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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.

The best argument I’ve heard for impeachment so far.

It seems to be an argument almost as fundamental as “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, and just about as insoluble. On the one hand you have activist progressives who argue that the constitution isn’t interpreted by politics, and Trump’s offenses require impeachment, and the consequences be damned. And on the other hand, you have the political realists who point to the inherent risk of energizing the President’s base, and risking possible blowback net November that could saddle the country with His Lowness for four more years. Personally, I have one foot firmly planted on each side of the road, and regularly sway back and forth like a fat hula dancer.While you take an oath to the constitution to serve in public office, and the constitution lays out impeachment as a remedy for a rogue president, the actual “high crimes” in the constitution aren’t spelled out, but it seems to me like obstruction of justice would be one of them. On the other side, critics of impeachment point to the disaster that befell the Republicans in the 1998 midterms after failing to impeach Bill Clinton. And God knows that 4 more years of Der Gropinfuror are a stiff price to pay for what would be a kamikaze run with the current GOP Senate sentiment. But there are flaws in the anti impeachment argument, using the Clinton impeachment as its warning. For starters, Trump  is accused of actual criminal violations, such as obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. Clinton was accused of non criminal personal conduct, and then lying to cover it up. At the time, people seemed sympathetic to Clinton’s lies, after all, who would want to admit to sleeping with the babysitter when his wife is right in the room. Trump will be abler to summon little sympathy for attempting to cover up legitimate criminal violations. Also, Clinton was already a very popular President, with a 57% approval rating, which only went up with impeachment. Trump is mired in the low 40’s, and one recent poll had him at 37%. rather like apples and oranges, wouldn’t you say? But the biggest difference between the two is also the most striking reason to pull the trigger on impeachment now. And that issue is timing. Journalist Aaron Blake on All In With Chris Hayes last night laid it out in compelling fashion. In 1998, the GOP led House commenced impeachment hearings literally one month before the midterms, against a popular president that the public didn’t want impeached, and then wonder why they took it in the shorts at the polls a month later. And in that instance, they impeached knowing that the Senate would never vote to convict, which it didn’t. As of today, we are 18 months away from the general election next year. The old saying is that “A month is a year in politics,” and in the era of Trump, we’re talking about dog years here. Tell the truth, can you honestly believe that it has only been 61 days since Mueller turned in his report? With all of the kicking and screaming, hair pulling and eye gouging that has gone on since then, it seems like something from a history book. And that’s just 2 months. You can stick a pin into any one of a hundred […]

Trump’s farm “subsidy” scam may not work so well this time.

So, daddy’s widdle man whipped out his wallet, pulled out daddy’s credit card, and treated his farmer buddies to another free lunch today, huh? Before Trump waddled out to the podium to peddle his latest bottle of snake oil, he had his Agriculture Suckretary, Sonny Perdue sunburn his bald pate in fatuously explaining how the Chinese were graciously picking up the tab, with the billions of tariff dollars that they were shoveling into the treasury, which would pay for the subsidies. Different day, same scam. But there are a couple of problems today that may upset Trump’s push cart. First is the fact that since the day that His Lowness announced the first round of farm “subsidies” to offset the massive losses farmers were suffering from his ill advised tariff war with China, his main talking point has been thoroughly debunked. It has been explained ad nauseam that not one dollar of Chinese money has been paid to the treasury in tariffs, that money is paid by US companies purchasing Chinese products, and of course, passed on to American consumers. The use of American farmers as the poster children for this particular line of bullshit is uncommonly odious, for one simple reason. Tariffs are punitive taxes levied on imported goods from the targeted foreign country. The reason that American farmers are losing their collective shirts is that they are trying to export their corn, soy beans, beef, pork, and poultry to Chinese companies, which are not buying them in order to avoid the punitive tariffs that China has placed on these commodities! Even if the Chinese were actually directly paying tariffs, it wouldn’t be on the things the farmers are producing, the money would still be being stolen from other companies for products that the Chinese were buying. The logic doesn’t work. The second reason is that Trump is showing himself to be almost as shitty of a con man as he is a businessman. The cardinal rule of the con is to “score and move on.” Once you hit up a mark, after you’re gone, he’s inevitably going to have second thoughts, and look at things in a more logical light. If you come back again, even if he doesn’t punch you in the mouth and call the cops, he’s going to ask you some very pointed questions that you don’t have acceptable answers for. This is starting to happen. In the last 10 days, since Trump announced the increase in tariffs to 25%, MSNBC and CNN have talked to at least two different farmers that I saw, both of whom were high up in farmers “associations,” dealing directly with farmers who were adversely affected by the tariffs, and educating and counseling them. They both had identical mantras of concern. The first was that while the subsidies in the first go around had helped them to survive, farmers don’t want subsidies to help them to scrape by. They want trade at a fair price. They spent an entire season planting, nurturing, watering, and weeding this stuff, and they want to sell the fruits of their labor for a profit, not be given a helping hand. But the second, more dangerous problem for Trump this time around, is that these two farmers at least, have had their come-to-Jesus epiphany on this issue. I dunno, maybe their MAGA hats blew off while they […]

