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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.

The Democrats Did Well. Too Well?

Alright Ma! I heard ya the first 3 times!   Every kid When you’re using a lousy joke to set up your best joke, those moans and groans give you tingles, and the laughter from your best joke makes the moans and groans worthwhile. And when you want to incite the villagers to storm Trumpenstein’s castle, their anger and outrage is music to your ears. And so, When Adam Schiff’s reference last night to a CBS News report about Trump talking about “Heads on pikes” last night, was greeted with an audible response, including a squeaky “Not true!” from Susan Collins, or one of the dozens of other female GOP Senators, it had to give him a rush. That wasn’t the first time a Democrat had elicited a response from the Senate chamber over the last three days, just the most noticeable. Congressman Hakeem, Jeffries got some nice chuckles from the well of the Senate in response to his light hearted quip about baseball yesterday. And Schiff has repeatedly gotten non verbal responses when his oratory has soared, the quiet rustles of cloth, and soft squeaks pf bodies shifting, like the sound when you search through your coat pockets for something. If you’re a Democratic cases manager, those sounds are your version of a standing ovation. Because the Senate GOP caucus has spent the last year running from the truth like a kid running from his medicine before bedtime. It took the congressional version of sending them to a corner, but you finally have them trapped, and have their attention. The Democrats did exactly what I had hoped they’d do in their three days of presentation. They laid the case out chronologically, and they buttressed their arguments with documents and witness testimony. They hit the same point from multiple angles, again providing different corroboration to tie Trump to the acts described. Basically, they nailed him to the wall. And the GOP Senators had to sit there and listen to it, with occasional prompts of patriotism and even shaming from the Democrats as they made their points. But the question is, did the Democrats do the job too well? After all, McConnell had a damn good reason for wanting the initial presentations to take place before the Senate voted on witnesses and documents. And that was the hope and expectation that the thorough Democrats would provide an airtight case. Which was music to McConnell’s ears. Look, the GOP is under the gun here. It has been reported that His Lowness wants this thing wrapped up by next Friday. If witnesses are approved and called on, there is no way that will happen. But it was the Democrats themselves that may have just provided the quislings in the GOP Senate their out to cast votes against calling witnesses. Why do we need to call witnesses? The Democrats spent three days doing an incredibly effective job of laying out their case against Trump. They had documents of their own, and testimony to back up their contention. Why would we need to see or hear anything more will be the GOP’s lame ass excuse to keep America from getting a full and fair trial. As a point in fact, in the last twenty minutes, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst tweeted out something quite similar to my theoretical statement above, […]
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Enough Is Enough

I’m sorry, but I call time out. Sweet Jesus, but what a week, eh? It started out with Ditch, I mean Bitch, I mean Mitch McConnell trying to ram back-to back 12 hour shifts to place their case, only to be told by his own caucus that they weren’t going to spend 12 1/2 hours a day sitting around watching Glorious Bleater getting hammered like a baby seal. And then it ended 4 nights later with yet another logical, powerful, impassioned plea from Adam Schiff to the GOP led Senate that there are sonme things in this world more important than their own dead, fat asses. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to call timeout. Enough is enough. Tell the truth, doesn’t there come a time when there’s no more brain bleach in the cabinet, and no shower water somehow or other seems hot enough for the scum of the Trump cesspool that we’re all swimming around in? I need a break, and I think that you do to. Be honest, do you really want me to spend another 1200 words rehashing today’s developments? No, tonight I’m going to do something different. Tonight, for this one night, I’m going to give us a break. When you scroll down a line or two, I have no eternal truths for you tonight. All I have for you below is 4 minutes of tranquility and calm. Peace

Arrogance. Arrogance. Arrogance.

I pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday. Then I get on my knees and pray…We don’t get fooled again   We don’t get fooled again   The Who On a night when Adam Schiff closed the session by passionately reminding every Senator in the chamber that this is not about politics, not in the party sense, but about the future of the country and the constitution, maybe it didn’t even matter. Hell, maybe none of it matters. There is brand new reporting in the New York Times that His Lowness and Yertl the Turtle are operating under an artificial timeline. Emperor Numbus Nuttus has decreed, and Moscow Mitch is apparently bowing and scraping all over the place, that this trial must be over by next Friday, before the Super Bowl and Trump’s State of the Union. Which, as I understand it, puts the schedule something like this. The White House goobers will take their crack at defending the indefensible one on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be occupied by the Senators written questions for the two sides. On Friday, a procedural vote will be held on witnesses and documents. If that fails, then McConnell will move for a floor vote on guilt or acquittal. And unless the world ends, it will be over, likely on a party line vote of 53-47. But you know what? If this was always predetermined, and we pretty much knew that there were never going to be enough GOP defectors in the Senate to throw Trump out on his plush bottom ass, then maybe this outcome, with a rigged, pro forma vote on witnesses and documents, followed by an equally pro forma rigged vote on Trump’s guilt or innocence, is the best thing that could happen. And I’ll tell you why. I wrote a couple of days ago about how there’s always these certain mopes who like hanging around with bullies and bad guys, because of the cheap thrill of chilling with somebody who can get away with anything. And they keep right on hanging around with them until the bully does something really stupid, and they all get hauled off to the police station together. And then the mopes start crying for their mommies. Arrogance. It all comes down to arrogance. Trump’s arrogance because he knows that the mangy pound puppies in the Senate won’t vote to remove him from office. McConnell’s arrogance because he knows that he has this one in the bag, and plans to use the fact that he delivered the Senate for Trump as a lever for future concessions from Glorious Bleater. And the arrogance of the Senate GOP caucus, because they haven’t been dragged down to the police station yet. But they’re missing one little thing. A recent poll showed that while 84% of Democrats wanted a full and fair trial, with witnesses and documents, 69% of Republicans wanted the same thing, as well as 69% of independents.That assays out to 71% of the American public that wants a fair and complete trial, with witnesses and documents. And if there was ever a worst time to come down against witnesses, documents, and a fair trial, that day has yet to be invented. Because, starting sometime next month, and going on through the spring and into the early summer, the primaries are going to roll around. Now, […]

Geez, I Hope I’m Wrong!

A quick FYI for all of the witty and intelligent people who occupy my comments section. Since I went to the new laptop, for some reason I am unable to either vote or reply to comments, I can’t even create a new comment of my own. Teri is off tomorrow, so we’ll try to fix it then, but know that I am reading every comment. And now on to da good stuff. It is becoming more and more clear that the Democrats are going to fill almost all, if not all of their 24 hours of presentation time. And they’re going to blow the doors off doing it. I love the tactic of having each case manager assigned to one particular aspect of Trump’s crimes, allowing each to be wonderfully knowledgeable about the subject, and to scrape off every last crumb of relevant evidence to present for the record. I’m also thrilled that they continue to use the video props, because it’s so damn effective. Teri is sitting there playing her game, and yet every time the screen changes to show a slide of video clip, the change in pattern on the screen makes her lift her head up to look, and her ears are tuned in again. I just wish that the managers would make a few more references to King Donald, and the Imperial Presidency. But all good things must come to an end, and sometime between 9-10 tomorrow night EST, the Democrats presentation will come to an end. And if the current schedule holds, at 12 PM on Saturday, the White House lawyers will get their turn in the barrel. And that’s when the trouble is going to start, for us viewers, for the GOP caucus of the US Senate, and for Trump and McConnell. Because 24 hours is what they have to fill. After all, Trump is allegedly paying for this defense at some point or other, and if the Democrats are going to spend 24 hours pounding His Lowness like milk fed veal cutlets, Trump is going to want every second of his 24 hours. And his defense team is going to have to give it to him. And that’s where the trouble starts. The Democrats sent over more than 100 pages of filings, outlining the case and evidence they planned to introduce, Trump’s lawyers sent over six. So, how do they fill time? Well, I suppose you can have Pat Canelloni stand around and call the Democratic case managers nasty names. And you can have Jay Suckulow rant and rave lies about the constitutionality of the subpoenas, and claim the President is so perfect that he was borne down to earth by golden swans, with trumpets blaring. And Pam Bondi can stand around trying to explain why her campaign took that illegal donation from the Trump foundation. And that skinny beanpole who can’t even order a beer yet can stand around and recite paragraphs he memorized from a borrowed law book. But come on, how long can that take, even if it does have the faithful spilling their brewskis in merriment? So how do they fill up all of that extra time? I think I might know, and the though terrifies me. How about a 3 Stooges marathon? And when I say the 3 Stooges, I don’t […]
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When A Snowball Becomes An Avalanche

