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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.
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Donald Trump could be impeached tomorrow.

I’m not being facetious, and the title isn’t click bait. If our congress was more like Amazon, and we could all chip in a few bucks for “Prime, with free 2 day shipping” the Judiciary committee could pass articles of impeachment today, if that is, they only took one day off for President’s day, and not the whole damn week. The House could vote to impeach tomorrow, and by close of business Friday, the Senate could ensure Trump a daily 8 am tee time at Mar-A-Lago for the rest of his life, or until the convictions start coming down. And I’m not talking about the Mueller investigation, we really don’t need that in order to get rid of Trump. And I’m not talking about obstruction of justice either, although that could add a little flash and dash to the proceedings. We already have more than ample evidence of the only crime we need to end the national nightmare. So, you say, what is this Dr Murphy’s Magic Elixir to rid us once and for all of the Peach Colored Poltroon? Willful betrayal of the public trust. And don’t start on me with any of that “betrayal of the public trust” is not a high crime or misdemeanor. We’re not trying this case in Department 302 of the California Superior Court. Impeachment is a political exercise, and eating pizza with a plastic knife and fork can be an impeachable offense if Jerry Nadler and 217 other Democrats say that it is. Willful betrayal of the public trust. Because, when you come right down to it, what else do we have in our politics? We have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” but there isn’t enough marble in the world to build a congress with 280 million seats. We hold elections to send people to Washington DC to represent us, and to hold our national best interest in higher esteem than their own self interest, that’s the way it works. Politicians sell experience, knowledge, practicality, and charisma. But what we the people are really buying it trust. We trust them to do the right thing on our behalf. Not all of the time of course. I mean, we’re not total morons. Whoops. Clarification required. Those of us who don’t stumble and shamble around all day wearing MAGA hats are not total morons. We expect politicians to look out for us when they’re not busy getting laid, consolidating power, and hustling cash for their reelection campaigns. But when the chips are down, and the issue is bigger than just them, we trust our politicians to do the right thing, and to honestly tell us why it’s the right thing, whether we like it or not. When Jimmy Carter said in his inauguration speech, “My fellow Americans, I will never lie to you,” I turned to my now ex wife and said, “The little goober just told his first lie.” Even Rosalyn doesn’t fall for that line anymore. All Presidents lie, they lie because we, through the media ask them questions that they can’t tell us the truth about, because of national security. But when the evidence and events are right in front of us, we depend on the President to tell us what it means, and what we, through his power, are going to do […]
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The GOP is falling back to the rhetorical “bunker” on Trump’s...

You know, one snowflake is just a snowflake. Ten snowflakes is a flurry, and one hundred snowflakes is a blizzard. But when it comes to Trump, and his collusion and obstruction of justice problems, it’s starting to look like his GOP lackeys are staring into potential whiteout conditions. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Trump’s newest nut warmer, Lindsey Graham, looked so damn cute the other day, huffung and blustering about Andrew McCabe, and the “deep state conspiracy” of actually investigating the President of the United States! “9 Iron” Lindsey looked like a Pekingese cornered by a puma when he threatened to haul McCabe in front of the judiciary committee to explain himself. Suggestion. Before he wastes the time, money, and risks looking like an even bigger dick than normal on national television, Graham may want to ask Chuck Grassley why he never brought him into the loop when McCabe briefed the Gang of Eight on the probe when it started. Remember the “6 P Rule” Lindsey. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performances. The Republicans in congress are now at the dessert table at the A;; You Can Tweet Buffet. They’ve gone from there was no collusion with Russians to we were too stupid to collude with ourselves much less Russians, to OK, maybe we colluded with Russians but collusion isn’t a crime, to maybe collusion is a crime, but it’s just a “process crime,” to OK, maybe collusion is like, an actual crime, but he’s Donald Fucking Trump fer Crissakes! Give the guy a break, will ya?!? But, as more and more pebbles keep piling on top of each other, turning into a political Great Wall of China on Trump, collusion, and obstruction of justice, the GOP is retreating to the bunker, and pulling out the big gun. They’ve moved away from the “process crime” mantra. And just like the dessert bar at the buffet, they’re hoping that you’re already stuffed, and eating it out of habit, so you won’t notice that the flavor ain’t that great. I’ve noticed the new talking point come to the forefront in the last couple of weeks. Conservative Alphonso Aguilar used it again today on MTP Daily, when he said something akin to, “The Democrats have been hammering this collusion, and this obstruction of justice line nonstop, and if the Mueller report comes out, and if the investigations complete, and there’s no ‘smoking gun’, then the Democrats are going to have some serious explaining to do to the people of the country.” Ahhhhh, the old “smoking gun” nonsense. That’s like naming your kid William Williams, a complete and total lack of creativity. It is also complete and total bullshit. I hate to break it to Alphonso, and all of the rest of the GOP bib droolers, if it took a “smoking gun” to convict someone, there would be no reason for criminal justice reform, and private prison companies would be filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy left and right. The vast majority of people convicted in this country are convicted without the presence of any “smoking gun,” or cell phone video, or any of that other shit. They are convicted largely with circumstantial evidence, combined with direct evidence. Most people confronted with a “smoking gun” are smart enough to try to cop to a lesser plea to save time […]