Hook. Line. Sinker.

This would be embarrassing if only it weren’t so damn hysterical. Watching Donald Trump go up against Nancy Pelosi is like watching Don Knotts fight Muhammad Ali in his prime. It’s just no contest. And it’s exactly why we have a Speaker Pelosi, and not a Speaker Ocasio Cortez, or a Speaker Moulton, or a Speaker Bass, or any of the others. When it comes to political warfare, the Speaker is the ultimate Ninja. It has already been leaked that His Lowness’ response to Pelosi’s comment this morning was done on the fly. Immediately after her “cover up” comment, Trump flew off the handle, the press was summoned to the Rose garden, the podium was hastily placed, and the visual poster was hurriedly printed out and tacked to the podium for the inevitable Trumper Tantrum. It was a set up, in other words. But it ended up being a set up in response to an even more beautifully rafted set up. Don McGahn’s lawyer advised Jerry Nadler the day before that he would not be appearing at the hearing. The hearing was gaveled in anyway, thankfully free of chicken bucket props. Then the outrage and frustration, all understandable, over Trump’s continued obstruction of mandated Democratic oversight, and open talk of the necessity of moving immediately into an impeachment inquiry. Followed by the news that there would be a closed door meeting this morning at 9:30 an, 90 minutes before Pelosi was scheduled to sit down with Trump in the Oval Office. Don’t get me wrong. The outrage over Trump’s tactics was real, understandable, and justified. In fact, I agree with it, if for no better reason than people will tune in more closely to televised impeachment hearings on every channel than they are to the 6 o’clock news. But the fact of the matter is that this mornings meeting could have been held at any time, especially if the meeting would run into a time crunch if Pelosi were to make her meeting with Trump on time. They could have held it last night, or had a closed door box lunch this afternoon, after the Oval Office meeting. But it was held specifically when it was for a reason, and the reason was for the use of the Nixonian phrase “cover up” to have a maximum effect at an occasion when the press would be present in force. And it worked. Nancy Pelosi drives Donald Trump insane, and she always has. Trump is repelled by any strong woman who refuses to consider him as the Adonis of masculine perfection. The fact that she’s a “San Francisco librul” just adds fuel to the fire. I have always been convinced in my own mind that it was Pelosi’s public dressing down of Trump in front of the cameras, at the now infamous “shutdown summit,” when she scolded him to “Please don’t mistake my position of power in the Democratic led House” that yanked Trump’s crank hard enough to lead him to angrily boast to Chuck Schumer how proud he would be to shut down the government over his border wall, backing him into a corner that he couldn’t extract himself from. In what passes for Trump’s fevered mind, Pelosi is the ex wife that he can’t pay enough to go away. There was one […]

Hey Democrats. You have another power besides subpoenas, so USE IT!