As I mentioned in an earlier article,Mitch McConnell isn’t just any asshole, he’s a reigning asshole. But he’s also a very sneaky, deliberate, thoughtful asshole, when he puts one foot down, he already knows full well where the next one is going. Which is why it’s so unusual to watch him stumble like this. I don’t know if it’s because he’s angry and frustrated at Nancy Pelosi for holding on to the articles of impeachment for so long, and now he’s flustered, or if it’s because of back pressure he’s getting from his own caucus, or whether it’s His Lowness, putting his foot down, McConnell’s throat most likely. But there are little things that McConnell normally works through better, and they’re starting to snowball on him, and this could get interesting real quick. For instance. Everybody squawked like a gaggle of geese when a kid runs through them when McConnell proposed giving each side 24 hours to present their cases, but in two, twelve hour day increments. A lot of people thought that that was just general dickishmess from McConnell, but there was a master plan there. Under the original schedule, the Democrats would present on Wednesday and Thursday, with the President’s team going on Friday and Saturday, and, oh look! There’s Sunday, with a whole mornings worth of talking head shows, and the President’s flacks ready to fill them with their Friday and Saturday talking points. But with the change, The Democrats go Wednesday through Friday, with Trump’s shyster’s going Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, which screws up their talking points for Sunday six ways from said day. This should have been the easiest thing in the world to fix. Once McConnell saw the conflict, all he had to do was to set the schedule to end on Friday this week, giving rump’s lawyers a clean sweep next week, since they couldn’t manipulate the Sunday show circuit anymore. Bur Moscow Mitch is a man with too many flies buzzing around his ears these days, and now that the schedule is set, he’d have a hard time changing it, even his own caucus would have trouble going along with such a blatant cheat. Which ties into the next snowball gaining size, which is Trump’s defense. They were already starting off with a disadvantage, all being refugees from the Michael Cohen School of Law, and now McConnell’s bumble will have them starting their three day presentation on Saturday, when nobody is watching. And oh, yeah, about that three day thing? There is absolutely no way that Trump’s band of boobies can possibly go the distance. For Gods sake, they couldn’t even manage to stagger across the finish line with the time they had yesterday, they gave gobs of it back to the bank! Fuck Green Eggs And Ham, these ass gaskets would have to read the entire Dr. Seuss library, in multiple languages to fill up that kind of time. But fill that time they must. Because if the Democrats are going to spend three days cuffing Trump around like a tether ball, Trump is going to want his three days in response. And he’ll be back from Davos my Monday, with nothing better to do than cop some screen. Which brings us to the most serious problem for McConnell, witnesses and documents. McConnell has a real problem with […]
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This Is How It’s Done

