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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.

Why Bloomberg and Schultz are full ot sh*t

Look,I have no problem with rich people being full of shit. In fact, when you look at it generally, rich people being full of shit almost seems baked into the cake. People notice and listen to you because you’re rich, whether you’re full of shit or not. The ultimate example of that premise being of course Donald Trump, who rode being rich and full of shit all the way to the front door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But I don’t want to get bogged down today in the current hysteria of Bloomberg and Schultz telling Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren to get back into the kitchen because they want him to pony up some extra cash.  I want to talk about the real reason,fir the nuclear meltdown, their threatened independent runs, and look at it in a factual manner. There are two things I want to look at, I’ll call them practicality and politics. Practicality I’ll be 62 late next month, and in my entire lifetime, I have heard our democracy referred to in only one basic way, the two party system. This is not constitutional, nor is it legislative, or a fluke. We are a two party system simply because the system itself is set up to make it almost impossibly hard for any nosy busybodies to jump in and interfere. An independent candidate would have to pay for a ground organization in all 50 states to try to get the number of signatures on petitions to ensure that their name appeared on the ballot in each state a daunting task. It was only a few years ago that the Libertarian Party had a wet dream that they actually polled a high enough measly percentage of the votes to make their inclusion on ballots in all 50 states automatic in the next cycle. Here’s a practical example from my past. Back in the late 60’s and 70’s, when I first became fascinated with politics, running for public in Illinois was absurdly easy, if you were a Republican or Democrat. You paid a nominal filing fee, I believe around $200 at the time, and submit petitions with somewhere around 2,500 signatures, something simple to do. But if you were running as an independent, the filing fee was the same, but since you were unaffiliated with a political party that had logged a threshold number of votes in the last cycle, you had to turn in a number of petitions with signatures totaling something like 0.5% of the total turnout in the last election, which meant well north of 100,000 signatures. And not just any signature would do. Because you were running as an independent, all of your signatures had to be from registered independent voters. And while being a full time resident of Mt Carmel cemetery may not keep you off of a Democratic or Republican petition, the board of elections was very particular about everybody else. Hence, there were no independent candidates for major office in Illinois. Every state has their own rules and procedures for candidacy on ballots, and an independent candidate would have to have people versed in the protocols for all 50 states to get on all of the ballots. Good luck with that. It is a two party system simply because the system is set up to ensure that it stays that way. Evan […]
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The answer is really quite simple.

Q: What do Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Jerome Corsi, and Roger stone all have in common? I mean besides the fact that they’re all major, world class assholes, of course. That one was too obvious. A: They just don’t get it. No, seriously, I mean that they literally don’t get it. This is what makes watching them thrash around like a carp in the bottom of a creel so damn funny. They honestly can’t understand how and why they are in the predicament they suddenly find themselves enmeshed in. Let’s separate the group into two separate and distinct Port-O-Potties. I used Port-O-Potties for the simple reason that, while the exact reason for their utter confusion may differ between the two, when you come right down to it, they’re in exactly the same shit. We’ll break them down into the Trump assholes, and all of those other assholes, OK? When it comes down to the Trump coven of witches and warlocks. including the court jester son-in-law, the reason is pretty plain and simple. The rampant fecklessness of privilege. That pretty much sums it up. From the day these useless homo sapiens drew their first breaths, they have been different. They are the privileged, the landed gentry, the manor born. For their entire lives, they have run amok, doing whatever they pleased because they were never held personally responsible for anything that they did. And in those extremely rare times when they were held responsible for their actions, it really didn’t matter because there were no consequences for those actions. Is it any wonder why, now that they are actually being held responsible for their actions, by people who somehow just aren’t all that impressed with their wealth and privilege, and they face real, painful consequences for their own actions, that they puff out their chests and snarl, “How dare you question me or my reasons!” When it comes to Manafort, Gates, Stone and the rest of that coterie of losers, what a pathetic bunch of shitheels, huh? They may not have been born rich and powerful, but they found something just as good, illusion and indifference. They have always been crooks, and the bargain basement variety of crooks to boot, but they chose their arena well, politics. They were minnows in an ocean, everybody knew they were cheap hoods, but there were always bigger fish to go after. Like a pack of lamprays, they attached themselves to one shark after another, always disengaging themselves just as the fish was about to be pulled out of the water, and finding another ride. But this time they got lazy, and they got pulled right on out of the water, and now they’re sitting there stunned, like a motorist who hears the cop ask him to get out of the car, instead of pocketing the $50 bill that they wrapped their license in. And of course they immediately scream that the cop doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, and their civil rights are being stomped on besides! I bring this up because sometimes it’s easy to get distracted. We’re mesmerized by things like Trump and Putin, by election stealing and national security. And all of those are valid concerns. But when you stop looking at the “big picture,” and look at the subject instead, what […]
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The GOP 2020 conundrum

