Monday, March 30, 2020

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.

Now that Trump accepts coronavirus, the REAL battle begins.

God, today must have burned Trump’s ass like a flamethrower. But I guess a guy can only stand there for so long with his thumb up his ass, while his own hand picked experts stand a foot away and tell the nation he’s full of shit, before he finally has to accept reality. Then throw in the fact that, despite his best economic genius, we may well be on the way to an economic recession almost as deadly as the coronavirus on his watch. Man! Even calling Hannity to bitch ain’t gonna take the sting out of this one. But with those admissions, no matter how much he gritted his teeth, the battlefield has just changed, and in a critical way. Trump admitted that there are actually two distinct crises, a humanitarian crisis brought on by the coronavirus, and an economic crisis, likely at least partially brought on by the coronavirus. And as everybody should know by now, when presented with human pain and suffering, and corporate losses, Trump and the GOP will jump on the economic fix first, every goddamn time. So far, there have been two emergency spending bills, and Speaker Pelosi is hell bent for leather for a third one. By necessity, the first two have been focused on the government’s response to the virus, and making resources available to combat it. The third package Pelosi is working on deals with things like extending unemployment back to 99 weeks, a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions, as well as interest payments on student debt, and even Mitt Romney is wandering around the Senate, trying to gin up support for an Andrew Yang style monthly government payment to every adult in the country. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but fuckin‘ fuggedaboudit! MSNBC reported earlier this afternoon that the US airlines are preparing to beg for a $50 billion bailout, and that;s just to start. Late last week in one of his press conferences, Trump floated (pun intended) a bail out package for cruise ship companies. and even earlier in the week, it was uttered that Trump was trying to find a way to put together a bail out package for his shitty resort properties. The Democrats, led by Bernie Sanders are arguing that, if tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions are going to be spent, it should be spent on people. Sanders wants to use some of that booty to provide every American with health insurance. There are calls for the government to make good the payments that small businesses miss on their mortgages and leases due to be shuttered by the virus. And there was talk about using some of the money to alleviate some of the crushing student loan debt in this country, and making sure that every American sidelined by the virus is fully compensated. All heady stuff, and all quite practical, but all heading in the wrong direction as far as El Pendejo Presidente and the GOP are concerned. They’ll wanna subsidize the oil industry because nobody is buying gas, they’ll want to pay Disney for keeping their overpriced theme parks closed, and McDonald’s because nobody is snarfing down on their thawed and fried burgers. And if Shelly Adelson has anything to say about it, they’ll want to compensate hotel/casinos for […]

Ahhh, Fame. Thank You Iron Fist!

Now I’ve been at this for a while, and most of you know me pretty well by now. One thing that I love to stress is how much I enjoy the thoughtful and insightful comments my readers post about my articles. And now that the glitch is fixed, and I can reply again, I’m like a pig in slop! But every once in a while, not often, but once in a while, whether because the person is too shy, or too personally involved, I get the comment via e-mail instead. Recently I received just such an e-mail. And since you all know how I love to respond to the comments I receive, I thought that I would share the e-mail with you, so that I could post my response in my usual, article format. The e-mail is from someone named Iron Fist, and here it is; You are dumber than dog shit. I know you are incompetent because you live in a city that wont allow morons like you to possess a firearm. Really?!? Dumber than dog shit?!? Ouch! Now that stings. Now, just to set the record straight, I went back and looked at my old SAT scores, and found that I had scored 3 categories higher than dog shit, in the “likely invertebrate” and I beat President Trump’s score by 157. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, there are a couple of other things that I’d like to touch on. First of all, obviously you don’t read my stuff very often, since pretty much everybody in here knows that I live in Nevada, which is an open carry state. Around here pal, we hold gun shows the way y’all have garage sales. Considering my lack of a criminal record, I could pack enough armaments to invade Syria if the travel arrangements could be worked out. Packing heat isn’t much of a problem out here. And last, but not least, you seem to be having a small problem with this whole “anonymity” thing, but hell, I’m here to help. If you’re trying to remain anonymous, Bo, it’s best to not send one that has your signature on it, you know, including your name, company name, address, and phone number! A person with less sterling character than myself could have simply chosen to copy and paste that as well, and then where would you be? So, there you have it boys and girls. Fame can be a slippery slope, so think twice before sitting down and putting shit on the internet. But keep those cards and letters coming, and hey Bo, MAGA! To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen  
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All Aboard The Stupid Train! All Aboooooard!