Earlier today I wrote an article in which I stated that billionaire Tom Steyer was being less than forthright in the way he portrayed public sentiment in the Democratic base on the subject of impeachment. But that topic rouches on a problem that the Democrats are creating for themselves, especially in the House, and one that they can easily correct. In my earlier article, I posited that Steyer was attempting to show that the Democratic incumbents in the House were alienating their constituents in failing to move immediately to impeach El Pendejo President, when in fact most of the 40 new Democrats avoided the subject of impeachment like the plague, running instead on Housing, wages, infrastructure, healthcare and education. But that is the impression Steyer is trying to portray. In fact, based on everything I’ve seen, heard, and read, the truth is exactly the opposite of what Tom Steyer is claiming it to be. Most of the people you talk to, or reporters talk to at least, both Democratic and Republican, as well as independents and small barnyard animals, are sick up-to-here with Robert Mueller, Trump-Russia, and impeachment. They want their representatives to do what they sent the goofy bastards there to do in the first place, legislate the issues that they voted them into power to deal with. And yet, when almost any member of congress is before a camera and microphone, what is the first, last, and normally only subject of the interview? The friggin’ Mueller report and impeaching His Lowness! It’s not like the Democrats are falling asleep at the switch here. They passed HR 1, a sweeping omnibus resolution aimed at reforming money in politics and voter rights. Parts of that are now being surgically removed to be voted on as stand alone bills, to be sent to the Senate to force Yertl the McConnell to obstruct them. They passed a potent gun background bill, the first truly significant piece of gun control legislation in a generation. They just passed, or are in the process of passing a bill to help reduce prescription drug costs. And they are holding hearings on our current healthcare status, with an eye to determining how to move forward to lower medical insurance costs and increase coverage. Speaker Pelosi is awaiting word from The Great Pumpkin on how a new trillion dollar plus infrastructure plan is to be funded before proceeding into the weeds on preparing a package. The Democrats are doing exactly what they promised to do, legislating on the issues people elected them to solve. But all you hear about in the media is Robert Mueller and impeachment. Most of y’all spent more than a year running to become congress critters, and in about 6 months you’re gonna have to do it all over again. One of the nice things about being in congress is that there is no shortage of TV crews and reporters in the Capitol. Hell, you can’t make a visit to the loo without tripping over a half a dozen of them in the hallway, and all of them are looking for a quote. They’re right there, use them fer Crissake! Tout the bills you’ve passed, the ones in committee that will shortly be coming to the full House for a vote, and pertinent issues being discussed […]
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Tom Steyer is being disingenuous, and he needs to stop it.

He got a Lincoln Continental, he got a El dorado too   Bad, Bad Leroy Brown   Jim Croce You know, for a long time, I considered progressive billionaire Tom Steyer to be more of a curiosity than anything else. Steyer hopped aboard the “Impeach Trump” express early, and he decided to put his money where his mouth was, spending millions of dollars on nationally televised ads pushing for the impeachment of Trump. Personally I thought that a better use of that money would be electing Democrats, but Steyer pledged $100 million to elect Democrats in 2020, so that’s that. I just hope that some of that swag goes into electing Democrats to state legislatures, to flip state houses in time for the 2020 census redistricting. And actually, Steyer’s ads were pretty kewl. In each one Steyer laid out the case nicely, looking earnestly into the camera, and using facts and logic. Also nice was the fact that Steyer’s ads were non partisan, he didn’t solely call on Democrats to take action, he called on congress to do its damn job. And apparently he has had some success, claiming some 6-7 million signatures on his online petition to send His Lowness back to his gilded birdcage in Manhattan. But to be fair, 6-7 million signatures in a country with an average of about 135 million voters isn’t exactly a tsunami of protest, especially considering how simple an online signature is. But Tom Steyer’s latest ad promoting sending the Plush Bottom Poltroon packing is misleading almost to the point of deceit. It isn’t that his litany of grievances are wrong, they’re as factual as ever. And it isn’t his use of “real people” to make the point instead of directing his comments to the camera himself. It’s the last third of the ad that goes off of the rails factually, and in a way that isn’t helpful to the cause of impeaching Trump, or in defeating him in the 2020 election. In that segment, the people speaking are clearly angry, upset, and disappointed, saying things about impeachment like, “This is what we knocked on doors for, this is what we knocked on doors for, this is what we gave money for, this is what we voted for, and now you’re telling us to wait for the next election?!?” The thrust of the argument is clear, that the Democratic base is angry and upset that the representatives that they voted for, explicitly to impeach Trump, are dragging their heels now that they’re in office. This is NOT true! While there were a handful of progressive firebrands like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib who campaigned on the promise of impeaching Trump, they are in the minority. The vast majority of Democrats who flipped the 40 seats in the House last November did not loudly advocate for the impeachment of the Cheeto Prophet. In fact, most of them studiously avoided the subject of impeachment. The majority of the House seats that were flipped were in conservative leaning swing districts, talk of impeaching Trump could have been injurious, if not fatal to their campaigns. Instead, these candidates campaigned, and campaigned hard on issues like infrastructure, healthcare, and education. What those Democrats promised their constituents they would do is to provide oversight to the shenanigans of Trump and his administration, something […]

“Trump Fatigue”

