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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.
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Trump starts his reelection bid in earnest. He wants to starve...

Standin’ in line, marking time, waiting for the welfare dime, cause they can’t buy a job   Bruce Hornsby and the Range   Just the way it is Hey, y’all remember that mighty Trump tax cut that was going to have everybody farting through silk? Howz that working out for ya, anyway? And while I’m “Mr 20 questions” today, here’s another one for ya. Looking forward to feeding the family once Yertl McTurtle stalls the $15 an hour minimum wage until it qualifies for Social Security? Yeah, I thought so. You can tell that The Trumpinator is kicking his reelection campaign into high gear, since he’s once again taking a sledge hammer and bashing over the head the very people who voted for him in 2016, and who he is going to need to vote for him again next November. Axios is reporting that Trump’s USDA just can’t leave well enough alone, and so is tinkering once again with the qualifications for the ‘Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a move that cold potentially yank food stamps out from under the feet of an estimated 3.1 million current recipients. I’ll let Axios give you the gory details; The proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would limit access to food stamps for households with savings and other assets, with the aim of ending automatic eligibility for those already receiving federal and state assistance, OK, now here’s the thigh slapper part. In a telephone conference call, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue stated that the changes were needed to “ensure the integrity of the program.” Jesus, stop, you’re killing me here! I can hardly breathe! Anybody with the IQ of canned cling peaches knows that putting the word integrity anywhere in the same zip code as Donald Trump, or Sonny Perdue for that matter, is a joke of the taste level you would expect from, say, Andrew “Dice” clay. But here’s where it gets nasty, and in a casually offhanded and intentionally vicious way. The federal program what the USDA is talking about, the one which brings immediate qualification for SNAP is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) plan. Now, follow me through the logic here, and see if it doesn’t have you pulling out your hair. The word Temporary indicates that the program is meant for short term use, not as a long term fix for the problem. As such, it is likely the first program that a needy family would qualify for. As such, it likely means that the family involved has just suffered the traumo of the primary breadwinner suddenly becoming unemployed, presumably through no fault of their own if they qualify for the TANF program. And the words Neey Families indicates that the primary breadwinner isn’t pulling down Brad Pitt wages, or they wouldn’t be teetering on the brink the minute the income stopped coming in. With me so far? Good, because here’s where it gets sadistic. It stands to reason that families just suddenly finding themselves with no income are the ones most likely to have scrimped and saved to put a “rainy day nest egg” together. This is likely to be an emergency back up for things like unexpected medical bills, a utility or rent payment, or school shoes for the kids. The mere existence of this money is a comforting influence on these […]
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About Trump’s “Strategy?” Stop Laughing, It Worked.

We’ve all seen, heard of, or read about it. A well dressed, well off, PhD who gets skinned down to his skivvies by a 16 y.o. high school dropout with a 3 card monte table on a street corner. And no matter how often we see, hear, or read about it, it’s Donald Trump who has to keep remind us that nothing beats “book smart” like “street chutzpah.” Tomorrow is it, Robert Mueller’s day in the sunshine. And most likely, the Gotterdammerung of the Democratic impeachment hopes. Personally, I believe that the Democrats are going to get 80% of what they want from Robert Mueller tomorrow. And it won’t be enough. Because the one thing that they desperately need is the one thing that he can’t, or won’t give them, an admission that he would have indicted Trump if it were not for that stupid OLC memo. And without that, nothing significantly moves the public opinion needle on impeachment. And all because if one man, Donald Juan Trump. From the moment that Trump realized that his portly tushie was in extremis, he did what any master marketer does, he branded his ass off. From day one, Trump seized, and controlled the branding messaging of the crisis,. And at it’s zenith, only Donald Trump could make the four simple words of “No collusion. Ni Obstruction” as immediately recognizable and as interchangeable as his four word campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” The FBI has an open counter intelligence investigation about Russian interference in, and Trump campaign cooperation with an operation to interfere with, and possibly alter the results of, the 2016 Presidential election? “No collusion!’  “Russian hoax! It’s a witch hunt!” And the Democrats only possible response, since unlike the Clinton e-mail server investigation, this one was conducted in a hermetically sealed chamber? “We’ll wait to see what the investigation shows. Which one is simpler and cleaner, and gives more immediate gratification, which most people crave? You tell me. Word gets out that Robert Mueller is now investigating the possibility of obstruction of justice by Trump or administration officials into the election interference investigation? “No collusion! No obstruction!” “It’s all a giant witch hunt, the greatest hoax in American history! being conducted by 13 angry Democrats!” The Democratic response? “We look forward to the final results of the Mueller report, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings. And Donald Trump was religious about this, The Big Lie. He didn’t wait for the topic to come up in any interviews or interactions he had with the media, he initiated it, and it featured prominently in every tweet. “No collusion! No obstruction!” If Trump exercised as seriously as he pushed that narrative, he wouldn’t look so much like Luciano Pavarotti. And then, out of the blue after two years, Mueller’s investigation is completed! The final report is going to be released to the public! Only maybe not so much, what was released was a four page summary by new Trump mouthpiece William “The Ewok” Barr, which, shock and awe, concludes “No collusion! No obstruction!” “A full and complete exoneration!” For three long weeks, that was the only “definitive” conclusion of the Mueller report, spouted by the biggest liars since The Boy Who Cried Wolf! And while it was reported that Mueller had written a letter to Barr, expressing extreme displeasure at the […]
Bloomberg / YouTube Why Robert Mueller Is the Perfect...