When the guy at the bar who used to play linebacker for the Seahawks stands up and tells his buddy, “Here, hold my beer,” you’ve gone a step too far. When you get home from work to find everything you own laying where it hit after being thrown out of the second floor window, you’ve gone a step too far. And when your boss doesn’t say a word, just stands in his office doorway, points at you, and crooks a finger, you’ve gone a step too far. I mention  this for a reason, and as a comparison. A couple of weeks ago you had Sunshine State scumbag, and DUI scofflaw Matt Gaetz think it would be hilarious to wear a military style gas mask on the floor of the House while studying the corona-virus emergency bill. Two days before one of his constituents died from the virus, and five days before he tested positive as he was sitting on Air Force One, California creepazoid Devin Nunes went on FUX News and told everybody to support local businesses by stopping off at a pub after work and lifting a glass. A GOP Governor took heat for sending out a selfie partying down in a crowded restaurant as the crisis raged. And FUX News ghouls and Tush Limbaugh continue to snidely refer to the virus as the latest Democratic hoax. This should come as a surprise to no one. Since day one, Trump has steamrolled his way over every crisis and scandal, using bluff, sarcasm, media manipulation, and force of will, as well as arrogance and stupidity. And in doing so, he has infected the puddleheads in his caucus with the same feeling of Teflon-coated invincibility. And now when the shit really and for truly has hit the fan, they don’t understand that this time is different, so their response is exactly the same. Some pundits are saying that the corona-virus crisis will end up being the Trump administration’s Hurricane Katrina. Personally I think they’re out of their minds. The corona-virus crisis is going to make Hurricane Katrina look like a rousing success story. In Katrina, you had a bungled response to the crisis by the federal government, and a bungled and incompetent effort to not only clean up the original fuck up, but to cover up the original fuck up as well. But see, here’s the thing. At least with Katrina, there was a response! It may have been a flawed and bungled plan, but at least it was a plan! The Trump administration plan for the corona-virus was exactly the same as it is for every other crisis. They walk in front of a camera and fucking LIE! People are dying because the Trump administration’s sole response to this crisis was to undercut the seriousness of it, bolstered by the realization that there wasn’t a single person in the Trump administration who could plan out their 10 year old’s birthday party much less a national crisis response. Mr President, Welcome to Hell! You could get your fondest wish and have a miracle vaccine tomorrow, and it’s already too late. You lied. How do you think that Jefferson Davis XXVII is liking spending four hours driving around trying to find a lousy 4-pack of toilet paper? That was some Democratic hoax, huh? How do you think Don and Debbie Dimbulb […]

Coming Soon To A TV Near You!

