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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.
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Coming soon to a Trumper Tantrum near you

Well, the walls are closing in on Der Gropinfuror at long last. Which will put the Pampers President under even more pressure. But if there’s one thing that can be said about Trump, it’s that he is grace under pressure. By that I mean that he says grace, and then pops the lid on another bucket of KFC. I honestly believe that his famous “covfefe” tweet was due to greasy fingers between a wing and a drummer. But one thing is for certain, Trump is gonna need a whole lot more distraction ammo to attempt to keep noticing his myriad of misdeeds as they are being exposed. And considering the fact that Trump’s personal intellect is about as inspiring as a piece of kale (blanched), he’s going to have to get his new nonsense howitzer shells from somewhere. So, I decided to do a little research (no shit, I really did) in Trump’s favorite sloughs of drivel, and try to find some of the things that you can look forward to seeing in a 3 am poop tweet, or hearing at a cabinet meeting pool spray near you. *Spoiler Alert* These are all actual headlines, with accreditation to their source provided San Francisco Drug Addicts Now Outnumber High School Students   Infowars Man, oh man, Alex Jones really hit a grand slam for Trumpenstein here. Trump can tie the drugs part to the flood of illegal narcotics coming across our unguarded southern border, hence the national emergency, as well as hitting Nancy Pelosi for the decadence of her own home turf. He may tweet this one out before I finish the freakin’ article! Disturbing: Aborted babies used to create animal human hybrids   Infowars Never let it be said that nobody pays any attention to Trump anymore. Alex Jones was obviously listening to the SOTU, and hand crafted this vile “article” to buttress Trump’s abortion claims. The garbage post comes complete with a picture of a small rodent on what appears to be a baby blanket. How can Trump resist? ¼ of French believe elites using mass migration to replace native Europeans   Breitbart Trump must feel like he’s at a Golden Corral buffet with the way these clods just keep bringing out more and more aluminum tubs of shit for him to pile on his plate. We’re right back to the southern border again, and maybe this time, he can get a guest pass for Steve King to share a meal with him. Gowdy: Schiff only interested in undoing the 2016 election results   Breitbart Because nothing says “investigative excellence” quite like spending multiple years and millions of dollars investigating Hillary Clinton over Benghazi, and failing to uncover a damn thing. But if Trump uses this drivel, at least it’ll give Schiff his belly laugh for the day Poll: Approval 49%   Drudge Report The poll that the Drudge Report is using is the Rasmussen daily Presidential poll, ‘nuff said. Obviously Drudge is hoping to highlight the popularity number in such a way to get people to not click on the article itself, since Rasmussen also says that 37% “strongly approve,” w hi;e 42% “strongly disapprove,” which gives His Lowness a net Presidential rating of -5. And since Trump has the attention span of a slumbering 3 toed sloth, he’ll never get past the main page headline. Female […]
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An “A” For Effort

Ya know, ever since the Democrats regained control in the House last November, I’ve noticed that national media reporting on the newly emboldened Democratic House has gone chugging down two parallel tracks. There is the “investigative track,” where the media gleefully foretells the Scorched-earth-march-to-Atlanta havoc that the Democratic led committees can wreak on all things Trump. The “legislative track” is consistently downplayed and tempered with the admonition that the Democrats progressive agenda will almost certainly run afoul of a GOP dominated Senate, and The Great Pumpkin in the White House. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that in politics, actual results perceived results can be just as important as actual results. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, it was 2008, and Barack Obama was elected President of the United states. He was inaugurated in 2009, and because there was a global financial meltdown going on, he managed to throw a world class inauguration, with a performing list that looked like the Saturday guest list at the Viper Room, for a paltry $54 million, with not a tractor or baton twirler in sight. Once Obama stopped the worlds economy from returning to the Olduvai Gorge, the first thing that he did was to cover millions of Americans with the Affordable Care Act. And that’s where the rubber hit the road. The Republican party neatly disguised their white backlash against the first African American President as a rebellion against “socialized medicine.” They rode the issue of “death panels for Franny” almost exclusively, and stormed back to control of the House on the backs of the Tea Party rebellion. In 2011 came the first House bill to repeal the ACA. This was a risk free vote for the GOP, first, the most popular and impactful portions of the ACA had not yet bone into effect, leaving a still unpopular vision of the law, and second, there was no way for it to pass through the Democratic dominated Senate, and no way that Obama would sign it. But it didn’t matter, because the effort was there. In 2012, still running on repealing the ACA, the GOP held the House, and cut into the Democratic majority in the senate. More Obamacare repeal votes sprang out from the House, like toadstools in a dank place, all to be denied. In 2014, the GOP again held the House, and this time took control of the Senate as well. Another slew of futile ACA repeal votes came down the pike, and in 2016 the GOP used the repeal of Obamacare to, with Russian help, take the White house as well. They held more than 60 failed votes in 7 years, accomplishing exactly nothing, if you consider retaking the House, the Senate, and finally the White House as nothing. How did they do this? Simply by continuing to “try to” deliver what they promised. The Democrats rode the blue wave of 2018 on the back of ideas, repealing the top 0.01% tax cuts, universal healthcare coverage, lower prescription drug costs, infrastructure, getting dark money out of politics, education. The voters who elected the Democrats are not idiots, they know that the House Democrats can’t just wave a magic wand and make this stuff happen. At this point, it’s the effort that is critical. As long […]
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The Biggest “Loser”

