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Kellyanne Conway Calls GOP House Members Liars. Gee, When Did You Get a Clue?

Kellyanne used her turn or Fox and Friends this morning to call drumpf’s allies in The House a bunch of mean ole stinky liars… Well, almost. Washington Post White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday sharply criticized House Republicans for failing to deliver sufficient border wall funding to President Trump when they controlled the chamber and cited that as a justification for his emergency declaration. “There’s no question the Republican House failed, and they failed us in securing the border, but they also failed to make good on the promise to him that we would get that money for the wall,” Conway said. “They completely lied about that.” Her comments, on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” came a day after the House, now led by Democrats, passed a resolution to overturn Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the southern border… …Conway made clear her criticism included the first two years of Trump’s term, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. Conway’s comments echoed those of Trump in an interview last month in which he accused former House speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) of reneging on a deal to provide wall funding.” Yeah, but, Kellyanne, Eddie Munster’s gone now and I’m not sure how today’s bunch of liars will take it having the *Resident’s mouthpiece call those lying liars a bunch of liars. Keep testing them, Kellyanne, and I guess we’ll find out.

Merriam-Webster Trolls drumpf Again. Today’s “Word of the day” is Grift.

To mark the day Michael Cohen testifies before the House Oversight Committee, Merriam-Webster Dictionary highlights a most apt “word of the day”. Some replies are hilarious:

Former Obama DOJ Official: “Mueller’s Found A Coven”.

If Robert Mueller is on a “witch hunt” former Obama Era Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal says he is doing a bang-up job…. Huffington Post “Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal believes that the moment special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings drop, they could spell major trouble for President Donald Trump. “If this is a witch hunt, Mueller’s found a coven at this point,” the Obama-era official told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” pointing to the 37 indictments in Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Several of those charged have been part of the president’s inner circle, including former fixer Michael Cohen, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and most recently political operative Roger Stone. It remains to been seen whether Mueller’s highly anticipated report will be made public even after it is wrapped up, but if there is ever to be a charge of conspiracy in the 2016 election, Katyal said it could still be on its way. However, he argued that “we’re starting to already see the outlines of a Mueller report that does look like he is alleging some sort of conspiracy.” (Below are Katyal’s full remarks, title quote in first minute) Not a lot to add, except I think we need to chair dunk them all in a pond.

Marco Rubio, Eager to Commit Troops to Venezuela, Tweets out Death Porn Pic of Gaddafi. (Trigger)

There is no doubt that the Maduro regime in Venezuela is not good for its own people and not good for American Petro giants. Where my doubt comes in is the idea that Bolton, Abrams and drumpf have any good intent in kicking that particular hornets nest. But Senator Rubio is so gung-ho to back their play that he is posting death porn of Muammar Gaddafi to posit what a lark intervention would be… (trigger) This after suggesting that intervention in Venezuela, twelve times the area, mountainous, jungle infused and bordering on Columbia, which has wrestled with guerrilla warfare for decade would be a cakewalk like taking down Noriega in Panama. A more realistic assessment of what war in Venezuela would entail can be found here. “If this happens, the United States would almost certainly get involved militarily. What would that look like? To envision this, we have to borrow from the U.S. performance in Iraq and Afghanistan. The early phases of a direct U.S. intervention would probably be marked by a “shock and awe” campaign of targeted bombardments, intended to force Maduro and his circle to leave power quickly. One hopes that this phase would be surgical, limited to military targets. One hopes, too, that U.S. forces would take better care this time not to destroy infrastructure on which the civilian population depends, and that it will be essential to rebuild quickly: the electrical grid, clean water, transportation, medical facilities. Still, it is hard to be surgical in a city of 3 million like Caracas. There will be collateral damage. U.S. bombs, missiles, and drones will kill civilians. If aerial bombardments don’t succeed in dislodging the regime, then expect a commitment of land forces. That could mean urban warfare and house-to-house fighting. This is the worst-case scenario, as it would mean being bogged down with far higher U.S. casualties than anticipated. A wild card here are the Venezuelan people themselves. About two-thirds to three-quarters of them oppose Maduro, but how many will welcome foreign occupiers? Will U.S. personnel be “greeted as liberators?” Will local leaders be able to overlook Donald Trump reviving U.S. gunboat diplomacy on a scale not seen in generations? And even if the Venezuelan people do welcome the foreign occupiers, can the chavistas’ irregular forces terrorize them from actively collaborating?” But perhaps it will all go well. drumpf will get his military parade through Caracas and the Chavista guerrillas and Colombia drug lords will welcome our arrival, lay down their weapons and break into a rousing chorus of The Star Spangled Banner. And perhaps MAGA ball-cap wearing condors will fly in formation out of Rubio’s pink ass. Lacking a crystal ball all I can do today is worry and report Rubio’s grotesque tweet. And I suggest you all do likewise.