In a side-by-side comparison with the other brand   Multiple television commercials As the glide to the Democratic National Convention becomes a little closer, and as the likelihood of the outcome becomes a little more obvious, you should start to see something happen. Barring any shocking surprises on Tuesday night, Joe Biden should become the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination. And as the prohibitive front runner, he will of course be subject to the “front runner mantra.” If you’re going to be the front runner, you have to look like and act like the front runner. Which means that you’ll see Joe Biden spending less time engaging with Bernie Sanders, and more time engaging with Donald Trump. I, along with most other scribes of current events, heralded the intelligence of both the Sanders camp, as well of the Biden camp, for trotting out their candidates within 18 hours of El Pendejo Presidente’s Oval Office address. The slobbering dotard spent 11 minutes of vengeful meandering and nonsensical policy proposals before signing off and giving all of us some hard earned peace and quiet. It was a shrewd and savvy move by both campaigns to trot their candidates out there as soon as possible to present a calm, dignified, straightforward option to the disjointed ramblings of Glorious Bleater. And I believe that it worked. I am really looking forward to polling this week for head-to-head match ups between Trump and Biden and Sanders, to see how people reacted when, for the first time in three years, they had an alternative to gauge Trump’s incoherent ramblings against. As Biden solidifies his front runner status, you can expect to see him appearing more and more to make addresses to directly confront Trump on current events. This only makes sense. Earlier today, my friend and editor Ursula posted a piece about how the Dow Jones futures market tanked for Monday morning after yet another brain dead, delusional quote from Traitor Tot about how firmly the coronavirus was under control. I imagine that there were other, international factors that weighed in, but clearly the stock market isn’t buying what Trump is selling. If, as I expect, the Dow opens up Monday morning dropping off of another cliff, then by no later than Wednesday, you can expect another formal statement from former Vice President Joe Biden in front of the cameras. And this address to the nation will be right in Biden’s wheelhouse. Lest we forget, Biden was President Barack Obama’s wing man when Obama took office in January of 2017, in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, 80 years before. Obama brought Biden on because of his international diplomacy chops, as well as his legislative experience and contacts. Biden would have been in on a lot of meetings, heard a lot of strategies and plans, and likely have had some input. Barring Obama himself, or his economic guru Austan Goolsby, there is nobody today that is better qualified or equipped to give a contrast response to Trump’s handling of the economic crisis than Biden. Biden can begin his address by recounting the situation that he and Obama walked into on January 20, 2009, and the management style used to deal with it. He can speak authoritatively about the steps that the Obama administration took to […]

The True Genius Of Stupid. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

You can’t possibly BE that stupid! Oh, yeah! Don’t tell ME how stupid I can be!   GOP Motto You know, anybody can do something stupid once in a while, God only knows I’ve dipped my toes into that particular pool on more than one occasion. But it takes true, rare genius to do something so stupid that it just continues to lumber stupidly along, like Godzilla laying waste to Tokyo. Recently I wrote an article in which I pointed out that El Pendejo Presidente had just committed an act of monumental stupidity, said act being that by not just in trying to extort the Ukraine into a political hit job investigation into the Biden’s, but by getting caught, he had robbed himself of the very scandal he wished to dump on Biden’s head if he became the nominee. But as time goes by, and as facts on the ground evolve, it becomes more apparent that this wasn’t just clumsy and stupid, it was an almost inspirational act of stupid. Every day it becomes more and more likely that Trump’s worst nightmare will come true, and that Joe Biden will be his general election opponent. This may well be a foregone conclusion sometime late Tuesday night. And the more that becomes a reality, the less that Trump’s mistake above starts to look like common, garden variety, everyday stupid, and more like the inspirational kind of stupid gift that just keeps on giving. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but His Lowness doesn’t seem to be spending as much time lately talking about Biden and Burisma as he used to. A good part of that is likely due to the corona-virus and the impending Trump recession, but I also think that it’s partially due to the fact that both his handlers, as well as select GOP Senators have advised him that this issue is a dog with mange. But Biden knows that this is out there, and that the GOP made great hay about it without much of a definitive response from the Democratic side. And since forewarned is forearmed, what’s to stop Biden, during his acceptance speech at the convention, from saying something like; You know what, folks? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And that secret is this, Donald Trump is scared to death of me! Right now he’s shaking like a month old puppy in a thunderstorm! You wanna know how terrified he is right now? So terrified that long before the Democrats cast a single primary vote, I was beating him so badly in the polls that he sent his personal attorney and fixer, Rudy Giuliani, over to the Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on my son Hunter, and a power company called Burisma. They were so clumsy at it that they got caught! And when they did, do you know what we all found out? That the government of the Ukraine had already held an independent investigation, and determined that there was nothing illegal in Hunter’s relationship with Burisma. Was it unseemly? Yes, it was, and I, sorry for that, it wasn’t the greatest idea for Hunter. Do we wish something different had happened? Every day we wish that. But the thing you have to remember is that the government of the Ukraine investigated, and […]
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The Senate Goes National

