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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.

Reading The “Tea Leaves” In Those GOP Retirements.

I’m getting too old for this shit   Detective Roger Murtaugh   Lethal Weapon Pop Quiz! What’s my favorite saying? Once is an accident, twice is a habit, and three times is a fetish. Very good class. And in 2020, GOP retirements from the House are now officially becoming a habit, and it’s a habit that I hope turns out to be as addictive for them as cigarette smoking. Back in 2018, the Republican party came close to setting a modern record when close to 3 dozen GOP incumbent House members all filed for retirement rather than run for reelection. There were two main reasons for this. First was the blowout off year 2017 elections in Virginia, where the Democrats rode a wave of anger and protest of Trump, mostly in the suburbs, to come within one seat of flipping the House blue. The second was a spate of special elections for mostly GOP House seats nationwide in 2017, almost all of which showed the Democrats over performing by anywhere from 11-30+ points based on 2016 results. The majority of GOP House desertions were in GOP held “swing” suburban districts, and the Democrats in fact flipped many of these seats in taking over the House in 2018. And here in 2019, we aren’t even up to Thanksgiving yet, and the announcement by long time GOP representative Peter King of New York that he is retiring, the number of announced GOP House retirements in 2020 is already at 16, on par to at least match, if not break the 2018 total. This should be surprising, since the tsunami of 2018 flipped many of the risky swing” suburban districts, leaving the GOP incumbents still in the House in what should presumably be “safe” districts after 2018. And in fact, several of the departing congress critters are from districts that even in today’s environment are considered “safe” GOP districts. SO, what gives? Actually, again there are two basic reasons for the spate of departures from mostly long serving GOP members of the House. First, many reporters, both on air as well as print, are reporting that in private, off the record conversations, many GOP lawmakers are telling them that the last three years of life under the thumb of El Pendejo Presidente have been both frustrating as well as exhausting. Frustrating because many of these members are true conservatives, and it kills them that the party was unable to get anything substantive done with complete control of government, due to the manifest incompetence of, and the complete lack of self control of Trump. And exhausting because it wears on a body to have to go out every day and publicly appear to support His Lowness, while still dancing between enough raindrops to maintain a soupcon of integrity by not directly endorsing the insanity of Traitor Tot. Awww, the poor babies. Still, there has to be something more than shattered dreams and a little emotional fatigue to cause these long time ballot leeches to walk away from what basically amounts to high paying part time gigs with world class bennies, especially the ones concerning turning campaign donations into walking around money. And that’s where the second reason comes into play, and I think is actually the deciding factor. Unlike being a member of the Senate, where even being a […]

The “Message” Pivot Begins. With A Passion

The song begins   Herman X   Whats the Worst That Could Happen The Great Message Pivot kicked off with a bang on Sunday. Democrats appeared on the normal Sunday morning blatherfests on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC with a singular purpose in mind. ll of them used the words quid pro quo, but now with an equally important word preceding it, the word forget. That was the mantra of the day, forget quid pro quo, and instead they started solemnly started uttering the words extortion and bribery. The Democrats have spent 6 weeks tying the GOP up in quid pro quo, and now they’re gonna hang ’em high with it in a classic bait and switch. The Democrats are now going to agree with the GOP that in fact there was no quid ro quo, simply because that’s too artsy-fartsy a term for a good old fashioned strongarm extortion plot. And they’re already selling the mechanics of it to the people who are going to be tuning in on Wednesday and Friday. This is important because a whole lot of the people who are going to be force fed these televised hearings are not like Ursula, Jason, and I, or even a lot of you. Their favorite part of a political story on the news is that it gives them a chance to hit the can before the funny Allstate “mayhem” commercials come on at the break. Can’t miss those! Their definition of quid pro quo is a lot of fancy political bullshit. But they all know what the word extortion means. After all, you show me 10 people who have never seen at least one Godfather movie, and I’ll show you 10 people nobody wants to know anyway. These people also know what bribery means, although the Democrats are being very careful to explain it in the context they want it thought of in. If a normal, non politically savvy person hears a Democrat accusing Trump of bribery, their natural inclination is going to be to think that the Democrats are accusing Trump of using the defense funds to bribe Zelensky into starting the investigations in to the Biden’s and 2016. In fact, the exact opposite is true. What the Democrats are claiming, and now patiently explaining to people is that Trump was using the defense funds to extort Zelensky and the Ukraine into bribing him with the investigations to get him to give them the money. As I predicted, the Democrats are leading up to the start of the actual open hearings by moving the issue of the impeachment out of the more problematic political context, and firmly into Trump’s criminal acts, which is sexier, and sells better. And I think it’s going to work, if for no other reason than because the GOP is so goddamned incompetent at this shit. And now, because I’m on a roll these days, here’s another prediction for ya. Because bribery and extortion can sound serious, but not necessarily familiar to nebbishes like us in a personal sense, here are two more simple phrases I think you can safely watch for in the upcoming days and weeks. And those phrases are one hand washes the other, and you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Both of those are common, everyday phrases that are universally recognized, and while both of them could have perfectly innocent inferences in them, to most people they are instantly and irrevocably linked to shady, underhanded, criminal behavior. Which is exactly what the Democrats want viewers to […]
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A Clarification On The Impeachment Hearings