Remember those two dreaded words? after the intense backlash to Trump’s presidency with the Women’s march, in the months that followed, as atrocity after atrocity piled up, and daily life seemed to devolve into one long, endless episode of “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest,” many people feared that the constant, daily wear and tear of life under an insane president would numb the outrage and protest, that people would just give up and tune out. Well, it didn’t work out that way. Instead of being beaten down by the daily nonsense and insanity, the resistance used it as a motivating tool to stoke the fires. Each new outrage became the next cause celebre, one more voter to register, one more e-mail to send, one more phone call to make, one more district office to take over, always one more thing to do. And it turned the tide in 2018, giving the democrats the power to not only tp keep those offenses front and center, but to expose the underpinnings of greed and corruption behind them. And those successes have only served to embolden the masses, Democratic intensity is at this point as strong going into 2020 as it was going into 2018. But what about on the other side, what about morale among Trump supporters? I’m not talking about the hard core Trump base, nothing is going to shake their misbegotten faith in Glorious Bleater. But don’t forget, it wasn’t Trump’s racist hardcore base that delivered the presidency to Trump, it was a swath of turnover voters, angry and disillusioned Democrats, people who felt abandoned by politicians of all stripes, people who had nothing to lose by taking a chance. Trump tapped into that anger and frustration, and he found the words to speak directly to them. How are they enjoying their no-expenses-paid vacation in Trumpmenistan? Donald Trump likes to consider himself as the “master communicator,” with Twitter as his vehicle of choice. Yet, time after time, when a Trump supporter is interviewed, what is their first and most frequent complaint? “I think he;s doing an OK job, but I really wish he’d knock it off with all of that Twitter bullshit!” The non Trombie voter didn’t buy a season ticket to this dog-and-pony-show for the tweets, they anted up for results, which so far are sadly lacking. Trump’s greatest selling point is the economy, but the average Trump voter isn’t feeling the love. Trump touts the soaring stock market, yet more than 50% of the population isn’t invested in the stock market, they’re not getting the benefit. And while a healthy 401k may be great down the road, it ain’t making the mortgage payment next month. Trump’s vaunted tax cuts didn’t buy the average family dinner for 4 at McDonalds once a week, and many suffered sticker shock when they got IOU’s from the IRS this year. Health insurance is still sky high, manufacturing and coal ain’t roaring back, and farmers are facing monetary crisis, and even foreclosure over Trump’s tariff war. Just wait until the price hikes go up at Walmart on things most people buy starting in the middle of next month from Trump’s latest tariff gaffe. Every good sports fan has occasionally had to suffer through a down year, it’s part of life. But when that losing bleeds from year to year, […]
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Don’t believe the hype, it’s all a con.

There are two things that I saw in the last hour that drove me to the keyboard today, in what should be my “day of rest,” cuz I’m like, ya know, so damn busy the rest of the week. But when duty calls, ya gotta step up and represent. First, I never realized how little I missed Kayleigh McEnany during her enforced hiatus from MSNBC and CNN for her excessive oral flatulence, until I once again clapped eyes on her reality free self again today on MSNBC. Time to renew the boycott guys. I don’t care if she’s the spokesclown for the Trump 2020 campaign, she’s still as irritating, fact free, abrasive, and interruption prone that got her and her sob sister, KellyAnne Con-way the boot in the first place. But she plays a part in this sordid saga, so here she is. Second, and more important, don’t be fooled by Justin Amash. So there’s finally a Republican member of congress who managed to remember he took an oath, huh? *Sniff,sniff* Ah, a vintage 2016 bullshit Chardonnay, with a rich bouquet of irony, yet just a touch of slapstick. There’s a reason you uncork a classic like this, and it’s not for the guys at the bowling league. Look, I am not here to judge Amash’s intentions. Justin Amash is a Trump supporter, but he has also been known to rather publicly buck Trump when he is of the mood. I’ll let each individual assign their own judgement on Amash’s intentions and probity. But no matter the decision, the outcome is pure bullshit, either way. It is already well established that Donald Trump goes to bed every night dreaming of the blessed day that Nancy Pelosi utters the magic word, impeachment. Trump is mired in the low to mid 40’s, and in a poll released a day or so ago, he was stuck on 41% against every one of the top 5 Democratic challengers. Trump needs impeachment the way a goldfish needs a bowl, to rally his seemingly shrinking and flagging base around him. So you do everything in your power to force the issue, like stonewall document production and testimony, and laugh off congressional subpoenas. And still Pelosi won’t pull the trigger. What a rip off! Jeez, you call her Nancy, you help her retake the House, and still she won’t cut you a break? No, man, the Dude will not abide! But, in the moment of your darkest need, talk about pennies from heaven! Justin Amash, a card carrying, duly elected Republican member of congress, says you should be impeached! Now that should break the logjam. Nancy has been stalling on impeaching Trump pending GOP buy in, well Justin Amash just anted into the pot. It only takes one GOP vote in the House floor vote to make it bipartisan. What are you waiting for,Nancy? And boy, are Trump and his army of Trombies playing this one to the bone. Trump took his righteous outrage to Twitter, to call Amash a loser, and a total lightweight! And that was after his 11th hole-in-one in 8 holes, so you know he was royally pissed.  And the aforementioned McEnany girded her loins and hit MSNBC, where she called Amash a total lunatic, and demented, and sang a dirge about all of his previous treachery towards Glorious Bleater. By the way they’re carrying on, you would have thought that Amash had snuck up behind Trump, […]

