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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.
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OK, the joke’s over. The comparisons aren’t funny anymore.

We have become what we most despise   Old Saying It started early. And like most things these days, it started in the media, but this time it caught fire with the general public. It began as the instances of the most kinds of tawdry and banal corruption and self aggrandizement started popping up in the Trump administration. And before you know it, using Trump’s antics to jokingly say that he was turning the United States into a banana republic was damn near the new national drinking game. But how funny is it now? Remember how visitors into whatever old YMCA summer camp a tin pot dictator used as a presidential palace was greeted with a painting of the president in every room? Well, apparently every starving artist in New York learned early to paint the biggest, gaudiest portrait of Trump they could create, so he’d but it to hang in one of his schlock resorts, likely using Trump charity funds. Remember how we all recoiled in horror as third world dictators used national troops to chase indigenous people back into the wilderness, likely to die in the elements? And that differs from Trump wanting to use his ICE thugs to literally pull critically ill children off of life saving treatments to deport them, how? Remember being bemused at how North Korean’s would literally applaud themselves to exhaustion, rather than be pulled form the crown and disappeared for not being appreciative enough of Dear Leader? And now, Trump starts every cabinet meeting going around the table while each department head tries to outdo each other in slavishly kissing Trump’s ass. Ah, the good old days, when petty tyrants used to take foreign aid from other governments, meant to help the people, and use it for a gold plated swimming pool at the presidential palace, or a new, bulletproof Mercedes limo. How about Trump literally stealing money earmarked by congress for new schools and barracks on military bases, to build a vanity wall on the southern border, just to fulfill a promise that even his own supporters knew was bullshit, and that Mexico isn’t paying for? How about dumpy despots regularly holding mandatory attendance “rallies,” stuffed with hour plus speeches, just to reassure the despot that he was still the beloved “man of the people?” Sound anything like the thinly veiled “Thank You America” campaign rallies that Trump started holding 3 1/2 years before the next general election?  And continued nonstop as “policy speeches,” so that taxpayers foot the bill instead of the Trump reelection campaign. Remember how disgusting it was when petty tyrants jailed reporters, and imprisoned whistle blowers who dared to expose the corruption of the regime? And now Trump wants to jail reporters and shutter news outlets for reporting on him, and a courageous whistle blower is facing possible criminal prosecution if his message actually reaches the intended ears in congress. And bow, the cherry on the sundae. If the reporting is true, Trump pulled the simplest kind of street corner corruption, shit we haven’t used in Chicago since the 70’s, because people kept getting caught. He pulled a good, old fashioned shakedown racket. I can almost imagine the contents of that call to the newly elected president of the Ukraine, “I promise you this pal, you’re not getting a […]
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Trump only seems to have ONE rock for his siege catapult.

For those of you who are old enough, do you remember when Bohemian Rhapsody, or American Pie hit the airwaves? They were the “coolest” songs in the world and you couldn’t get enough of them. For about the first week. And then, when they were played in their seemingly endless entirety, once an hour on every station, suddenly you found yourself turning down the dial, looking for commercials to listen to for the next 7 minutes rather than hear it again? That’s where we’re at when it comes to people trying to get a peekie-see at His Lowness’ business taxes apparently. Axios is reporting that Trump’s high powered personal lawyers have once again gone to federal court in an effort to stop Trump’s longtime accounting firm, Lazards, from turning over 8 years of his company taxes to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, by suing Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance. For what Trump is paying these legal beagles, you might expect a little more creativity, but apparently the needle is stuck at Besmilah! No, we will not let you go! This is going to be interesting to watch for a couple of different reasons. First of all, Trump is laying all of his eggs in one basket, and he’s going into this fight without some of the prestige of some of his other battles. The subpoenas of the House, and now the Manhattan DA’s office are after Trump’s federal business taxes, they have nothing to do with his presidency. As such, Trump cannot use DOJ lawyers, with the “clout” they tend to bring into federal court. Instead, it is his team of personal attorneys, hand picked by Trump for the job, who will be prosecuting the suits. And all you need to know about Trump’s expertise in hand picking anything is to look at his various judicial and cabinet nominees. ’nuff said. But there is another dynamic in this lawsuit that is going to be fascinating to watch. When Donald Trump was wheeling and dealing in New York, conning people to build schlock palaces with his name on it, he was small potatoes, the equivalent of a guy who ran a bookie parlor in the back of his corner store, and the law neer bothered with him. But now, under closer scrutiny brought on by his sudden fame, he’s turned into Don Cornholeone, and everybody wants a piece of him. The Manhattan DA’s office normally resides in the shadow of the southern District of New York’s US Attorney’s office, much to their dismay. But Tubby the Ewok has the SDNY on a choker chain on this one, and Vance would dearly love to upstage them for once. All of which brings us to Lazard’s, the poor slob who got caught laying $20 on Klown Kon in the fourth race in this sting. Lazard’s has been hit with subpoenas from both House committees, as well as the Manhattan DA’s office for Trump’s business taxes, and is directly listed as a party in both Trump lawsuits. But as much as all of the media attention is on Trump and his business taxes, especially where the juicy bits about Russian money laundering is concerned, it’s actually Lazard’s who have their nuts caught in the meat grinder on this one. I’ll explain. Being subpoenaed by a House committee is no laughing matter for Lazard’s, but at least it isn’t an existential threat. The […]