I am not going to rehash the insipid intellectual wasteland that was the Trump State Of The Union speech last night. Since I quit drinking a couple of years ago, I find that I no longer have the stomach to suffer through his shit more than once. But there was something that jumped out at me repeatedly as I watched the alleged speech, and I didn’t hear anybody last night on MSNBC or CNN that seemed to pick up on it. Other than Trump’s infantile attempt to show up Speaker Pelosi by barging into the chamber unannounced, before she could introduce him, Trump’s SOTU speech last night could just as well have been held in an airplane hanger in Mississippi. It was pretty the same old red meat, and it was pointed out that Trump may as well have had only one teleprompter, since he looked almost exclusively to the left as he spoke, towards the herd of polled Herefords in $2,000 suits, who lowed and clanked their cowbells on command throughout the night. Just about the only time he looked to the right was the hilarious moment when the Democratic women stole his thunder. I swear, the first time they did it, you could see the back of his neck getting red. But I saw repeatedly, as the cameras crawled across the GOP caucus, cheering and clapping like a bunch of 2nd graders reacting to the classroom loudspeaker when the principal announces a snow day tomorrow, that there was one very lonely pachyderm with a newly sore ass who realized that he was the biggest loser in the room. That poor, docile, domesticated elephant was of course Mitch McConnell. Several times when the cameras showing cheering, feverish disciples of the Great Pumpkin paying their tithe, there was McConnell, hands at his sides, looking like his mother had just trotted out the castor oil. There were a few times when he didn’t even get to his feet, simply staying seated and staring morosely at the floor. Yertl the Turtle has every reason to look like his goldfish just died, because Glorious Bleater just put him in the hurt locker, and slammed the door. Trump laid down a number of markers last night, and just like the same bozo who bankrupted 3 casinos, Trump forgot to check the odds. Trump called for a massive infrastructure bill, lower healthcare costs, lower prescription drug prices, and paid family leave nationwide, and worst of all, he did it with exactly no substance, guardrails, or controls. This is the kiss of death for McConnell. When Trump announced these initiatives, the Democrats stood and cheered just like the Republicans. And for a damn good reason too. Those are all ideas that are very popular with Democrats, and by putting no meat on the bones, Trump gave Pelosi and her caucus carte blanche. McConnell may be a craven, vain, power hungry toady, but he knows what comes next. Legislation begins in the House. Pelosi and her crew are going to give Trump every one of those things, The House is going to pass the most progressive version of every one of those items that they can, loaded up with more goodies than Santa’s sleigh, and then smile like timber wolves into the camera and say, “The House is so pleased […] / YouTube Top 10 Most Ridiculous Donald Trump...

Memo for National Security: Time to grow a spine.