Ya know, for a while there I thought I was losing what little was left of my teeny mind. Starting on October, I began getting weekly postcards from Tom Steyer, which sadly ,made shitty cardboard airplanes. In the two weeks following the Iowa caucuses, I despaired, fearing the airwaves onslaught that was coming my way. But despite my fears other than the now brain numbed Steyer ads, there was nothing, maybe a rogue Klobuchar commercial, but that was it. Strange, apparently nobody gave a shit about the Nevada caucuses, or our votes. But in the week after the caucuses, suddenly we’re swamped. Buttigieg, Warren, Bloomberg, Klobuchar. Can’t they read a calendar? The caucuses are over. And then a friend explained to me that the Vegas media market is beamed into a lot of southeast California, and the rates in Vegas to advertise are a fraction of what they are in California. Mystery solved. I only mentioned this as an example because in the last 10 days or so, I’ve seen something else that is odd, political ad wise, and if you haven’t already seen it yourself, get ready, because I think you’re going to before long. For the last 10 days or so, I’ve seen introductory, inspirational political ads from Amy Mcgrath and Jamie Harrison. Who are they? Well, Amy McGrath is a former Marine fighter pilot, and running to oust Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. And Jamie Harrison is the former head of the South Carolina Democratic party, and running to retire Leningrad Lindsey Graham. But why are they wasting money showing campaign ads in states where the people who see them can’t even vote for the candidates? It’s Jerry McGuire time, Show me the money! Fate has placed McGrath and Harrison in races where they can profit from nationalizing those races. I don’t care who’s running against say a Ben Sasse, or a Tim Scott, they’d be wasting money advertising like this, because nobody outside of their home states even know that these two fatuous goofs are in the Senate. But Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, no matter what else they may be, are now national figures. And not only that, as far as Democrats are concerned, they’re notorious national figures. And as Beto O’Rourke showed in 2018 in his race against the hated Ted Cruz, if you can present even an image of being a serious threat to take them down, you can capitalize on their nationwide repugnance in your race. Beto raised presidential race money for a statewide race, and clearly McGrath and Harrison are hoping to do the same. This is actually smart politics. McConnell and Graham already have expansive cash flow leads over McGrath and Harrison, with as much more available as they need to protect their seats. Why not use their own notoriety against them by helping to ease up the cash score. Money talks, and bullshit walks, and with money, you can not only advertise and fund raise more effectively, you can also hopefully close the polling margins enough to make the DSCC pump some resources into your campaign. There are two more races that I can see going national successfully in this campaign cycle. The first is, of course, Susan Collins. She is in a terribly weak position, her poll numbers are abysmal, and she suffers not only from […]

See The Big Picture? Good. Now Look For Waldo

A couple of weeks ago, I posited in an article that while everybody always thinks of a presidential candidate having political “coattails” that can drag down-ballot candidates over the finish line, the same works both ways. We flipped 40 seats in 2018, and if those candidates can drive those voters back to the polls in November, it would increase the vote for the presidential candidate as well. And just a few days ago, Buzzfeed came out with an article in which they told readers that even if they weren’t thrilled with the presidential candidate, and there was no Senator on the ballot in their state, find somebody, anybody on the Democratic side of the ballot, a state Senator or delegate, whatever, just get out and vote! Because that vote would help to send Donald Trump packing. We’ve both said basically the same thing, and we’re both right. But I cannot stress enough just how important this is! Because while beating Traitor Tot is job one for the sake of the nation, there is so much more at stake in this election that has nothing at all to do with Trump. Coronavirus or no coronavirus, the 2020 census will take  place this year. And the party that controls the legislature in 2021 will have the power of redrawing the redistricting maps. Thanks to the tsunami of 2018, the Democrats actually flipped some legislatures, and in states where we didn’t, we made inroads that mean we need a smaller number this year to complete the job. Virginia did it in 2019. And by electing Democratic Governors in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, we gave them the veto power to send a dog shit redistricting map back to the legislature to get it right. You want longer early voting? Flip the legislature. You want ballots by mail? Flip the legislature. You want more polling places and longer hours? Flip the legislature. You want to protect women’s reproductive rights? Flip the fucking legislature!  You want confederate statues and symbols off of state property? Flip the legislature. You want to take local control of climate change? Flip the legislature. We never think about it, but our daily lives are controlled far more by our state legislatures than they are by the U.S. congress. You got a few bucks to blow, and your U.S. Senator is a sure bet for reelection? Shoot that $10 or $20 to a state delegate or Senate candidate. Because they get less attention, money is harder to come by, and goes farther. You shoot them a couple of $20’s, and they’ll be so grateful that they’ll come over and clean your gutters. Put up a yard sign for a Democratic local candidate, anything that gets them name recognition can only help when people go into the booth to vote. The point that Buzzfeed and I are trying to make is that there is so much more than just the presidency at stake in this election. Presidential candidate not turn you on? Feel like it doesn’t matter who’s in Washington, since it doesn’t effect your daily life? So be it. But you might want to take a look at your state candidates and incumbents, because those little ballot mice sure as shit control your daily life. And because all politics is local, you’ll have greater pressure and control over them than you […]
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Coronavirus And The Future Of Elections

