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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.
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Soldiers Of Fortune

Vive l’amour, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire   Frederick Forsyth   The Dogs Of War I think we need to coin a new word. Tell me, what comes after the word ridiculous? Because in the current moment we’ve vaulted beyond the word ridiculous, and just tossing the word “fucking” in front of it doesn’t seem to do the gravity of the issue justice. Any suggestions? I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around this. The Secretary of Defense came right out, in public, and said that the United States won’t be pulling all of our troops out of Syria. We’re actually going to be leaving a small residual force behind to “protect the oil.” OK, this is just so fundamentally wrong. Since when does the United States end a conflict with pillage and plunder. The last time I checked, the operative phrase was “To the victors go the spoils,” but I didn’t hear the Defense Secretary declare any kind of victory in Syria. The mere act of eschewing humanitarian assistance, and abandoning a brave and faithful fighting ally, while leaving a residual force behind to “protect the oil” means nothing more or less than the fact that the United States sent in a mercenary army for national gain. The only things that this does is to cheapen the image of the United States, as well as desecrate the honor of those who fell there. Sadly, this outcome doesn’t amaze me, simply because it is so purely Trumpian. This has been the benchmark for His Lowness all along. All the way back in the the 2016 campaign, Trump criticized Obama’s withdrawal of our forces from Iraq because we “didn’t keep the oil!”  The fact that our original entry into Iraq was based on a cobbled up mosaic of bullshit was fine in Trump’s mind, as long as we turned a dollar on the outcome. If Trump ever decides to suddenly pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan, I’ll be flabbergasted if he doesn’t announce that we’re leaving a small residual force behind to “protect the pine cones.” After all, Christmas is coming. Now, this whole thing is disgusting enough, but what’s even worse is the way that this announced policy came into being. Apparently, Trump’s military advisers were fighting hi tooth and nail over pulling all of the troops out of Syria, and completely ceding the territory to Turkey and Russia, but Trump was adamant. One of the advisers, remembering Trump’s invariably transactional nature, proposed leaving a covering force in Syria to “protect the oil,” and Trump bit like a trout on a fly lure. Are you tracking this? The military leaders of the United States were literally reduced into conning the most powerful man in the free world out of making a militarily disastrous decision, sacrificing the dignity and respect of the United States in the process! A Panelist on MSNBC this morning summed it up perfectly when he said, “This is akin to giving a baby their medicine mixed in with yogurt, or applesauce.” This is what we’ve been reduced to. Which begs the truly terrifying question. What happens if or when Trump’s military advisers are confronted with a situation in which there is no suitable decoy vehicle with which to get the medicine to the fucking Toddler in Chief?!? What happens if we encounter a […]

Arrivederci, Rudy!

For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught   Paul Anka   My Way There has been something about this whole Trump cabal that has been nagging away at me for a while now, kind of like a popcorn hull that gets caught between your tooth and gum, but I just couldn’t get my mind wrapped around it. But now, as the impeachment prove intensifies, and all things Trump continue to devolve, it’s coming into a clearer focus for me. And I don’t like it. There are a couple of groups that honestly seem to believe in Trump and his mission. There are those who are so disillusioned with politics and the process that they “bought in” to the Trump mystique, and they are so desperate to not have been fooled again that they deny anything that would shake their core belief. That’s one group. Then, there are the racists and haters out there that truly believe that they finally have a champion who gets them and speaks for them. And that’s OK, I mean, I get those. But there is a small third group, at least two people, whom I don’t get, and that worries me. Look, let’s be honest, occasionally we all fuck up. Yes, even me. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but just ask Teri, she’ll be happy to send you the entire boxed catalog, you only pay shipping and a small handling fee. But when we do fuck up, we don’t like it very much, our core being doesn’t like it when we diminish ourselves in the eyes of others. That’s just human nature. But there are two members of Team Trump (that’s starting to sound like a racing crew sponsored by a medical supply place, Team Colostomy) who appear to lack that basic sense of self worth. I’m talking about William Barr and Rudy Giuliani. In the last few months, as both men have engaged in more and more questionable behavior, and brought disrepute on themselves, both have been questioned about their worries that their actions may tarnish their “legacy.” Both of them gave an identical response, “What do I care? I’ll be dead.” That scares me. “What do I care? I’ll be dead” sounds like something you hear a neighbor say about a guy who just committed a mass atrocity before committing “suicide by cop.” That is the sound of somebody who knows they fucked up major, and is going to go down making as many people as possible as miserable as they are. But unless I miss my guess (yeah, I know, another first, right?), in at least one case, we’re about to find out if that sentiment was heartfelt and sincere. The Ghoul Man is having a rough go of it in the last couple of weeks. Two of his close “associates” have been arrested and indicted on various nefarious campaign cash schemes. Then the Bush family is “disappointed” in his judgement in regards to his prom date for George H W Bush’s funeral, that must sting. It has finally gotten through Ghouliani’s thick skull that being associated with criminal elements in a non representational way might mean his own criminal defense lawyer is a good idea. And worst of all, Rudy has finally gone to “radio silence mode” with the media, […]
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“The Most Successful Business Ever” My *ss