Aloha, my peeps! A few days ago I wrote an article in which I laid out, as I understood it at the time, the format for the upcoming open impeachment hearings. In the article, I admitted that I did not have access to an “official” guide, so this was my best understanding. Well, about an hour or so ago, Ali Velshi on MSNBC laid out the official format, soup to nuts, so here we are. The Chairman of the committee, Adam Schiff, will gavel the hearing into session and call the witness. The witness will be sworn in. The witness, the Chairman, and the ranking member will all make opening statements. So far this matches my original article. Here comes the slight change. After the opening statements, Schiff as the Chairman, as well as Devin Nunes, as the ranking member will each have 45 minutes to question the witness, with Schiff leading off. Here’s the McGuffin. They can either question the witness themselves, let the staff attorney for their side do it, or I would assume, split the time into a combination of the two. At that point the hearing will be considered completed. Unless. These “rules of the road” are in strict compliance with the rules set out that the House voted on recently. And in those rules, Schiff, and/or Pelosi showed once again that they have more political brains before breakfast than the Republicans do all damn day. They took into account that the GOP may attempt to resort to some childish form of pecksniffery, so they kept stoppers. After the Chairman and the ranking member, or their surrogates complete their allotted time for questioning. Unless the committee chair determines that additional time is required, or warranted, and will be granted. If Schiff allows additional time, then it will revert to the standard committee spectacle we’re all painfully used to, with each committee member having 5 minutes to mug for the cameras to WOW the people back home. This is why that rule is so important, and why Schiff and Pelosi are so smart. Even if Nunes were dumped, inserting Jim Jordan onto the committee does not allow the GOP to name him the ranking member. That honor is reserved for the senior tenured member of the party on that committee. So, with one tiny, procedural step, Pelosi and Schiff have basically denutted Jordan. Jordan will not get 45 minutes of hysterical shenanigans as the ranking member. If Schiff allows extra time, Jordan will only get the standard 5 minutes everybody gets, unless other GOP members donate their time to Jordan. And if Schiff doesn’t allow more time, then Jordan basically becomes a “process” pain in the ass. All Jordan will be able to do is to clog up the early part of the hearing, with endless nuisance motions to dismiss, protest motions, all shit designed to get people to turn off the hearing in disgust, and do the job they’re being paid to do. But his attempts to interrupt or disrupt the hearing will be largely curtailed. That’s it. I told you that if I was able to lay my hands on something official, I’d let you know. And now you know. See ya in the funny papers, all! To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity […]