The Hitchhikers Guide To Robert Mueller. K.I.S.S.

I just hope that the Democrats didn’t commit the cardinal sin of over hyping Robert Mueller. As Mueller’s actual testimony has loomed ever closer, both committee chairs, Nadler on Judiciary, and Schiff on Intelligence, have done a nice job of trying to manage expectations, saying that they want Mueller to “bring the report alive.” But following the release of the report, and William Barr’s bullshit manipulation of it and continuing through Mueller’s media statement, the Democrats touted Mueller as the man who would bring two US marshals with him who would perp walk Trump out of the Oval Office once Mueller was finished. It ain’t happening. And I’ll tell you what else ain’t happening. These committee members are not going to trick, coerce, intimidate, or strong arm Mueller. Hell, Mueller has been testifying in front of congressional committees for longer than some of the younger members have been walking the earth. He has already stated that his testimony will remain within the boundaries of the four corners of the report, and anyone who marveled at his discipline for the last 2+ years is well served to believe him. Besides, you don’t need Mueller to go beyond the contents of his report, but a few simple ground rules will help to maximize his impact on the public.First, ask simple direct questions, especially questions that incriminate Trump and can be answered “yes” or “no.” This will allow time for more questions, and you can always ask a follow up question requesting him to expand on his answer if necessary. Second, don’t try to get cute or tricky. Don’t play semantic games, Mueller is already an expert interrogator. Don’t bother asking a question like “Director Mueller. Would you have indicted President Trump for obstruction of justice if it were not for that OLC memo?” Thats a great marquee 5:00 p.m. news question, but it’s only going to be answered by, “I’m sorry, but I’m not here to deal in hypothetical questions, Congressman.” The same thing goes for asking questions trying to get Mueller to throw shade all over Barr. Mueller is there for two reasons, to rehabilitate and legitimize the work of his team and himself, and to try to rehabilitate as much as possible toe reputation of the department that Tubby the Ewok has sprayed a fire hose of shit all over. Numero tres,please co-ordinate fer Crissakes! Each member is only going to have five minutes to question Mueller. It is inexcusable that any member ask Mueller a question that has been previously asked by another member. Mueller is going to be well prepared, and as taciturn as hell, so there isn’t going to be that much for him to remember. Besides, he isn’t going to answer a question just because you flip the order of the words around. This isn’t Trump you’re talking to. Number four is for the two committee chairmen, Nadler and Schiff: Be ruthless! The Republicans on the committees don’t want Mueller there in the first place, and they want him answering questions even less. The ranking members are going to interrupt the proceedings every chance they get with objections and arcane points-of-order rules. Deal with them summarily, and shut off the fucking mics if you have to. Mueller is going to adhere rigidly to the agreed upon time limits, […] / YouTube Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments...

We’re all watching the pot, but it may boil over anyway.

