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Alan Dershowitz Makes Himself A Laughing Stock w/New Interpretation of James...

I don’t know if there is a writing genre called “legal fantasy” but if there would be, Alan Dershowitz would be it’s premiere man of letters. He bends and twists the law in ways that are exercises in imagination and creative writing far more than they are legal analysis and commentary. On his latest outing in his quixotic quest to defend Donald Trump from impeachment, in a Wall Street Journal op/ed, Dershowitz goes over constitutional impeachment provisions and the phrases “high crimes and misdemeanors” and he concludes that members of Congress should be “reasonable and conscientious” in applying the words. So far so good. Then he goes south. Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg: But he goes badly wrong when he tries to interpret the phrase in a way that immunizes Trump. “As for the allegations against President Trump, obstruction of justice is plainly a high crime, but a president cannot commit it by exercising his constitutional authority to fire or pardon, regardless of his motive.” Dershowitz may be referring to the firing of James Comey or to reports that Trump has promised pardons for aides if they break laws while following his orders. Or he may merely be establishing the principle that Trump can’t have committed an impeachable act of obstruction while exercising his constitutional powers. But that can’t be right. James Madison said during the Virginia ratifying convention that the Constitution provided “one security” against a president who urged a crime and then pardoned it: impeachment and removal. […] He proceeds to issue another grant of immunity, which also falls apart under scrutiny. “Neither is it a crime to conduct foreign policy for partisan or personal advantage,” he writes, “a common political sin with no limiting principle capable of being applied in a neutral manner.” (While he never gives specifics, Dershowitz is clearly saying Trump should not be impeached for pushing Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.) […] The question Dershowitz raises, then, is whether our reasonable and conscientious member of Congress should hesitate to vote against a president for conducting foreign policy for personal advantage because it requires making a judgment – because it necessitates acting on a standard that cannot be articulated in the mechanical way we would ideally want a legal rule to be. This is where Dershowitz gets in and twists and turns his legal argument every which way, not with the ideal of figuring out exactly what the Constitution says and how it should be applied, which is what any legitimate lawyer, let alone legal scholar would do. No, Dershowitz is looking, once again, to use the Constitution as fodder to go on Fox News and spin, for the sole purpose of exculpating Trump and keeping him in power. I recommend that you read both Dershowitz’ Wall Street Journal op/ed and the Bloomberg critique, both linked to herein, in their entirety. Then you will once again ask yourself the $64,000 question: How did a once reknowned and respected legal scholar degenerate to these depths and become the lackey of one such as Donald Trump? This is an issue that I have researched in depth and believe that I have the answer to and that is the substance of the rest of this piece. As time has passed, Dershowitz has joined a posse of Trump-serving advocates who have abandoned objective truth […]

The Stunning Saga Of How A Civil Liberties Icon Came To...