A quick aside first. Sometimes, I find it almost hard to comprehend just how big of a schmuck Donald Trump is. Look at it. At 73 years old, Trump has at various times tried to subjugate Macron of France, Trudeau of Canada, and Zelinsky of the Ukraine, trying to cast them in the media as snot nosed kids, desperate for his approval and counsel. And yet, at some point or other, all 3 of them have pissed up Trump’s leg, and laughed about it in public. And now, the House Democrats case managers are pissing up Trump’s leg in public too, but they’re far from laughing about it. Without calling a single witness, the Democrats are weaving a master tapestry, And that tapestry isn’t going to be a pretty picture for Trump. Cast your mind back a bit. Before there was an impeachment vote in the House, the House Intelligence committee held a shit load of public hearings for testimony. They were well viewed, but they were long, sometimes confusing, and often contentious as GOP committee members tried to disrupt and distract. In fact, one of the GOP’s most frequent kvetches was that the Democrats evidence was all 2nd and 3rd hand, with no corroboration. Are you sure that you don’t want to reconsider that position? Because if they’re paying attention at all to the trial, they are watching the Democrats demolish that contention quicker than a burned out slum. What the Democrats are doing is constructing an exquisitely detailed timeline of the entire Trump conspiracy, from start to finish. And they’re doing it by reciting the necessary facts into the record, and interjecting relevant documentation, as well as relevant testimony from the open hearings. You see what’s happening here? Idjits like Collins, Nunes, and Jordan aren’t around anymore to try to muddy the waters. And the Democrats obviously put in the sweat equity to go back and find every relevant statement, and boy! Is it paying off!  As the Democrats narrate their story line, they’re putting various statements from different witnesses in the hearings, using them to corroborate the timeline. And not only that, now that there’s no background noise, they’re introducing testimony from a witness that only corroborates the testimony of a witness already played. And as they continue to weave this whole thing together, they are graphically showing that the only thing that is uncorroborated around here is Trump’IQ. It’s going to be interesting to see how Trump’s lawyers try to deal with this. The Democrats are constructing a Sistine Chapel of political corruption, and there’s no way for Trump’s lawyers to get to the ceiling. So far, Trump’s defense seems to be to call the entire impeachment unconstitutional (false). calling the Democratic case managers liars (false), and personally insulted Nadler and Schiff (petty). But when you have one side providing an Ancestry DNA history of Trump’s second rate extortion, I’m not sure having a bunch of sleazy lawyers wearing shiny suits saying, Nuh-uh! Actually, he’s a German you idiots is going to go over with the straights. Don’t touch that dial. To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the […]
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Never Forget The Mentality

Behave yourself!   The two most useless words in the world when said to Donald Trump Just an observation. As I watched Adam Schiff’s opening remarks this morning on MSNBC, I ran a quick network check out here in Vegas. ABC, NBC, and CBS were all covering the impeachment live, as responsible news outlets should be doing. FOX on the other hand, had some insipid game show on, the kind you remember from when you were a kid, laying on the sofa when you were home sick from school. Rather pathetic, but about par for those lowlifes. Adam Schiff shone like a fine cut diamond this morning, as we’re coming to expect. The Democrats continue to do a good job of using optics effectively, whether clips of testimony, or printed matter such as summaries, timelines, and e-mails. This is important because the sudden change of pattern on the screen tends to snap the eyes back to the screen, and tuning the ears in once again.The President’s lawyers are making no attempt to keep people reined in, in fact they seem more interested in putting them to sleep. The most compelling part of this phase is not going to be the power and impact of the evidence that the Democrats present. It is going to be when the Democratic case managers get the chance to respond to the arguments that the Trump defense team make. Time and time again last night, we saw the Trump lawyers make specious. empty arguments when given a chance to speak, only to be pinned to the wall by the Democrats during their rebuttal remarks.This is critical when you consider the audience they’re targeting. The American people want a trial, and the Democrats are going to give them one. And the more devious, underhanded, and just plain incompetent they make the Trump lawyers look, the more public opinion solidifies behind impeachment. Which is the only way we make progress. I say that because I can’t forget two statements made by prominent Trump cohorts, and I think that those two almost identical statements encapsulate the mentality of the majority of the Republican party, including the GOP Senate caucus. When Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, was asked by a reporter whether or not he was concerned at how his apparent overtly political decisions regarding Justice Department policies and investigations would have on his legacy in history, Barr replied, “What do I care? I’ll be dead.” When another reporter asked Rudy Giuliani pretty much the same question, in regards to how his clownish current behavior would effect his legacy, Giuliani’s response was identical, “Wadda I care? I’ll be dead then, won’t I?” I fear that this is the current mentality of the entire GOP, including the majority of the Senate. Impeach Trump? Fuck it, I’ll be dead before the shit really hits the fan. The Republicans are looking at polling while they plight their troth to this leaky canoe, but they’re looking at the wrong polling. They’re looking at the polling that shows that His Lowness’ popularity among Republicans is between 85-90%. What they’re not paying attention to is the national voter registration data that shoes that the GOP is now the 3rd largest political party in the country, behind Democrats and Independents. Trump may own them, but there aren’t enough of […]
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The Democrats Are On A Roll

