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Jason Miciak

Jason Miciak is an author and attorney who splits his time between the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Pacific Northwest. He has a wife, daughter and the most self-centered and smug dog to ever walk the Earth. Miciak's novels use science fiction to explore themes of morality and our current political environment.
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Trump Insanity: Retweets CT Linking Clinton and Esptein Suicide

Yes, he did. Trump retweeted a Twitter post from an unknown actor which espoused a worthless and non-existent Clinton link to Epstein’s death. The United States’ president continues to descend to levels of insanity never before contemplated  coming from that office. He remains a clear threat to the nation’s security. This president has sufficient spare time, to peruse the Twitter gutter because, apparently, that’s where “the good stuff” in his mind resides. It provides an outlet for his sick fascination and hatred for a man and woman who openly espouse their disdain for him. Died of SUICIDE on 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH ? Yeah right! How does that happen#JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised#EpsteinSuicide #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily — Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) August 10, 2019 If Trump can be manipulated this easily, what can specialists within the Russian military do? Furthermore, the charges against Epstein originated within the United States Justice Department. The Epstein matter was, and certainly still is, an ongoing federal investigation. It used to be unheard of for a president to comment on an ongoing investigation, especially one that touches upon a person known to have prior associations with that president. Trump has now normalized it. Yesterday, we writers on this site certainly did note that many powerful people had reason to want Epstein silenced forever. We noted the strange fact that he went from suicide watch to a  – seemingly – suicide-able cell in only two weeks. We wondered aloud if someone had gotten to Epstein. But, we emphasized strongly that we were speculating. None of us linked any specific name to such a heinous act. Nor are we president of the United States, with an obligation to responsibly follow a higher decorum. We are only one day out from the death that caused ripples across the world. What will he do next? It could be anything. **** Peace, y’all. Jason    

On Dogs, Snake Bites, Chance and Cornering With Life

Permit me the self-indulgence, it is the weekend. This is an altered version of a post from last year, one received so well it moved me deeply. Jason **** Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller I might add: “Or it could end up biting you. I got a life lesson not long ago, one that I won’t forget, and I guess I felt the need to share, because it applies to all of us. Ferris had it right. Life does move fast, and though one need to stop and look around, that isn’t always an option. In some instances “looking around” might come back to bite you, Ferris might say “you also best learn to corner pretty fast.” As most of you have come to know, I live in the deep south. When I say “deep,” I mean one could walk the distance needed to get deeper and then drown. We live fifty miles form the Gulf Coast, in … please bear with me, Mississippi. We moved down here from the Northwest, my beloved Northwest, Washington, to be precise. We could practically walk to my other love, Canada, the place of my birth. My beloved wife (lotta love in my life) is from Mississippi, her grandmother lives here. Granny is 87 now and near wheel chair bound. She, has no one anymore and was all alone. I loved the Northwest, I love her more. And so it was that I found myself in charge of managing her massive property. We are certainly not suffering, giant house, and her place is 160 acres of pure beauty. I manage the timber, and keep a few acres around the home gorgeous. It is not hard. In particular, I love the small lake that sits about 200 yards from the back door, packed with giant bass. My daughter and I cheat, we use minnows, and have fishing derbies. Two fish each, largest fish wins. The derby takes about ten minutes. No fish are hurt in the exercise, they’re pissed when getting thrown back in the water. The only trouble is this place isn’t just stuffed with beauty and fish, it is infested with every type of poisonous snake known to North America. I am petrified of snakes generally, and I am highly allergic to poisonous snake breath. My daughter isn’t too wild about them either. But she plays with her friends outside far more than I play outside with anyone or anything. Thus it is that that I mow the ever living shit out of the place near the house. I mow it tighter than a greenskeeper at a golf course. Your fairway would be jealous. Obviously, I want to be able to see anything coming from 100 yards away, and I can, for the most part. My daughter also loves her Northwest, it was all she had ever known, having lived there since age two. My eleven year old loves her Starbucks muffin, her modern movie theaters, her fleece vest, hiking boots, all that. She most definitely didn’t want to move. Part of the bribe to get her excited about moving here was the promise of a puppy. My old dog checked out at age 15, weeks before […]