Two Republican, Yes, Republican, State Reps in Utah Introduce Bill to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy.

We rightly point out all too often when Republicans are out to perpetrate some evil upon us, so it is only right to praise them when they try to do some good. This one is for Utah State Reps Dan McCray and Craig Hall. NBC News “SALT LAKE CITY — Two Republican lawmakers proposed a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors in conservative Utah on Thursday, a plan that’s been hailed as a milestone by advocates and won’t be opposed by the influential Mormon church. Republican Rep. Dan McCay acknowledged he isn’t a typical sponsor for such a measure, but he said it’s an important way to support LGBT youth amid an alarming spike in youth suicide. “This is the Utah we want. This the Utah we’re all going to fight for, for the rest of our time so we deliver a place to you that you are welcome,” he said. The plan would prohibit any treatment aimed at changing sexual orientation or gender identity, which has ranged from talk therapy to practices like electric shock. Therapists who practice it could lose their license. “Conversion therapy has been proven to be not effective, and is particularly harmful to youth,” said Republican chief sponsor Rep. Craig Hall.” Well, that’s refreshing. First Tiny T-Rexes and now, two decent Republicans. What wonders will Utah produce next?

Sarah Kendzior Goes Off on Manafort on AM Joy’s Show. I Love this Woman!

Tellin’ it like it is. “He’s (Manafort) been indicted for crimes that he committed decades ago. Why didn’t they indict him before? Why did the media not go after Manafort as soon as he was selected as the campaign chairman instead of, you know, putting him on the Sunday shows like this was a normal thing.” None of this is normal!” Hear hear, Sarah!

Chef Andres and His World Central Kitchen Embroiled in the Crisis in Venezuela.

Chef Andres is continuing his stellar humanitarian work in Venezuela. And providing vital updates on the situation on the Venezuela/Columbia border. The replies are a wealth of information. The politics are more complicated than an M.C. Esher engraving but never mind that, people have to eat. God bless you and your team Chef! Please stay safe.

Adam Schiff Writes an Open Letter to His GOP Colleagues and It Is Lit.

Schiff minces no words here. Washington Post “This is a moment of great peril for our democracy. Our country is deeply divided. Our national discourse has become coarse, indeed, poisonous. Disunity and dysfunction have paralyzed Congress. And while our attention is focused inward, the world spins on, new authoritarian regimes are born, old rivals spread their pernicious ideologies, and the space for freedom-loving peoples begins violently to contract. At last week’s Munich Security Conference, the prevailing sentiment among our closest allies is that the United States can no longer be counted on to champion liberal democracy or defend the world order we built. For the past two years, we have examined Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and its attempts to influence the 2018 midterms. Moscow’s effort to undermine our democracy was spectacularly successful in inflaming racial, ethnic and other divides in our society and turning American against American. But the attack on our democracy had its limits. Russian President Vladimir Putin could not lead us to distrust our own intelligence agencies or the FBI. He could not cause us to view our own free press as an enemy of the people. He could not undermine the independence of the Justice Department or denigrate judges. Only we could do that to ourselves. Although many forces have contributed to the decline in public confidence in our institutions, one force stands out as an accelerant, like gas on a fire. And try as some of us might to avoid invoking the arsonist’s name, we must say it. I speak, of course, of our president, Donald Trump.” The rest is just as good. Will it make any difference? Probably not amongst his “colleagues”. But it is still important to articulate where we stand and what should be done. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… To receive articles of mine not published elsewhere become a patron on Patreon. Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

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