A little sage advice for our 2020 hopefuls.

Hola Democratic contenders! You guys and gals are knocking my socks off out there. You’re in all kinds of weather, all  kinds of diners and town halls, making all kinds of great first impressions. Just a quick couple of shout outs. Senator Klobuchar? I love what you’re doing, and by getting an early start, you’re getting some nice coverage to enhance your name recognition on national coverage. But one little thing. That folksy, down home, shy, smiling, shiv-in-the-back thing is my shtick, and I can’t afford to lose this gig, so knock it off, OK? And Senator Gillibrand? Don’t worry about that little fork-or-fingers thing in South Carolina. It happens to the best of us. One time, in a fancy, high hat restaurant, I dipped my bread stick in the finger bowl, and then, to cover it up, I dipped my fingers into the wasabi after using them to eat my sushi. And if any of those MAGA morons give you a ration of shit about it, just show them that picture of the Great Pumpkin using a plastic knife and fork to eat New York Style pizza about 4 years ago when he had his pizza summit with Caribou Barbie when she was angling for another VP chance. You’re all out there right now, 20 months before the 2020 election, and 15 months before the convention for the same reason, the early bird gets the worm. You’re all out there, taking your message to the streets, banking that early media coverage, defining yourself now, before the field gets too crowded, and face time on the networks becomes scarce. That’s the ticket, but in watching the coverage, I notice that there’s one message I’m not hearing from anybody, and I think it’s a  golden opportunity being squandered. By all of you. James Carville nailed it to the wall a generation ago when he drawled out “It’s the economy, stupid!” And he was right, it always comes down to the economy, one way or the other. That was true then, and it’s just as true now. Incumbent Presidents use a good economy as a display of their stewardship, and challengers use a bad economy to hit the incumbent President over the head with. But guess what? Taxes are a part of the economy. And right now, if there’s one thing that the Republicans don’t want to talk about, it’s taxes. Especially not Trump’s “big, beautiful Christmas present” tax cuts. Any time is not a good time for the GOP to be ta king about taxes, and right now is the worst time of all for them to be hearing anybody talk about taxes, especially you. Because right now it’s tax time. Trump took sole ownership of, and saddled the GOP with his disastrous tax plan because he’s an idiot, and so are his advisers. They know that Trump can’t count to 20 without taking off his shoes and socks, and he has the attention span of a newt, so they explained why these tax cuts were so good for him. They never bothered to explain how everybody else was going to take it in the shorts, and it didn’t matter anyway. Narcissist that he is, what was good for Trump was good for everybody, case closed. And that’s how he sold it. Trump and the GOP started […]
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The Rubicon Has Been Crossed