My, my, my. What a mess.   Tommy Lee Jones   The Fugitive Things like this pop up in politics occasionally, although not all that often. Shit happens, or as a coworker of mine at United used to say “Ka-ka occurs.” Although, like so many things Trumpain, this one is kind of a hybrid. I mean, it looks like all of the other chicks, but there;s just something off about the “cheep.” In 1976, Gerald Ford was an incumbent President, but not really. Ford was President only because President Sneaky took a powder one step ahead of the process servers. Ford was so unpopular in 1976 that he almost lost the GOP nomination to that brash upstart Ronald Reagan. In 2000, Bill Clinton was actually still pretty damn popular, but that ungrateful Al Gore asked the guy who put him there to go and get that blue dress from the ry cleaners, and stay away from him on the campaign trail. And it actually happened twice to President George W Bush. In the 2006 midterms, gop congressional candidates ran like they were in the minority party, leaving Bush to sit in the White house, wishing he had never stopped drinking in the first place. And in 2008, the GOP almost kidnapped the pilot in order to keep Bush from getting Air Force One off of the ground to go out and campaign for “the boys.” So it happens occasionally, that a party finds itself stuck with an Edsel in the White House, and has to find a way to campaign around him. In a Presidential election it is not normally a major issue, since most Presidents serve two terms, the waning popularity of the sitting President is offset by the fact that his name is not appearing on the ballot, and the other candidates kind of work around him. And in the occasional midterms, it usually only happens in a President’s 2nd midterm, when the “new car smell” has left the current denizen of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, and the party can start to create that most precious political commodity, separation. But not this time. Not in 2020. because this time, in 2020, Donald John Trump is the President. The original, accept-no-substitutes, asteroid-is-hurtling-towards-the-earth-disaster-movie candidate. And as a famous boxer once said to an opponent, “There’s nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.” Usually politicians have a very finely honed sense of self preservation. Oh, hey certainly form alliances and relationships with other politicians of the same party, but it’s usually more of a handshake-at-the-Kiwanis-club-meeting kind of relationship, an rams length distance, since you never know when the other guy could say or do something that could blow back on you. But in 2016, the GOP as a party lost their collective shit. Instead of the usual 2” between shoulders embrace, the GOP were like teenage girls at a “British Invasion” Beatles concert, piss streaming down their legs while they screamed until they fainted and had to be carried off of the floor. And now, because the tickets were so expensive, they can’t afford to buy new socks and a new pair of Keds, and all of the kids at school know what they did last night. Because unless he’s indicted, or already summarily impeached in 2019, Donald Trump’s name is going to be at the top of the GOP ticket in 2020. And […]

A lesson was taught yesterday. But, was it learned by the...