It’s deja vu all over again.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.   Mark Twain Those of you who are veterans of my columns know that I “made my bones” wallowing around in the mosh pit of the 2016 Republican party primary fight. Ah, the good old days, when Donald Trump was a joke that wasn’t going to get us all killed! Back in July of 2015, there were 17 candidates for the GOP nomination. Today, depending on which count you use, there are anywhere from 22-25 Democratic candidates vying for the nomination. In both cases, there was a “top tier” of immediate front runners, a “2nd tier” of candidates who hoped to catch fire somewhere, and a couple of people who wanted the words “Presidential candidate” to use when they pimped their latest book. All the way back in October of 2015, I earned polite criticism as well as jocular humor on Daily Kos when I predicted that the nomination was Trump’s to lose, 3 months before the first primary vote was cast. This wasn’t clairvoyance, it was simple math. Trump was consistently leading most major polls, even in early primary states, with 28-32% of the vote, with a rotating cast of characters, but never more than two at a time, in low double digits. In the GOP primaries, almost all of the early primary states were “winner take all” states as far as delegates were concerned. As long as Trump could crawl across the finish line with that 28-32%, he could build the kind of delegate lead that would be almost impossible to overcome once the field winnowed down. That’s exactly what happened. This year, Biden is starting off in an even stronger position. Since announcing, he has consistently polled at between 36-43%, with only Bernie Sanders in double digits in the mid teens, but consistently 20+ points behind Biden. Even with the DNC changes to the “super delegate” rules, and even with apportionment in some primaries, if Biden can pound home with 40% of the delegates in each race, especially early, with nobody else topping 12%, even if he doesn’t get the requisite number of delegates in the primary, he makes it easy to pick up enough “unbound” delegates after the first ballot to get across the finish line. In 2016, Trump benefited greatly by the fact that he was able to separate himself immediately from the pack. Republicans were fed up and disgusted in 2016, after 8 years of President Obama, and they were pissed off that Obama accomplished what he did, Every other candidate in the race was the same old recycled Republican kitty litter, former Senators, Governors, and congress critters. Donald Trump was the anti Christ to all of that. He was a rank outsider, with no political history or ties. Plus, Trump was willing to say things that no other candidate could say, or likely get away with, but it turned out to be exactly what a lot of Republican voters wanted to hear. Joe Biden is Donald Trump through Alice’s looking glass. In 2020, there is a much wider diversity of candidates, with more current and topical views and experience. The looking glass part is while Trump was a rank outsider, Biden is the consummate insider. Everybody knows Joe, and we’ve known him for 40+ years. And while Republicans were disgusted […]
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Joe Biden Planted His Flag Today,