Put away your sunscreen, I ain’t gonna be blowing any sunshine up your ass today. Right now everybody is all up in arms over His Lowness’ bogus national emergency declaration, and with good reason, although the court resolution will likely stretch beyond the end of his first (and hopefully only) term. But that emergency declaration was made necessary by events that his own GOP caucus participated in, and the implications of that seem to be flying under the radar. Let’s go back to the moment of conception, when Herman-the-sperman met Edie-the egg for this latest Trump crisis, shall we? Trump was in day 34 of the partial government shutdown that he “proudly” created, when he got a phone call from Ditch McConnell. McConnell told him that he was under increasing pressure from his own caucus to bring Pelosi’s clean CR bill to the floor for a vote, and if he did, there were 70 votes to pass it, more than enough to override a Presidential veto. The next day, Trump ended the shutdown. McConnell told Trump that he had 70 votes to pass the bill. It would have been unwise for McConnell to bluff about something like that, since playing liars poker with a cranial cro-magnon like Trump is a risky proposition. The Democrats have 47 seats in the Senate right now, which means that 23 GOP Senators were ready to cross over to end the shutdown. Hmmm. There are 22 GOP Senators up for reelection in 2020, and 23 senators willing to defy Trump. Draw your own conclusions. The Republican calculus regarding their tolerance for Trump and his shenanigans, especially in the Senate has always bee absurdly easy to suss out. Forget their constitutional responsibilities, the Republicans will let their oaths slide like shrugging a mantle of snow off of your shoulders when you come in from outside in January. The Republicans, especially in the Senate, would stick with Trump right up to the moment when it became politically untenable to do so. The calculation has always been, “Which hurts me more electorally, backing Trump’s stupid plan, or defying him and pissing off his base?”And with this wall boondoggle, they reached the tipping point. Conservative columnist and author David Frum nailed it to the wall last night on Real Time. The current GOP agita isn’t so much with re-calibrating money through this national emergency scam, it’s where the money is being reallocated from. Does anybody here honestly believe that a single GOP Senator would give one shit, much less two, if the money was being re-appropriated from programs like housing for the poor, or the Medicaid expansion, or EPA safeguards? I think not. But where is the money coming from for Trump’s vanity wall? From defense spending, or to put a finer point on it, military construction spending. GOP Senator Tom Tillis from North Carolina strongly opposes Trump’s national emergency smoke-and-mirrors. Why? Maybe because he has a couple of hundred million in military construction earmarked for North Carolina already in the pipeline. Missouri has a couple of hundred million more already in the pipeline to be spent in that state. You think Roy Blount is chomping at the bit to support Trump on his national emergency? Folks, we’re talking some serious pork here, enough to hold a statewide summer BBQ. Those Senators worked their asses off to ensure that […]

This is where it gets dangerous.

Anybody who has ever thrown a birthday party for a kid knows that there are two basic forms of entertainment. There are clowns, and then there are magicians. Donald Trump is a true cross over, a magician clown. He lumbers around the yard with his big flopping feet, knocking over the folding table with the cake on it, while he makes a cute little bunny out of a long pink balloon, which somehow or other ends up with a hard on on it. Donald Trump has been pretty transparent since day one in regards to his response to problems with his Presidency or his administration. That’s Trump the magician. Throw a handful of sparkling pixie dust into the air to attract attention, while your other hand puts the rabbit into the hat. But because Trump is a clown, he throws the damn pixie dust directly over the hat. Every time. Never has Trump needed a major distraction more than right now. His approval numbers are in the toilet, and there’s a hand on the pull chain. People are finally seeing the bait-and-switch in his tax cut dodge with lower IRS refunds, and he’s taking friendly fire from the right wing media over the wall. Oh yeah, and Robert Mueller is making his Cornholeone family look more like the “Kid Sally” Palumbo family in The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. There is one whopping distraction required here. For a while there, sane minds worried that he would actively try to engineer a war with North Korea if he were backed far enough into a corner, the ultimate distraction. But no, as long as in Dung Pil keeps sending His Lowness 3’x4’ Valentines cards hand delivered by an envoy, they’re golden. Then people worried that he would manufacture an incident to enable him to go big into Syria. But Vlad the Imp shook a finger and made tsk-tsk-tsk noises, so that is now one of the few options in Trumpmenistan that is actually “off of the table.” Which leaves us with Iran. Trump has been laying the groundwork for a pissing contest with Iran for quite a while now. All the way back when he was a candidate, he slammed the Iran nuclear deal, but that was back when Trump honestly thought that whatever he said wouldn’t matter in the long run. It was just his way of raining on Baravk Obama’s parade for being able to craft a goddamn deal that actually worked. Once he got elected, common sense and realpolitik never entered into the equation, he had a reputation of “excellence in ignorance” to live up to. He wiped his ass with the Iran nuclear deal and threw it into the toilet, and then he unilaterally restored sanctions on Iran, doing everything in his power to poke the tiger with a stick, just to prove that his obstinance was as overpowering as his stupidity. For quite a while, none of this mattered as much, for one simple reason. That’s because “Mad Dog” Jim Mattis had the keys to Donald Trump’s cage. Trump could howl at the moon all he wanted, but it was ultimately Mattis who would decide whether or not to let slip the dogs of war. But now Mattis is gone, and The $1 Store Caligula has a chickenhawk piece of shit like John […]
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A quick, easy weather vane for gauging the way the 2020...