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing   William Shakespeare   MacBeth Donald Trump rode into the White House on a very specific persona, that of the “Most successful businessman of all time.” That persona, crafted by a dozen years starring on the annual Emmy dropout reality show “The Apprentice,” gave Trump universal name recognition, as well as the image of a steely eyed magnate, ready to make the tough calls. But that was preceded by a series of ghost written “autobiographies,” mostly full of self fellatio, pimping Trump’s own incredible business acumen. But as they say, no man is an island, not even a self made man who started out with nothing more than $1 million of Daddy’s sofa change. As any organization grows, in order to thrive it requires an entire staff of talented individuals who can make the vision of the boss a practical reality. So who are these highly skilled and talented individuals? While there have been relatively few higher echelon former organization executives, like Barbara Res, who have been willing to talk to the media, on the while they seem well grounded and competent. You get the feeling that you could take them to lunch without having them embarrass you in the restaurant. But it takes more than a small handful of people to run a successful, multi billion dollar operation, and the rest of them are lying fallow. Fortunately, when it comes to assessing Trump’s business acumen, and his skills in attracting and retaining top level  talent, we have another venue to explore. That’s because for the last three years now, Trump has been in another extremely high level, high profile position, one that has required him to make many serious staffing choices to ensure the success of his “business.” Simply by taking the quality of the individuals that he has chosen to run this new enterprise, we can get, I believe, a fair idea of the quality level of his top level employees in his previous “day job.” The following list is not exhaustive, nor was it even seriously researched, it is basically what I could come up with just off the top of my head. But I think it’ll give us a pretty good idea. Remember, you’re going to take what you read below, and translate it into how this would play in a real world business setting. Trump had a press secretary that responded to crystal clear photographic evidence of inauguration crowd sizes by belligerently snarling that Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest in recorded history. Period. And then storming off of the stage. How would this have played out in the media, and on Wall Street if a company chief media officer had pulled the same whit when talking about the company’s last quarterly earnings, which were pathetic to say the least. One of Trump’s closest personal advisers excused the outburst by stating that the individual had simply been presenting “alternative facts.” Gee, in a business setting does that mean that Trump didn’t really take a shave-and-a-haircut on that Panama City property, and require Russian mobsters sing it as a ruble laundromat to show a profit? The same adviser, allegedly a seasoned professional, was caught seemingly blissfully ignorant as to the meaning of The Hatch Act, prohibiting federal […]
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The GOP’s Newest “Messaging” Problem

