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Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy

Joseph "Murfster35" Murphy is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare-knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is the author of President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries and its sequel President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange. Murfster35 is a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.


I say yes, you say no. You ask why, I say I don’t know   The Beatles At its core, politics is a study in contrast. Just look at the Democratic primaries. You have two candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, allegedly from the same party, and sharing the same basic principles. Yet they each have a different vision as to how to accomplish those goals, and what the ultimate result should look like. It’s the same thing in national politics. You have the contrasting philosophies, and governing styles of two opposite parties. And boy, oh boy, in the current corona-virus you have a contrast that’s like the difference between a chili dog and a Chicago polish. And that’s something that the Democrats should be able to use going into November. On the Democratic side, you have Governors like Jay Inslee of Washington, with his wonky, black plastic rim glasses just like mine, spitting out data and science, and using it to fight the virus. You have Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, a woman who epitomizes the song Anything you can do, I can do better when it comes to female governance. And of course, there’s New York’s Andrew Cuomo, dispensing complete annihilation to offset Trump’s cheery bullshit. And on the other side? How about Abbot in Texas, whose official corona-virus response for months was Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Then there’s Kemp in Georgia, who finally took his head out of the Cat-in-the-Hat series long enough to realize that people who don’t look sick can spread the virus too! And of course, DeSantis in Florida, who honestly doesn’t give a shit what happens, because he has a first line to Glorious Bleater whenever he needs shit. And for dessert, there’s Mississippi’s lowlife Governor, whose official response to the corona-virus was Mississippi ain’t China. In response to which, China lifted their ban on religion long enough to yell Thank fucking God for that! and all around the country, other GOP Governors gleefully spouting off the fact free bullshit of Emperor Gluteus Maximus. If the 2018 midterms showed us nothing else, they showed that there is no longer a truly safe GOP seat. Kansas is a perfect example. Deep red Kansas elected a Governor that was going to revolutionize the state budget. He revolutionized it so much that school teachers were driving for Uber, and the deficit sinkhole he created will take years to back fill. The GOP responded by trying to elect an even dumber Twerp to replace him when he fled in the middle of the night, and today Kansas has a Democratic Governor, as well as a Native American, lesbian, MMA fighter lawyer in the House. 2018 was the canary in the coal  mine, and the GOP knows it. The red states are mostly southern, western, and rural. Democratic support is stacked in the urban areas, with GOP support spread throughout the rural areas. The problem there is that by their nature, rural areas don’t have a lot of people. The reason those states stay reliably red is because of a strong base of GOP support in middle and upper middle class white suburban and exurban voters. These are the exact same voters who fled the GOP in 20187, flipping the House, and putting a Democrat in the Governors mansion in Kansas. And these are the exact same voters who, in conjunction […]
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For Governors, The Next Battle Is Already Lost

I’m sure that most Governors are nice people. Their wants are simple, rent free housing in a mansion, chauffeur driven limousine, applause every time that they poke their heads out, and Super PAC dark money to tide them over between gigs. I’m no psychic, but I’m pretty sure that managing a brutal health care pandemic crisis wasn’t on their radar when they decided to run for Governor. Most certainly not a health care crisis they’re slogging through with an uncaring and largely unresponsive federal government. These people are trying to navigate a minefield without a stick to poke in the ground in front of them, and most of them are doing a heroic job. But as a consequence, while they are fighting the corona-virus tooth and nail, through no fault of their own they have already lost a battle that will haunt them long after the pandemic is over with. While they are fighting this fight, state Governors are burning through money like a drunken rock star. Obviously that is not the concern of the moment, as life takes precedence. But it is also something that is not immediately noticeable, for a simple reason. They are spending fiscal year 2020 money, money collected and allocated in 2019 by the state. But sooner or later fiscal 2020 is going to run out. For the sake of simplicity in this example, let’s just say that the coronavirus is a one-and-done. It burns itself out sometime in June, or early July, and does not make a reunion tour reappearance in the fall. By late July, some kind of normalcy will once again at least begin to settle back into most states, obviously with the worst effected ones lagging the furthest behind. Unfortunately, with very little time to even take a breath, many states are going to immediately be thrust back into another crisis, this one a financial crisis. Very few states fund a 1/1-12/31 fiscal calendar year. When the US congress comes back to work in September, they have to hammer out the fiscal budget for 2021 in the middle of an election year. And for most states, the fiscal budget process is when the economic hardships of the coronavirus will be most immediately felt. Most states generate operating revenue two ways, federal spending to the states, and tax revenue. Most federal income is assigned, block grants for Medicaid, education funding, infrastructure, housing assistance, that kind of thing. But normal state operating funds come from tax collection, state income tax, property taxes, sales tax, and gas tax. And that’s where the rub comes in. While the stay at home orders are in place, and while all non essential business are closed, it creates a severe hardship for people, but it is also creating a hardship for the states. People not getting paid are not paying state income taxes. Stores being closed means no sales tax revenue. And because nobody is driving back and forth to work, or making any other side trips for that matter, gas sales are down, which means a drop in revenue from the state gasoline sales tax. My adopted home state of Nevada is an interesting case study, although not typical. When we moved to Vegas, I was shocked. Nevada has no state income tax, Illinois had a hefty one. Nevada […]
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Trump DOJ Quashed Criminal Opioid charges Against Walmart

