Sunday, July 5, 2020

Dino Durrati

Dino Durrati
Visionary, artist, poet, philosopher, historian, madman.

Atlantic Magazine: “What a Pediatrician Saw Inside a Border Patrol Warehouse.”

(Above: Dr. Dolly Lucio Sevier) This article in Atlantic Magazine is very informative about conditions inside the Border Patrol warehouse  in McAllen, Texas, and its contents should make any decent American want to march on Washington D.C. But its closing paragraphs diagnose the sickness manifest in the body politic of our country, a pathology that might […]

LOL. The Army Sent drumpf the Baby Tanks.

(Above: Left: A Bradley Personnel Carrier/Right- An Abrams M-1 TANK) Don’t tell Trump or any of your MAG-hat co-workers 😉 but the Army chump changed Trump on his manly tanks, sending two Bradley Fighting vehicles instead… Bwahhahahahahahahah!!!!!!! Here they were, rolling past National’s Park last night: Tiny hands, tiny brain, tiny tanks, tiny gun. Boy, is he gonna […]

Pro Child-Prison Trumpists Hurl Islamic Slurs at Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Try...

Journalist Johnathan Katz captured video of the Congressional delegation consisting of Reps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Joaquin Castro and Rashida Tlaib visiting the child detention facility in Clint, Texas. He posted several clips of the group, but the one I am highlighting is the advocates of Concentration Camps shouting Islamic slurs at Rep. Tlaib: Some reactions: […]

LOL. #UnwantedIvanka is Hilarious.

(Above – No wonder we lost Poland.) #Unwantedivanka trended yesterday after this came out…. and boy, did folks get creative… “Daddy’s working hard on Infrastructure, just look at the new Chrysler building!” “Did you invite that barmy git, Yoko?” There is a million of ‘em, but I’ll save some in case you want to post them […]

Looks Like Trump Is Planning to Ship Detained Kids to Gitmo.

Emily Goldman is a human rights lawyer and the founder of Educators 4 Migrant Justice, an organization fighting to get pension funds to divest from organizations involved with abusive migrant policies. In the course of her work there, Emily naturally has to rummage about in online DHS data bases. Below is some of what she has […]

E. Jean Carroll’s “21 most revolting scoundrels”. Bill O’Reilly and Matt...

Sorry if some one has posted about this, I looked but didn’t find it. In the June 21st edition of The Cut E. Jean Carroll recounts (as an excerpt from her upcoming book What Do We Need Men For?)  with courage, wit, slashing sarcasm and sadness, the stories of  “the 21 most revolting scoundrels I have ever met. […]

Canadian Political Cartoonist Michael de Adder Let Go for Submitting A...

Political cartoonists often walk a perilous line, portraying raw, undiluted truth to a world inundated by cotton-candy bromides, washed and sterilized of all real meaning, to conform to the vapid charade of bullshit that struts and frets the stage of electoral politics. If the editors of Brunswick News felt that de Adder’s cartoon (pictured above) crossed […]

Here’s Where Trump is Spending All That Money on Facebook –...

When you read that Trump has spent more than $4.6 million on Facebook ads since December, you know that he and his campaign are up to no good, and, since it is Trump, you know that that no good involves a lot of lying BS. Think Progress founder and editor Judd Legum has uncovered exactly […]

LOL. How The Mighty Have Fallen.

Anatomy of a Lie. Josh Marshall Busts Sara Carter.

(Above: Good catch, Josh!) Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo is watching Sara Carter and John Solomon so you don’t have to…. So this is how news gets made in MAGAWorld. One reporter with some vague semblance to an actual journalist posts a half lie, then, remora like, another attaches herself to the half lie and […]

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