Don’t ask me ask her. Wadda I know?   Every Husband OK, first things first, let’s set up the ground rules here. As GOP retarded parakeets like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz already know, depositions are not the same thing as hearings. In a congressional hearing, committee members take turns either asking 5 minutes of questions of the witness, or spend 5 minutes on a self serving filibuster with a question mark at the end of it. In a deposition, staff lawyers for both parties question the witness. Committee members are welcome to sit in, and ask their own questions once the staff questioning is over with. This simple fact lays waste to Jordan’s latest verbal fart about how a Saturday deposition is such an imposition on the GOP members. Nobody actually has to show up, they can just read the transcript on Monday, the same as all of the other depositions. The far more important point is that GOP ballot leeches are not denying Democratic assertions that GOP committee members are showing up to listen to the deposition testimony, and ask their own questions. So much for being “shut out” of the process. This participation is important, because it draws into sharp focus the latest messaging problem that the GOP House slugs are having with the Impeachment inquiry. Democratic members, upon exiting the deposition, while refusing to go into specific topics or testimony, are saying things like, “This was a powerful and credible witness,” or “The witness’s testimony was both damning and disturbing.” GOP members leaving the deposition are not stopping to say to the cameras, “What a con job, a complete waste of my time!” or “I’ve never heard such lame bullshit in my life.” This is because the GOP critters are scurrying out a back door so that nobody can actually see that they were ever there in the first place. Plausible deniability I guess. But this is what makes the GOP response different this time, and why the GOP mealy mouths are having so much trouble defending Traitor Tot. In the Mueller investigation, the GOP, especially the House GOP, went with a three pronged approach. That approach was to obstruct, deceive, and vilify. First, obstruct witnesses from showing up to testify, either for Mueller, or later for the Democratic run committees. Second, deceive the public. Come right out and lie their asses off about what witnesses said, knowing full well that Mueller would not refute them publicly. And third, vilify the witnesses as “angry partisan Democrats,” or “Never Trump human scum!” And it worked like a charm, simply because everybody played their little assigned in this GOP daytime drama. But it isn’t working this time, on any front. Obstruction isn’t working, because witnesses are responding to subpoenas and showing up to testify, and White House or cabinet officers demands be damned. Second, they can’t deceive, mainly because most of the witnesses are publicly releasing their own opening statements, which present a pretty sweeping overview of what they’ll discuss more fully in their deposition testimony. And they can’t vilify either, mainly because these witnesses are different. Omit the original whistle blower from this equation, he or she has become largely superfluous at this point. Almost every other single witness that has been subpoenaed, and has shown up to testify is either a direct appointee by His Lowness himself […]

The Trap A Decade In The Making

And the meek shall inherit the earth. After everybody else dies, of course. History is replete with the evidence. Success breeds arrogance. Arrogance breeds complacency. And complacency ensures a collapse and downfall. Take ancient Rome for an example. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and today, The $1 Store Caligula tweets while the Republican Empire collapses in on its foundation. Kind of fitting, actually. To tell this story properly, you don’t have to go back centuries, you only have to go back just over a decade. In history, civilizations seem to go through what is referred to in history books as their Golden Age. And the year 2008 began what I like to call The Golden Age Of Bullshit for the Republican party. It began with the presidential campaign of 2008. If Donald Trump is considered the father of birtherism, then surely dingbat lawyer Orly Taitz is the mother. She filed so many lawsuits against the Kenyan-Marxist-Usurper that a local station whimsically started a “Taitz Watch” to keep count. But while Obama was elected, the bullshit was wildly successful for the GOP. And they didn’t let it get rusty. They immediately turned on the bullshit fire hose for Obama’s “signature” piece of first term legislation, The Affordable Care Act. Democrats unwisely rolled out an extremely complex piece of legislation, without first taking the time and care to “dumb it down,” which allowed the GOP to first brand it as “socialized medicine,” and the atrocious “death panels for Granny!” And while the law ultimately passed on a straight party line vote, the effect of the bullshit was to make good news feel like a mugging. The GOP used that bullshit to convince the faithful that a terrible law had been rammed down their throats, emboldening the astroturf Tea Party Rebellion, and a takeover of the House in 2010. And that’s where success became arrogance. While the GOP’s math challenged wunderkind Paul Ryan took over the gavel as Speaker, the Democrats still held the Senate and the White House. Rather than propose an actual agenda, legislate, and then compromise to get anything done, Ryan and the GOP House ran on pure bullshit. In the next 4 years, there were more than 60 frivolous bills aimed solely at repealing the ACA, doomed to failure in the Senate, and literally nothing else. And once the GOP ensnared the Senate, Mitch McConnell took bullshit to a new low, by blocking the legitimate nomination of a Supreme Court justice for almost a whole year. The zenith of GOP bullshit was the 2016 election. The Republican party was now totally committed to bullshit, and they needed a candidate for resident to match. And they found their man. In Donald Trump, they had a man so full of bullshit that his own physician, the estimable Dr Bornstein, wouldn’t even examine him without wearing an EPA hazmat suit. The majority of the country voted for a sane president, but a late judicious sprinkling of Soviet bullshit by Vlad the Imp sealed the deal. And here’s where arrogance became complacency. The GOP had spent the last 8 years bullshitting their constituents that if they ever got control of the government there would be so much milk and honey that you’d need to put on hip waders before you left the house in the morning. Now it was time to put up or […]

A Judicial “Poison Pill?”