What I’m Watching For In The Hearings

I’ll be back in the high life again. All the doors I closed one time, will open up again   Steve Winwood   Back in the High Life The first thing to realize about the open impeachment hearings beginning on Wednesday morning is that they’re not going to be like the congressional hearings you’ve become used to. For 8 long years, from January of 2011 to January of 2019, a congressional hearing consisted of a bunch of ill tempered sots in in hand me down suits screaming, deriding and insulting a person sitting in a chair who thought that they had gone there to answer questions. It was pure political theater on the part of the GOP, meant not to inform, enlighten, or uncover some greater truth, but to spread propaganda. Starting on Wednesday, the difference in watching the Pelosi-Schiff run hearings is going to be like the difference between watching college courses online versus the latest episode of the Jerry Springer show. Personally, I’ve been greatly amused through this process, watching the GOP stumble around like a drunk walking into his dark house, hoping not to wake up the wife. The GOP, and especially Trump, are used to bullying the Democrats around. First they bellow that these closed door depositions are a mockery of process, and must be open to the public. Now they piss and moan that open hearings are defamatory, and should be behind closed doors. They keep expecting the Democrats to accede to every demand, but don’t notice that the Democrats are waling around like the kid who got Tae Kwon Do lessons from Aunt Sylvia last Christmas. Let’s do a quick run through, and see how this can fall apart quickly for Trump and the GOP. I haven’t been able to find an actual, set-in-stone program for the hearings, but here’s my understanding of how they will run. The witness will be called in and sworn in. Chairman Schiff will then make an introductory statement. Then the ranking member, presumably Jim “He groped me Coach!” Jordan will get equal time for his statement. Then Schiff will have up to, I believe it’s 45 minutes to question the witness, followed by the ranking member having equal time. Then the staff lawyer for the Democrats will get a similar block of time, followed by the staff lawyer for the GOP. If Trump and the GOP are behaving themselves, I believe there is time set aside for Trump’s lawyer as well. Then, at the end, I believe there are accommodations for the standard 5 minute block of time for individual member questioning. While this process is scrupulously fair, it doesn’t seem very likely to be favorable to the GOP. Schiff is going to be running these shows strictly as fact finding and fact exposing hearings. Schiff is a seasoned veteran former prosecutor who, pardonez moi Francais, looks like he’d be a motherfucker on cross examination. Schiff is going to elicit nothing but facts, and phrase his questioning so that the witness ends up putting those facts into a crystal clear context. This is how competent prosecutors win cases. Jim Jordan on the other hand, is a lazy, arrogant, dismissive blowhard who can’t be bothered to do any more prep than bone up on the latest Trump talking points. If Jordan […]
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Killing two birds with one stone.

This article is actually a follow up to, or rather an extension to the article I just wrote this morning on what I think may be the Democrats strategy for going forward with the impeachment of His Lowness. To get the full import of what I’m going to talk about here, it would probably be beneficial if you have already read that article. From the earliest days of the Mueller investigation, the GOP’s defensed against impeachment has been a two pronged approach. The first prong of the fork is their unshakable belief that there is no crime that Trump could commit that would turn his core base of support against him. This is as undeniably true today as it was back then, and it allows the GOP to continue to support El Pendejo Presidente, because it keeps Trump’s base loyal to the as well. Nothing I can see moving forward will change that dynamic. The second prong was that they could vote to acquit Trump with impunity simply because any case against him would be too nebulous and legalistic for the Democrat to make the general public understand and support it. That was certainly true in the Mueller investigation. The ties between the Trump campaign and Russia were ephemeral at best, with huge holes left by evidence that could tie it all together being lost to Mueller because it was located in Russia. Then the Democrats branched off into obstruction of justice against Trump, which only led some to believe that their case against Trump for “collusion” wasn’t strong enough. The plan for the newly victorious Trump and the GOP steaming forward into 2020 is a simple one. The GOP incumbents could explain away their treachery by saying that they had voted to acquit Trump simply because the Democrats had been unable to convincingly make their case. This would earn GOP incumbents the gratitude of Trump’s slavish base, and allow Trump to equate that bogus acquittal with “exoneration,” thereby not only jazzing up his base, but also hoping to convert that appearance of being a “winner” to woo back some of the support he had thrown away with his previous churlish behavior. This is the thing that has hampered Speaker Pelosi on pulling the trigger on impeachment, even with the much easier to understand Ukraine scandal. If impeachment is an inherently political process, and everybody is sick to death of “politics as usual,” then why impeach Trump, and give him the chance to use hie already predetermined “exoneration” in the Senate as a campaign rallying cry for 2020? But, if the Democrats are planning what I think they are moving forward, and as I explained in my earlier article, then the paradigm of that calculation may already be shifting. The original calculation was that if the voting public didn’t buy their political argument for impeaching Trump, then they wouldn’t buy the Democrats post acquittal political arguments for the necessity of impeaching him in the first place, which would allow Dipshit Donnie to win that battle hands down. But if the Democrats go down the road I think they’re going to, they largely negate that consideration. Because hopefully, the Democrats are going to take this impeachment process out of the realm of the political, and instead try it in the court of public opinion as a criminal matter. Several […]

I hope the Democrats are plotting what I think they are.

