Monday, July 22, 2019

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.
The Sun / YouTube A BLIMP depicting Donald Trump as...

LOLOLOLOL! Fighters won’t be the ONLY thing in the air over...

OMG!!! This is just too funny for words! I can’t really type right now, not with the tears streaming down my face, and using my hands to clutch my sides while I laugh like a character from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, so I’ll just let Axios break the news to you; Protesters have obtained […]
Vox / YouTube Trump and Putin A surreal moment...

“No collusion” my *ss. Study indicates Russian trolls pushed Trump’s poll...

Well, you sure as hell won’t hear this one being nattered over on the Fox and Friends comfy couch any morning in the foreseeable future. Axios is reporting that a newly released study shows a direct correlation between Russian troll Twitter activity and Trump’s poll numbers during the 2016 election cycle. The study, which was conducted […]

Trump just doesn’t “get it,” does he?

* Sigh * Why, of why couldn’t the South Koreans have stopped His Lowness on his way back over that imaginary line for not having a valid passport and visa for entry into South Korea? After more than a couple of quick hours with Trump, Kim would have found out real quick what it feels like to […]

Trump’s biggest problem didn’t even come from the debate stage.

You know, sometimes people tend to give His Lowness just way too damn much credit. They say that Trump is elevating Biden as the prohibitive front runner via Twitter because he wants to run against him. This is likely true. But now people are trying to give Trump credit for mind fuckery, claiming he’s insulting […]

Now THAT’S how you debate, Nuit Deux

Well, here we are again. Sorry for the time delay, but I was tied up yesterday on personal business. But nothing in the intervening 24 hours has done anything to change my initial perceptions of what we saw Thursday night, especially where the peripheral characters are concerned. Thursday night fulfilled the promise that the DNC […]

Now THAT’S how you debate!

There’s nothing worse than a blockbuster upcoming movie that spends three months showing nonstop “teaser” ads touting the flick, and then you plunk down $12 only to realize that all of the exciting parts in the teaser ads were the best parts of the whole damn movie itself. Last night was put-up-or-shut-up time for the […]
Bloomberg / YouTube Why Robert Mueller Is the Perfect...

After Mueller Time, will there be a hangover?

It’s funny when you think about it. The Democrats, and especially NBC/MSNBC have spent most of the last two months bombarding viewers with teasers about two action packed nights of 20 Democratic candidates, side-by-side, ten each night, spending two hours a night in the political version of America’s Got Talent.And all it takes is one guy who […]
PBS NewsHour / YouTube What Robert Mueller brings to the...

The Money Shot

Now this is not the end. This is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning.   Winston Churchill No Winnie, actually this is the beginning of the end. One way or the other. July 17, 2019. 9:00 AM sharp. Be there or be square. Robert Mueller started it, and now, 26 months […]
Barack Obama / Flickr Joe Biden in Blacksburg August 15th...

Who needs a “breakthrough” moment at the debates? EVERYBODY does!

Lllllllet’s get reeeeeeady to RRRRRRRRUMBLEEEEE!!!   Michael Buffer Everybody off of the phone from their final calls to their caterer for their debate watch party buffets? Ya know, maybe it’s just my “old codger” showing through, but I don’t remember the same kind of intensity four years ago, surrounding the first mass cattle call debates on […]
Guardian News / YouTube Five times Donald Trump refused to...

“Sanity” Prevails? Why Am I Not Reassured?

Jeez, it’s getting so that you don’t dare to sleep anymore. Every time you close your eyes, that damn little ditty from Wes Craven starts going through your head, One, two, Donnie’s coming for you! Three, four, better lock your door. On the other hand, you need a good nights sleep if you’re going to have to wake up to […]

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