Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Joseph Murphy is a writer at Politizoom and a regular contributor to posts at Daily Sound and Fury. Email:

Trump’s closing argument to the country is, that he just doesn’t...

Closing arguments; The final statements of the plaintiff or prosecution and the defense to the jury before they commence deliberations towards a verdict Closing arguments. That’s exactly where we are right now. Both candidates have had more than 6 months to present their cases to the juries, they’ve each held their national conventions, giving them […]

Reality Has Finally Set In

If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. If I don’t win. Relax, my Alzheimer’s hasn’t finally taken over, and neither has my CRS. These were three separate days, six separate speeches at rallies, and one common statement. Psychologists and Psychiatrists, and all kinds of […]

The REAL Power Of Money

Money talks, and bullshit walks Yeah, but they also have completely different strides. And nowhere is that becoming more evident than in the almost incredible disparity of spending money between the Biden and Trump campaigns going into the last two weeks of the election. Just for starters. In the last 3 months in battleground Michigan, […]
Jamelle Bouie / Flickr ted cruz pauses...

You Know It’s Bad When The GOP’s Own Messaging Goes Defeatist

I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, and believe me, rich is better   Sophie Tucker No, this is not another pie-in-the-sky, exuberant article about Biden’s solid chances on November 3rd. I know when to take a break. What I am going to do tonight is to give you three direct quotes from various incumbent GOP […]

Just A Little Something To Look Forward To

Thank you Jesus! They have seen the light!   Jonas Farthingale   Leap Of Faith Just s little something that I wanted to share with you to brighten your day, and hopefully your mood. I know some of you are getting sick of my rosy outlook towards the result of the 2020 election, and I get that. […]

Will You Believe Me Now?

Time for a quick trip in the wayback machine. Only this time, we’re using the really close machine, since we’re only going back two years. Because it was only slightly more than two years ago when I wrote, in fairly short order, two articles that caused quite the scene. In fact, they got me called […]
Gage Skidmore / Flickr Mitch McConnell...

Back On The Radar Again

Kentucky woman…She get to know you…She gonna own you…Kentucky woman,…Kentucky woman   Neil Diamond   Kentucky woman I’ll admit it, I had pretty much written this one off. And it broke my heart to do so, since it had been one of my dream flips. On paper, Amy McGrath had it all. Sterling record as a decorated […]

In Florida, Biden Goes For The Kill Shot

A day after President Donald Trump went to Sanford, Florida, on the anniversary of Treyvon Martin’s murder, to host yet another super spreader event, Joe Biden showed up to set the record straight. And Biden was a man on a mission. Biden showed up to day to make his pitch, and in almost elegant poignant […]

For Trump, It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Do you know what I am?   Ugly all day!   Nicholas Cage   Con Air I love that quote, it’s one of my all time favorites. And it’s topical as well, since the way things are going, when it comes to Donald trump, the answer is Ugly all month. And better yet, it isn’t just Trump, it’s slamming the […]

The President And The Pandemic. 150 Days That Changed An Election.

If I only knew then what I know now I have been wanting to do this for a while. I’ve been living in the tenement slum of Trump’s head for 5 1/2 years now, and sadly, I’ve paid penthouse rent. But if you’re going to write about somebody for 5+ years, you have to actually […]

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