MSNBC just reported that the state of Louisiana has pushed their Democratic primary back from April 7th to June 4th over fears for public safety due to the coronavirus outbreak.Personally, I don’t believe that any of the states scheduled to hold primaries in the next two weeks will follow suit, simply because early voting is underway and the train has left the station, it would not surprise me at all of other states further out in the calendar follow suit, leaving the Democrats with an unexpectedly jammed calendar at the end all of a sudden. At the moment, the maximum focus is exactly where it should be, on minimizing the damage and long term effects to the citizens and the country from the virus. But as the old saying goes, Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass. But once this pandemic is under control, and we engage in the usual end of crisis postmortem, in addition to the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the truly pathetic response from the Trump administration, I believe we’ll be having another conversation in this country about something else. I think that this country will end up engaging in a serious discussion about our future elections, and how they will be held. Right now, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday this November, we are going to be having what is shaping up to be the most consequential presidential election in our lifetime. But even granting that as the weather warms, we get a handle on coronavirus, and the crisis abates, what happens before election day rolls around? Well, for one thing, starting in mid to late September, the weather turns cooler, the colors on the leaves start to change, it gets colder at night, and it tends to rain a lot more. In other words, we will once again welcome the official start of the cold and flu season! According to Dr Fauci pf the CDC, even with advanced technology and medical procedures, we are 12-18 months from a vaccine. And just because we get a handle on the coronavirus over the summer, there’s no guarantee that the little fucker won’t decide to hold an encore performance in the fall. I think that if enough Democratic primaries are affected, once the coronavirus is under control, and the hysteria has passed, you’re going to see a serious discussion break about over the wisdom of making some form of mail-in ballots a standard part of federal elections going forward. Not for this election, it’s too late for that, but for all elections going forward at some time in the future. Two of my daughters and their husbands live in the Portland, Oregon area, and voting in Oregon is so ridiculously easy that the only way to avoid voting is either to die, or to move to an unheated shack in Idaho. Not only are voters automatically registered, and not only do the ballots go out automatically, but if you think that your mailman is secretly a part of the deep state, they even have drop off kiosks! No shit, you just pull up to what looks like a toll booth at the curb, hand the dude or dudette your sealed envelope, and you’re on your way. Mail in voting is cheaper, because you don’t have to hire, train, and […]