To say that I’m “alarmed,: or “concerned,” or “fearful,” or “dismayed,” or any of those other standard goo-goo noises that the media regularly makes to describe feelings to another blazing stupidity by our Pampers President, would be kind of a misstatement. What I actually am is royally pissed off. And while I may not have quite the same “bully pulpit” that His Lowness does, this place does afford me a nice little soap box, and a bull horn, and I’m damn well going to .use them. It has been reported today that senior national security personnel are becoming alarmed at what they see as Trump’s “willful ignorance.” They have already tried such constructs as limiting verbal descriptions of issues to 2-3 sentences to keep from losing his attention, and inserting as many images of Thomas the Tank Engine as possible to keep him focused. All of this is old news, it just shows that Rex Tillerson nailed it in one when he called El Pendejo Presidente a “fucking moron. But now it is being reported that security personnel going in to brief the President are being instructed to avoid saying things that contradict his personal opinions or publicly stated policy. Wrong, wrong, WRONG! This has never been, cannot be, and never will be a viable option for dealing with any President of the United States! Their sole function is to provide the President with the best possible information in order to protect the United States.The fact that the Toddler in Chief might choose to sop a mope, throw his Tevo controller across the room, or call them nasty names on camera or on Twitter is not a valid excuse for them to abrogate their basic responsibility to provide that information. But there is a more fundamental reason why this is such a disastrous tactic to use. It screws us all over. If there is one that will never be said about Donald Trump, it is that he is a sneaky or sly individual. Trump has to go out of his way to publicly show us how sneaky and devious he is, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of being sneaky and devious. If his military and intelligence chiefs tell him something that goes against his personal grain, Trump will never in a million years keep those facts to himself. He will come right out on TV, or on Twitter, and tell us all about what chuckle heads his intel chiefs are, and tell us what they said to show us why. Which means that the rest of us will know what they said. And there are still 65-70% of the population who don’t live in the dystopian Brigadoon that Trump wanders around in, like a 6 week old puppy that got out of the back yard. And the rest of us would like to know what they honestly think. Look, I have nothing but the highest regard for our intelligence and national security professionals, even more so with the impossible situation they find themselves in. But they’re in a no win situation here. If they tell the President something that he doesn’t want to hear, he explodes and calls them nasty names on TV and on Twitter, and belittles their worth and value. But on the other hand, if they become aware of a potential national security issue, and if they don’t tell Trump about it, and if […]
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Do me a favor. STOP with the comparisons already!

You’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe it…And you’re killing yourself if you don’t believe it   Styx Same shit, different day. As far as I’m concerned, Ralph Northam fucked up, and now it’s time to get it over and done with. He lost the battle with his first videotaped statement on Friday night. Even someone as bone stupid as Donald Trump knows that you always deny the dirty deed first, and only when that fails to hold, do you start to rationalize it. Northam came right out and said, “Well, shit, ya got me,” and then turned around 24 hours later and said, “But the jokes on you, fools, that ain’t even me in the picture!” Right. Cigarette? Blindfold? And of course, the Hounds of the Bastardville, the media, are already out in full force, baying for blood. That’s fine, this is the kind of cut-and-dry stuff that they excel at. It’s like watching Babe Ruth bat in a T-Ball game. But they can’t even get this simple stuff right! Instead of simply pounding Northam like a veal cutlet, they’re already starting to make senseless, pointless comparisons. They’re talking about the great gulf between the Democrats demanding the summary expulsion of flawed humans like Ralph Northam, and all other racially insensitive offenders, with the tacit refusal of the Republicans to demand any kind of penalty for their own racists, such as Steve Scalise, Donald Trump and “Cantaloupe Calves” King. Oh fer Crissakes! As Baby Herman once screamed, “How many times do we have to do this damn scene Roger?!?” Can the mainstream media, and everybody else out there who thinks that this is a worthwhile t pursuit, finally get it through their heads that there is no viable comparison here! On this issue, more than any other, there is no compromise, and no middle ground. Both sides are playing to their base here, and both sides are on polar opposite sides of the equation. This issue strikes directly to the heart of each of the parties, and that is not going to change. The Democrats are not just plying to their base here, this issue is a core belief in their political philosophy. The Democrats have basically owned the civil rights issue, and black equality, ever since Bobby Kennedy made a phone call trying to spring Martin Luther King Jr. In demanding the swift removal of people like Northam, the Democrats are planting a flag, and they are claiming the moral justification in demanding it of others, since they are swift in cleaning their own house. They did the same thing with the sexual harassment issue. They are consistent with their message and their actions. The whole object of the comparisons is a wasted excuse to try to shame the Republicans on this issue. This is a complete waste of time. Not only are the Republicans unashamed of their stance on this issue, they revel in it, it is a major selling point to their base. They totally abandoned any reasonable stance on racial issues when Richard Nixon embarrassed the “Southern Strategy” with such relish. Let me ask you one simple question. If a degenerate, racist asshole killing an innocent 31 year old woman in Charlottesville with his car is not enough to make the Republicans throw up their arms in horror, does anybody really think […]
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The “hidden” dynamic in the 2020 Democratic primaries that I’m going...