Many, many years ago, all the way back on November 10th, 2016 ore so, Mitch McConnell was one chipper turtle, he was living high on the hog. That’s because the hog had just gotten elected President, but hadn’t actually taken the oath of office yet, so he wasn’t actively screwing things up. McConnell looked at the Senate map for 2018, liked his jowly chops, and predicted that the GOP would pick up 6-8 seats in the Senate, cementing their majority, and possibly giving them a filibuster proof majority. And then the unthinkable happened. Trump was sworn in and started “governing.” The massive Women’s March, multiple failed attempts to ban Muslims cuz, like, Muslims, multiple failed attempts to repeal Obamacare, rationalizing a racist murder in Charlottesville, and a thriving investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. Flash forward 18 months, and McConnell is sending up warning flares that the GOP could actually lose the Senate in 2018. In the end, McConnell ended graphically demonstrating the old adage, “When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME.” McConnell fell far short of his boast, picking up only two seats, partially because of the embarrassment of losing two incumbent seats, and failing to dislodge two vulnerable Democratic incumbents in states that Trump went all in on, West Virginia and Montana, This in what should have been a tsunami map for the GOP in any normal year, with any normal President. And now, here we are, looking at 2020. The cycle has come full circle, and it is the Democrats who have a Senate map that should be very favorable to their chances to at least chip into McConnell’s majority, if not flip it completely. But in looking back, i find that there were two indicators that didn’t seem to get much attention at the time, that could provide a useful tool to see how each side thinks the wind may be blowing going into the 2020 election. The first weather cock is retirements. In 2016 retirements were the first WHOP-WHOP-WHOP that signaled that the wheels were about to come flying off of the GOP bus, especially in the House. And in the Senate, Flake’s departure from the scene helped to pave the way for Kyrsten Sinema to flip that seat, and a rousing Democratic challenge for Corker’s newly vacant seat in Tennessee meant that the GOP had to send cash propping up a less than inspiring Marsha Blackburn that could have been spent better in other attempts to flip seats, instead of retaining what should have been a “safe” GOP seat. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee has already announced that he is calling it quits, and this is a problem for the GOP. The problem is that in losing Alexander, the GOP loses the incumbent edge in that seat, Alexander’s name recognition, state wide familiarity, and donor and fund raising base. A replacement candidate is going to require coddling and support that Alexander would not need, and as Blackburn proved, red state seats are not necessarily safe with sub par candidates. If there are more “moderate” Senate retirements, this could stretch the GOP again, especially if Trump becomes even more unpopular. The second lesson from 2016 to keep an eye on is recruitment. And this will play heavily on both sides. One of the reasons for McConnell’s optimism […]

It’s a retirement party!

That’s right, I’m throwing a retirement party, and it’s gonna be one helluva bash, I can tell you that. There’s gonna be unlimited beer and munchies (as long as you bring that shit yourselves), and the awesome “DJ Drums is spinning it for free, since he’s flush with kaboodle coming off of that Trump inauguration gig. Y’all can quit fist bumping and chest thumping now, I’m not the one who’s retiring. As long as I can continue to read the characters on the keyboard, you’re stuck with this tripe on pretty much a daily basis. Besides, I already retired once, four years ago, and I understand that some of my former coworkers are still on probation from that last bash.The guest of honor at this soiree is a long time trope, and all purpose pain in my ass, and once he leaves, I’m giving standing “shoot on sight”orders to security if he ever comes back to one of my diaries. The golden moldy that I’m finally shoving out the gate to pasture, never to rear his ugly head again is the age old slogan, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line.” I have hated that insipid line ever since the first time somebody put it in a comment, and rubbed my nose in it like a puppy with a fresh pile on the living room carpet. Enough with that shit already! It’s long past time to drop a rose on the lid, and fill in the hole. It’s sorry, it’s tired, it’s old, and unlike a Twinkie, it actually has a shelf life, and that shelf life expired quite a while ago. Like me, it just doesn’t work anymore, for the simple reason that there is no longer a viable Republican party! That slogan harks back to a day long ago, when there was a “traditional” Republican party, and that party was based on certain basic principles. Were they sick, evil, twisted, fucked up principles? Yep, but they were principles, so they went with what they had. The whole meaning of the phrase was that while their voters may have had problems, sometimes serious problems, with an individual candidate, when it came down to crunch time, they all sucked it up and rallied around the party. But that isn’t the case anymore, and hasn’t been for almost a decade. The cheap, easy way out is to blame Trump, and he deserves his fair share of the blame. By the time that Trump stumbled through all of that smoke on the stage of the Republican National Convention, looking like a trailer of the movie version of the book “The Fat Vampire,” he had already split the party in two. back during the 2016 primaries, Trump channeled his inner David Pecker, and threatened the political equivalent of publishing dick pics of Reince Priebus by threatening to take his supporters and go hold his own election if Priebus didn’t turn the RNC over to him. We all saw how that turned out, the ENC ended up paying freakin’ Jared Kushner’s legal bills for a while. When Trump split the party, there was no longer one coherent message for everybody to rally around, and enough traditional Republicans rebelled that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. Damn! That’s one raggedy ass line they got there. But the real nexus of the split occurred 6 years earlier. […]