At Least 5 Deaths In Nuclear Missile Accident in Russia

As always gleaning information from Russian mishaps is difficult, but here is what we know.  At least five are dead at a military unit in Russia’s northwestern Arkhangelsk region, where a series of explosions have rippled through the Russian military sites in recent days., beginning two days ago on August 8th. The official statement should be taken with an ocean’s worth of salt: “As a result of the accident at a military testing range in the Arkhangelsk region involving a liquid-fuel jet engine, five Rosatom employees died,” the state-run nuclear company said on August 10, raising the number of fatalities from the two reported a day earlier. According to the Russian defense ministry (not known as a transparent bastion of truth) the fire broke out after a reaction engine exploded on August 8 “when testing a liquid propulsion system.” What is a liquid propulsion system? A jet engine? A car engine? I am not trying to make light of the deaths, not at all. I am emphasizing the worthlessness of the released information. Still. We get to the very concerning part, the all-too-believable-part. Regional authorities, as opposed to the Russian Defense Ministry, said the explosion and fire took place near the town of Nyonoksa, where a navy ballistic-missile test range for nuclear submarines is located. Back to the Defense Ministry to receive assurances that “no harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere,” the Defense Ministry said, adding that “radiation levels are normal.”  Except: The nearby city of Severodvinsk, 30 kilometers away, said a “brief spike” in radiation levels was registered after the blast. “Sensors in Severodvinsk recorded a short-term increase in radiation levels. Currently, the levels have returned to normal,” according to a statement on the city’s website, citing readings between 11:50 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. local time. The city’s website? The same city in which mass panic would ensue if the website noted catastrophic levels of radiation floated in their midst? This again is speculation but … Here is the problem, radiation levels do not just “spike” for an hour, at least none that I have never heard of. Nor does radiation magically go away quickly. Much of it may leave the area on its way to spread out elsewhere, but it doesn’t go away. We now move to a more reliable source, and this is scary. Greenpeace states that radiation levels had risen 20 times above normal in the city. Note that statement does not say that those levels have come down, nor does it state that the normal radiation levels in the city meet normal levels elsewhere. They leave those points open ended. Pharmacies in the city report being sold out of iodine. The article doesn’t say who purchased the iodine so quickly, one is left to wonder if the military moved in to buy it up. More troubling, the blast is just one of three that has rippled through the facility in recent days. Your guess is as good as mine as to how a series like that could possibly happen. One is left to wonder if the nuclear danger resulted from the first explosion, and then an intentional series followed, ones that could be used as models for scientists to examine – from afar  – and agree that there is no nuclear threat, not knowing they […]