Do yourself a favor, ignore the “History Upset” pundits out there....

‘     *Correction* In the original release, the name of Al Gore was accidentally typed in as trailing Joe Lieberman and Howard Dean. The actual candidate was John Kerry, not Al Gore. What can I say, it was a long day. Many thanks to Joseph for pointing out the error in the comments!* All of you are already aware of my bottomless well of disgust for the blabbering skulls in the media out there, like Karine Jean Pierre on MSNBC, who ceaselessly whine about the terrible way that the “inaccurate polls” duped, misled, and ultimately disappointed us in 2016. Sour grapes notwithstanding, the fact is that the possl were spot on,Hillary won by the predicted 2.5%.National polls don’t search for 77,000 dunderheads in three states. But Karine may be about to get a wholly unwarranted rest from me complaining, since there is a brand new breed of empty headed whinerbags out there who have earned my ire. New polling seems to be showing that there is starting to be some consolidation in the Democratic primaries, with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren pulling well out front, Bernie Sanders lagging, but at least still in the same lap, and the rest of the field pootling along on mopeds while the Indy cars zoom by. Political pundits, especially on MSNBC are a very strange breed of mammal. For the last 7 months, they have pissed and moaned ceaselessly about the ridiculous size of the Democratic field, and how the party will never be able to come together. And now that the party seems to be coalescing around two main candidates, they’re desperate not to throw out any of the also rans that they’ve been disparaging for the last 7 months. Sweet Jeebus, which is it already?!? Their stated reason for clinging to these castaways as desperately as someone watching their personal favorite being booted off of Survivor Island is that it’s too early yet! After all, Barack Obama was shot out of a cannon after winning Iowa in 2008, and John Kerry was eating Lieberman and Dean’s dust in 2004. All of that is historical fact, but the real fact is that those phenomena took place in a far different time, and under far different circumstances. And that world has been obliterated like Alderaan under the Death Star. There are two reasons why the old history of stunning upsets has no place in the modern political era. The first reason is the denigration of politics itself., and the negative impact of social media. In years prior to 2016, such as 2004 and 2008, not only were the fields smaller, but the candidates themselves were at least marginally qualified for the office. People were less likely to lock in irrevocably to a single candidate early, and an upset victory in a single primary could unleash a tiger. Social media also destroyed the system by making it absurdly easy for totally unqualified candidates to raise money to qualify and compete. Most people have forgotten this, but back in 2016 a high school kid with some spare scratch and a love for filling out forms actually ran for President in the GOP primaries listed on the ballot as “Deez Nuts.” In a twist only the GOP could achieve, he actually outpolled a couple of known bottom feeders in […]
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THIS is how you beat the NRA! (WIth a video)