The “Wall” debacle is worse than they realize.

Apparently it’s all over but the shouting. Fittingly enough, the final capitulation came not from The Pampers President himself, but instead from Ditch Mitch “No show votes” McConnell, who stated that the Senate would move quickly to vote on the compromise border security bill, and to say “Gee whiz, I shore hope the Purzident signs the gosh darn thing!” or something like that. I for one am not going to take a dance a victory Irish jig on Trump’s humiliating wall grave. Hell, I’m not that mature. Instead, I’m planning on chugging a 12 pack of Bud Light to generate the maximum piss volume. But as I watched all of these GOP losers in shiny suits walking around with Basset Hound looks on their faces, a realization hit me. This whole political Waterloo over his stupid vanity border wall is worse than they realize. The Three Horsemen of the Shitpocalypse, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter seem clueless, although two of them are already cutting their losses. The Oxycontin Kid is already saying that the fact that the alleged author of The Art Of The Squeal managed to negotiate himself from $25 billion from the Democrats in return for permanence in DACA to a measly $1.375 billion for new fencing is an “embarrassment” for the President, but sticks the GOP congress with the tab, for not fighting harder. And Flat Top is sputtering and blustering about how any Republican that dares to vote for this “garbage compromise bill” is going to have to explain his capitulation to their constituents. Only Coultergeist continues to do her best banshee impersonation, moaning hollowly about how the President “talks a good game, but doesn’t have the guts to fight for the wall.” Oh yeah, and she’ll get his little dog, too! All of these slobs, from McConnell to Hannity, from Meadows to Coulter, are so busy crying in their beer about their humiliating defeat about the damn wall, that they’re failing to see that there is a bigger picture involved here, and that the wall is just one piece of a larger mosaic. It just happens to be the piece that holds the rest of the mural together. You should all know my favorite Catholic ditty by now, “In order to keep your faith intact, ensure it stays unsullied by fact.” Trump the con man is himself nothing more or less than an elaborate con. He is an illusion, a cheap trick, except that this time, when the magician pulls his hand out of the hat, there isn’t going to be a rabbit in it. Trump’s entire “mystique” was built on one central conceit, that he was a winner! The brash, loud mouth, finger pointing mogul whose favorite pastime was snarling “You’re FIRED!” to cringing underlings, although the real Donald Trump couldn’t fire up a Weber grill. The owner of a multi billion dollar real estate empire, who proudly proclaimed himself the “king of debt,” knowing full well that his audience and supporters were too dim to realize that what that really meant was that it was all somebody elses money! Trump wasn’t alone in perpetuating this scam on the dim and inattentive. Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, Ingraham, they all played Trump up like he was the greatest boon to man since the discovery of the polio vaccine. They touted his business acumen, […] / YouTube Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments...

Trump’s brewing “woman” problem.