If there’s one thing we should all have learned by now, it’s that Donald Trump can’t make it on his own politically. Having the charisma and authenticity of a turkey vulture, Trump requires a nemesis, a Sherlock Holmes to play foil to his own Moriarity, so to speak. Just follow the bouncing ball. In 2015, when he rattled down that schlock gilt escalator in Trump Tower, his foils were the 16 other candidates running for the GOP nomination, and then Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC itself. From the time he became the presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton was his next, and most natural target. After the election, when Clinton went back to being a full time wife and grandmother, Trump was lost. He tried rekindling the flame at his rallies, but they just weren’t into it anymore. After the election, the media became Trump’s new Ernst Blofeld for a while. They were a natural target because they insisted on reporting uncomfortable truths and facts about His Lowness. Trump even invented a pet phrase for them, one so simple even his doltish followers could remember it, “fake news.” But the bloom withered on that vine when the press refused to engage with him, and stuck to reporting the facts. But then came Trump’s most durable, and longest lasting adversary. Robert Mueller. Mueller was in many ways a dream foil for Trump. Since he never said a word in public, Trump could paint Mueller any old way he wanted to. And when the media reported on the investigation, Trump could resurrect his mantra of “fake news.” But even the golden era of Mueller must come to an end, and after Wednesday, Trump’s most worthy adversary will be no more. But, who to replace Mueller? Well, how about four young, outspoken women of color, all of whom just fortuitously happen to be women of color? A match made in heaven. And it started out that way. Trump freely bashed them for their extreme progressive views, especially on immigration, and gave Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic caucus fits. But then Trump once again stepped over that invisible line he keeps tripping on. Needlessly, he brought religion and racism into the equation. And as well as it plays for his base, it has stirred extreme consternation among his GOP legislators. You can tell this by their response. In normal situations, GOP congress critters defect Trump’s gaffes by either laughing them off, or claiming that Trump either misspoke or was misunderstood. This time they’re reduced to either ignoring the question, or flatly stating that Trump isn’t a racist, and getting the hell out of there. But once again, Trump is about to lose his foil. In about 10 days or so, Nancy Pelosi is going to bang the gavel down, and The Squad are going to go home to their families and constituents for 5 weeks or so. And that’s going to be bad news for Trump, because he’s still going to need a punching bag. The fallout from the Mueller testimony is likely to last for weeks, especially if subsequent polling shows an increase in the appetite for impeachment. And with congress adjourned for recess, the only political news will be from the Democratic primary campaign, where a good portion of the output […]

Trump must think that “emoluments” are an ingredient in hand creams

*sigh* Only in Trumpmenistan is this even theoretically possible, much less an actual reality. You might remember that Trump’s Doral golf resort in Florida, which he loves to tout as his biggest money making property was in the news recently. Mostly because a Miami strip club decided to host a promotional event called “Golf with a stripper” at the resort owned by the current President of the United States. Golfers “bid” for the lissome caddy of their choice, and the promotional materials featured the Trump family “crest.” The event was suddenly canceled when the media caught wind of it. Well, according to reporting in Axios, the golf course made famous by basically spray painted golf shirts and hot pink skirts the size of an inner tube, is now possibly in line for another honor. The Trump Doral resort is one of the handful of finalists to host the G-7 summit when it convenes in the US next year for the first time since 2012. Yeah, you heard me right. If all goes well, and why shouldn’t it, the sitting President of the United States stands ready to personally receive millions of dollars in room rates, dining, bar, and golf revenue from the leaders of the six other most powerful economic countries on the planet. And just to refresh your memory, here’s what the Constitution of the United States has to say about such little goodies; No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State. Don’t ask me guys, I don’t write the symphony, I just play the tuba. In reality, this would be a godsend for Trump and his organization. In 2018, Trump Doral, which Trump considered his largest cash cow, had to admit that “operating revenue,” the amount left after expenses have been subtracted, had fallen a bloodcurdling 69% since Trump took office in 2017. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix for this little conundrum, and I can already see it steaming over the horizon. Now that this news, unfortunately for His Lowness, can be considered common knowledge, it would behoove Madame Speaker Pelosi to announce posthaste that the House of Representatives would immediately sue to stop the event from taking place at Doral if it were awarded there, as a clear and obvious violation of the emoluments clause. Forewarned of such an outcome, I find it highly likely that the steering committee for the G-7 would simply choose a different, less controversial location in the first place. But regardless, Trump’s brazen arrogance cannot help but take ones breath away.

Sorry Noelle, you can’t split hairs. It’s a binary choice.

