lawmakers, because “there was so much that was going on, that I had just decided it was time to stop with the lying, stop protecting the president.” Simply, Cohen said that the pardons went on the table and stayed there, to keep people in the joint defense agreement, and the […]

Pete Buttigieg Gets Standing Ovation On Fox, Trump Loses It

The envy is strong with this one. Apparently, Fox News is moving a little too far away from the Dark Side for Trump’s taste, because they actually invited Pete Buttigieg to do a town hall Sunday. Buttigieg was well received, standing ovation no less,  and Trump just can’t stand the out of town team scoring points on his home court. So of course he went to Twitter to sulk. ….who got them there. Chris Wallace said, “I actually think, whether you like his opinions or not, that Mayor Pete has a lot of substance…fascinating biography.” Gee, he never speaks well of me – I like Mike Wallace better…and Alfred E. Newman will never be President! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 19, 2019 Chris Wallace probably likes Fred Trump better, too. At least Fred actually knew how to make a buck, Donald, all you know is how to lose one. And watch what you say about who “will never be president.” Those were the exact same words applied to you, they will come back to haunt you. Trust us, we know. But we understand how it must feel to listen to an intelligent, articulate man, who actually did attend the best schools, Harvard and Oxford, and who does know all the best words — in seven foreign languages — and you have a 200 word vocabulary in your native tongue. Moreover, Pete Buttigieg actually served his country in the military, while your daddy paid some quack in the building to write up a fraudulent medical report about your non existent bone spurs, because you’re a coward. We get it, that Mayor Pete is a real Christian and you mocked communion, calling it, “my little wine and my little wafer” — which makes sense since you handled them with your little hands and little brain. You are a Christian in no sense of the word, merely a figurehead for corrupt tent revival televangelists, who sell snake oil and rob people blind just like you. Yeah, we get it. We get that you saw an actual statesman instead of a shyster on Fox TV and him looking so good made you look so bad. He actually talks about issues which he understands, and can communicate with people, while you do soundbites to gin up the base. Whole different prospect. Get used to it, Donald. This is the way it’s going to be up until election day, when you lose bigly and fade into total irrelevance and obscurity. Watch Sean Hannity play Brutus to your Caesar then. That’s in your future, while Buttigieg, or some Democrat, cleans up your horrific mess. Yep, we get that you’re freaked, because a standing ovation for a Democrat on Fox News means that you might not be running the show over there any more — and without your propaganda arm, megaphoning your bullshit, you’re just an inarticulate little carnival barker in the weeds. No more Ringling Brothers sized crowds, you’ll do well to get an audience the size of the midnight showing of “Spinal Tap.” When you lose Fox, you lose it all, Donald, and Bernie’s successful appearance, and now Mayor Pete’s, are the foreshadowings of that event. The Trump train is going off the rails — starting with your mind, Donald, starting with your mind. Just […]

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