w did you see the news today? They say the danger’s gone away. But I can see the fires still alight. They’re burning into the night   Land of Confusion   Genesis My two youngest daughters love zombie movies, especially the Resident Evil franchise. Me personally? I can take ‘em or leave ‘e. I’m a huge fan of George Romero;s iconic Night of the Living Dead, and the sequels were OK, but after that, my patience wears thin. How many times ,and in how many different ways can you watch people get snowed under an avalanche of zombies? I mention this not just because my poor, feeble mind is free associating again, but because I was forcibly reminded of it yesterday. And I was forcibly reminded of it mainly because, to me, that’s exactly what the Republicans looked like yesterday, in the wake of the sudden and total capitulation of Trump in his thirst for a border wall. You know that obligatory scene in any good zombie movie, where the stranded heroes are standing on the roof of a mall, or some other building, and they look down onto the parking lot? And what do they see? A bunch of nasty, disheveled, mindless creatures, stumbling around, bouncing off of each other, and just generally waiting for something living to chase down and eat. That’s what the Republicans looked like yesterday. The easiest emotion to use to describe the Republicans yesterday, and today as well, is confusion. Basically what they looked like is a bunch of people who just got pulled out of a bus that was swept way in a flash flood. They’re gazing around with dazed eyes, and saying “What the fuck just happened?!? How did we end up here?” And personally, I find it funnier than hell. Right now, Nancy Pelosi is basking in the glory, and well deserved. Every network, every hour, it’s “Man! Did Nancy Pelosi kick Trump’s ass, or what?” And she did, in spades. She ran him up the flagpole, and yet managed to make it look like an episode of “Schoolhouse Rock.” You know, the one about making laws and shit? But there was a bigger, but less obvious lesson that was taught in the last 35 days, and I’m wondering if this one will sink in as the fog of confusion slowly lifts from the eyes of the GOP lawmakers. For the GOP, the paradigm just fundamentally changed. The comfortable, familiar terra firma on which they tread has shifted underneath them, like Alice falling through the looking glass. For at least the last 20 years now, the Republican party has had a very simple, yet effective governing strategy. Be dicks. That’s it. When you’re in power, be dicks, and rub the Democrats noses in the fact that you can be such obnoxious dicks. And when the Democrats occasionally take over power, be even bigger dicks. Be dicks so big that even King Kong would feel inadequate. Be dicks, and the Democrats will give you what you want, for one simple reason. Because Democrats care about people, and they don’t. They’re dicks. This whole government shutdown was supposed to be just one more in an endless display of dickishness. Be dicks, and when government employees start losing their homes, and the TV is full of images […]
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What is a Pampers President without the Pampers?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?   Chinese proverb OK screw it, I was wrong. So, sue me. A little over a week ago I put up a rather lengthy article, in which I chronicled the fact that Trump’s obstinance in the current partial government shutdown was not something unique to Trump, nor to the shutdown, but was simply the latest episode in an almost decade long history of perpetual obstinance by the GOP, both as a minority party, and now as the majority party. I was right about that, but as it turns out, I missed the mark on the bigger picture. Obstinance is a blind and innate stubbornness, which flies in the face of facts, and persists, even when the obstinance is rendered futile. That was true then. But now, with Trump’s attitude, we have entered a whole new realm. We have passed from the barren wasteland of obstinance into the vast, arid desert of petulance. There have been a whole lot of descriptions laid on this President to give body to his demeanor, and few of them pleasant. “Man child,” “Infantile,” “Childish,” “The Toddler in Chief,” “a whiny 2 year old,” and my own personal favorite, “The Pampers President.” They all share one common characteristic, and that characteristic drives His Lowness into a foaming, rabid rage. Basically, the President of the United States of America is noting more or less than a big baby. “You think I’m a fucking baby?!?” Trump raged at his then Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Considering the fact that this President is the only world leader I’ve ever known of who has been immortalized by a giant baby blimp in his likeness, I’m guessing that the answer is in the affirmative. But what is the universal defining physical characteristic of a baby? Why, a diaper of course! How can you have a baby without a diaper? You can’t have one without the other. And right now, in a very literal sense, Trump’s personal and public diaper is none other than Yertl the Turtle, one Mitch McConnell.Mitch McConnell has become the political receptacle for all of Donald Trump’s shit. How in the hell did this happen? Mitch McConnell is supposed to be a wily, savvy, career politician. How did Mitch McConnell become the final resting place for Donald Trump’s political boo-boos? I look at him as a character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Mitch McConnell is Smeagol. Just another simple, good natured goof. But then, he was seduced by a dark power. And that power was power itself.McConnell saw the shimmering gold of being the Senate Majority Leader, and it consumed him. And once he got it, he was ready to do anything to maintain it. Ravage the very traditions and norms of the chamber he held dear? Done. Cause untold suffering to millions through obstinance? No problemo. Hitch his star to an evil, malignant force to remain in control? Your wish is my command. McConnell is no unwitting dupe here, and he doesn’t give a shit about Trump, he sees Trump’b base as a way of clinging to power. McConnell has become Gollum. And like Gollum, McConnell no longer has any control over the power that will eventually destroy him, and his little dog too. McConnell had his chance at salvation yesterday, he […]
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Rudy Giuliani made HIMSELF irrelevant to the media.