See-saw, Marjorie Daw. Jackie shall have a new master   English nursery rhyme For a long time I thought that the hardest job in the world was being a Trump surrogate to the media. After all, you had to take the always insane, often racist shit that Trump spews and tweets on a daily basis, and spin it like a centrifuge to try to make it sound logical and sensible. Not that I felt sorry for them. That would be like feeling sorry for a guy who got busted for a DWI. Hey, they got shitfaced, let ’em pay the price. But I have come to change my opinion on that subject, and have come to realize that the people with the hardest job in the world are the surrogates for, or members of the “sane” Republican party, who are forced to twist themselves like a circus contortionist to explain that they are Republicans, and that Donald Trump is not a Republican. GOP strategist Noelle Nikpour came right out and said it on MSNBC today, “I’m a Republican, and Donald Trump doesn’t represent the Republican party.” Poor baby. Noelle, I like you as a person, and I admire your tenacity, but you’re wrong. That may be what you and your delusional brethren tell yourselves to get through these long, cold, dark nights, or to assuage the shame you feel when talking to non Republicans who know your pedigree, but it’s just not true. And I can prove it. Donald Trump is a Republican because he is President of the United States, elected as a Republican, and is the head of your party. Hell, you don’t even have to be president, the minute a candidate becomes the presidential nominee, he or she becomes the de facto leader of the entire party. I remember when y’all GOP critters were doubled over in mirth when we Democrats were saddled with idjits like Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern and Mike Dukakis. Well, the shoe is on the other foot now, so enjoy that mile long walk. At least we Democrats could console ourselves with the fact that these ballot mice didn’t actually get elected and fuck up the country! There’s another way that I can prove that Der Gropinfuror is a Republican, and it’s fact based and scientific. The latest polling shows that Donald Trump enjoys a 90% popularity rating in the Republican party! Did you hear that Noelle, you and the rest of the sad little outcasts out there still trying to have it both ways, the Republican party, your party, by your own admission. If that polling is correct, you and your whinerbag friends only comprise a measly 10% of the GOP! Honorable men like Charlie Sykes, George Will, and David Jolly can excoriate Trump all they want, at least they did the stand up thing and left the party, but the rest of you are still Reptards, and Donald Trump is your man. Oddly enough, I can relate, because the Democrats recently went through the same thing, but for the polar opposite reason. When Barack Obama was elected, the Democrats faced the same issue, but in reverse. Obama was not the shame of the Democratic party, he was the paragon of the Democratic party, everything a Democrat could strive to be. Intelligent, charismatic, well spoken, studious, caring, he reshaped the Democratic party by his simple existence […]
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With Trump, we’ve been making the wrong comparison!

You, my dear readers, know that one of my personal perks in writing these columns is that I live in the comments section. And while I answer as many as I can, I endeavor to read every one, and find them all entertaining and worthwhile. And with that in mind, I owe a shout out and debt of gratitude to one of my readers, DitchGator, on our affiliate site, Daily Sound and Fury, whose magnificent observation is the inspiration for this article. Certainly no former President, living or dead, and few other people of note, living or dead, have invited comparison the way that Donald Trump does. And while he is a truly unique individual, in more ways than one, his various characteristics tend to beg to be compared to past historical figures, both living and dead. Trump has been compared more than once to Il Duce, Benito Musselini, mostly for the facial similarity, as well as his habit of holding his head back and sticking out his jaw, as if daring you to knock that chip off of his shoulder. He has been often compared to Adolf Hitler, not only for his blatant racism and nationalistic oratory, but also for his ability to hold, control, and influence his audience with his words. And most frequently, he has been compared to Richard Nixon, not only for his own delusional belief in his own presidential omnipotence, but also for his base criminal mentality and actions. I believe all of those comparisons to be valid, in their own ways, and for their own reasons. But there is one comparison I have yet to see made, and it is the most striking and disturbing, not only for its accuracy regarding Trump himself, but also for its accuracy in describing his base followers. And that comparison is between Donald Trump and Charles Manson. And despite any obvious similarities, the more you know about Manson the man, the more striking the comparison becomes. I am old enough that I was alive and aware of the terror unleashed upon Los Angeles by Manson and his “family.” Not only the crimes, but Manson himself fascinated me as a study in flawed character. I have read the iconic chronicle of Manson and his crimes, Helter Skelter, by Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor who knew Manson well enough to be able to untangle his twisted mentality and put him away, so many times that the pages eventually separated from the bindings. And the comparisons are downright eerie. Manson did not grow up affluent, but like Trump, Manson grew up around a criminal influence. Trump’s father was not of sterling business repute, and Manson started a life of crime early, with a burglar uncle who used to hoist him through small windows that the child could fit through, so he could come to the front door and unlock it. Manson and Trump are both inveterate con men, whose belief in the infallibility of their own bullshit was utter and complete. Both men were racists, who only occasionally bothered to try to cover up that fact. And both men found themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to others, especially their followers. Both men were masters of manipulating their public persona. Trump used to call tabloid reporters pretending to be his own PR man, both […]