One of my favorite go to sites, Propublica, has a bombshell new report out. On a Tuesday just before Halloween in 2018 a delegation of senior officials from Texas, including the US Attorney for the eastern district of Texas paid a little call on acting DEA head Uttam Dhillon. It seems that they had a little Walmart problem where the dispensing of opioids was concerned. The first thing that they did was to lay their cards on the table. It was voluminous, and damning. They started out with reports and concerns from various Walmart pharmacists themselves; There Rattan laid out the evidence. Opioids dispensed by Walmart pharmacies in Texas had killed customers who had overdosed. The pharmacists who dispensed those opioids had told the company they didn’t want to fill the prescriptions because they were coming from doctors who were running pill mills. They pleaded for help and guidance from Walmart’s corporate office. Walmart pharmacists in Texas were flat out advising the corporate offices that they either suspected, or knew that large numbers of prescriptions they were filling were coming from questionable sources, and asking permission to decline to gill. And it wasn’t just in Texas either. The company was getting requests for guidance from states like Kansas, Maine, North Carolina and Washington as well as other states. Tactics and proof was provided in the complaints; One Walmart employee warned about a Florida doctor who had a “list of patients from Kentucky that have been visiting pharmacies in all of central Wisconsin recently.” That doctor had sent patients to Walmarts in more than 30 other states. The response from Walmart’s corporate compliance office was as predictable as the sunset. Pharmacists were forbidden to blanket refuse to fill prescriptions from any single doctor, and were told to consider individual prescriptions on a case-by-vase basis. In an internal Walmart memo obtained by prosecutors, the compliance office said that when considering opioid matters, focus should be on driving profits. According to people who were in the room, when the prosecutors completed their presentation, Dhillon leaned back in his chair, and breathed out. Jesus Christ! Why aren’t we talking about this as a criminal complaint? And therein lay the rub. Several months earlier, Rattan had informed Walmart that they were preparing to indict the company on multiple charges of violating the Controlled Substances Act. Walmart’s response there was just as predictable as the sunrise the next morning. Rather than try to explain themselves, or mount a defense, they immediately appealed to Trump’s Department of Justice in Washington DC, with what should be just as predictable of a result; Before the Texas prosecutors could file their case, however, Walmart escalated concerns to high-ranking officials at the DOJ, who then intervened. Brown was ordered to stand down. On Aug. 31, 2018, Trump officials officially informed Walmart that the DOJ would decline to prosecute the company, according to a letter from Walmart’s lawyer that lays out the chronology of the case. That’s why the Texas federal prosecutors were in Washington in the first damn place, trying desperately to resuscitate their criminal case. After the preliminary positive response from the DEA, their next stop was a conference room at Main Justice. and the indomitable Rod Rosenstein. Once again they laid out their case in meticulous detail, and assured Rosenstein that this was not a “show […]
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KellyAnne Conway Jabs At Joe Biden For Not Supporting Trump On...