Everybody gather near. Dyin’ time is here   Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome As all of you know, I have been a frequent commentator, and will continue to be a frequent commentator on the stunning internal collapse of the National Rfle Association. My beef with the NRA isn’t in its original form as a safety and training advocacy group, rather it is the current structure of the NRA, which has become such a whorehouse for the armaments manufacturers that Wayne LaPierre should be barred from appearing in public, except clad in a turquoise halter, a bright pink spandex mini skirt, and a pair of “fuck me” pumps. But even at full strength, and with no internal distractions, the NRA would be hard pressed to deal effectively with the latest public service ad released by the Sandy Hook Promise, a gun control advocacy group founded by parents of children senselessly slaughtered in their classrooms. The ad is a hard hitting, emotional sucker punch to the gut; The tide has been turning away from the NRA for quite a while now. As I have pointed out in the past, in 2018, for the first time, gun control voters outnumbered unfettered gun rights owners at the polls. And it’s more than just that. In 2018 gun control advocacy groups finally outspent the NRA and affiliated groups in advertising leading up to the reelection. And the results showed up, 17 A or A+ rated GOP congressional incumbents lost their seats. This advertisement alone should scare Mitch McConnell shitless, as well as the other 22 GOP incumbents up for reelection next year. This spot is liquid gold when run in September and October of 2020. The problem for McConnell and the GOP is that this problem is no longer, nor has it ever been, a coastal, liberal, elite issue. From a Walmart in El Paso to a highway outside of Odessa, from a theater in Aurora to a medical office in San Bernardino. From high schools in Columbine and Parkland to a grade school in Newtown, this is a non ideological, non partisan, non ethnic problem. And the problem is that your own child’s survival in his classroom is a fucking crap shoot! This ad is going to be used against Trump in 2020. And it’s going to be used against Mitch McConnell, every GOP Senator up for reelection in 2020, as well as every GOP House incumbent with a B or better rating with the NRA, as it should be. There is no defense against this ad, simply because it is a terrifying glimpse into the thoughts of our own children when they get off of the school bus every fucking day! And it’s only going to become more effective, since sadly, as we all know, we haven’t seen the last school mass shooting before next November. I’m sorry for the tenor of this piece, but I’m so sick of the carnage that I can hardly keep my fingers from shaking to type properly. This has gone on far beyond long enough, and the GOP is about to pay a very stiff penalty for their intransigence and cowardice. I do have one simple, honest, heartfelt suggestion though. Mr Steyer, you are never going to be President of the United States. Please, I beg you, rather than spending untold millions in advertising on […]
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The Stuffed Fools Cafe. For dessert, try the sour grapes with...

The classic, sardonic, sarcastic old adage is What a way to run a railroad! And never has it been more apropos than it is today. Because, every time Trump and his Klown Kar Kabal pull lame shit like this, they once again graphically display why Amtrak is at deaths door. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is a bird of ruffled plumage today. Nevermind that the thought of Lindsey Graham with an avian appearance most strongly resembles Albus Dumbledore’s phoenix Ffolkes, immediately before it burst into flames. The chickenshit hawk, who clug desperately to John McCain’s heroism and honor like a Titanic survivor isn’t a happy camper Graham is tres upset because he thinks that The Mango Messiah is wimping out on Iran. “I’m very disappointed with this response, because the sanctions don’t go anywhere near far enough. It is clear that Iran doesn’t fear a wider conflict in the region, and this will only embolden them. They have come to the conclusion that none of the countries in the region, nor the United States have the stomach for a ground war.” Well, no shit Sherlock! How can you possibly be surprised that Iran has come to this inescapable conclusion? And I’ll let you in on a little secret Howdy Doody, it didn’t take the vrightest savants in the Iranian intelligence, diplomatic, and military communities to come up with this quantum leap in logic deduction. Because your own Glorious Bleater has been fucking broadcasting this fact for the last 4 1/2 years! Trump ran against the insanity of the Iraq war, right from the get go. He swore that his first act as President would be to get all of our troops quickly and permanently removed from our various foreign entanglements. His entire “America First” platform is predicated on the refusal of the United States to get involved in any more “stupid wars,” and to immediately resign its position as “the world’s policeman.” And if this wasn’t proof enough, Trump decided to put a cherry on top of the non interventionist sundae. Look loser, it’s one thing to call in a drone strike in “proportionate response” to an Iranian act of aggression. But it’s another rhig entirely to publicly announce that you had second thoughts about possible civilian casualties, and called the goddamn thing off 10 minutes before launch time. What a way to come off looking like a fearful, spineless jellyfish, you moron! So, please Lindsey, spare e the cheap theatrics. We both know that you haven’t had a useful thought since                   , shit, I can’t even remember the last time you had a useful thought, unless you count spraining your neck looking the other way while the Commander in Cheat diddled the score card at Mar-A-Lago. And so, for the second time in one day, Senator Lindsey Graham? Stand up and take a bow, fool! We hope you enjoyed your meal, and the next time you’re in, try the humble pie, it’s out of this world. Oh, and here’s an after dinner mint with your check. To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A […]