Well, that was interesting. I get such a kick out of politicians these days, officially announcing their candidacy for something, making a bunch of speeches, and rally appearances, and then officially ”kicking off” their campaign a month later somewhere. It reminds me of high school, when the “homecoming” game was like the third home game of the season. If I understood MSNBC correctly, Biden’s speech clocked in at almost exactly 20 minutes. But what an action packed 20 minutes it was. Before he came out, his wife, Dr Jill Biden came out to introduce him and was well received, She spent most of her short talk touting her strong Philly connections. A sound move, you always wanna pander to the refs But it was clearly Joe Biden’s show, and he carried the day. For starters, Biden came out tieless, with his collar open, a clear contrast to Trump, who once reportedly slapped Diaper Donnie in the face for wanting to wear a Yankees jersey to the game, and when he came on, he vaulted up the stairs to the stage like a sprinter leaving the blocks, again a clear contrast to Trump, who only walks out on ramps, due ti his hatred of stairs.He came on wearing his signature sunglasses, and his first act in public today was to ditch the coat, and roll up the sleeves, ala Obama, I look forward to hearing what y’all think in the comments, but to my mind, Biden laid his campaign bare today, He paid lip service to healthcare, quite a bit in fact, touting Obama’s ability to pass it without Republican support. He paid lip service to education, differing from Sanders by touting free community college as opposed to 4 year state universities. He paid lip service to infrastructure, pointing out the massive reclamation project that is required. And he paid lip service to the “Green New Deal” by name, and challenging the United States to lead in every aspect of saving the planet, instead of sticking our heads in the sand like an overstuffed, orange topped ostrich. But all of that was nothing more than the soup, appetizer, and salad. The main course at this feast was roast Trump. Biden hammered at Trump repeatedly, to boisterous applause. And he “kept it classy.” He hammered Trump on specifics, dividing instead of uniting, on his love affair with neo Nazi’s and Klansmen after Charlottesville, his pandering to dictators he clearly admires, his separation of families at the southern border, and his anti immigrant and anti Muslim bias. When Biden was heckled early in his speech by a supporter of another candidate, he immediately and forcefully told the crowd to back off, saying “We don’t do things like that in this campaign! Some other campaigns may, but we don’t. You’ll never hear me speak ill of another Democrat.” Biden announced his campaign agenda today. Oh, he’ll put out position papers and announce specific plans on things like energy, education, healthcare (where he announced today for a Medicare option buy in plan), and infrastructure, But Biden is running specifically to beat Donald Trump. This is a sound strategy for Biden for a couple of reasons. First, Biden is the clear front runner, so it’s easier for him to pick his battles. Also, Biden has obviously seen the poll where a clear […]

After months of lurching towards it, we’re finally almost there.

A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS! Oh, my God! Pack up the  babies, grab the old ladies! Hide the sheep, and break out the likker, the end is nigh! You gotta admit, those three words sound like nothing other than Orson Welles frantically describing the end of civilization in his iconic “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. Politicians actually love the “sound of a constitutional crisis, for the simple reason that they can fund raise off of it. Also, it makes their political egos swell like watching them pump helium into the Trump Baby Blimp, they can scare the shit out of us, while looking just solemn enough to portray the kind of calm steely leadership required to get us out of this mess. Democratic congress critters and most media pundits have been proclaiming that we’ve been in a constitutional crisis ever since Willie “The Ewok” Barr took his Mueller report ball and went home. But the simple fact of the matter is that we aren’t in one, at least, not yet anyway. By definition, a constitutional crisis only occurs when we stumble into an issue that the constitution itself has no remedy for. This ain’t it. Barr has refused to honor subpoenas issued by House committees to turn over unredacted copies of the Mueller report, and Steve Munchkin Mnuchin is refusing to turn over Trump’s felonious tax returns. That isn’t a constitutional crisis, because there’s a constitutional remedy for it, and the Democrats in congress are following that remedy. Mainly, you go to court and get a judge to force The-Hole-In-The-Head-Gang to comply with the law. But mark you calendars for May 31st, because, that’s the day when we could finally find ourselves in what our duly elected members of congress have been predicting, and drooling over the possibility of, for months, a flat out, full bore, accept no substitutes constitutional crisis. Because apparently Judge Emmett Sullivan, currently overseeing the Michael Flynn case, has had enough of Barr’s piddly ass attempts to play hide-the-sausage. Sullivan is the judge that shocked Flynn into a bout of incontinence by blowing up his sentencing hearing, bluntly telling him that his “ci-operation” with Mueller did little to offset his treasonous behavior, and if he didn’t pony up some more, Sullivan had a hammer and a pile of rocks with his name on it. Well, yesterday Sullivan set the table for a true constitutional crisis. He gave Barr and the DOJ until May 31st to provide a transcript of an audio recording turned over by Flynn with a conversation between a Trump personal lawyer, and Flynn’s lawyer, regarding Flynn’s dropping out of his joint defense agreement with team Trump, and threatening retaliation. Not only that, but he has ordered that all redactions regarding the Flynn case be removed, and giving the DOJ until May 31st to have an unredacted, public facing copy of the report posted on the court docket by then. There’s your constitutional crisis right there. Up to this moment, the Trump administration answer to every congressional request, demand, order, and subpoena for anything related to Trump or Mueller has been to stonewall it, flip it off. But how do you blow off a judicial order? If  judge orders you to pay child support and you flip him double barrel birds, a couple of cops haul you off to durance vile until […]

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