You know, it’s almost getting to be the standard to lead off every article on the Trump administration with the admonition You can’t make this shit up. Trump’s lead Legal counsel, KellyAnne Conjob appeared, where else?, but FUX and Friends to take yet another slap at Joe Biden. We’ll ignore for the moment the fact that if she was sitting in her office in the White House, or on the clock, this is her 6,579th violation of the Hatch Act. She took to the airwaves to whine about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s lack of support for the president’s efforts on fighting the corona-virus I think it’s really disappointing to have President Obama’s number two, who apparently doesn’t talk much to him, out there criticizing instead of saying, hey, here’s what we did that we thought was effective,” I don’t know, I’m starting to run out of superlatives to use when describing this workshop of broken and misfit toys. And it’s kind of hard to take Cruella de Conway seriously when her lord and master has spent the last three year demolishing every single thing that Biden’s old boss did that actually worked. But the Queen of Grievance wasn’t quite finished yet; Why doesn’t Vice President Biden call the White House today and offer some support? He’s in his bunker in Wilmington, and I have to tell you we’re not talking about politics here at the White House at all. We’re talking about ventilators and vaccines, not Biden and Bernie. First of all, politics is all that they talk about in the White House. Trump’s approval ratings and reelection drive every decision, not the public good. And second, Conway’s disappointed sob story take on a truly rich texture of hypocrisy and bullshit when you put it into the proper context. It was in one of the interminable and insufferable daily press briefings last week when President Trump was asked whether he had contacted any of the remaining living presidents for their counsel and advice. Trump’s reply? No, I didn’t. I didn’t. Because there’s nothing that they could teach me. Now, to be fair, which is a foreign concept to Conway, Biden has repeatedly stated that he does not hold Trump responsible for the corona-virus itself, that wasn’t his creation. But what he does hold Trump responsible for is the inept and pathetic initial response to the virus, which has made things much worse than they needed to be. So, let’s summarize. Trump’s talking empty head hits the airwaves of the Trump Ministry of Propaganda to bemoan the fact that the political opponent who wants to take Trump’s job isn’t standing outside the White House gates in a cheerleaders costume, waving pom-poms, and sending Kim Jong Un style love letters to Trump on how to deal with the virus. All of this already knowing that Trump has already said that he wouldn’t take advice from Biden’s former boss, because there’s nothing that Obama can teach him. Good news for all of you Roger Rabbit fans out there. Toontown is alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A […]
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If You SIGN Emergency War Powers, Then USE The F*cking Thing!

You know, for a guy who spent the first half of his life trying to be seen as the ultimate Zeus of the real estate world, and who then spent 13 years as a comic strip character whose tag line was You’re Fired!, and who even today continues to confuse executive orders with imperial fiats, the great Emperor Knucklus Draggus sure seems to have a problem coming to grips with legitimate power and it’s use. More than three months late, Daddy’s widdle man finally got around to signing an emergency war powers declaration, and he’s not letting anybody forget it. For at least an hour a day, he stands behind a podium bragging about the incredible national juggernaut he has created, and throwing out production numbers that have the same reality driven values as his income tax returns. If all of this pie-in-the-sky bullshit is true, then I have one simple question for Moronicus Maximus. Howcomewhaforwhy are Governors, Mayors, clinics and hospitals still crying like newborns for critical supplies? And they are. Hourly. The reason can be found in three little words. Supply. And. Demand. God knows that the demand is there, all conveniently filled out in triplicate. But it is the manufacturers and suppliers who still control the shipping. And you show me any company, regardless of how much they’re producing, who doesn’t want top dollar for as much of it as they can sell. Ergo, you end up with states not only bidding against each other, you have them bidding against other countries! And even manufacturers and suppliers who want to act as honest brokers are running up against a brick wall. And they are putting their problem very cogently and succinctly. It goes something like this; As hard as we’re trying, we simply do not have the skill, training, or statistical knowledge to be able to determine need in order to ship out the products in the most efficient manner possible. It takes the government to do that. Yep, there ya go, it’s that goddamn gubbmint guy again ma! These companies are being besieged on a daily basis by requests, pleas, and threats, all of them sound desperate and sincere, and these companies have absolutely no idea of how to prioritize those requests to surge their shipments to where they are needed the most. And they are 100% correct, especially under the Emergency War Powers Act, that distribution responsibility beings to the government. The problem is, that just like everything else in his wasted life, Trump used the War Powers Act half assed. He ordered the ramping up or production, and cross manufacture of critical items, but he left the supply chain up to the producers, and that is flat out wrong! If the government is ordering the production, then the government becomes the customer. The government takes responsibility for shipping the supplies produced on to the end users, in this case states, cities and hospitals. The easiest way to do that is to supply the maker with a list of customers and the amounts they will receive. It’s not like this is some kind of newfangled contraption that needs to be figured out. Last century we had a little dust up called World War II. The government ordered the ramp up of steel and aluminum to 24 hour shifts. The production of screws, […]

Why now, Mr President?