Nah, I ain’t talking about Ghouliani’s oral farts on the Sunday morning talking head smorgasbord, that’s just the same old shit in a different colored tie.And I’m not talking about his desperate paddlefooting on Monday, what I like to call the “Giuliani Box Step,” dancing back to where he started. I’ll start to give a shit about that once he learns the tango. No, what I’m talking about is Giuliani’s ill fated interview with The New Yorker magazine. The funny thing is that Rudy’s bone headed admission didn’t come as a result of masterful, insightful probing of the person conducting the interview, and it sure as hell wasn’t the dreaded “Gotcha!” question. In fact, it was a throwaway question at the end of the interview, something that the journalist threw in almost as if to satisfy his own curiosity about something. The Nosferatu in a shiny suit was asked, “Do you worry about the effect that your representing President Trump may have on your legacy?” Even if Giuliani wasn’t expecting the question, I cannot believe that he hasn’t thought about it seriously, egomaniac that he is. His reply was stunning; “I am afraid it will be on my gravestone. ‘Rudy Giuliani: He lied for Trump.” Somehow, I don’t think that will be it. But, if it is, so what do I care? I’ll be dead. I figure I can explain it to St. Peter. He will be on my side.” That’s the ol’ ballgame right there, as far as Giuliani’s viability as a public spokesman for Trump going forward is concerned. Giuliani blithely admitted that he’s a serial public liar on behalf of Trump three different ways in less than 100 words.  Here’s what I mean. First, his epitaph clearly shows that he’s aware of what he’s been doing, “Rudy Giuliani lied for Trump.” End of story. Second, what follows immediately afterwards?  “But if it is so, what do I care? I’ll be dead.” If Giuliani thought that his epitaph was an unfair representation, don’t you think that his next words would be something like, “Which would be a shame, since I have never purposely or knowingly lied or misrepresented facts on behalf of anyone.” But no, he’s perfectly down with the fact that this is the impression that most people have of him. And lastly, this little pearl from swine, “I’ll explain it to St Peter.” Ummm, explain what to St Peter? Explain exactly why you were bullshitting for the President? Explain how you weren’t bullshitting for a two bit grifter with a terrible spray tan? I dunno, call me stupid, but somehow or other, I think that St Peter already has the 411 on that topic. So, attention CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, and all the ships at sea. Let me give you a quick refresher on your code of ethics. Your responsibility is to report the new, in a fair and unbiased manner. It is not to routinely air stream of consciousness bullshit from every yahoo who walks in front of a camera. And Rudy Giuliani has just admitted, from his own rubbery, flapping lips, that his only purpose in life is to wildly sling bullshit, like a deranged howler monkey, in the service of Donald Trump. With that admission in your hip pocket, there is no longer any ethical reason to see his lyin’ face, or hear his lyin’ […]
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The win-win solution to the shutdown is SO simple

This isn’t whimsical, there actually is an almost insanely easy solution to the government shutdown, and one that gives every side the ability to claim a “win” on the issue. And funnily enough, the basic mechanics are already in place. There is no doubt that the Republicans are feeling the heat. Poll after poll shows them guilty by association to Trump, who is so proud to be hurting American families. Phone lines are burning up on Capitol Hill and in district offices. A new CBS poll shows Trump’s approval rating at 36% ,with 71% disapproving of shutting down the government over the wall. If you consider his base at 35%, this means that even 6% of his base finds him to be an insufferable dick on this issue. Here’s the solution. Mitch McConnell already has two procedural votes lined up tomorrow for ending the shutdown. The first one is on Trump’s hard line “compromise” offer made Saturday, already poison pilled by late additions by racist xenophobe Stephen Miller. McConnell already accepts that this vote will fail miserably, possibly without even carrying a united GOP caucus behind it. We know this because if he felt it had a snowballs chance in hell, there would be no reason for the second procedural vote on the clean House continuing resolution to reopen the government. The only question lies with Mitch McConnell. Has McConnell turned his caucus free to vote their conscience and constituent wishes, or is the vote on the clean CR a “show” vote to prove there is no GOP support for a clean reopening. If it’s the former, the clean CR bill passes in a nanosecond. Here’s how you end the shutdown by Friday. McConnell calls the vote on the Trump inspired bill, and the Senate wipes its collective ass with it. McConnell then calls Pelosi’s clean CR bill to the floor, where it passes, by more than 67 votes. McConnell then calls the bill to the floor for a final vote, where it passes, being sent to Trump’s desk for his signature, since it’s the original House bill, already voted on and approve. Trump instantly vetoes the bill in a fit of pique. Friday morning, Pelosi brings a vote to the floor to override the veto, which passes. Friday afternoon, McConnell brings the same vote to the floor, where it also passes. The shutdown is over, and everybody goes back to work. This is a win-win-win scenario for all concerned. Pelosi and the Democratic House get credit for passing the bill that ends the shutdown, and are hailed by their base for not bowing to hostage takers. The GOP House and Senate members can claim victory for bowing to their constituents and taking decisive action to end a disastrous mistake. McConnell can portray himself as a selfless leader, who bowed to the wished of his caucus and the nations desire to put the workers back to work. And Trump can claim victory because he didn’t cave under pressure to end the shutdown. In fact, exactly the opposite, he held firm and vetoed the legislation, it was turncoat Republicans in the House and Senate who buckled. The only losers are the Four Horsemen of the Shitpocalypse, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Igraham, who lose their favorite chew toy. But even they can spin this, since it only 29% of […]
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Dust Jacket Blurbs From An Upcoming Trump White House “Tell-All” Updated...