And I’m here, to remind you, of the mess you left when you went away   Alanis Morissette   Jagged Little Pill For those that are casual observers of the bloodsport that we call politics, a brief explanation of the words poison pill. Let’s say that the party in power in the House, say the Democrats, propose a bill, one which they can pass on their own, but on that would cause a real problem for GOP Senators having to vote on it in the Senate. During the “mark up” stage, when amendments are added, a GOP member offers an amendment that would require termination of abortions at eight weeks from pregnancy. That’s a “poison pill,” it assures failure of the bill in the House, since it is intolerable to the majority. I think that whether intentionally or unintentionally, a federal district court judge, in a ruling on whether or not the Treasury Department has to turn over Trump’s taxes to House committees, the trial judge may have just inserted a poison pill that may prevent Chief Justice Roberts from allowing the Supreme Court to hear the case on appeal. Here’s what happened. In this case, Trump’s obviously overpaid and under qualified legal beagles trotted out the same old lame shit that a sitting President is far beyond the reach of either congress of law enforcement. Not only can’t a sitting President be indicted, he can’t even be investigated. In their oral arguments, Trump’s lawyer specifically referenced the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel determinations that a sitting president can’t be indicted. In the time honored tradition of my political mentor Jon Stewart, the trial judge called bullshit when he smelled bullshit. The trial judge not only excoriated Trump’s attorney for his specious, unfounded argument, he went a step further. In finely crafted legalese, he called the OLC’s memo’s on Presidential immunity from prosecution absurd bullshit, legally untethered from reality, and worth absolutely no value in a legal argument. Basically the trial judge said “Fuck the OLC and their memo’s,” not only can a sitting president be investigated, he can be indicted. And in doing so, he set legal precedent on the issue. Which is huge, because for the first time, a sitting federal judge has weighed in on the issue of whether or not a sitting president can be indicted while in office. The Trump inspired appeal to the ruling was heard today in a federal appeals court in Washington, and once again, the Trump lawyers trotted out the same old, tired nag, claiming in this instance that a sitting president not only could shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue, police couldn’t even stop him from shooting more people. This caused something close to scorn from at least one judge questioning the lawyer. So, here’s where we sit. In a matter of weeks, the appeals court will issue a ruling on the case. And no matter how the court rules, the losing side is going to appeal the decision to the United States Supreme Court. And that appeal will present Chief Justice John Roberts with a can of worms large enough to sponsor an Arkansas fishing contest. Actually, thanks to the original district court judge, Roberts and the Supreme Court will now have two issues to rule on instead of one. And in both cases, Roberts has the same problem, one “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh. Even before being […]
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Caution: Wheels In Motion

Big wheel keep on turnin’, Proud Mary keep on burnin’. Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river   Proud Mary Rachel Maddow put it perfectly a while ago, and I’ve referred to it repeatedly. In following a presidential administration run by a screeching howler monkey, who will say anything to satisfy his thirst for attention, Rachel admonishes Don’t watch what they say, watch what they do. This is useful for a bunch who use words like the spiel of a street corner three card Monte dealer while he manipulates the cards. What they did was as comical as it was ridiculous. Congressman Matt Gaetz, yet another rich, pampered GOP man child, whose last paying job was, I believe, as a smudge pot holder on a Florida orange grove, led another two dozen Salvation Army Thrift Store clad stumble bums down to the SCIF to disrupt the scheduled deposition, of yet another government employee properly telling Trump and Tubby the Ewok to pound sand.But like everything else these IQ cripples try, and of which Glorious Bleater wholeheartedly approve, it was short sighted and doomed to failure. Although I do give House Intel Chair Adam Schiff major kudos. Personally, I would have had their scruffy asses walked out there in a perp walk conga line. So, that’s what they did. But at this point, as Trump’s impeachment plows full-steam-ahead towards the dock. As much as I agree with Rachel that we need to watch what they do and not what they say, I think that we also need to start watching what they’re not doing. And in this case, when I say they, I am specifically speaking about the GOP members of the US Senate. Before I go any further, let me put a little perspective on this. As you know, there are two legislative branches, the House and the Senate. The House is generally referred to as “The Peoples Chamber.” In theoretical terms, the House is the more common, passionate, loud body, and the Senate the more deliberative and sober body. Basically, the House thinks shit up, and the Senate decides whether it’s good shit or bad shit. And that’s the way that Senators actually tend to look at it. The House is Missy Molly’s Daycare, while the Senate is Harvard. Up until about a month ago, many GOP members of the Senate were still fairly cocky, and more than willing to opine on the prospect of the impeachment of Donald Trump. That was because, for them at least, it was still a largely theoretical exercise. Based on a long history, they still had full faith in the Democratic House’s ability to snatch-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory. And also, from everything they had seen, there was nothing that the Democrats would ever turn up that wouldn’t allow them to mealy mouth their way out of having to vote to convict Trump, in other words, there was no smoking gun. But then the bottom fell out of the boat, and Shit Just Got Real! First, there was the whistle blowers complaint, which turned out to have uncomfortably sturdy legs. And then Trumplethinskin decided to voluntarily turn over the smoking gun call summary that graphically shows him shaking down the President of the Ukraine. And then, beyond all belief, department employees started telling Trump’s White House where to stick it, and complying with House subpoenas to give depositions. And the […]

