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Ted Lieu Receives Invite From Kuwaiti Government; Declines Because Event’s at...

We all know Ted Lieu’s one of the good guys but he keeps showing us anyway… drumpf is going to hate Ted getting in his pocket, and I expect Kuwait will regret not being able to wine and dine members of the Party in control of the House. Keep sticking it to them, Congressman Lieu, we are behind you!

Sarah Kenzior-Just indict Kushner & Ivanka & get this crime family...

Sarah Kenzior has the most accurate view of the Trump crime family of anyone in journalism, and she is killing it this morning on AM Joy… The question is, how long will it take politicos in D.C. to wake from their Rip Van Winkle like somnolence and defend our Democracy?

Parents of Otto Warmbier Release Statement Repudiating The Idiot.

The parents of Otto Warmbier, the young American brutally murdered by the despotic regime of North Korea, issued a brief statement thoroughly repudiating the Orange menance, who could not bring himself  to criticize his man crush, Kim Jong Un. Lavish Praise? Like this? I take no joy in pointing out the reporting on this family’s grief. But it must be made known to as many as possible because the liar will doubtless be tweeting that the Warmbiers are supporters of his. Is there no depth drumpf’s supporters will not descend to to avoid admitting that their support for him is a huge historic tragedy? Apparently not.

It’s Weisselberg’s Time In The Barrel. Co-Operating or Not He’s Being...

Just in from The Daily Beast Trump’s money guy is gonna take the hot seat.     “The House intelligence community intends to call the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer to testify, The Daily Beast has learned… …The Committee anticipates bringing in Mr. Weisselberg,” a Democratic committee aide told The Daily Beast. Cohen, in marathon testimony to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, didn’t directly tie Weisselberg to the Trump camp’s interactions with Russia, the central preoccupation of the House intelligence committee. But Weisselberg is uniquely positioned to address questions about financial transactions or relationships that concern potential foreign leverage over Trump – which new intelligence committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has indicated for months that he intends to investigate. Trump famously called any effort from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to look into his finances a “red line” that would trigger Mueller’s firing, and Schiff has stepped into the gap.” Not sure why Intel is up first, seems like House Oversight should take the lead. But, whatev, get him sworn in. (This post is exclusive for PolitiZoom by Dino Durrati)

Pete Souza’s Best Photograph: Obama Shows How You Talk to a...

Pete Souza tells a story about Obama meeting Putin in Normandy, France in 2014: The Guardian “I wasn’t supposed to be here for this picture. It was taken on the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings – all the heads of state had gathered there and were coming out of an impromptu luncheon. The official photographers from each country had been kicked out – we were all supposed to leave the building. But I have a knack of making myself small and sticking around. The shot shows the kind of interaction President Obama had with President Putin during his tenure. It was 2014, a particularly tense time between the two countries. You can see in the facial expressions and gestures that this was a very serious conversation. There are interpreters stood behind them, but I get the impression from Putin’s face that he understood exactly what was being said in English. I was within earshot. I can’t recount specifically what they said, but I knew the subject matter. Can I say what it was? It was about … some of Russia’s actions in the world. Let’s leave it at that. This conversation went on for a while: they weren’t thinking about me. To them, I was just one of many people in the room, coming and going in different directions. I started out shooting horizontally and tighter, and then switched to vertical, backing up to show their entire bodies. Compositionally, that seemed to show the body language better.” Mr. Souza also muses on his relationship with Obama dating back to Barack’s first day in the Senate in 2005. It’s a really good read. And the contrast with Trump couldn’t be more stark, unless… Bwahahahahah. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Cross-posted to PolitiZoom To receive articles of mine not published elsewhere become a patron on Patreon. Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Mother Jones: AOC Just Laid a Trap to Get Trump’s Tax...