Appeals Court Orders Epstein Documents Unsealed: Prepare Yourself

Court documents in this nation are public records, available for inspection at any point. Exceptions are made to protect underage victims and perpetrators. Last year, a district court judge issued a sweeping order keeping all records relating to a lawsuit against Jeffery Epstein brought by his victims sealed out of concern for unintended damage to victims. It IS critical to protect certain victims who do not want their names associated with the matter. However, this is generally easy to do with a giant black marker, or aliases. Today, the Second Circuit court of appeals seemed to recognize the importance of the issue, the public interest, and the ability to accommodate very real privacy concerns. The Second Circuit ordered certain documents in the Epstein case unsealed today. The Second Circuit vacated that decision today, with U.S. Circuit Judge Jose Cabranes waxing eloquently on behalf of a three-judge panel about how the ruling will empower journalists to inform the public about the U.S. judiciary. “We have long noted that the press plays a vital role in ensuring the public right of access and in enhancing ‘the quality and safeguards the integrity of the fact-finding process,” the 24-page opinion states. “When faithfully observing its best traditions, the print and electronic media’ contributes to public understanding of the rule of law’ and ‘validates [its] claim of functioning as surrogates for the public.’” Thank you, to the appellate judges who said “Enough.” Because were it not for the “soon-to-be-awarded-a-Pulitzer-prize Miami Herald and its brave reporters within, it is likely that Jeffery Epstein would be preying upon a child tonight. Courtnews provides us with a disgusting, but necessary prelude of what is to come. Taken from a lawsuit filed by a victim, Virginia Giuffre: . The batch of files soon to be made public come from a lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell, accusing the British socialite of turning her into a “sex slave.” Giuffre has claimed that Maxwell passed her off as a minor to Prince Andrew and said that she was trafficked to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz as an adult. Both vehemently denied the allegations. If a member of the British royal family, and a tenured Harvard law professor specializing in criminal law (for fucksake) are both implicated, it is difficult to imagine the number of prominent child-preying-monsters left in-between. Soon, we will not have to imagine. Sex-trafficking. Disgusting. But, I find something even more disgusting. The U.S. attorney, one former cabinet member (Acosta), oversaw the “non-prosecution agreement” that allowed this child-predator to engage in obvious sex-trafficking and serve one year in county jail, with allowances to go to “work” during the day, and return late at night. That “deal” may prove to be more disgusting than even Epstein’s crimes, precisely because it allowed him to go on living what surely was a life of crime. (That part is speculation, though well-founded). After all, we’ve yet to hear the number of crimes that may have been committed in the time period between then and now, and the number of victims who should never had been in Epstein’s presence. Sorry if I ruined your dinner. But, we all ought to be thinking about how our system failed these children, and resolving to never let it happen again. My daughter is […]
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Wow! Former Fox Reporter Mercilessly Rips Tucker Carlson!

Yesssss. Every once in a while, the news feels oh so good. This is especially true when it is bad news for someone who has so dearly earned it … at Fox. Bring it, HuffPo Carl Cameron, the former chief political correspondent at Fox News, called out the network’s primetime host Tucker Carlson on Thursday for claiming that white supremacy in America is “a hoax.” “It’s just not accurate,” Cameron told CNN’s Hala Gorani. Mr. Cameron, we could not appreciate your words more. But, I think the phrase you might consider, next time, is just noting that Tucker Carlson’s voice-box might well be mainline-hoax-capital-USA. But, that is just me. Wait, no, it isn’t just me, as HuffPost goes on to explain: “It’s not journalism,” added Cameron, who quit Fox News in 2017. “It is opinion-making. It is entertainment. And unfortunately, it’s an entertainment that can catch on with a very viralized American. It’s horrible and it’s not right and it’s good that he’s on a vacation, whether it was intended or not.” It is not journalism? Yeah, 10-4 on that one. What was your first clue? It is propaganda, and propaganda always has a laser-like focus on an underlying purpose. I am not here to disrespect people who find their way to the light, and then come out strongly, with the experience and background to back it up, all to calll out a Fox “character actor” or performance artist, whatever one wants to ascribe to the Tucker. Again, because it cannot be said enough, Tucker Carlson believes the idea that there exists white supremacy in the United States is a hoax. Funny enough, both the Trumper, and that little Tucker, believe that global warming is a hoax. Yet neither can explain why it feels much hotter in the last few days. **** Peace, y’all. We were hot tempered yesterday, the tiny breeze is welcome. Jason
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Trump “Decapitating Intelligence Community:” Why Would That Be?