Beyond the enduring shame of the long-term relationship Dershowitz had with Jeffrey Epstein that has tainted him, another puzzling relationship has emerged in recent years–his indefatigably aggressive defense of Donald Trump. Even Trump’s messaging spills from Dershowitz’ lips, like “witch hunt” and “perjury trap.” Right-wing Trump sycophant, Sean Hannity, has Dershowitz as a regular guest. As Hannity told him on Fox, “You have more people like Sean Hannity that you are more aligned with on civil liberties.” Rush Limbaugh has said, “I don’t know what happened to Professor Dershowitz… but whatever it is, I like it.” Dershowitz sounds more and more like Trump’s endless apologist, the ever eyebrow-raising Kellyanne Conway. With Conway’s mindless and incredibly biased defenses of Trump, Dershowitz is, and should be, disgraced by the legitimate comparison. Dershowitz has carried his pro-Trump, anti-Mueller banner to every talk show where he can get an audience. Two of his favorite forums are Fox, especially Hannity, and The View because they coddle him and show him great deference. Given the length of this article, it will be presented in two segments. In Dershowitz’ endless public appearances on any forum that will give him airtime, his statements and “authoritative” conclusions, which he expects viewers to take as gospel, reveal that his reasoning is strained, biased and ignores any laws or compelling Constitutional arguments that don’t fit his narrative. In this section, his inferior Constitutional arguments in defense of Trump will be addressed. Dershowitz is not a Constitutional scholar, far from it.  His Constitutional arguments will be contrasted with those of America’s greatest Constitutional scholar, Professor Lawrence Tribe of the Harvard Law School faculty. His shameless abandonment of his previous protection of civil liberties will be exposed. In section two, to be published tomorrow, Dershowitz’ extreme bias in favor of Trump will be explained and a highly plausible answer will be provided  to the question that many commentators have asked: What has happened to this long-time liberal Democrat? Trump’s Scandal in the Ukraine There is much to be addressed, but the current and important matter of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President requires attention. Trump, himself, released an initially redacted transcript of his telephonic conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky, the new President of the Ukraine. Since the transcript’s initial release, the unredacted version has been obtained by Congress. Both the substance of the conversation and the context, the juxtaposition of Trump’s comments, are significant. First, the Trump administration delayed release of over $300 million in military aid to the Ukraine. As the conversation between the two leaders began, Zelensky raised the fact that his country needed the aid. Trump immediately asked Zelensky for his help, a “favor.” The logical conclusion for the Ukrainian President was that the military aid was tied to the favor. Michael Cohen, in his most recent testimony in Congress, stated that Trump is careful not to make explicit demands that could be used against him, but he gets his point across. Cohen has had years of experience working for Trump and understood the meaning of Trump-speak. Trump threatens by clear implication. Trump went on to reveal his agenda for the call. He urged Zelensky to “look into” Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter, who had worked for a Ukrainian gas company. Trump’s second agenda item was CrowdStrike, a California-based cybersecurity […]

“There Is No Room For Emotion In Espionage.” Was Jeffrey Epstein...

Very powerful people have been squirming since Epstein was charged a second time for sex trafficking under-age girls–at least until he conveniently died. Enough has leaked to cause  havoc in Buckingham Palace, complete with abject denials and outrage. Two American Presidents are under suspicion. Multiple elements of the rich and powerful are yet unnamed but hideously vulnerable. The Epstein scandal is the most widely exposed and most likely pervasive sex trafficking case in memory, yet just how far-reaching it is may never come to light. Many questions may never be answered. The Sting First, were Epstein’s decades-long sex parties and orgies with under-age girls just his own perversion or was it a well-orchestrated blackmail scheme designed to create leverage on political leaders and the fabulously wealthy power elite? No matter how much of a sex-craving pervert Epstein may have been, how many young girls would one man need to satisfy his erotic, kinky desires? A pedophile keeps his disgusting deeds to himself. He doesn’t brag about them with anyone else unless he is  enticing others with his openness to enjoy their perverted fantasies with him, feeling safe in an environment where they were all secret participants together. It is not possible that these well-planned sexual adventures, at the expense of manipulated young girls, did not have devious purposes. The cameras and microphones in his residences are, alone, ample evidence of that. Epstein hired multiple recruiters to find dozens of under-age girls, often desperate and homeless victims. Epstein would have many girls for his guests to choose from, plenty of “young pussy” as they would likely comment, as disgusting as that is to say. A number of victims have said that these events were well choreographed and others were certainly involved in the planning and preparation of these parties. No, Epstein had devious motives for these extravagant gatherings. It has been reported that some of Epstein’s wealthy “friends” contributed to his “foundation” offshore. Blackmail to gain money is the kind of blackmail that most of us understand, but money is not the only possible motivation. Influence among powerful people is a major motivation for such an operation. Based on what we know today, this was a well-financed and elaborate blackmail scheme. The remaining question is–for whose benefit? Alex Acosta, disgraced as he already is, was a stone liar, at least to the American public. Exposed for lying to the public, he had previously told a Trump vetting team that Epstein was with “intelligence.” During Acosta’s appearance before Congressional committees before his appointment as Secretary of Labor, he did not state that he was told that intelligence was involved with Epstein. Hard to trust anything from a characterless liar, but his intelligence explanation has a ring of truth to it. Along with Les Wexner, Epstein has been reported to have long-term connections to the CIA, going back to the 1980’s with Southern Air Transport, a CIA business involved in transporting arms to the Contras during the Iran-Contra controversy. The airline moved from Little Rock, Arkansas to Columbus, Ohio, the location of Les Wexner’s residence and corporate headquarters. Reports have alleged that Wexner and Epstein also had connections to Mossad. It is entirely possible that the CIA and Mossad were involved in the scam. Epstein “Suicide” I addressed the death of Epstein in the Politizoom […]