Mother Jones Magazine is praising Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  for her deft questioning of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, laying the predicate for obtaining drumpf’s tax returns: Most members of Congress used the #CohenTestimony to grandstand, but @AOC may have implicated Trump in a whole new case altogether in less than 5 minutes. No wonder Republicans are terrified of her. Shout out to the new class. — Tuxedo Mask (@TheLoveBel0w) February 27, 2019 “While Republicans on Wednesday repeatedly hammered Michael Cohen over his efforts to secure a lucrative media deal, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used her time to focus on one of the most consequential topics concerning investigations into President Donald Trump: his ever-elusive tax returns.  It was one of the more anticipated appearances by a lawmaker on the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Her clear and purposeful line of questioning, which appeared to lay the groundwork for the committee to subpoena the president’s tax returns while capturing the names of those in Trump’s inner circle who may know details of his financials, was widely praised:” Notwithstanding the hype, the fact is that @AOC knows how to ask questions at a hearing, which a lot of other members don't. She just successfully laid the predicate for issuing subpoenas to several more witnesses & seeking Trump's taxes. — David Lauter (@DavidLauter) February 27, 2019 .@AOC just got there and she is asking better questions than 90% of members. Short, specific, factual, with no speechmaking. (Maybe it's because she just got there.) — Matthew Miller (@matthewamiller) February 27, 2019 Very well done questioning by @aoc. Not speeches, just focused on getting info and laying groundwork to obtain Trump tax info. — Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) February 27, 2019 I suppose the lesson here is if you want to really get the goods from a wise guy NY lawyer, send in a seasoned NY Bartender.   (This post is exclusive to PolitiZoom by Dino Durrati.)  

A Star is Born! Lawrence O’Donnell Lauds Katie Porter’s Questioning of...

Wow! The praise doesn’t come much higher than this, on The Last Word last night, Lawrence O’Donnell applauds Freshman Congresswoman Katie Porter for her aggressive questioning of Eqifax CEO Mark Begor at a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday…  (Close Captioned) “My question for you is whether you would be willing to share today your social security, your birthdate and your address at this public hearing,” said the freshman lawmaker. Porter proceeded to back Begor into a corner, causing him to admit that having his identity stolen was, in fact, personally injurious. Porter—who has been serving as a Democratic Rep. for less than two months—then retorted, “If you agree that exposing this kind of information—information like that that you have in your credit reports—creates harm, therefore you’re unwilling to share it, why are your lawyers arguing in federal court that there was no injury and no harm created by your data breach?” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do it. Glad Katie is on our side.
Gage Skidmore / Flickr kellyanne conway...

Kellyanne Conway Calls GOP House Members Liars. Gee, When Did You...

Kellyanne used her turn or Fox and Friends this morning to call drumpf’s allies in The House a bunch of mean ole stinky liars… Well, almost. Washington Post White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday sharply criticized House Republicans for failing to deliver sufficient border wall funding to President Trump when they controlled the chamber and cited that as a justification for his emergency declaration. “There’s no question the Republican House failed, and they failed us in securing the border, but they also failed to make good on the promise to him that we would get that money for the wall,” Conway said. “They completely lied about that.” Her comments, on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” came a day after the House, now led by Democrats, passed a resolution to overturn Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the southern border… …Conway made clear her criticism included the first two years of Trump’s term, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. Conway’s comments echoed those of Trump in an interview last month in which he accused former House speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) of reneging on a deal to provide wall funding.” Yeah, but, Kellyanne, Eddie Munster’s gone now and I’m not sure how today’s bunch of liars will take it having the *Resident’s mouthpiece call those lying liars a bunch of liars. Keep testing them, Kellyanne, and I guess we’ll find out.

Merriam-Webster Trolls drumpf Again. Today’s “Word of the day” is Grift.

To mark the day Michael Cohen testifies before the House Oversight Committee, Merriam-Webster Dictionary highlights a most apt “word of the day”. Some replies are hilarious:

Former Obama DOJ Official: “Mueller’s Found A Coven”.

If Robert Mueller is on a “witch hunt” former Obama Era Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal says he is doing a bang-up job…. Huffington Post “Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal believes that the moment special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings drop, they could spell major trouble for President Donald Trump. “If this is a witch hunt, Mueller’s found a coven at this point,” the Obama-era official told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” pointing to the 37 indictments in Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Several of those charged have been part of the president’s inner circle, including former fixer Michael Cohen, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and most recently political operative Roger Stone. It remains to been seen whether Mueller’s highly anticipated report will be made public even after it is wrapped up, but if there is ever to be a charge of conspiracy in the 2016 election, Katyal said it could still be on its way. However, he argued that “we’re starting to already see the outlines of a Mueller report that does look like he is alleging some sort of conspiracy.” (Below are Katyal’s full remarks, title quote in first minute) Not a lot to add, except I think we need to chair dunk them all in a pond.

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