You know, in the daily farce that passes for a corona-virus update from the Trump administration, after the Sermon On The Mount from Mike “The My Pillow Guy” Lindell, a human being so ridiculous that he was immortalized repeatedly by Stephen Colbert on Our Cartoon President, Trump stunned me, and said something that actually sounded serious and honest. He said that given the severity of the crisis, 100-200,000 casualties from the corona-virus was possible, due to the administrations heroic efforts. Now he just has to explain how this is possible. The corona-virus broke out in China. The initial response was totally botched by a corrupt, moribund bureaucratic structure overseen by politicians, more intent on controlling the spread by stealth, while party leaders continued to insist that it was localized, contained, and not a real crisis. The virus broke through the containment like a 4 wheeler through a puddle. before jumping to different countries like fleas in a kennel. The United States is not China. In so many ways, the United States is not China, but the most important way in which the United States is not China is that there is no way on God’s green earth that we should have been caught off guard by the spread of this virus in the US. We all saw it coming. We saw it break out in China, move on to South Korea, Japan, and Europe. Scientific data started appearing, information on the method and rate of spread. Countries started using different methods to attempt to first contain, and then to mitigate the spread. And we had a front row seat to the whole thing. In these daily shit show briefings, Trump is now proudly starting to tout the numbers, the incredible increase in the manufacture and distribution of masks, surgical gowns, protective shields, and other gear to protect the front line doctors and nurses, as well as hospital construction, and medical equipment. Personally, given the veracity of the Trump administration, I take every number I hear from them with a cow lick sized grain of salt. But Trump loves to tout those numbers daily now, to show the might of the American response, and his powerful leadership. But even if all of the numbers are true, it still begs a two word question, Why now? We all knew this was coming, and watched it play out in real time. We saw the incredibly rapid spread of the virus, not only geographically, but in terms of intensity and infection. Early in the crisis, we saw places like Italy become swamped, caught totally off guard by the speed of infection, leading to a critical shortage of personal protective equipment for medical staff, and a sudden shortage of beds in which to treat patients. We saw it all coming. Why now? We all saw this coming, and knew without a doubt that it was coming here. If you had just paid attention, listened, and done the damn job, you could have signed the Emergency War Powers proclamation in the second or third week, when it was still raging in Europe and Asia. And guess what? We would have already had millions of surgical masks, gowns, face shields, and gloves, packed in boxes and ready to ship within hours to where they were needed. General Semonite of the Army Corps of Engineers bragged that […]

Restart The Debates!

The Bully Pulpit. That’s what the President has every single time he sits in the Oval Office in front of a camera, or steps behind the podium. Whenever the president gives an address, briefing or update, it is national news, and carried nationwide at his request, with network approval. You can’t buy this kind of free airtime. As with everything else in his pathetic, misbegotten life, Trump repeatedly blundered his use of the bully pulpit, especially during the corona-virus pandemic. Trump’s early press briefings were a nightmare scenario for the administration. Trump blubbered and bungled his way through an hour of free association gobbleygook and outright lies, which the media gleefully skewered. But while they were slow and clumsy to respond to the crisis, slowly but painfully the administration is beginning to have numbers that they can point to as positive accomplishments in their response to the virus. Which unchecked makes Trump falsely look in control and presidential. The Democrats are at a major disadvantage in this media battle. Speaker Pelosi can take to the airwaves to announce a new Democratic bill or program to help the American people, and take a pot shot or two at His Lowness, but Pelosi isn’t running for president. And neither Bernie nor Biden can hold public rallies or speeches with which to generate any media buzz, and turn the heat up on El Pendejo Presidente. But unless I went into a selective coma, as far as I know, Bernie Sanders is still in the race. And there are still primaries to be held. Pick a state with an upcoming primary, pick a site and a date, and hold a closed door, nationally televised debate. Just because people nationwide are in lockdown doesn’t mean that the Democrats don’t have to pick a presidential candidate, nor that the primaries are over. Besides, with a nation in lockdown, television ratings for a prime time debate should be nice and high. Start with one about the coronavirus. Obviously the entire thing can’t devolve into Trump bashing. But each candidate can start by going into detail about Trump’s response, then highlight how their response would have differed, and what the possible differing outcome would have been. They can each lay out what their own plan of action going forward would be if they were President, and compare it to Trump’s hodgepodge response. And I have no problem with either candidate drawing out legitimate differences with each other, after all, this is a debate. The next one could be on the economic crisis. Again, they can start out by graphically depicting Trump’s abysmal failure of common sense and leadership, and then parry with what they would have done, but more importantly, what their plan is going forward, again juxtaposing with Trump’s feeble bleatings. These could be held at least once a month, preferably every two weeks, as long as eligible states were still out there. This would give the Democrats a more equal footing in responding to the craven nonsense we’re getting out of these daily briefings. There’s one more thing that the Democrats can do to even the playing field a little more. This is just a personal observation, but from where I’m sitting, Mike the “My Pillow Guy” is a total flaming asshole. For three years now he’s gone around the […]