Welcome to the Stuffed Fools Cafe. Today’s Special is Grilled Lewandowski

Waiter! This soup is cold! It’s vichyssoise sir, it’s served cold   The Jerk GOP strategist Rick Wilson nailed the ultimate price of sleeping with the devil to the barn door with the title of his book, Everything Trump Touches, Dies. That title could easily end up being the epitaph on the tombstone of the Trump presidency. The only people to have bumped up against Trump and survived unscathed are pre Trump appointees like Walter Schaub, who resigned in protest, and Sally Yates, who was sacrificed for doing the right thing, or Trump appointees like Nikki Haley and James Mattis, who resigned rather than go through the contortions or moral equivalencies. For all of the others, You roll with pigs, you end up muddy. Except for the fact that most of these porkers were filthy before Trump ever came along. Watching the slow motion, wounded duck fall of Corey Lewandowski from the Trump sky is an interesting character study. Lewandowski came to work for Hair Furor as his national campaign manager with the highest of qualifications, nobody in the political world had ever heard of him, and he worked cheap. A perfect example of Lewandowski’s strategic brilliance is the fact that he couldn’t even screw around on his wife without getting caught. Life lesson for you all. If you’re going to have a cheap tawdry affair, best not to have it with a subordinate campaign staffer. And if you are, best not to get caught on cell phone video engaging in a screaming match with her outside of a midtown Manhattan restaurant in the middle of the lunch rush. What will be the ultimate downfall of Corey Lewandowski is the same virus that infects so many Trump acolytes, terminal arrogance. because a spineless, compliant GOP Senate has let Trump get away with almost anything, Trump has assured his idiot staffers that this magic aura suffuses them as well, due to their close proximity to him. And of course, being dumb enough to work for Trump, these dim sheep buy whole hog into that bullshit. As did Corey Lewandowski yesterday. At least Corey Lewandowski was a real man about this, he went into the hearing publicly announcing that his foal was to insult, obfuscate, denigrate, and even lie to make the entire process a sham. And being a true blue Trumpista, that’s exactly what he did. But being a complete moron, he repeatedly buried not only himself, but the Cheeto Prophet as well. For instance, Lewandowski lied repeatedly under oath. Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell got Lewandowski to sneeringly respond that he had taken notes when dealing with Trump “all the time,” whereupon Swalwell read the FBI transcript portion where Lewandowski said that Trump telling him to take notes in how to tell Sessions to stop the Mueller investigation was the first time it had ever happened. Swalwell managed this Herculean feat without having to resort to hanging his suit jacket over the back of his chair, and rolling his sleeves up to the elbows, like he was engaging in heavy manual labor, which made GOP representative Jim Jordan look like a total twink, and should make him feel like a flaming asshole. Under questioning from the House staff lawyer, Lewandowski was not only shown to have been a repeat liar on Trump’s behalf in many of his public […]

An alternate theory on Iran that nobody is looking at.

Hey, we’re lost. But at least we’re making good time.   Yogi Berra Right now, the whole situation in the Middle East is starting to look like a full blown, no holds barred, don’t-tell-mama mess.Not only is Iran enriching uranium again, in direct violation of the JCPOA, but by all appearances, albeit it appearances with a pyramid block sized grain of salt hanging from its neck, Iran just took a sucker punch at some Saudi Arabian oil refineries. And our current President, as well as his national security, intelligence, and diplomatic advisers should be piling out of a shoe box sized Volkswagon in the middle of the center ring. There are as many various scenarios for the action as there are “experts” and pundits to espouse them. Iran did it to strengthen their negotiating hand for easing oil sanctions. Iran did it out of furious desperation over the crippling inflation from the restored US sanctions. Iran did it to test a weak US President whom they have come to suspect has a spine made out of silly putty. Who knows? And at this point, when we are on the brink of a regional conflict that could cause not only global panic, but a global recession due to an oil shortage, who cares? But all of these scenarios, as well as every other one I have heard, all lay the blame solely and entirely at the feet of Iran. And regardless of their reasons, if Iran is “going rogue,” this is an incredibly risky move for them. The lack of international US leadership aside, if Iran causes a serious oil disruption with a conflict, European and Asian countries will have no choice but to rally together to protect their oil lifelines. And this would inevitably lead to the destruction of the current Iranian regime, regardless of what comes afterwards. The Iranians may be many things, but they’re not bone stupid, that’s Trump’s job on the world stage. If they’re willing to take a risk like this, I find it impossible to believe that there isn’t a “silent partner” in there somewhere. Whenever I come across a situation that seems to lack sense and cohesion, I like to look at it through the eyes of an investigator. And whenever any qualified, competent investigator is presented with a possibly criminal act, the first two words that come to his or her mind are who benefits There are actually very few senseless crimes in this world. The reasoning and motive may not always be readily apparent, nor may they actually make much sense to a sane person when they are uncovered, but there almost always is a motive present. And when I look at the current situation in the Middle East, and I remove Iran from the equation, or at least minimize them, and I ask myself that question “Who benefits?”, only one possible suspect comes immediately to mind. And that prime suspect is Vladimir Putin. NOw, hear me out, because it makes perfect sense when you look at in the light of only facts that we already have before us. Putin has been in bed with Tehran for years now, sliding them arms, and giving the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and their proxy militias free reign and support in helping to prop up Assad in Syria. That continued support would create […]