Alan Dershowitz Didn’t Get To The Dark Side By Himself, Jeffrey...

Legacy in Ashes: Part I Alan Dershowitz “I kept my underwear on.” – Alan Derschowitz: A  precipitous fall from grace for a respected law professor, legal scholar and prolific author to a diminished publicity hound who is shunned on Martha’s Vineyard, disparaged by relatives, severely criticized by Harvard colleagues, trashed on social media under the hashtag #creepyDershowitz and recently defensively protested his innocence in sex with underage girls at the mansions of sex slave trafficker, Jeffery Epstein, with the public statement “I kept my underwear on”– a repulsive word-picture, indeed. Who would have expected a formerly revered scholar to be reduced to that plaintive defense? Alan Dershowitz did not grow up in a wealthy family nor in an affluent community.  He grew up in Brooklyn and attended Brooklyn College. His academic discipline and high intellect enabled him to excel. He graduated first in his class from Yale Law School and held the prestigious position of Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Law Journal.  At 28 years old he was the youngest full Professor at Harvard Law School. Professor Dershowitz has  authored many books and legal articles over his career. Known for his scholarly mind and accolades received for his work by those who are familiar with him, he has been held in high esteem. He has long championed civil liberties and proudly professes that he is often controversial, challenging the thinking of others. More recently, however, he has been asked, what happened to you?  Why have you changed? His self-absorbed answer is that he hasn’t changed, the people who are so critical of him have changed. He disparages Americans who are too left leaning, politically. In his view, he is the same old Alan, a beacon of light to civil liberties, frequently comparing himself to a doctor or priest. Really?  When he looks in the mirror, he sees the ultimate knight in shining armor, a characterization he would likely embrace. Somewhere along the line, Dershowitz became more enamored with being a celebrity than a professor.  Although he states without data that 50% of his representation of clients has been pro bono, without payment for people who cannot afford counsel, other clients are more informative. He leveraged his Harvard credentials, in 1982, gaining a highly visible, fabulously wealthy and newsworthy client, Claus von Bulow, a Danish-British aristocrat who had been convicted of killing his heiress wife, Martha von Bulow. Dershowitz got Bulow’s conviction overturned and he was acquitted upon retrial. News on the von Bulow case was everywhere in the media. Dershowitz, personally, received great publicity and followed up with a book about his success, “Reversal of Fortune.” Dershowitz had become a celebrity. Although Professor Dershowitz was financially comfortable, by most people’s standards, visiting von Bulow at his expensive and well-adorned New York residence, gave Dershowitz a glimpse at serious wealth.  Some colleagues on the Harvard Law School faculty  who knew Dershowitz well saw how drawn he was to the very wealthy and very famous. Dershowitz went on to become involved in many high publicity cases involving wealthy defendants: Reverend Jim Baker, who was convicted of defrauding parishioners. Leona  Helmsley, heiress to the Helmsley fortune, who was convicted of tax fraud. O.J. Simpson, perhaps the most publicized murder trial in our lifetime, where he was an appellate adviser (should the case have to be appealed). Although he said on The View that he won […]

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