Wow! I feel so, like, all Michael Schmidt and shit. Here I am, thousands of miles from Washington DC, and I have a legitimate scoop on my hands! Through a confidential source( he owes me $50) at the prestigious Bump-n-Grind Publishing House, I was able to get a sneak peek at an upcoming White House tell-all book by author Itzmi Izzatu, a former low level Trump staffer. The book is tentatively titled “I don’t get paid enough for this sh*t.” If the rest of the book is anything like the snippets I saw, they’re going to have to vut down the Redwood National Park to get enough paper for all the copies this thing will sell. Here’s just a few random short excerpts;; I want to make perfectly clear from the start that I loved working in the White House, and that I support what President Trump is trying to do. I’d probably still be there if they hadn’t sneaked into the employees bathroom and caught me on the phone with  a NY Times reporter. I tried dropping my pants and claiming I was paying $5.99 a minute to “Bubbles” for this, but they didn’t buy it. Contrary to popular reporting, the Trump White House is a well oiled machine. They get the oil in 55 gallon drums from a NASCAR used oil depository. I can tell you first hand, that there is absolutely no marital discord between the President and the First Lady. Ever since she had that Judas peep installed in the guest bedroom door, the screaming has stopped completely, and you almost never hear national artifacts crashing against the bedroom walls. One hack writer with a total hit job tell-all out reported that John Kelly had told him that Jared Kushner comes into the Oval Office every afternoon to take the President upstairs for a nap, and reads to him from Dr Seuss books. This is utter bullshit. They’re actually pop up books, and the President’s favorite is “The-Little-Engine-That-Could. The President’s first order to the housekeeping staff was to set up weekly direct deliveries from Frito Lay to the President’s bedroom. The secret Service nixed this idea, saying that it would be impossible to ensure that the products had not been poisoned or otherwise tampered with. They offered to have a secretary run down every day to the 7-11 and pick up the stuff, since nobody would know what to tamper with. The President hated this idea, saying that the whole point of the weekly deliveries was to get the bulk discount. The Secret Service settled the issue by offering to instruct the secretary that if the store clerk was busy, she was to jam the bags under her coat and run out the door. Despite persistent rumors, President Trump is neither fed up with, or disappointed in Rudy Giuliani. Despite his occasional shortcomings, the President knows that Rudy Giuliani is only trying to get him off. And if there’s one thing that the President is 100% all in with, it’s anybody who can get him off. At this point, my source burst into the room, grabbed the manuscript, and told me to buy a copy like everybody else. But see what I mean?!? This is what this country needs more of right now, hard hitting, honest, no-holds-barred, in the room reporting […]
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About that upcoming Mueller report.