And the lost tribe spent years wandering around in the wilderness, saying “We’re the Fuquawi, we’re the Fuquawi   Johnny Carson Since day one, I have been highly complimentary of the Democrats ability to first seize, and then control the narrative in the Trump-Ukraine scandal. While the Democrats were late in accepting their invitation to the impeachment prom, since they’ve arrived, they’ve proven to be quite the party planners. The way they have done that is to hammer at the simple, central core concept of quid pro quo, or literally, this for that. Even before witness depositions started, the very mechanics displayed in the phone log of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky, which Dipshit Donnie so generously provided, proved without a shadow of a doubt that His Lowness was expecting a deliverable, better known to common slobs like us as a bribe, in return for the military aid that congress had already authorized. The facts are as clear as the nose on your face. And because this simple fact was as evident to the Republicans as it was to everybody else, it set of a frenzy of denial, with the denials coming in every flavor and color of a bag of Skittles. Everything from There was no quid pro quo!, to Quid pro quos are a standard part of diplomacy, to my personal favorite, Are you kidding? Trump has the IQ of head lice! He can’t even spell quid pro quo, much less engage in one! The GOP’s entire, immediate, knee jerk, die-on-this-hill reaction especially in the Senate, has been to deny the physical presence of a quid pro quo. And you know what? The GOP is 100% correct, there was no quid pro quo. because there is a missing dynamic in this scenario that is present in a normal quid pro quo. Let’s say I have a mountain that I want to rip the top off of to get at the coal, but that’s against the law. You on the other hand, chair a committee in congress with a bill on the table that you could attach an amendment to that would cut me a loophole that allows me to rip the top off of my mountain. I am thrilled to hand you a leprechaun’s pot of cash to write and insert that amendment, and you are thrilled to write and insert that amendment in return for that pot of lucre. That’s a classic quid pro quo, an agreement between two parties with criminal intent. Where is the criminal intent on the part of the Ukrainian’s in this transaction. Remember, this plot didn’t begin with the September 25th phone call from Trump to Zelensky, Ghouliani, Volker, Sundland, and even VP Mike Pence had been pushing for this quid pro quo since Zelensky took office in May. And what was the Ukrainian’s response to these overtures? Abject horror. Here you have a young, popular President, leading a young and enthusiastic government, who ran on cleaning up corruption in the Ukraine, and what is the first thing they’re asked to do? To interject themselves into the US electoral process by conducting a corrupt series of investigations to aid Trump’s reelection bid in 2020. Zelensy got up on his hind legs and dug his heels in for four months to avoid this deal. There was no quid pro quo simply because there was no voluntary agreement to the terms by Zelensky. This is the trap that I […]
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The “Dagger To The Heart” Of Trump’s Ego

Oh, this one has to cut. Deep. You guys and gals may remember that a couple of years ago, David Fahrenthold , the checkbook savant at the Washington Post, spurred by Trump’s rather lengthy and inexplicable delay in parceling out the millions he had raised for vets in his bogus “telethon” to chickenshit his way out of a debate, took a little closer peekie-see into an enterprise named The Donald J Trump Foundation. Fahrenthold found a couple of fascinating things when he started turning over rocks. First of all, for a charitable foundation started by and run by a billionaire named Trump, it sure didn’t seem to have much of Trump’s personal moolah sitting around in it, and never had. It was stuffed with OPM, Other Peoples Money. And second, for a recognized ad chartered charity, it didn’t seem to be doing much charitable work. Instead, the charity did it’s good deeds by purchasing at auction a Tim Tebow signed University of Florida football helmet which Trump displayed in one of his cheesy goof resorts. It also bought several life size portraits of Trump, by artists whose “shows” were normally stalls at the Holiday Inn Stanton this Friday and Saturday only! It also made a $10,000 political donation to then Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who then decided that Florida didn’t need to pile on and enter the Trump U fraud lawsuit. Oh, and it paid to settle a couple of judgments in personal suits against Trump too. Trump’s response was predictable, he viciously attacked both Fahrenthold as well as the Washington Post for the reporting, but it was too late. The New York Attorney Generals office read the reporting, took a little peekie-see of their own, grinned like wolves, rubbed their hands together until they smoked, and slapped Trump with a hella civil fraud suit. Which Trump immediately vowed by Twitter that he would never settle! It’s funny how never seems to arrive sooner than you would expect it to with Trump. Rachel Maddow reported last night that guess what? Trump settled the lawsuit. But while this seems at first blush like just another Trump cop out after months of bluff and bluster, there’s something in this settlement that as far as I know, we’ve never seen before, and it’s gotta be killing Trump. The settlement seems to run along what are normally pretty standard terms for a cheap Trump con job. The Trump Foundation, already closed by consent agreement, must remain permanently shuttered. Trump is barred from starting or administering in any way another charitable foundation. And this time it’s going to cost His Lowness $2 million out of his personal poke, which will be donated to actual, legitimate charities. But here’s the part we’ve never seen with Trump before, and it has to sting like iodine on a scrape. As a part of the settlement, Trump is going to have to sign a statement, in which he accepts responsibility for, and admits guilt in the violation alleged by the NY Attorney General in the lawsuit! Holy shit! Are you kidding me?!? For 73 years, Donald Trump has led a guiltless and responsibility free life. His business failures were always somebody else’s fault. He’s settled plenty of lawsuits, both personal as well as government inspired, but none of the things which the cash bought was […]
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Twitter Alert. Trump is about to lose his sh*t.