Want Some Cheese With That Whine, Mike?

Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows   Gambling chant I know I shouldn’t even think it, much less actually say it, but I can’t help myself. These Trumpkins are just so damn cute when they get all pissy and whiny. And the pissier and whinier they get, the more they give away in their quest for sympathy. It’s a gift, but funny as hell. Last night was a perfect example. During Lawrence O’Donnell’s hour, a combination of a guest I had no interest in on MSNBC, and an even worse commercial on CNN landed me on the thorny shores of FUX News. And right there, big as life, and damn near as lifelike, bless me if it isn’t li’l Mikey Pence The Pentecost Kid himself. This was a perfectly safe place for Pence to be, since now Shepard Smith is at home with the cat, and Chris Wallace was home getting his beauty sleep. I haven’t seen pitches this soft since high school batting practice. The interviewer, I want to say it was Laura Ingraham — but I’m not positive — tall, blonde, lean, and vapid, the Ailes “mold,” said that she had heard that Pence was going to be more front and center aggressive in the impeachment fight, asked him if that was true, and asked what his expanded role would be. And what followed was enough sour grapes to fill a 55 gallon vinegar drum, which went something like this; Well, you know, it’s really sad. We’ve spent almost three entire years on this, the Democrats desperately trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election. First it was two years of Robert Mueller, investigating false claims regarding the President and Russia, and after all of that, Mueller gave complete vindication and exoneration to the President. And now, they’re trying to impeach the President for conducting affairs of state. And all I’m going to do is to go out there as often as possible, and tell the truth about this President, his policies, and his agenda. Holy Moley! Just how much whiny, specious, self pitying bullshit can one corn fed idjit spout out in less than two minutes? And how can the interviewer, whomever she is, just sit there, getting a full body immersion in this pissy baptism of grievance, and just nod her head like she’s privileged to hear words directly from the lips of the Oracle of Delphi? OK, two things. First, the real obvious one. We all know that Mike Pence is an oversized spigot for spewing out bullshit, but he actually kind of cheapened himself with this first one. Pence said that he was going to get out there at every opportunity, and tell the truth about Trump and his shenanigans. Is he fucking kidding? If Pence goes out and blathers the truth about Trump, the Senate will convict him before lunch on Thursday. Even brain dead Trombies won’t buy that one. ‘Nuff said. But the second one was the one that spun the little “jackpot” signs front and center in my eyes, because while I’ve been hearing Trump pimp after Trump shill after Trump apologist spout this drivel out for months now, it took the bland, strained-carrots-Gerber’s-baby-food countenance of Mike Pence to make the connection in my fevered brain. Pence piteously whined that the investigations into Trump […]
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That Ain’t The Lunch Whistle You Hear.