I’ll be the first one to admit it, I can’t wait for the Democratic 2020 primaries to begin in earnest. While it will be a huge starting day lineup, unlike the day care frat party of the GOP in 2016, this field will host an incredible diversity, not only in gender and race, but in ideas and solutions as well. But there’s one facet of the upcoming battle that isn’t really getting much attention, and it intrigues me enough that I’m going to be keeping a close eye on it. The Democrats didn’t have that monumental blue wave in 2018 because the DNC and the DCCC raised a gazillion dollars and blanketed the airwaves and front yards with advertising. They won because fresh, largely non traditional political candidates presented fresh ideas, did the shoe leather work to promote it, and gained enough grassroots and small donation support to carry the day. In quite a few races these upstart candidates embarrassed the DCCC by winning against party endorsed mainstream candidates. To do that, they needed money, and they raised it. This lesson was not lost on the DCCC or the larger DNC. In fact it was a welcome development for the larger party, since candidates that were able to raise sufficient donations to get by on their own needed less support from the DCCC’s donation base, those funds could instead be spent on other competitive campaigns that needed help.This was highlighted by the many races in which these upstart Democratic candidates out raised their “entrenched” GOP incumbents by 2-3 to 1. This ability to be able to not only survive, but thrive on grassroots activism and small money donations was a source of pride for not only the candidates, but the DNC as well. To the point that the DNC has laid a marker in the 2020 primary campaign, by making small money donations a requisite marker for gaining a spot on the stage for Democratic primary debates. This is not just a good thing, it is a necessary thing, since if the Democrats are going to talk the talk about getting dark money out of politics, they had better damn well be ready to walk the walk, especially since they’ve already proven that it can be done successfully on a wide scale. This is going to pose an interesting dynamic to the 2020 Democratic race. As with any large field, it is going to include some, what would normally be called, “fringe” candidates. But in the age of burgeoning social media, a candidate can ride a position on a “hot” issue to a swell of sudden small money donations. Those donations will then put that candidate on a nationally televised debate stage, where he can make his or her case, and possibly lead to even more donations and popularity. As we saw in 2018, this can be a self repeating cycle. This dynamic is likely going to allow some what would normally be called “second tier candidates” to stick around long after their “shelf life” would have expired in a normal campaign. But there is a yang to this yin. It is going to make all candidates, especially those more “traditional” established candidates, carefully watch their fund raising mix. Yesterday, on the very day that Corey Booker officially joined the race, it […]
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So, what’s up with stupid?

I’m with stupid>»   T-shirt slogan I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love the Allstate commercial where “Mayhem” opens a Port-o-San door at a college football game and says to the next guy in line, :I dropped my phone…Can you help me out?” Everybody loves the commercial because it’s so blatantly stupid. I mean, who in their right mind is going to stick an arm down the hole of a portable shitter fishing around for a cell phone, right? Most certainly not Mayhem, that;s why he’s asking the other guy. I know I’m a crusty old fart, but I’m old enough to remember when stupid was bad. Show me a parent who hasn’t wailed at their chastened child, “How could you do something so stupid?!?” It’s like a rite of passage in being a kid. And how many wives have screamed, “How stupid can you be?!? You expect me to believe that your secretary got so close she smeared lipstick on your collar brushing dandruff off of your shoulder?!?” See, the powerful thing about stupid was that it carried a heavy price tag of ostracism with it. Everybody, whether child or adult, could be “silly,” or “nonsensical,” or even “kind of dumb, don’t you think?” All of those fell into the category of generally accepted behavior. But you really had to elevate your game to the next level to be flat out “stupid,” and that accomplishment came with that heavy load to carry around with it. Basically, you’re stupid. So, my question is, since when did stupid become chic in this country? And no, I’m not talking about El Pendejo Presidente here. There is no longer any real debate as to whether or not Trump is stupid, that’s already settled science, which is why Trump and the Republicans don’t believe it. All you have to know to understand how bone fucking stupid our President is is what he told us from his own lips in an interview recently. Trump admitted to the reporter that he’s so stupid that he can’t even make money off of being President!  And yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to be able to turn a profit off of  being President, there’s a rule and everything. But it turns out that the rule is just sophomoric bullshit, kind of like doing things by the “honor system.” I mean, some on, he has nukes and everything! How can he not tell the head honcho of Morocco, “Nice little country you have here, be a shame if anything happened to it.” Combine that with the fact that he actually bankrupted three casinos, which should be mathematically impossible as long as you “balance” your sports book, and you have a level of stupid that has its own wing in the Stupid Hall of Fame. No, I’m talking about regular, everyday, normal Americans here, you know, the slobs who won’t get out of your way until after the subway doors close. Right now there is anywhere from 32-37% of the American population that is willfully, blindly, almost spitefully stupid. And they don’t even have the common courtesy and good grace to be embarrassed about it. Even a 4 y.o. has the sense to be sheepish when they’re caught being that knuckle headed. Now granted, there are only a small number of Trump supporters that are such […]
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Well, we finally have our crisis.