No president in our lifetime, perhaps ever, has done more to knee cap the intelligence community’s ability to operate in our best interests. After universally respected Dan Coats could not serve another day under Trump, professional intelligence officers and professional politicians expected the “also” universally respected, Sue Gordon – second in line for the job, to be appointed to the position, or at least stay on in the acting role as director. Yes, this is the same position that Trump attempted to staff with kiss-ass Rep. Ratcliffe, best known for chewing into the lifelong public servant Robert Mueller. Bipartisan forces aligned to ensure that such a naked political move didn’t succeed. Ratcliffe is back at home with other rats in the House. MSNBC just reported that a “senior official” accused Donald Trump of “decapitating” the intelligence community, making the job impossible for people with integrity to work in such a climate. Such people will not pledge “loyalty” to Trump, ensuring they will soon be “Comeyed” to a TV interview near you. The other inevitable impact is obvious to any observer. It makes it near impossibly to seamlessly study the threats to this nation. The most obvious threats include Russian plans to rig the next election, and study Trump’s ongoing ties to foreign adversaries such as Russia and, increasingly, Saudi Arabia. Often overlooked is that those pesky intelligence people may well know that the White House propounded accusations against Iran are primarily bullshit meant to slide our way into the Republican war. All of the above share one common denominator, they favor Trump at the risk of you and me. Rarely can an outside observer accurately predict the average administration’s motives and priorities. But, we have never had a president so painfully “readable,” especially with respect to his one universal priority. Himself. Besides, it is hard not to notice those heads rolling downhill from the front gate. **** Peace, y’all, especially to those intelligence officers, many of whom save lives, while putting theirs on the line. They deserve better. Jason
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Biden Leads, but Warren Charges in New Iowa Caucus Poll

A new Monmouth poll released yesterday finds that Joe Biden still leads a large Democratic pack, with 28% of the people polled preferring Biden. However, the real story in the poll is the huge gains made by Elizabeth Warren, who at 19% is now within single digit percentages of Vice President Biden. Kamela Harris pulls up at 3rd with 11% and beloved Bernie falls to 9%, his lowest rating this year. The rest of the candidates, even Mayor Pete, did not garner sufficient percentages to warrant mention in this article. But they have time, still. It is near a rite of entry for people populating progressive websites to sneer at anyone who offers full-throated support of Biden. I find that both rude and arrogant. Joe Biden has dedicated 40 years of his life to this nation, through periods in which citizens demanded different policy than those at the forefront today. Anyone with any familiarity with the news over those forty years also knows that he is also universally seen as an extremely nice and caring man. He would make a fine president. I just believe Elizabeth Warren would make an even better president and candidate. It has nothing to do with the fact that Elizabeth Warren is a woman. I would vote for a white man who imbued his campaign with the ideas and charm that Warren possesses. I also live with two women, my wife and young daughter. I have no need to add a third as a significant part of my life. I do, however, need a president who can lead, lead with her heart and her head. I also need a candidate who can stand up to Trump and intimidate him, as she surely can as a former Harvard law professor not afraid of a fight. I strongly believe that Warren has demonstrated those qualities – to this point, it is early and things can change – demonstrated it more than any of the other 83 candidates for the Democratic nomination. It does not hurt that Warren seems to have a plan for near everything, which would be a refreshing change from a man who cannot seem to form a plan after the fact. Apparently, it is not just me who feels this way, and I suspect this growth is but a seed. The trajectory of her candidacy is that of someone that can wholly unify the party, and I am not positive that can be said of any other candidate, at least not to that extent. True, Trump and the Right-Wing will call her a socialist. I am at a loss as to explain why that matters one bit. Do you harbor any doubt that Trump and his Trumpers will call any Democratic candidate a socialist? Of course not. So, in my mind, we may as well vote for a woman whose plans most promote social justice, a term I believe she would wear with pride. I am still wide open to changing my mind, and look forward to hearing others’ ideas in the comments. The expanding comments section makes this work infinitely more enjoyable. Often, the real analysis begins after the sign off. Still **** Peace, y’all, and good job, Liz. Jason My novels are found here, and reviews are always welcome. I can also be reached for comment […]
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Strongest Signs Yet of Imminent Impeachment Inquiry: Real Signs