The Dynamics Going Into Sunday, As I See It

I’ll say one thing about Bernie Sanders, he’s a fighter. In his statement on Wednesday, Sanders said, While obviously we didn’t have the kind of night we wanted last night, delegate wise, in poll after poll, including exit polls, the majority of Americans agree with our positions on the issues. OK. cool-io. But if that’s the case, then why are you losing state after state, and falling farther and farther behind in the delegate count? But I will say this, at least Bernie is no longer predicting a victory at the convention in Milwaukee. Joe Biden knows how to play the role of the front runner. On Tuesday night, he was gracious in thanking his supporters, gracious towards Bernie and his supporters, and then immediately pivoted to the national election in November, and Donald Trump. He spoke largely of national issues and American spirit, and strove largely to contrast himself against Trump. There are pundits out there who are saying that Sanders had absolutely nothing to lose in going on for another week and hoping for a miracle in Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, or Florida to resurrect his campaign, but that mainly he’s looking for a graceful way to land the plane. I have no idea if this is true or not, but Sanders also said that he is looking forward to the one-on-one debate on Sunday. If Sanders was honest, he tipped his mitts when it came to his debate strategy for Sunday. If Sanders is straight up, he plans to use the debate on Sunday to draw contrasts between his positions and policies, and those of Biden. And if that’s true, then it’s the best we could hope for. Bernie won’t be out to savage or maim Biden, he’ll be using the differences in their positions and policies to try to slow or stop Biden’s momentum going into Tuesday. The problem for the Sanders camp is that these are all issues that have already been litigated in past debates, most of them repeatedly. On the other side, I expect Joe Biden to continue right on doing what he did on Tuesday night. He’ll admit mistakes that were made, defend his record and positions passionately, avoid doing anything to show up Bernie and offend his supporters, and then, with the balance of his time, swing to the general election and attack Trump. That’s what he did on Tuesday night, as well as his address to the nation on the coronavirus yesterday, and I see no reason for him to change that pattern now. See, the secret to being a front runner is to act like a front runner. Right now, Bernie Sanders is in Joe Biden’s rear view mirror, and he’s highly likely to be even further back in his mirror come Wednesday morning. There is no reason to prematurely call for Sanders to quit, but at the same time, there is no reason to give Sanders more time than he deserves until he proves he’s worth it. Look for Biden to continue to parry Bernie’s thrusts in the debate, but then pivot and thrust himself at Trump with November in mind. Whatever your personal feelings about the candidates, the glide slope of the Democratic primaries is now clear. Joe Biden is the clear front runner, and until Bernie Sanders does something to change […]

Mark This Date On Your Calendar

March 12, 2020. Not necessarily a day that will live in infamy as FDR once put it, but one you need to keep in the back of your mind when you look at polling in head to head match ups between Sanders or Biden and His Lowness for the next couple of weeks. Yesterday, Brutus Cheesecake laid another golden turd in the Oval Office. He gave what was originally purported as a serious speech on the coronavirus pandemic, and the governments response to it. Instead we got another rambling, incoherent drivel fest that was so replete with not only mis-statements, but flat out lies that the New York Times actually despaired over whether or not to cover it as news. Well, today the last two men standing in the Democratic primaries took a whack at it. In separate addresses to the nation, they each laid out their response to the coronavirus, and what each would do if president. Both men were calm, measured, dignified and both had more IQ points in their tie pins than Trumplethinskin has in his empty head. Both men attacked the problem directly, and both gave out more useful, substantive information in 10 minutes each than the Trump administration has since day one. The reason I tell you to stick a pin in this date for the next couple of weeks is this. In the last head-to-head poll that I saw a couple of days ago, Biden topped Trump by 8 points, and Sanders by 5. But there is normally a 5-7 day lag from a current event, and it’s first measured effect on national polling. And March 12, 2020 was a current event, and then some. Both the Biden as well as the Sanders campaigns obviously had their shit together. They saw an unprepared, corrupt, vindictive, incompetent president give an awful speech from the Oval Office, and they immediately crafted calm, measured, substantive speeches, and or their candidates out there in front of cameras to deliver them. These were not political speeches, and they weren’t campaign speeches, instead, they were contrast speeches. Today was a watershed moment in the history of the 2020 election cycle. Up until now, almost every Democratic candidate has taken swipes at The $1 Store Caligula, but they were swipes almost in passing before they turned back on each other. But today, for the first time in more than three years, the voting public got to see the vain, strutting, empty headed popinjay they call a president give a rambling, incoherent speech, and with 18 hours they were they were able to see a stark, and almost shocking contrast when two other men showed that leadership, and presidential composure looked like. And I’m betting it was a shock to the system for a lot of people. Up until now, the American public have only seen the Democratic candidates going up against each other. Today they saw the two survivors go up against Trump. So, for the next 4-5 days, take any national head-to-head polling with a grain of salt. Most of them were most likely either partially or completely taken before Trump’s Oval Office address, and the Sanders and Biden responses. But starting a week or so from today, pay close attention. I’m betting that you’ll see the lead for each man widen […]

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