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Why are some Latin Americans fascinated with Donald Trump? Understanding Trump’s legacy in Latin America.

Vicente Quintero Yes, the U.S. 2020 presidential election is over. U.S. Electoral College has officially affirmed Biden’s victory. President-Elect Joe Biden took office on January...

Time To Stop Gun Trafficking

Vicente Quintero In 2015, Elijah E. Cummings said: “ (…) the United States must do more to stem the flow of guns into Mexico. In March,...


Venezuela Vicente Quintero Nicolás Maduro has yet to be overthrown in Venezuela. U.S. foreign policy towards Venezuela has turned out to be a disaster. To make...

Numbnut Corporate Media Bosses Think They Will Be Immune From Trump

In the Green Side Out series of paperbacks (it’s a jarhead thing) the glossary of one defines “Numbnut” as “a person who’s circulation to their testicles has been cut off due to their having their head shoved up their ass.”   Seems about right to me when it comes to the honchos (almost all guys) that own/run major print and media outlets.   Trump has been systematically dismantling institutions since he took Office.   He’s routinely attacked the media including Fox News lately when the handful of folks who try to do some actual journalism have offered up criticism.   He’s shouted and tweeted “Fake news!” so often and KellyAnne Conjob has spent so much time selling the concept of “alternative facts” that mainstream media has taken a big hit in credibility.   While I think their complicity in sticking us with Trump in the first place means they deserve to get slammed if they’d truly do their jobs day in & day out, 24/7 and tell the truth on Trump and stop this “both siderism” bullshit I’d be willing to give them a pass.   They won’t of course.   Trump made them a boatload of money when his candidacy took off and like the major bankers that gave us the 2008 financial crash because they got so addicted to easy money from transaction none of the bosses really understood major media outlets are too addicted to money now to try and fix the mess they created. – There’s a bigger problem however.   One of our cherished institutions has been a free press.   More to the point a free press that could criticize anyone including a President.   Harshly criticize in fact, including pointing out wrongdoing up to and including crimes.   So here’s my question:  Just what makes these corporate media types think (in the face of all Trump’s attacks to date) that he won’t now directly use his “spirit of Roy Cohn” AG William Barr to start rounding up not just journalists but their bosses/owners?   Hell, he had no problem with allowing a dictator that has bailed out a family member to hack to pieces (literally) an American based Washington Post journalist to death while he was alive!   If that particular shot across the bow didn’t provide the much needed wake-up call I don’t know what would.   That’s why I say these corporate media masters have their heads shoved up their asses.   Okay, so I could have used a gentler term like burying their heads in the sand but this is too serious and I fear too imminent a threat to be gentle and cautious with my warning. These corporate media types are used to Trump talking trash about them.   Hell, it helps their bottom lines!   So far.   And since ratings/sales are up they are raking in money hand over fist and it’s blinding them to a threat that’s increasingly real.    It’s now (I believe) increasingly possible if not likely that Trump will decide it’s time to instead of wound, to instead destroy yet another American institution which is our free press.    It’s not like the Constitution matters to Trump, Barr or the GOP in general anymore.    I have no doubt that Trump’s rantings against “the totally unfair media” have in private included demands to start locking up reporters, editors and owners.   So […]

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We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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