Hey Bibi! Haven’t you heard? Be careful what you wish for.

Um, excuse me Mr Prime Minister Netanyahu sir? Stand up and take a bow, fool! Like all long time, far right, semi authoritarians, you finally committed the cardinal sin. You started believing your own press clippings, and just look where it’s got you. Since day one, you’ve played Dipshit Donnie like a cheap tambourine, gaily slapping him around until you get the noise you were looking for. You conned him into moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, and in so doing, making a de facto statement that Jerusalem was no longer an “open” city, it was now internationally recognized,, at least by one ignorant buffoon, as the capitol of the state of Israel. You got him to basically “endorse” your reelection effort, in return for the useless gesture of naming a worthless patch of scrub land after him. But like all self absorbed autocrats, you stepped on your crank. Face it, you need the US congress a whole helluva lot more than the US congress needs you. You enraged Democrats when you snubbed Obama by accepting an offer from then House Speaker to address a joint session of congress, without Obama’s approval. And you outrages now only American Jews, but even Israeli Jews, when you acceded to The Pampers President’s infantile tantrum to bar US Representatives Omar and Tlaib from Israel. And His Lowness is doing you no favors when he keeps telling Jewish Americans that you are their Prime Minister, setting up a false equivalency. And how much of a master of politics can you be when you don’t even realize that while the GOP talks the best game on Israel, Jewish Americans vote 79% Democratic” But by far your most mortal sin, and the one for which you may well pay the highest price, was in sticking voodoo doll pins into Trump to gert him to leave the Iran nuclear deal. You may well have had perfectly legitimate strategic reasons for talking him into it. But with that action, you proved yourself to be every bit as big of a political ignoramus as The Mango Messiah. True, Iran is a sponsor of state terrorism, including the groups Hezbollah and Hamas that cause you such grief. But an Iran that was busy playing nice with the international community in return for sanctions relief, was highly likely to keep a fairly tight lid on their nonsense, to ensure that they didn’t queer the deal. By getting the US to pull out of the deal, and reimpose sanctions, you ensured that Iran would want someone to pay the piper for this perfidy. And you’re a helluva lot closer than everybody else involved. More importantly, by pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear accord, Trump alienated the US from its international partners, and made us a pariah. It also made it easier by far for Tehran to take a more belligerent attitude, since the rest of the world normally looks to the US for guidance on international conflict issues, and thanks to you and Trump, we’re persona non grata in the arena right now.Good luck in Trump trying to build an international coalition on behalf of Saudi Arabia, the only other country with rulers as childishly petulant as Glorious Bleater. And now Iran appears to have directly attacked Saudi Arabia, adversely affecting about 5% of the worlds total oil […]
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I bow to the genius of Jarvanka