Trump’s Initial Response Killed His Vaunted Economy

The old saying is that You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, looking back, even at this early point, I think we can coin a new adage for dealing with a pandemic, You never get a second chance for a first response. Trump’s initial response was the worst imaginable, and not only are we paying for it now, but the economy will be paying for it much longer than it needed to. Top Obama economic adviser, Austan Goolsby, who helped navigate our way through the 2009 financial crisis did a brilliant takedown of Trump’s fatal flaw in his initial response, and used a graphic example to make his point. He pointed out that in a normal economic downturn, the desired course of action was to try to get as much money flowing back into the economy as possible. But this is not a normal economic downturn. Goolsby pointed out that in this instance, the underlying economy, while under pressure, was basically stable. In this crisis, what suddenly dropped out of the economy wasn’t money, it was consumers and workers, and the key to getting the economy back up and running as quickly as possible was to get workers and consumers back out and into the economy as quickly as possible. In his initial, egocentric response that all was well in the Land of Oz because The Chosen One was at the helm, Trump screwed up three ways. First, because Trump, as well as the entire GOP’s immediate, knee jerk reaction to any crisis is to doubt and ridiculre the science, Trump downplayed the potential seriousness of the crisis to this country for weeks. And in doing so, he cost this country weeks of time to accumulate the most precious commodity required to successfully fight the pandemic. As Austan Goolsby showed in his comparative example, the early key to fighting the pandemic was testing, testing, testing! Goolsby pointed out that in their early days of infectious spread, the South Koreans pretty much tested everything that had a pulse, and only quarantined those that were infected! As a result of minimizing the spread of the infection through effective quarantine, South Korea has not had to go through the massively disruptive quarantine that the US is going through. Workers not infected are able to go to work, and stores remain open. And while South Korea’s economy is nothing to write home about during this crisis, it hasn’t fallen off of the edge of the earth the way ours has. Trump’s infantile denial that any serious infectious outbreak could occur here meant that literally weeks were lost when effective tests could have been mass produced and distributed under the Emergency War Powers Act, making it possible for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to effectively identify, isolate, and quarantine anyone who tested positive for infection at the initial point of contact, without releasing them back into the general population again until they were safe. Trump’s self denial, along with his preoccupation with trying to con Wall Street, cost the country the opportunity for effective containment of the disease. But Trump made another error in his initial response, following his failure to provide adequate testing to control the outbreak, and it had a catastrophic effect. Trump lives for the chance to play the part of a pocket Caesar, and nothing gives him […]

Cutting Trump’s “Lifeline”