I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore   Helen Reddy   I am woman Just a quick reminder, I have absolutely no idea of who is going to win the Democratic primaries for President, and neither do you. I don’t even have a “favorite” yet, and won’t for some little while to come, I want to see and hear them perform in some of the upcoming debates before I start to even think about locking in on any one potential front runner. I will say this though, I think that anybody who automatically relegates Amy Klobuchar to the second tier due to her national name recognition is making a mistake. But there is already a dynamic starting to take shape, even in this early stage of the primaries that is fascinating, and it has nothing to do with how the Democratic hopefuls are relating to each other. Exactly the opposite in fact. Donald J Trump, Pestquire seems to have a bit of a woman problem. For a bull stud that is reputedly more desirable than Valentino himself, Trump seems to have run into an inordinately high number of outlier women who just didn’t find him all that desirable when he put his filthy paws all over them. And they didn’t mind saying so in public either. Man, talk about a hit to the good old Casanova meter! As if having all of those loud mouthed crybabies on his ass wasn’t enough, Trump now finds himself faced with a strong, independent woman who is as infallible to his male dominance as water is to oil. Nancy Pelosi is tossing him around over her head like pizza dough, while he spins helplessly, and flattens out a bit more with every rotation. His complete inability to deal with her is apparent from the fact that the worst Twitter epithet he can think of for this hated rival is “Nancy.” What’s the matter tough guy, cat got your tongue? Personally, I am thrilled to see at this early stage, that there are more women than men running for President on the Democratic side. It is a testament to the diversity of the Democratic party, especially considering that the women are eminently qualified for consideration. On the Republican side, not only do you not have any women running for President, you don’t even have any men running for the job, just the whiny and petulant man child. And this infusion of intelligent, qualified, assertive women on the Democratic side is going to give Trump a whole lot of agita right out of the gate, for the simple reason that he just can’t keep his big, fat, New York nose out of anything! It was stated on MSNBC today that women running for President have an inherent problem, polling shows that men will vote for someone that they don’t personally like if they agree with their positions, but if they don’t “like” a female candidate, their positions are unimportant, the man won’t vote for them. We’re already seeing this with Amy Klobuchar, with this nonsensical controversy over how tough of a boss she is on her staff. Nobody makes such a claim against a male candidate, unless sexual harassment is involved. Men are “driven,” women are just “nags.” And now we’re hearing that Klobuchar is too “nice” to run, […]
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Taking the “high road” is fine, but…

just remember one thing, the higher the road, the steeper the drop off at the edge of the shoulder. Everybody agrees, believing in God is a perfectly acceptable personal choice, but when do evangelicals become an insufferable pain in the ass? When they pull that “holier than thou” crap. Mike Pence is a perfect example, walking around so arrogant, so damn smug, that you’d swear that he has a sliver of the true cross encased in plastic hanging from a chain around his neck. I learned a hard lesson a few years ago, and being a rock headed Irishman, of course I had to learn it the hard way. It was the spring of 2016, and party primaries were kicking into gear all over the place. While you all know that I mainly worked the GOP primary side of the street, specifically the Presidential primary, I took keyboard in hand and did a candidate diary for the opponent of Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I don’t live in Florida, I live in Nevada. And I wasn’t a Bernie supporter either, but I was highly pissed that Wasserman Schultz had tried to put her finger on the scales for Hillary. I received several comments in the diary from Florida residents, politely, but firmly advising me to let actual constituents decide the issue, and keep my damn nose out of it. I haven’t done a primary candidate diary since. This is the problem that the national Democrats, especially the Presidential candidates are facing, and the tightrope that they have to walk in dealing with the Ralph Northam controversy in Virginia. The Democrats decided quite a while ago on a “zero tolerance” policy in dealing with Trump, a decision in which I totally agree. If you’re gonna talk-the-talk in regards to Trump’s misbehavior, you have to walk-the-walk with members of your own party, or risk being hypocrites. But remember, just because I believe in God doesn’t give me the right to dunk your head in a bucket of water to baptize and save your soul. National Security expert and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance summed the situation up rather bluntly on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday night, when he said, “I wish all of those people out there that are expressing ;black outrage; all of the time would try checking with actual black people once in a while.” His point was that, while the rest of America, including large swaths of white America, was baying for Northam’s political blood, a poll showed that a clear majority of African Americans in Virginia wanted Northam to remain as Governor.And when you come right down to it, shouldn’t the black constituents of Virginia be the ones who ultimately get to decide just how offended they are with Northam’s behavior, and what to do about him? The Democrats have already made their decision about “zero tolerance,” and I agree with it. Now the next step has to be deciding how to implement it. For a national office, the parameters are different. The Democrats were able to call the Republicans late-to-the-party on Steve King because they took swift action on members like John Conyers, Anthony Weiner, and Al Franken. And in the House and Senate, they can take steps like removal from committee assignments to make their […]

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