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‘Allow Us To Find the Crime and Turn the State Republican’ Demands Trump In Latest Anti-Georgia Rant

If only Sherlock Holmes were here. Think of it, friends, Holmes and Watson dealt with many a tortured soul, beset by dreadful odds and unjust circumstances, driven to their wits ends by the heinous and unfathomable. But none were in worst straits than poor Donald Trump, who simply knows that somewhere in Georgia, buried in […]

41-year-old Louisiana Republican Congressman-Elect Dies Of COVID-19

Louisiana congressman-elect Luke Letlow, who was to be sworn into Congress on Sunday has died. He was in the ICU since December 23. Business Insider: The 41-year-old announced he tested positive for the coronavirus on December 18. The next day he was admitted to St. Francis Medical Center as his symptoms persisted, the Monroe News Star reported. On […]

Drop Everything. Trump Cultist DeAnna Lorraine Doubts QAnon and Trump ‘We’re Gonna Know the F***ing Truth In 25 Days’

DeAnna Lorraine is having a crisis of faith. Lorraine, who most recently ran in CA-12 to see if she could unseat Nancy Pelosi, is a QAnon Queen and major Trump supporter, not to mention COVID denier. She is questioning both whether Trump is in fact a deity “playing 5D chess” and she’s questioning the gospel […]

McConnell’s Tightrope: Humor Trump While Destroying the $2,000 Stimulus Checks — And He’ll Do It

Hoe, boy, they say legislation is dull. Not in Trump world. The latest monkey wrench that Donald Trump has thrown into the machinery of government is to get up and announce that the Senate will look into $2,000 stimulus checks, plus Section 230, plus his favorite, voter fraud. And Mitch McConnell has said that he […]

How Many GOPers Are Actually Going To Vote For Autocracy Over Democracy On January 6?

We’ve had many firsts in the era of Trump, since his long glide down the escalator and our subsequent descent into hell and January 6 will be yet another one — except that this one is a real doozy. This is the first time in our history that the formality of Congress counting the votes […]

Michael Cohen Says He Would Have Been Granted A Pardon, Too, If He Didn’t Speak Out

It must be fascinating to be one of Jared and Ivanka’s kids. Both of their grandfathers are criminals, but one crook was able to pardon the other because he happened to be president of the United States at the time. I’m sure that whatever these kids do in their lives, they will live on in […]

Anybody Got $7,500 For A Trump-As-Christ Painting For Your MAGA Clubhouse, Take II

This piece was published on September 20, but for some reason this travesty is back in the news again. Mine is not to reason why. Enjoy. ******* Just another speechless-rendering moment in Trump world. Off in the corner I can hear Rod Serling laughing, “My God! I could always find the passage to the Twilight […]

Trump’s Legacy Is That He’s The One *President* Who Wanted To Blowtorch Government Rather Than Lead

In 23 days we will mark the departure of a hollow shell of a man who represents America’s lowest common denominator and basest instincts and witness the Inauguration of a fundamentally decent man who represents our better angels. On Inauguration Day 2017 I wrote an article, “Trump Is Attuned To Zeitgeist Of Darkness and Despair. That […]

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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