Crunch Time

If this kind of news cycle keeps up, soon you can start looking forward to the newest Netflix piece of shit series, Wednesday is the new Friday. This upcoming Wednesday is Robert Mueller’s long awaited, potentially make-or-break-impeachment in front of two House committees, and the following Wednesday, July 31st, is the second and final Democratic Presidential primary debate under the old qualification rules. The face of the Democratic primaries for President will fundamentally change starting on August first. And actually, the scheduling of these two debates is problematic for several of the second tier candidates, although not due to any malevolent, discriminatory intention of the DNC. But there are two reasons why making a lasting impression next week is going to be of critical importance to all of the candidates, especially the second tier candidates. Two things are going to happen after the debates next week. One, in the following week, congress is going to adjourn for their 6 week summer recess.This means two things. One, the impression that the candidates create in the debate is going to have to tide-them-over until sometime in September. And two, while all of those candidates are free to campaign to their little hearts content, nobody is going to be paying the slightest bit of attention! Because they’re all on vacation too, or at least spending all of their time trying to keep the kids from reenacting the Battle of Blenheim in the living room. The second event again is bifurcated. First, in the week after Labor Day, congress will resume their session, and attention will again return to legislative issues. And two, with the kids once again safely shepherded off to school, where they become somebody else’s problem for 8 hours a day, people will finally start turning more serious attention to politics, and the Democratic primary brouhaha. Which, like everything else I’m writing in this article, i both a blessing and a curse for the Democratic contenders. It’s a blessing because, of course the candidates want the public paying more attention to what they’re saying and proposing. But it’s a curse because once again, the timing of the debate in September is problematic. because sadly, any noise that any of the candidates make during the debate is likely to be muted by the impending Saturday night drunken brawl in congress over things like the budget, the debt ceiling limit increase, and a potential government shutdown if His Lowness feels that people aren’t paying enough attention to his Pampers clad ass. Especially for the second tier candidates, making the stage in September is of paramount importance, nothing else matters. Because the mechanics of the debate is going to fundamentally change, they are going to be smaller. Right now, there are currently only six candidates who have already met the requirements to be on the stage in September. It is likely that there may be fewer than ten candidates in  single debate, which will give every surviving candidate more speaking time to make their pitches. And if more than ten candidates qualify, the DNC will be forced to make a choice, either cull out the lowest qualifiers to narrow the stage to ten, which I hope they don’t do, or again hold identical events on simultaneous nights, which would again offer each candidate more speaking time. This is especially important to three current denizens […]

Only Trump can take something politically safe and sound, and turn...