Image is everything   Advertising adage As I type this, and as you read it, remember one thing. The freakin’ trial hasn’t even started yet! As I type this, the two sides are still locked in a pissing contest as to the rules under which the upcoming trial will be waged. And already, the Democrats are already controlling both the media and the messaging. Personally, as a small time blogger, on a small site, there’s nothing I like more tham people doing something I talked about them doing before they did it, it makes me feel all powerful and shit. And as I have watched portions of today’s tomfoolery unfold, things are working out better than I could have hoped for. First of all, don’t let those party line votes get you like, all bummed out man. They’re right on schedule, and just what you should have expected. The Democrats had to push those amendments for witnesses and documents at the start, due to McConnell’s chicanery. McConnell couldn’t afford to let the votes go forward, for fear of forcing his caucus’s hand, so he optioned to table the votes until after opening arguments, when the GOP Senators are already signalling a willingness to vote for them. This is all parliamentary parlor tricks, and nothing that wasn’t to be expected, don’t sweat it. But there are two things that have already happened that are giving me a great deal of confidence going forward. The first is that the Democrats are following the script that I wrote. Repeatedly in his arguments, Adam Schiff has referred directly to Donald Trump as a king, and called it an Imperial Presidency. This is something that needs to continue, at every available opportunity, in order to hammer the point home.But the second thing that I’ve noticed is even more important, and will have a long lasting effect as the trial goes on. As I wrote previously, the Democrats are not holding this trial for the Republicans in the Senate, their minds are already made up. Instead, the are holding this trial to educate and influence the American people. And as such, they were going to have to find ways to keep the viewers of this trial engaged during the long days of the presentation of what may well be pretty dry evidence. And they’re doing it, in spades! If you’ve been watching, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say it. It doesn’t matter which Democratic manager is speaking, the routine is always the same. The case manager starts to speak, and at various points, there suddenly appear e-mail, text messages, testimony clips, and the such. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. In our lives, we have all had to suffer through useless fools blathering away at length, and we all know how boring that can be. But when you break through the talking with video displays, even if you don’t stop talking, you distract the eye, and you keep the viewer involved. And because it’s something new, it tends to stick in your mind. The Democrats have done this repeatedly throughout the day, and to great effect. The use of these props not only draw attention to them, and make them stick in the mind, but they also draw attention back to the speaker, making the person pay more […]
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Off To A Flying Start!