I want it all. I want it all. I want it all. And I want it now   Queen   I want it all I Recently I wrote an article in which I said that the safest and easiest way to write the emergency stimulus bill was to use one of the GOP’s favorite tricks against them. For every dollar that went into the GOP corporate Easter basket, one went into a public driven source as well. And actually, the Democrats did a pretty good job of forcing the GOP to divvy up the pot about as well as you could expect. As we all know, Donald Trump is the most mercenary human being ever to befoul the planet. Trump would gladly spend the rest of his days running around the Caribbean, digging for pirate booty, if it weren’t for the unfortunate fact that physical labor is involved in that pursuit. That being said, anybody who actually believes that His Lowness would allow $500 billion to just slosh around without diving into the oil should seek professional help at once. Fortunately for all concerned, this isn’t the Democrats first time through the spin cycle. Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulled the brilliant tactic of threatening to put out the House’s own emergency stimulus bill, which would bog down the process through reconciliation. This threat forced McConnell and the GOP to accept some very unwanted restrictions, such as a 5 man bipartisan oversight committee for the corporate slush fund, overseen by the Treasury Department Inspector General, and if I read the reports right, made Trump and his businesses ineligible to wallow around in the lagoon. Let’s be clear. For many years now, His Lowness has made a lot of his money from branding, he doesn’t actually own the building, fools pay him great gobs of money to slap his stupid name on it. Most of the properties he actually owns, both commercial and residential are mortgaged to the hilt. And the schlock palace hotels and resorts that he does own have been bleeding green since he took office, as shown by David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post on his way to a Pulitzer prize. Obviously, this kind of stonewall makes Moronicus Maximus a bird of extremely ruffled plumage. Fortunately, since the powers of El Pendejo Presidente are basically limitless, at least according to Tubby the Ewok, this really doesn’t present much of a problem. Covidiot-45 just came right out and said that he doesn’t consider the bipartisan panel as legitimate oversight, so he and the Munchkin man will just be ignoring it. Problem solved. Except maybe not. See, the problem is, regardless of what Tubby says, the president’s job is to enforce the laws, not to interpret them. Laws are expected to be applied as they are written. If there’s a constitutional question involved, then that’s when the courts step in, and adjudicate the matter. And that’s exactly where the Democrats go, using one of the GOP’s favorite, and time tested and approved tactics against them. The minute that Mnuchin tries to dispense so much as one dollar from that slush fund, to anybody, without oversight approval, the Democrats in the House run straight into court, and get a temporary restraining order shutting down the entire slush fund distribution process pending court review. And once they get that TRO, Trump and Mnuchin are fucked. Sideways. The court battle will stretch out past election day, […]

Cats In A Sack

God, I love it when they eat their young!   Murfster35 A crisis is the ultimate test of leadership. It’s also the most difficult to navigate, because it is normally unplanned and unexpected, it can spin off madly in all different directions, and every action taken is magnified, because a single misstep can have the most grave consequences. But it’s also the single most important reason why we elect our officials. And in this crisis, the difference between Democrats and Republicans in terms of leadership is as vast as the difference between sushi and a tuna salad sandwich. Those differences are being played out in the most public way possible, in the lead up to an election that will determine not only the White House, but likely also control of the Senate, based on leadership. Since day one, the Democrats have had their shit together, both at the state and federal level. As the first state to get hit, Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee had to plot uncharted territory, and did the best job possible. In Washington DC, the Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seized the day. In rapid succession, Pelosi drafted, voted on, and passed two emergency funding bills to start the battle in earnest, and in each put in things that infuriated Ditch McConnell, but that he was powerless to strip out, and that Trump had to sign. And when McConnell and Mnuchin tried to put in a “”no-look” corporate giveaway in the stimulus bill, the Democrats made sure there was oversight to put limits on the largesse. If there is one thing that the Democrats have been, from the state level to the national level, it is unified. From day one it was the Democrats who, at both levels, sounded the alarm and begged for proactive preparation. Every request, demand, and bill that the Democrats have crafted have been focused on the emergency response, and the people most effected, and they’ve made damn sure that everybody knows it. On the Republican side, there has been no leadership whatsoever, which should surprise no one. From day one, Trump has been purely ornamental, you half expect him to spread his arms, lift one leg behind him, and have water come shooting out of his mouth. This is why McConnell has been able to do nothing but pass judges, Trump refuses to give him even an inkling of an actual agenda to move on. Trump has spent three years bellowing out This is the song that never ends while his GOP caucus joined the singalong. This is the cats in a sack part, and I am so loving it. The GOP is incapable of leading, and they know it. They had the House, the Senate, and the White House for two years, and could accomplish nothing but a corporate tax cut giveaway. But Trump is the President, so the GOP is in charge, and everybody is watching, and looking to them for leadership. And they’re wilting under the heat. The GOP has a problem, they can’t turn on Trump, sp they’re turning on each other instead. Without directly criticizing Trump, GOP .Governors are making it clear that they don’t give a fat rats ass what Trump says, they’ll lift their state restrictions when they’re damn good and ready. When the emergency stimulus bill passed the House […]

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