You know, if you’re just a regular, garden variety congressional slob with an (R) after your name, right now you’ve got to be feeling like a passenger in Murder on the Orient Express. You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, it’s colder than hell outside, and you have no idea where the honeymoon went off the rails. But if you’re a card carrying Trumpkins disciple, you’ve got to be feeling like one of the suspects, just sitting around helplessly, and waiting for Hercule Poirot to drop the hammer on yo’ dumb ass. So, daddy’s widdle man drank his cold Nestle’s Quik too fast again, and had another brain belch. Now a constitutionally enshrined clause the emoluments clause, is just a “phony” emoluments clause, kind of like a constitutional equivalent of drawing a Sharpie balloon around Alabama.And now, another constitutional enshrinement, the impeachment clause, is nothing more than a “lynching.” That one about the emoluments clauses is a simple one, there for convenient use by the pillow headed commentators at FUX News, simple enough for their point drooling IQ’s to understand, and also to impart to their equally sense-impaired viewers. But the line comparing impeachment to a lynching is much deeper and darker, and potentially troubling too. For more than a year now, many people, including me, have made increasing comparisons between Trump’s scandals and Nixon’s Watergate affair. They’re all valid, but recently, I’m finding myself comparing Trump’s Waterloo to Berlin in the spring of 1945. In today’s screeching broadcast from deep underneath the Chancellery, Hair Twitler demands that the faithful of the GOP defend him harder, standing their ground to the last man, while they look to the west for the blessed “phantom army” of Trump voters next November, who will sweep in to save the day. There’s a good reason why Trump suddenly blathered out the word “lynching” today, in his verbal Trumper tantrum. It’s because the other shit isn’t working. From day one, the Mueller investigation was a WITCH HUNT! and a HOAX! and that’s all Trump ever referred to it as, in order to reinforce the image as part of The Big Lie. And since the serious impeachment inquiry began a month ago, Trump has branded it as exactly the same thing, a WITCH HUNT! and a HOAX! The problem is that with facts in evidence publicly, it becomes harder to carry that lame shit off. So, His Lowness needs a new buzz word to martyr himself as an innocent victim, so why not call t a “lynching?” After all, what could be more tragic and heroic than being compared to a lynching victim? And it’s absolutely perfect for the pocket racists over at FUX, there should be enough hair on fire over there to be smelled all the way out in Lincoln. In using this particular word, Trump probably honestly feels like he’s going to get a twofer. Trump uses dog whistles for two separate purposes. First, he uses them as what he thinks is a sneaky and devious signal to his supporters, specifically to evoke an emotional response in how they think of him or the issue du jour. But just as importantly, Trump uses these dog whistles as a distraction. The testimony today in the House is damning, and impeachment is taking off in popularity, but the old pap isn’t working. therefore, if […]

Trump’s Syria Blunder Will Be Costly To Fix.

These are idiots, when they put one foot forward, they literally have no idea what to do with the other one   Donald E Westlake   Drowned Hopes You know, since the day that Trump first waddled into the Oval Office, like a Yank version of Benny Hill, but without the funny shit, I’ve been forced to become proficient in abiding by and remarking on the law of unintended consequences, simply because that’s the law that Trump’s stupidity violates more than any other. And in Syria, like something wadded up in Andrew Wyeth’s studio garbage can, Trump remains true to form. For starters, I find it highly likely that His Lowness has casually tossed away yet another core constituency that the GOP spent generations cultivating. Let’s just say that you took an oath to the constitution, and you wear a United States military uniform right now. How do you feel? Whether they’re at home or abroad, the vast majority of US troops have access to news media. How does it feel, watching your brothers in arms pelted with tomatoes, potatoes, and rocks by former allies as they scurry away with their tails between their legs, just because their Commander in Chief is a fucking moron? One of the founding pillars of military service is pride and honor, and like everything else in his life, Trump has dragged theirs through the mud. I am going to watch the military and veterans vote very carefully next November. I am not considering the near certain revival of ISIS as an unintended consequence of this whole farrago. Oh no, not by a long shot. Simply because even before the knee jerk pullout of US troops, every military expert still drawing breath warned Trump that vacating that space would all but ensure the reemergence of The Islamic State. Trump went into this with his eyes wide open on that score, and if his ignorance s s manifest that he didn’t comprehend it then this is a shining example of what happens when a President is surrounded by such a coterie of total ass kissers and spineless toadies that nobody has the guts to beat some sense into the silly bastard. The real tragedy of the consequence of the law that Trump just violated is that, directly opposite of what Trump is claiming with his craven cowardice, this action is going to end up costing American military lives. And I’m not talking about the military lives that will be lost when ISIS starts running hell bent for leather over the sand berms of Iraq, hands full of shiny new Syrian, Turkish and Kurdish things that go BOOM!, although that too will almost  certainly happen. I’m talking about down the road, maybe years down the road. Because there is going to come a day, please Dios, let it be January 20, 2021, when the sun will shine, there will be an inaugural crowd that won’t fit into a phone booth, and a new American President will arise from the ashes to try to begin the mammoth task of rebuilding what this blathering idiot has torn asunder. And Lord and little fishes, is that person going tp have their hands full. Starting with repairing the incredible damage Trump has done with our foreign allies. Look, you can forget about the Middle East, Trump has screwed that […]

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