Just an FYI, I’ve some errands to run today, so my articles will probably be a bit more of quick hits than deep dives, but considering the agenda for today, that may not be the worst thing in the world. I just caught Adam Schiff, Jay Suckulow, and Pat Cipollone quibbling about some rule for the upcoming trial, and couldn’t help noticing the contrast. If this is a prequel to the trial, then Emperor Numbus Nuttus may as well start taking those violin lessons right now. First of all, McConnell’s gratuitous rules changes, which took place before I got up. Last night I wrote that McConnell had forced himself into a position that put him in direct conflict with his caucus. I think we just saw the first result of that. McConnell could give a shit less about Democratic bitching, and he could give a shit less about optics. If he thought that he could ram those draconian rules through, he would have done so. The fact that he changed them says to me that they would have been voted down with GOP opposition. Now on to the main event. I caught about 35-40 minutes of Schiff making his argument, and it was impressive. Every sentence had a point, and every point was valid. Schiff was at his best when he publicly humiliated Ditch McConnell, quoting McConnell at length about how he planned to run this trial as a mirror image of the Clinton impeachment trial, and then rattling off the very specific laundry list of all of the ways that McConnell was deviating from the ‘Clinton impeachment. If this is the pre-game warm ups, then Adam Schiff just might pitch a no hitter in the game. Them it was Jay Sekulow’s turn. Sekulow, who looks like the guy that tough guys used to give a ride to the beach to, just so they could kick sand in his face, underwhelmed greatly. Sekulow set the bar low, and he did it early. Among the first words out of his sewer hole were witch hunt! Geez, that sounds familiar, where have I heard that before? Then Sekulow piled on the bullshit, and he piled it on thick. First he slammed the Democrats for rushing to impeach without getting court rulings on executive privilege on witnesses and documents. This is utter bullshit! President Trump has never officially claimed executive privilege on a single witness or scrap of paper, because he knows there’s an exception in there for alleged criminal behavior, and he’d be shot down immediately. Trump keeps claiming Uber privilege, or Leviathan privilege, or El Supremo privilege, or some such shit, which has been laughed out of every court it was ever tried in. Then Sejulow cherry picked a quiote from the Democrats in the past, claiming the rush to impeach on national security grounds, and not having time to avail itself of the courts. Sekulow slammed them for bypassing the judicial process, which may sound good, until you realize that impeachment is not a legal procedure, but a constitutional one. And right in the constitution it says that there is no judicial review if impeachment trials. Then Sekulow turned over the mic to Pat Cipollone, who mostly looks like the guy who wants to sell you the most expensive casket in the showroom for your dead pet parakeet. Cipollone had a new and […]
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“Blind Allegiance” Is Killing Mitch McConnell

I can tell you exactly when I think Mitch McConnell lost any chance of getting out of this whole impeachment scandal unscathed. And it might surprise you to find that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell has always had the reputation as a back room dealing, sneaky, underhanded son of a bitch. Any deal cut with Mitch McConnell benefited Mitch McConnell first and most, and McConnell was not shy in finding ways to weasel out of deals that he later found unpalatable. As the Senate Minority leader, McConnell settled on a formula of sweet talk, promises, threats, and retaliation that worked to keep his caucus under his thumb. People just didn’t want to fuck with McConnell, it wasn’t worth the scars. Amd when McConnell rose to become the Senate Majority Leader, his power over his caucus became pretty much absolute. Mitch McConnell lost his soul, and with it any chance of effectively dealing with the Trump impeachment crisis in 2016. He lost it over a Supreme Court nomination for Merrick Garland. His blatant abuse of his power and authority in refusing to even allow meetings with HOP Senators for Garland, much less allowing a committee hearing and an open floor vote for a qualified, properly nominated candidate enraged the political structure of Washington DC. It also told Mitch McConnell that there was pretty much nothing that he couldn’t do, if he didn’t mind taking a little heat for it. So it’s only natural that a politician already as corrupted by his power as McConnell would be as happy as a pig in slop to have a president equally as corrupted by power. Especially since, taking into account Trump’s rather banal stupidity, McConnell thought that he could be the driving force in the partnership. But Trump’s arrogance and rancor proved to be even greater than McConnell’s, and Trump had more clout, so now McConnell is cast as the subservient one in the relationship. Which brings us to Moscow Mitch’s current dilemma. He just released his proposed rules for the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, and they’re a nightmare. Not just for the Democrats, but for the American people, as well as many vulnerable GOP Senators up for reelection. Trump’s arrogance in requiring an immediate and complete absolution, as opposed to simply not being removed from office has forced McConnell into an obvious miscarriage of justice, and forced a power play that didn’t need to happen. Look, this was never about removing Trump from office. There aren’t 67 votes to do it, and there never were. All Mitch McConnell had to do was to allow the Democrats to hold their show trial, under normal rules and procedures, with a few bets hedged of course, and let the Senate vote to acquit Trump. Just like in the Clinton trial, allow a full and fair hearing, and let the votes fall right where you always knew that they would. Safe, clean, and simple. But Trump’s arrogant refusal to allow anything to come out that portrays him as anything less than a god among mortals, coupled with McConnell’s craven capitulation on insisting that His Lowness had done nothing wrong, along with admitting in advance that he was willing to rig the process has now led McConnell to the edge of the Rubicon. his mouth wrote […]

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