A little over a year ago, someone naming themselves “Anonymous” penned an op-ed to the New York Times, in which he/she related that the Trump administration was in fact every bit as ape shit and unstable on the inside as it appeared on the outside. The author went on to reassure the country at large that all was not lost, because “The Resistance” was on the clock. No, not The Resistance that was busy trying to restore a Democratic majority, but a loose group of senior Trump appointees that were quietly and under the radar doing everything in their power to short circuit Trump’s more dangerous and destructive impulses. You probably recall that missive. And you also probably recall that it set off a near hysterical grand inquisition within the White House, with His Lowness raging against both the author as well as the concept of a group of his own appointees and employees actively working to subvert his authority. In its hysteria, it almost began to appear as a parody of Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part I, with Trump stomping around in a long, hooded red silk robe, brandishing a pair of thumb screws. The search went on for weeks with no result. That was then, and this is now. A year later, and the same person has penned an entire book titled   Warning by Anonymous. It is ready to hit the stands within a couple of weeks, and who else but Rachel Maddow obtained a series of lengthy excerpts from the book. The general tone of the excerpts is decidedly darker than the original op-ed, which tried to offer confidence to the American people that the matter was well in hand, and The Resistance had control. The new book implies that this may no longer be the case, and rues the departures of people like Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, and James Mattis. But it’s the actual content and graphic descriptions of real situations and events in the White House that is going to make Trump, as I put it in the title, lose his shit. The book doesn’t present the President of the United States as childish, it presents him as infantile. A long excerpt goes into the difficulty of briefing the new President, with aides being advised that 50 pages was far too long, make it no more than 10 pages. Then, to make sure that there were plenty of pictures and graphics. Then to make sure there were no more than 3 topics. Then to revert to nothing more than power point slides, since Trump won’t read. Then to limit the number of power points to a bare minimum. Finally, the consensus was reached that the solution was to take in one issue and point, then to hammer that home, regardless of the number of times his feeble mind wandered, until the point got driven home. Trump’s obsession with graphics presented its own problems. Trump would latch on to a graphic he absolutely adored, often without necessarily even comprehending the issue that the graphic represented, and then excitedly show it to visitors for hours or even days, without providing any context as to what it was supposed to be, leaving people wondering what the hell he was yammering on about. During tensions with Iran, somebody came up with […]
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Trump’s “base” obsession could be a self inflicted wound