This really shouldn’t come as any kind of a surprise. Like the family of a terminally ill patient, we’ve been dreading this day for some time now. The final outcome was never in doubt, the only questions left were when, and how. The when is now, but the how is what is harder to wrap our collective heads around. We finally have the crisis we’ve all bee waiting for on our hands. But strangely enough, it isn’t what most of us had expected. It isn’t the one we most feared, a constitutional crisis brought on by brash action by Trump to stop the Mueller investigation. It isn’t a border crisis in the Southwest either, no matter how loudly and often Trump proclaims it. And it isn’t even a humanitarian crisis, as much as Trump has tried to generate it by his hellish policies. No, what we finally ended up with is a national security crisis. A couple of days ago the combined heads of the US intelligence community made a standard appearance before the Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence of the United States Senate. The public portion of that hearing is the closest that those of us without security clearances are ever going to come to a national security briefing. For the Senators, it was the most honest assessment of global threats facing America that these experts could muster. The opening statement was written and rewritten, and vetted for absolute accuracy by every intelligence agency that we have.And in that testimony, every one of the best intelligence officers that we have, backed by the full weight of the US intelligence community, came right out and said that the President of the Unite States didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about, on almost every serious threat facing this nation. That blunt testimony is not called a crisis. Not at all. That testimony is what we reality based humans call common knowledge. Hell, we’ve known since the day that Trump clanked his way down that schlock gilt escalator that his knowledge was confined to how many pieces are contained in a KFC bucket. The national security crisis occurred solely because of Trump’s response. Trump told his top security advisers that they were passive, naive fools who needed to “go back to school.” We’re not talking about scatter brained idiots like Jared and Ivanka here, nor insufferable wits like Mick Mulvaney, and the rest of the ship of fools that Trump sails to make himself feel mentally superior, we’re talking about selfless professionals who have devoted their lives to getting it right. This is dangerous for two reasons. The first is that Trump has prepared for this day, and plowed the ground carefully. Every lie that Trump has ever told, great or small, serious or nonsensical, has been laid specifically in preparation for this moment. After all, it’s common place now isn’t it? Everybody is already wise to this scam,. What does Trump automatically do when he’s proven wrong about something? He lies. It’s just one more lie to hide his ignorance. And with that attitude, we fail to give this situation the gravity it deserves. Because the second, more important reason that this is a crisis is this. It sets a precedent, and displays that Trump won’t listen to anyone who […]

The best is yet to come.