I am Princess hear me scream, at every worker I demean, as I scowl at every peasant in the la-A-and   I am Princess   Ivanka Trump *Warning! This article is rated MF-17 by the Moron Factor Child Protection Board. This article contains radioactive levels of sarcasm aimed at various arrogant and morally bankrupt public figures. Those with a low tolerance for sarcasm should avoid viewing this article, especially if young children are present, since sudden, unexplained fits of giggling may may lower their children’s opinion of them* Yesterday, my rather brilliant, and intrepid fellow Politizoom reporter Jason Miciak, put out an article that filled me with fear for the upcoming 2020 election. In the article, Jason advised that the formidable Jarvanka, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, are lending their considerable talents to Donald Trump’s 2020 ereelection campaign. This could completely reshape the Democrats chances of winning the White House in 2020. A simple look at the resumes of these strategic giants should be cause for concern among Democrats everywhere. Let’s start with Ivanka Trump. Her pedigree is impeccable. As the daughter of Donald Trump, she has unlimited access to large amounts of highly questionable and highly leveraged wealth with which to make her every dream come true. She is a fierce advocate for women and children’s rights, which she has fought for tirelessly in her international businesses, keeping the women and children in her factories locked up 24/7 where their bosses can keep an eye on them. And her personal sensitivity is legendary, having once mistaken the headmistress at an exclusive pre-k school she was considering enrolling her children in for “the help,” since the poor woman wasn’t clad in Ivanka’s shoddy line of togs. In Jared Kushner, Ivanka has found her only business and emotional equal. Jared’s personal pedigree is also impressive. He is the son of a man who actually set his own brother-in-law up with a hooker, filmed the encounter, and narced out said brother-in-law to his own sister, all over a lousy business dispute. Jared has the vaunted Trump “Midas Touch,” having spent an exorbitant amount of money on a Manhattan building that wasn’t actually worth the franchise fee to open a McDonald’s in Ames, Iowa. And his international business acumen is burnished by the fact that he has made what, like 17 trips to the Middle East now, and he still thinks that a falafal is something that you use to wash yourself with in the shower? As a political team, these two are the ultimate dynamo, They make guys like Stuart Stevens, Steve Schmidt, and David Plouffe look like Moe, Larry, and Curly. Ivanka has political experience going back to her childhood, when she watched an endless line of politicians slink onto her fathers office to kiss his portly orange ass for a campaign contribution. And Jared has first hand experience in knowing how sneaky and unethical politicians can be, from watching Chris Christie send his father off on an all expenses paid vacation to Club Fed. Their political resume is impressive. Jared and Ivanka are so good that they literally could get a Cabbage Patch doll elected President. After all, Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office. The prosecution rests. They advocated with all of their might to have the somewhat gauche Corey Lewandowski replaced with […]
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“Death by 1000 cuts”

Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep   Buffalo Springfield You know, after the Mueller investigation finally ground to it’s anticlimactic, totally unsatisfying conclusion, His Lowness loudly complained that he “wanted his first 2 1/2 years back!”But nly in the dystopian oligarch paradise is Trumptopia, can it be possible that Trump will soon fondly reminisce about the Mueller investigation as “the good old days.” Trump’s childish, whiny petulance actually has some basis in fact, at least in his own mind, basically because he has been under siege since day one. While the actions of many presidents have spawned protests, almost never have they occurred on the day after inauguration, and very seldom have those protests resulted in similar global protests of solidarity. Trump’s vetting process was so atrocious getting a cabinet together was a nightmare, creating a higher dropout rate than Trump University, and he had to shit can his national security adviser 3 weeks in. His executive orders and administrative decrees were almost uniformly found to be unconstitutional, and he had two years with Robert Mueller checking his BVD’s for skid marks. How can The Mango Messiah possibly be expected to come to look at those as his salad days? Easy, because it’s about to get a whole lot worse. And Trump will be going into his upcoming trials and travails without his get-out-of-jail-free card, namely having Robert Mueller as his ultimate go to shiny object to distract everyone from what’s going on at the moment. And over the next few months, a shit load of stuff is going to be going on. Whether the GOP likes it or not (and they don’t), whether he calls it an “inquiry,” or calls it an “investigation,” House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler’s insertion of the word “impeachment” into court filings likely just bought his House committee a whole world of judicial latitude in his upcoming hearings. Witnesses under subpoena will be compelled to testify, and with subpoena power, they’ll find it much harder to dodge and obfuscate. If Nadler is smart, he will compel every witness to testify under subpoena, removing the scant protection that a “voluntary” appearance affords the witnesses. And a part of every committee hearing will now include 30 minutes of questioning by House staff attorneys, and let’s see how Corey Lewandowski and Felix Sater like them little green apples. As the field narrows, Democratic presidential candidates are going to spend more time whacking away at Trump, and less time whacking away at each other, at least I hope so. And if there is one thing that Glorious Bleater is incapable of, it’s letting the slightest criticism or insult pass unremarked. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Republican primaries are only going to pick up steam. As duly announced and properly filed GOP presidential candidates, Weld, Sanford, and Walsh are going to start hitting the road and slamming Trump, whether Trump and RNC Chair moron Romney McDaniel like it or not. And whether individual states choose to hold presidential primaries or not, I’m pretty sure that Weld, Sanford and Walsh will hold residential debates and town halls, whether the Cheeto Prophet is there or not, and the networks will have to cover them under the “Fairness Doctrine.” And oh yeah, Justin Amash is lurking in the wings as a totally […]

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