I’d like to take a minute to draw a couple of distinctions about the upcoming Mueller report, and the soon to begin congressional committee hearings. The Mueller investigation is not necessarily These two investigations do not necessarily dovetail with each other, in fact, in some ways they are diametrically opposed. Robert Mueller’s mandate from the DOJ is not to investigate Donald Trump. Mueller’s probe was designed as a counter intelligence probe into the 2016 election. His mandate was to investigate Russian interference in the election process, If he finds evidence of Russian interference, he will issue a report, documenting the interference, and exposing weaknesses in the system so that congress can move to repair them. He may be investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, but that is an ancillary investigation,  “matter arising from his investigation,” and not the focus of his probe. If Mueller finds enough evidence of obstruction, lying to investigators, or lying to congress, then he will issue criminal indictments. But neither he, nor the DOJ is likely to indict Trump, no matter what evidence he uncovers. The focus of the House investigations should not be primarily in criminal prosecutions. By necessity, the focus of the investigations should be on one Donald Trump, and whether or not he has undertaken actions that warrant impeachment proceedings. These hearings are not so much a legal proceeding as they are a political act. And while anything that Mueller uncovers that implicates Trump would certainly be incorporated into the committees investigations, they are going to need to uncover enough evidence themselves to satisfy the political aspects of this exercise. Here’s an example. Robert Mueller is not going to have word one to say about any violations of the emoluments clause of the constitution. Yet this is a serious issue that the House Oversight Committee will almost certainly look into. The necessity for these House investigations to uncover, and publicly present their evidence of any Trump misdeeds independently from the Mueller findings is critical for one simple reason. Because, whenever the Mueller report finally comes out, whatever it actually contains, and whatever Bill Barr and the DOJ allow us to see, it is already damaged goods.Remember the great ACA debate of 2009? The GOP came flaming out of the gate, decrying the bill as “medicare for all (like that’s a bad thing?),” and “death panels for Granny!” before the bill was even presented for debate. The Republicans framed that argument forcefully, before the democrats could even open their mouths, and as a result, it took 7 years for the ACA to finally hit the break even point in popularity. Trump may have failed economics 101, but he learned that political lesson from the ACA fight immediately. From the day that Mueller was named, the administration branded it a “witch hunt,” being operated by “13 angry Democrats.” In order to protect the integrity of his investigation, Mueller has been unable to respond publicly to this abuse, even when it became personal. And Democratic efforts to buttress up Mueller’s investigation, and integrity, have largely been futile, for the simple reason that little to no actual information is emerging from within the investigation that could counterpoint the Trump assertions.Just like with the ACA, the GOP has managed to set the narrative in stone, not for all of America, but for just enough of America to allow the Republicans […]

OK Democratic Chairs. It’s time to put up or shut up.

I have always enjoyed Michael Isikoff’s work as an investigative journalist. Not only does he uncover some really cool, nasty shit, but like his co-author David Corn, he has a natural talent for taking what could be complex and confusing political issues, and simplifying them so that people without a poli-sci degree can understand them. But I really loved him last night when he hit a grand slam home run on All In with Chris Hayes. He was talking about the upcoming testimony on February of Michael Cohen in the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Elijah Cummings, and he stated something that I have felt strongly about for a long time. He said that it was critical that neither Cummings on the oversight committee, nor Nadler on the judiciary committee, or Schiff in Intelligence should be showing the slightest deference to Robert Mueller’s investigation in their questioning of witnesses. Thank you Michael! Isikoff’s point was well taken, and to my mind 100% correct. The US Hose is a co-equal branch of government, Robert Mueller is an appointed member of the executive branch. And Isikiff made his point with a relevant historical reference. Did Senator Sam Ervin ask Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor in Watergate, permission to hold the Senate Watergate hearings? Of course not. And did the US House ask Leon Jaworski for permission to implement proceedings on articles of impeachment? Again, of course not. The constitutional responsibility for executive oversight rests with the congress, not an appointed member of the executive branch. This is important because Lanny Davis, Cohen’s legal adviser, has already said that Cohen will answer no questions that could impinge on Mueller’s investigation, and there has been talk of the committees coordinating with Mueller to ensure that they don’t step on any toes in their hearings. Bull-fucking-shit! Congress is investigating possible unethical, illegal, and possibly criminal actions by the sitting President of the United States, as well as his campaign and administration staff. Robert Mueller is conducting a counter intelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The only reason there is any overlap is because Mueller’s original charter allowed him to investigate “any matters arising from his original investigation.” The whole obstruction og justice probe wellsprings from Trump’s firing of Comey, not Russian hacking and interference. And I hate to remind everybody of this, but the only reason that Lt Colonel Ollie North didn’t serve a nice, fat federal prison sentence was because a committee in congress fucked up the prosecution by giving North immunity in return for testimony. Sometimes shit happens. As ranking members, Schiff, Nadler and Cummings have spent the last two years wailing and gnashing their teeth, not only at the Republicans obstructing any serious investigation of Trump, but also for cloaking any information they did glean in their slipshod probe by keeping it under a bushel basket with closed session hearings. Well boys, time to put on those big guy pants. You hold the gavels now, with full subpoena power, and you ste the agenda for hearings and availability. This is where the rubber hits the road lads. There is no legitimate excuse for a single closed door hearing from here on out. Michael Cohen never worked for the NSA. Nor the CIA. Ditto the DIA, nor any of the other alphabet […]

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