You ain’t seen nothing yet, the best is yet to come   Frank Sinatra This is actually a companion article to the one I published this morning about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax. You know, like those bright, colorful cartoon pictures the staff puts into the Presidential Daily Briefing to get him to pick the damn thing up? There is an old saying that is often applied to politics, especially to a candidate or incumbent, “Death by 1,000 cuts.” It basically means that while a politician may not suffer one fatal blow, he is nonetheless done in by an endless series of minor nicks and cuts, and the cumulative effect does him in. Trump has been suffering from this phenomena since his inauguration. The constant lies, starting with his crowd size at his puny, second rate inauguration. The flap over Jared Kushner’s security form omissions, then his being granted a security clearance over objections to his qualifications. The Michael Flynn fiasco. The Rob Porter mess. The Mueller investigation. The firing of James Comey and Jeff Sessions. The list goes on and on. And while any one of several of those would have been enough to scuttle almost any other Presidency, he has survived them, but the cumulative effect is killing him. His poll numbers are dropping, core constituencies are abandoning him, and he is seeing sudden, small but growing, reticence in his own caucus to blindly follow him down amy more rabbit holes. Well, the condition that has been causing Trump so much agita is about to afflict the rest of the Republican party. And not just in time for 2020, but because of 2020. Slowly but surely the Democratic field of hopefuls is starting to trickle in, And the first two out of the gate, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, have already administered the first couple of nicks to the skin  of the GOP. In the 2018 midterms the Democrats discovered the secret sauce to beating not only Trump, but the GOP as a whole. And that was to ignore Trump and the personalities around him, and talk about the issues important to the voters. Not only that, but talk about them in terms that the voters can understand, and offer cogent solutions that voters can understand and approve of. It was almost unheard of for a Democratic congressional candidate to even refer to Trump by name, instead they focused on issues, many of them issues that their opponent had taken a stand on, and offered better solutions. This is the kiss of death for the GOP in an election, for one simple reason. And that reason is that Republicans mostly advocate for things that most ordinary people really, really don’t like. They got away with it for a long time simply because the Democrats bought into their “safe gerrymandered district” bullshit and didn’t bother to run meaningful opposition to them. That changed in 2018, and you know what they say, nothing succeeds like success. It’s already started, as I pointed out earlier. Elizabeth Warren has already come out swinging with her “wealth tax” plan, and it is well enough thought out to already provide details that show people how it would work, it isn’t just some vague, nebulous promise. And while Kamala Harris’s insurance company killing Medicare for all plan isn’t as […]

Elizabeth Warren is right. And she’s scaring the GOP silly.

*Sigh* No, I am not endorsing Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primaries. I have too many other people I want to hear from, like Kirsten Gillibrand, Julian Castro, and Sherrod Brown. But I can still listen to the early birds, and chime in when I notice something. Elizabeth Warren, and her fellow quick starter, Kamala Harris, learned something from Trump. When you come out early with something, you can control the news cycle. Warren quickly came out with her proposed “wealth tax,” and along with Harris’s eliminate private insurance company healthcare, is dominating cycle after cycle. And as a result can feast on the blowback. And mmm-dogies is there blowback! I’m not so much talking about the silk boxer twins, Bloomberg and Schultz, having a collective aneurysm about Warren actually daring to come after all of their shiny trinkets and toys. She is igniting right wing exploding heads in a way we haven’t seen since AOC’s last tweet. The basics are simple. If you reside in the hallowed halls of the top 0.01%, making more than $50 million a year, then fuggedaboud that piddly “income tax” shit. No, for you guys and gals, if you own it, and it’s not green paper, it’s fair game.Republican politicians, totally owned and indebted to the same 0.01^, are laying on their fainting couches, wrist over a fevered brow, and lowing like a herd of Wisconsin Herefords. They darkly foretell the death of American capitalism, and moan that no western democracy has sunk to the dishonor of a “wealth tax.” OK, I’ll take their word for it. As lifeless as I may be, I have not yet degenerated to the level where I spend all day Googling the tax structures of Belgium and Lichtenstein. But lucky for my lazy ass, I don’t have to go trolling around on the other side of the pond to look for wealth taxes. I can stay at my table and look right here. What do you think that the inheritance tax is? It doesn’t just look at cash on hand, it assigns a valuation to every physical asset of an estate, and taxes it. Most people never think about the estate tax, since it only applies to estates of a size that are far beyond the realistic bounds of shit kickers like you and me. But every American homeowner already pays a wealth tax, just not to the US government. Waddaya think your real estate taxes are? Your home isn’t disposable income, yet the state assigns a value to it, and slaps a tax on it. Warren’s “wealth tax” is nothing more than your already existing real estate taxes writ large. The real reason that the Republicans and their rich shitpoke donors are having coronary kittens over Warren’s new plan is that it isn’t an income tax. If it were income based, the caviar snorters wouldn’t even rouse from their Godiva comas. Income taxes are no-brainers. When the new tax is passed, it’s either written in such a way that it takes advantage of already written loopholes, or new loopholes are created to take the sting out of it. One thing you can say about the US tax code for rich shitpokes, it has more holes than a Swiss cheese factory. The thing that is giving Republicans and their Daddy Warbucks backers night […]

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