Our friend Jennifer Rubin, columnist for the Washington Post, whom we quoted earlier in the week as a conservative no longer tolerating any Trump supporter, has a piece documenting some fast-moving developments pertaining to Trump’s troubles. Undeniable signs jump out of a story gleaned from the Washington Post According to Rubin, the House Judiciary Committee has gone to federal court seeking an order to compel former White House counsel Donald McGahn’s testimony. McGahn, as you likely recall, seemed ready to testify to congress, but faced serious threats from a White House claiming “executive privilege.” This matters, because according to the story, House Democrats consider McGahn their most critical witness. McGahn witnessed firsthand Trump’s most desperate attempts to rid himself of that meddlesome “people’s House.” It’s right there in the complaint: “The Judiciary Committee is now determining whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the President based on the obstructive conduct described by the Special Counsel.”… …Let’s dispense with the nonsense that Pelosi is still blocking impeachment. “That process is underway,” the complaint plainly states.’ Wait, what? Pelosi blocking the impeachment process is nonsense? The process is well underway? That might well qualify as news. Of course, the fact that the House wants Executive privilege – as claimed in total by the Trump administration – sent to its room, which in this case is a courtroom, never to return – is not news. But … Let’s analyze. I have told everyone who would listen that litigation takes a tortuous length of time. It also requires several pre-litigation steps, including “oh so reasonable letters” that get mocked by the left as “worthless.” Believe me, nothing is worth more to some judges, whose attitude is often: “What in the ever-living hell are you doing here? (looking at the president’s defense council). “The Committee set out the law plainly in a letter to you and offered reasonable accommodation. Yet here you are, wasting my time.” In other words, those loathed letters matter. Judges actually do not like people who rush to court when the problem may have been solved by … well, a letter. The other thing that matters? Getting your damn ducks in formation prior to litigation. You do not file your complaint until you possess everything you believe you will need to succeed. Only then do you file the initial documents, which allows you to quickly file your “Motion to Win.” (Which don’t exist, except inside giggling lawyers’ heads. Little inside humor there.) The thing that matters most is the news of the day. Pelosi is on board with an impeachment inquiry? Fascinating, since she has done a marvelous job keeping that hidden, to the point where I am still unsure if it is actually true, or a courtroom tactic. Though, I gotta tell you, lying to a judge about your motivations or the facts behind it, is the quickest way to find yourself handed an “Order to lose” signed by a judge pondering whether you need further sanctions. I do not think they’re fcking around here. I find that appropriate, since it seems to me that Trump has been ffff, messing around the entire time. There IS a legitimate reason for executive privilege. A president must be able to discuss policy with his advisors without fear that those advisors will be forced to yak it up all […]
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Furor: ICE Arrests On Worst Possible Day, Did They Arrest Trump?

