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The Price To Pay For A Rush Job: New Corroborating Witness Comes Forward

The ultimate outcome of the rush job of pushing the vote of Brett Kavanaugh through the confirmation process without exploring all avenues will be the slow leak of new corroborating evidence.  Or maybe it won’t be so slow.  Blasey Ford’s legal team has already released a statement from her friend Keith Koegler, who provided an […]

Trump Describes How He And Kim Jong Un “Fell In Love”

Well, it’s been done. After seeing this you HAVE seen it all.  Please get your affairs in order since there is nothing left.  At a rally in West Virginia, Donald Trump demonstrated that there is no limit to the depth to which he will sink to appease his base, which laps up everything he says […]

Obama Saddened That Kavanaugh Did Not Blame Him

This was taken directly from the column of the master satirist, Andy Borowitz, in the New Yorker.  We’ve all had a hell of a week watching the Kavanaugh train wreck unfold and sometimes it helps to see some humor in it – and Horowitz is the best at providing just that.  Hope you enjoy!   […]

Brett Kavanaugh Is The H-Word According To Nancy Pelosi

The one thing that has struck me most about the Kavanaugh hearings was not that the good ol’ boys club backed him up (since we knew that was coming, didn’t we?) but that the headlines weren’t plastered with the obvious.  Kavanaugh was described as many things, but never as hysterical. That word has been (until […]

Democratic Senators Walk Out Of Kavanaugh Confirmation In Protest

As Chuck Grassley started the confirmation process by attempting to re-write of history, and it became clear that the Republicans have every intention of voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, Democratic senators of the Judiciary Committee simply started to walk out. Watch here as they walk out while Grassley is speaking: The four Democratic senators who walked […]

Want To See What An Aggressive, Entitled Teen Looks Like At 53? Just Watch Kavanaugh’s Hearing

Kavanaugh, who portrayed himself in high dramatic fashion on Thursday made it easier to picture him as the aggressive, entitled teen who goes to rapey drinking parties and gets upset when, years later, someone musters up enough courage to talk about it.… It was more than a little surreal to see the composed federal […]

Mushroom Dick Jr. Gets Slapped On Twitter

Looks like someone let Donald Trump Jr. out again, and it didn’t go well for Junior.  In response to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s recent opinion, which attempts to cast doubt on the latest allegation of sexual misconduct concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Junior went to Twitter to voice his support of Graham’s ‘solid point’. Lindsay Graham, after a woman […]

Paul Gosar’s Siblings Attack Him in TV Ad Endorsing His Rival For Congress

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar will likely not be attending Thanksgiving with his extended family this year.  Or any year, for that matter.  That’s because six of his siblings just released a television ad to endorse his rival for Congress, Democrat David Brill. It opens with “Grace, rural physician”, declaring, “Paul Gosar the congressman isn’t doing anything to […]

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