Well, it’s 12:15 PST, so of course a new deposition transcript just came out. And like all of the others, it’s chock-a-block full of damaging stuff. The Democrats are playing this masterfully, releasing a couple a day to keep the media occupied during the House’s week off, knowing they’ll dominate an otherwise somnolent news week in Washington, and they’re releasing them to bolster their order of appearance next week at the open hearings. And it’s working, the Trump shills in the House and Senate are jerking around like electrocution victims, trying to explain away the damage, I just wrote an article in which I stated that the Republicans are so damn distracted with trying to defend Trump at all costs, that they’re not able to keep their eye on the ultimate prize, which is next November. And as so often seems to happen with me, the process of thinking it all through to put it on paper, so to speak, unlocked another revelation in my mind. Since the day Trump rattled and clanked his way down that schlock gilt escalator on 5th Avenue to befoul our body politic, he has been all over the map on almost every issue. But he has been monolithic in on respect, and one respect only, and that is on the subject of his base. No matter what ills befell him on the trail, his responses were tailored exclusively to his base. And as we all saw, with a little help from his friends in Moscow, it was just enough to slip through. And this devotion has ever wavered. Since inauguration day, Trump alone among all previous presidents, has never swung one inch back towards the middle to attract new voters to enlarge his base in order to make reelection easier., In fact, the exact opposite has occurred. Trump has embarked on policies and strategies that have steadily riven away the very “soft” support that put him over the top in the first place, to keep his base properly sated. It is still occurring. In the Mueller investigation, he didn’t make any serious effort to actually refute the accusations and evidence against him, instead he fed his vapid base a never ending stream of far right drivel, about “angry Democrats,” and the “deep state.” And he continues to do it today, in the Ukraine scandal, stupidly attacking a process that has been more open, fair, and structured than any before it, as well as continuing to spin out ridiculous conspiracy theories for the base. And it’s going to kill him next November. I wrote in my earlier article that more and more people are interested in this scandal, and they want the impeachment inquiry to continue. And even more are going to become interested and engaged as they are force fed the open hearings that will take place on a regularly scheduled basis over the coming wees. Let’s be honest, shall we? In the upcoming impeachment, there is a base on the left that wants to see Trump impeached and removed more than they want to see a winning power ball lottery ticket in their wallet. And there is an equal base on the right who would support Trump to the death, even if he signed a full confession on prime time television. And you know what? They don’t mean […]

The GOP is losing the forest among all those pesky trees...

Hey! The game’s not hard and nobody’s barred. Start out fast and you can’t last. Take it slow and watch it grow.   “Kid” Sally Palumbo   The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight A few days ago, I was rereading a book by my all time favorite author, Donald E Westlake, and coming towards the end, I suddenly realized that in a funny way, the plot was kind of mirroring the current meshugass in the Republican party. Very briefly, the main character, an affable burglar named Dortmunder, gets a “lucky ring” from his girlfriend, and sets off to rob a rich billionaire. Not only does he get caught, but the rich guy tells the cops that the ring is actually his, and the cops make Dortmunder hand it over. Dortmunder escapes, goes on a quest to get the ring, and keeps missing the rich guy, but robbing him blind along the way. At the end, the billionaire has the entire security detail at his hotel-casino in Vegas so wrapped up in guarding him and the ring, it allows Dortmunder’s gang to rob the casino money room as a diversion, and Dortmunder gets his ring back in the confusion. This is the current state of the GOP. Donald Trump, the master of distraction, has become the ultimate distraction, and the GOP is so busy chasing their tails around trying to protect him that they’re all taking their eyes off of the casino money room, the 2020 election. And there are plenty of warning signs that the locks are about to be picked. The open impeachment hearings will begin next Wednesday, with three very sober, serious, qualified witnesses with serious, sober stories to tell. And bless my heart, there will be a couple of guest panelists! Mark “Tweedledumb” Meadows and Jim “Tweedledumber” Jordan will be taking a prime time crack at the witnesses.And we all know what they’re going to do. They’re going to complain their asses off. But they’re going to complain about everything but the witnesses and the testimony. They’ll whine about Schiff’s tie, they’ll whine about the temperature in the hearing room, they’ll whine about the deposition transcripts being released, and about the order they were released in, because they can’t attack the witnesses and the testimony, they’ll attack everything else, and hope that the distraction hides the testimony behind the smokescreen. This is actually counter productive, but it’s all they got. A scandal is a scandal to the GOP, and they’re treating this like the Mueller investigation. Basically they’re using a pre season playbook for the Super Bowl, hoping that like a pre season game, nobody is watching, so the mistakes won’t be noticed. But there’s growing evidence that it won’t work, because people are watching, for the halftime show if nothing else. When these hearings start, they will be covered live on every network, as well as live streamed, and as far as I know, The Animal Channel is not planning on broadcasting a “Puppy Bowl” to offset the coverage. And people will watch. They’ll watch because while polling shows that public support for removal from office is nowhere near the Nixonian levels needed to ditch His Lowness, basically all polls show a national plurality, and several show outright majority support for the impeachment inquiry to proceed. This issue is simple enough for the majority of the public to understand, it has […]

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