As you all know, ICE raided several food processing plants in Mississippi, my new state, yesterday and arrested – yes, arrested – over 600 people. Get your tissues out, this will be hard for you, and as I explain below, really hard for me: A crowd waited outside a plant in Morton, Mississippi, on Thursday morning, hoping authorities would release their loved ones. Many had been by later in the afternoon. Video footage from CNN affiliates and Facebook live showed children sobbing as they waited for word on what had happened to their parents. In case you are not angry enough, let me add a couple details that … bring tears to my eyes. **** It is hot down here, nearly all the time, but nothing like the end of July and beginning of August. Thus, in a genius move, the state of Mississippi starts school at a time no one wants to be outside to do anything. **** This year it fell on August 7th, yesterday. Yes, small children left school on their first day, excited to tell mom and dad about their new teacher, new desk or locker, new routine, only to find out that mom and/or dad were not there, and why. **** I have a daughter that started school yesterday. I am not sure who was more excited to talk about it, me or her. **** My heart is just broken. I am nearly broken. Do. Not. Tell. Me., ICE, that you didn’t plan that first day shit randomly, bastards. **** Not angry enough? Well, in Mississippi we also have many chicken and pork processing plants. Generally speaking, Americans would rather work just about anywhere but those plants because they pay minimum wage. Thus, the plants damn near recruit undocumented immigrants, it is unspoken, but no secret. **** My question becomes, did they arrest one Donald Trump, owner of golf courses known to hire illegal immigrants, which is against the law? Pffft. Jail is for brown people, everyone knows that. **** I have heard nothing about the managers of the processing plants being led away in handcuffs and having their kids awaiting them at the school, only to find that he or she has been arrested. Of course, being Mississippi, these manager/owners are white. **** I have been told that I am a great writer. Not now. I am too angry and cannot possibly relay my disgust with any sort of clarity. I look at my daughter sitting feet away, and my eyes mist over. **** I am an immigrant. Small difference, though. Through no accomplishment of mine – I happened to have had an MD father who was recruited to the U.S. because doctors were needed. **** These poor people were also recruited, not as individuals, but as a class of people, to be used, then thrown away. If the manager/owners of these plants were led away in handcuffs and sentenced to three years in a Mississippi penitentiary, the jobs that attract people would dry up overnight. **** You ever hear of that happening? Me neither, and that is the point, is it not? We want our cheap food at Walmart. We know exactly why it is so cheap. Yet some of us – not “us” here – some of “us” Americans can manage their hypocrisy quite […]

Powerful Time Magazine Cover – “ENOUGH!” Guns and Alt-Right Intolerable

Appropriately, it certainly is Time. You will find here, a picture of their cover. Along with the word “Enough” you will note the scrawled record of every memorable mass shooting … in tiny hand-written print. The print must be small, because unlike in New Zealand, we have done nothing about the 253 mass shootings they list … all of them from this year. This is the 220th day of the year 2019. Only in America, and it certainly is about time, and even they readily admit that the time came long ago. In other words, this is not the first time they have cried “Enough” on the cover. It might, however, be their most powerful call. They back it up, with equal conviction: We do have a choice as a society. Not a perfect choice. Or a guaranteed solution. But doing nothing in the face of repeated mass murder in our society is indefensible. More than 250 mass shootings in the first 220 days of 2019 alone, it’s hard to believe that this doesn’t go without saying. Enough. Over 90% of Americans favor background checks, though I sincerely doubt that even background checks will put a dent in the number of mass shootings. Of course, if the background check saves 10 lives, it is worth doing. That goes without saying. I have not seen figures on the percentage of people who favor a ban on assault weapons, and the clips that carry 100 rounds. But I would bet it is well over half. This ban actually would put a large dent in the numbers killed. True, a person with a handgun can commit a mass shooting. But, that person cannot load that handgun with 100 rounds. Additionally (forgive me for being graphic, but this matters), a handgun shot in the upper leg will usually not kill. A shot in the same spot from a high-powered assault rifle almost always will. Mass shootings would go from a possible 21 victims dead, to 4-5. Sick, still, I know. But if you’re one of the 15 that survives, it is, quite literally, a life saver. You and I demand lives saved. In past issues, Time has not minced words about where the vast majority of mass shootings – and violence generally – originate; White nationalism, or white supremacy, two terms, one meaning. White nationalism has reflected a coarsening of mainstream politics, where debates on national security and immigration have become rabbit holes for the exploitation of fear and bigotry. Trump has played a significant – as opposed to sole – role in the rise of white supremacy, or at least white supremacy shooting to action. It is more than time to do something about guns and mass shootings. It is also time to rid ourselves of the other underlying cause, Trump. **** Peace, y’all. Jason Most will never know the honor of having words from the heart read by others. Anyone seeking more, something I put three years into, rather than three hours, might find my novels interesting, refreshing, soul searching, and funny. Sometimes only laughter can cover tears. It is an honor.

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