The funny thing is, I perfectly “get” where Trump is coming from. And no, not  because I’ve spent the last four years living in his racist, worm infested mind, but because what he was thinking is actually a rather time honored, safe, and politically wise tactic. But one needs to remember that Traitor Tot could fuck up a one car funeral, so the result isn’t surprising. Trump’s goal was simple. Trump won in 2016 not by being more popular and well liked than Hillary Clinton, but by making Hillary Clinton even more deplorable and unpopular than himself. And he is going to have to do the same thing in 2020. Donald Juan Trump is the only President in history that could run for reelection unopposed, and lose the popular vote by write in ballots for Mickey Mouse. And lo and behold, in The Squad, freshman congresswomen Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, and Tlaib, Trump had his golden goose. They are perfect foils for him, they are young, loud, and photogenic. They also hold extreme liberal positions, so he could paint them as the rising “face” of the Democratic party, even more dangerous and toxic to independent and moderate Democrats than his own sexist, racist, Xenophobic self. That was the plan. And these were friends with benefits to boot. The Squad was already fighting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over ideological differences. By painting them as the up and coming force of the Democratic party, he could force more moderate Democratic incumbents, especially newly elected incumbents in swing House districts, to fight with The Squad while they were fighting with Pelosi. All of which would grind the Democratic House agenda to a halt, while making the caucus look disorganized and unable to govern, the one thing they promised their constituents they could do. Trump actually started out on target, and on message. He hammered The Green New Deal, making it sound like the official policy of the Democratic party, and decrying the impending loss of manufacturing jobs and increasing energy costs. He scarified everybody with insurance, especially union members with the potential loss of their “Cadillac” healthcare plans if these radical Democrats pushed through their “socialist” Medicare-for-all plan. And he gleefully pointed out that The Squad was bringing the Democratic legislative agenda to a grinding halt. But then, being first in all things Trump, he had to go and make it about himself. Reporter Sahil Kapur put it perfectly on MSNBC yesterday when he said, “Donald Trump walked into the middle of a Democratic party circular firing squad, and he trained all of their weapons on him.” And he’s right. Trump did the one thing that the Democrats couldn’t do for themselves, he unified them. With their enemies and against him. Because Plan A wasn’t working. Not for his base. His  core base of slobbering pointy heads absolutely, viscerally hate these women. They hate them for being young, they hate them for being influential, they hate them for being women of color, and they hate two of them for being Muslims. And Trump’s rhetoric about socialist healthcare and environmental collapse just wasn’t stroking their woodies. So Trump had to make it personal, he had to make it racial, and he had to make it religious. Because the beast must be fed. And as the rally in North Carolina Wednesday […]

When it comes to 2020, use The Force my padawans.

To begin with, do yourself a favor. Lower your blood pressure, ease the pains from your ulcers, and quit waiting for it, cuz it ain’t happening. And when I say it, I am of course referring to the eventual Republican outrage against The $1 Store Caligula’s racist ranting. I for one never bothered waiting for the squeals of outrage from the GOP piglet pen. Mainly because Trump’s racially charged babbling isn’t an outlier to the GOP’s racial doctrine, it’s woven into the fabric of everything the “modern” GOP stands for. In 1956, Richard Nixon was royally bummed that Bobby Kennedy beat him to the punch in “using” the civil rights crusade of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King to court black votes. And as such, in his own presidency, he used blacks, as well as the long haired hippies, as fodder for his “law and order” campaign. Reagan went full in on the racist “southern strategy,” and George Bush’s campaign had operatives in South Carolina putting fliers under windshields saying that John and Cindy McCain’s adopted Vietnamese daughter was McCain’s bastard child. Even Justin Amash of Michigan permanently split with Trump and the GOP over the Mueller report, and not Trump and the GOP’s racist behavior regarding immigrants. Racism is baked into the GOP cake. But 2020 is rapidly approaching, and in that particular galactic war, the force will be with us, if only we can master it and use it wisely. Think of me as an oversized Yoda, all wrinkly and dumpy, just a little taller. Cast back your mind you will, my young padawan learners, to the distant past of 2018. In those midterms, in all but the reddest of districts, what was the favorite pastime of GOP incumbents everywhere, especially in battleground House districts. The incumbents all pretended that Jabba the Trump was on a smugglers run to Kesselring. They wanted nothing to do with him, much like a merchant never wants anybody to know that he’s paying “dues” to the mob for protection. House incumbents, especially in suburban moderate districts, lived in terror of Emperor Trumpatine showing up to campaign for them. Well, this is 2020, and their luck has finally run out. And although the massacre of 2018 culled down their herd, there are still incumbents like Will Hurd of Texas who barely survived with their asses unscathed. And now there’s “nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.” Darth Trumper is going to be sitting atop the Republican ticket next November, and there’s not a damn thing these incumbents can do about it. Donald Trump is the ultimate force, if we only learn to harness and use it properly. In 2018, Democratic House challengers largely ran without ever directly referring to he-who-shall-not-be-named (mixed metaphor, but it fits nicely). There is no reason to change that in 2020. Democratic challengers and incumbents alike can refer to Trump’s racist rantings and programs as Republican rantings and programs, and there’s not a damn thing that their opponents can do to defend themselves, since they were too chickenshit to raise their voices against it. Democrats can tug at the heartstrings and consciences of those suburban soccer moms, and then switch smoothly into promises of restoring “goodness and decency” to Washington while they’re busy repairing roads and bridges, cutting classroom sizes, and lowering healthcare and […]

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