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Jason Miciak

Jason Miciak is an author and attorney who splits his time between the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Pacific Northwest. He has a wife, daughter and the most self-centered and smug dog to ever walk the Earth. Miciak's novels use science fiction to explore themes of morality and our current political environment.
PBS NewsHour / YouTube What Robert Mueller brings to the...

The Resistance Must Be Televised: Time Is UP

If you will permit me this one indulgence. I take some pride, and not a little heat, for being a bit of a contrarian around here. I don’t think the NY Times is a worthless fish wrap. I do believe a white man could give voice to a new generation of Democrats and be our […]

Tax and Financial Crimes: The Start Line for Impeachment.

The MANDATORY DISCLAIMER Not for one second do I believe that the start line below is easier on Trump than beginning right now. Indeed my point in writing these is to explore with my brothers and sisters here how BEST to put maximum pressure/pain on Trump. Second, I have tremendous respect for those who researched […]
PBS NewsHour / YouTube What Robert Mueller brings to the...

Do Not “React” So Instinctively, Please Think: Mueller’s Two Big Points

This is going to be a short one: I have seen a disappointing number very very cool people here discuss how very cool they are in dismissing that Mueller is “in the tank” and basically said absolutely nothing. I am more than willing to bet that anyone saying that is unfamiliar with how lawyers and […]
Guardian News / YouTube Donald Trump speaks at the UN...

Trump Circling the Drain, $50 Million Gift to Putin. Republicans Still...

An avalanche of news, directly tying Trump to Russia at the exact same time that Russia worked to flood our phones and computers with wikileaks and targeted ads. You know the recent revelations, that Manafort tried to play Mueller, that Cohen seems at peace staring history in the eye, and ready to tell all about continuing business with Russia during the campaign, and you know that Trump, for one of the first times ever, looked pretty flustered in standing in front of the press, denying his most famous line; “What Russia? I got no business with Russia!” *** Yeah, I kind of do shade, Schadenfreude, that is. So it was with some guilty pleasure that I sat and watched Meet The Press Daily, praising dog above that I would have some interesting TV to watch as I jam out an appeal brief due Monday. There’s nothing like watching some Republicans attempt to deal with the fact that they nominated a criminal who is operating a criminal enterprise out of the top law enforcement branch, you know, to ease the tedious? Laugh if you want, cuz I’ll never learn (and that’s the fun in it, I guess), but the token “Republican” voice on Meet The Press Daily” with Chuck managed to drop my jaw. I don’t have transcripts, no cool link, just kind of go with me for a second. *** They swung over to smart looking, seemingly no-nonsense blond, Sara Fagen, a W Bush alum, so possibly one of the non-insane type, right? Evidently, smart looking, seemingly no-nonsense blond Sara Fagen plans to work in Republican politics again, and the fact that there might not be a GOP at this rate, we’ve got to admire her faith (no we don’t, not at all, that’s gratuitous, which is part of the fun again), because she sat straight in front of Chuck Todd and delivered a take so divorced from reality, so blase about the all too obvious crime happening before our eyes, that — again, laugh at me, that’s the point — it stunned me. No transcript, I don’t have that, but Todd asked for her take on Trump back peddling Trump, obviously looking for some sense of impending doom, some sort of tether to reality, too. PARAPHRASE: In response to Trump now hammering some “Yeah, but I didn’t do the deal.” smart looking, seemingly no-nonsense blond Sara Fagen, said to the effect; “I just can’t understand why he didn’t all along just say, ‘Yeah, we had business with Russia, I have business all over the world, this deal didn’t go through, we tried, it didn’t work, there’s nothing there’.” I am not going to take some cheap slap at Todd to prove I’m cooler and smarter and not part of the corporate media, wondering why he didn’t follow it with the absolute obvious challenge, because he looked almost as stunned as me, and that makes total sense. Plus, it ain’t his job to sit there and make the case against Trump, his job is to interview these people and let them hang themselves, just my view having worked in media. But the phucking obvious question to smart looking, seemingly no-nonsense blond Sara Fagen, the obvious response, is something to the effect of BECAUSE AT THE SAME TIME, THE RUSSIANS WERE WORKING TO **ELECT*** DONALD J TRUMP AND PERHAPS THAT THIS BUSINESS DEAL THAT […]
JeromeG111 / Flickr civil war memorial...

Columbia History Prof: “US Closer To Civil War than Any Point...

Just when one tries easing their way back to real work on a really bad back, a headline pops up that simply has to be addressed, and the one found in Rawstory this morning certainly qualifies. Historian Stephanie McCurry of Columbia states within the New York Times, that the United States is closer to civil […]
Denver7 – The Denver Channel / YouTube Rachel Mitchell says hearing setting is...

The FBI Never Interviewed Prof. Ford, Would Mean They Had to...

I am going to stretch a bit as I retake my place here, having been on extended medical leave for well over two weeks. I have to stretch in order to loosen up the sword sticking out of my spine. It is an invisible sword, can only see parts of it on an MRI, but […]
Washington Post / YouTube Rod J Rosenstein holds a news...

Leaked: Rosenstein Was to Be Fired Monday, Replaced by Trump Supporter

Something happened on Monday. According to a leaked document obtained by Axios, a memo prepared by Jeff Sessions showed that Rod Rosenstein was “on his way out the door” on Monday. Even more importantly, Rosenstein was to be replaced with …you know it, a Mueller critic, who would then be in charge of the investigation, […]
sanjay dhameliya / Flickr FOX BIZ NEWS Michael Avenatti is...

Avenatti’s Cryptic Tweet Hints that Kavanaugh May Face Surprises: Other Women

Avenatti, the lawyer that I keep going back and forth upon, admiring his effectiveness, disliking his media centered approach, has provided the nation an invaluable service on the whole. He may be on to something important again. One thing is for sure, he has broken enough stuff that even when he hints at something, it […]

BIG BREAKING: Cohen Now Helping Mueller, Answering Questions For Hours

The title says it all. MSNBC is now reporting that Michael Cohen is now talking to Mueller about collusion itself. That is huge, and despite the coverage of Michael Cohen that has hit the media over the last six months, we have not head a report that he’ss found to be talking with Mueller, specifically about collusion […]
Vox / YouTube Trump and Putin A surreal moment...

Boom! Book Claims Putin Feeding Trump Lies re: Deep State

The Washington Post has printed small portions of reporter Greg Miller’s new book — “The Apprentice: Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy” — which contains some draw-dropping new revelations about the relationship between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin regularly feeds Trump’s well-documented paranoia about “the deep state.” Putin tells Trump that the deep state stands in […]

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