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Stacey Abrams is A Tough Act to Follow, but Pet Shop...

No one in their right minds would attempt to top the excellent performance by Stacey Abrams delivered with her  SOTU response last night, but in an awesomely timed release yesterday the Pet Shop Boys provided a perfect musical accompaniment to her speech perhaps aimed at an audience not normally tuned into the news channels on the TV box: Give Stupidity a Chance Intelligent people have had their say It’s time for the foolish to show the way Let’s leave this world a merry dance  Let’s give stupidity a chance We’ve heard quite enough of experts and their dealings Why face the facts when you can just feel our feelings? Let’s leave this world a merry dance Let’s give stupidity a chance Forget political correctness I mean W-T-F I don’t wanna think about the world I wanna talk about myself Instead of governing with thoughtful sensitivity Let’s shock and awe the world with idiotic bigotry Let’s leave this world a merry dance And give stupidity a chance You say corruption, I say justified reward Keeps the cronies loyal, chairman of the board Let’s leave this world a merry dance And give stupidity a chance Forget political correctness Let’s talk man to man Chicks are always up for it You gotta grab whatever you can We need a leader who knows that money means class With an eye for a peach perfect piece of ass Not a total dumb cluck, just one of the guys Let’s give stupidity a price Let’s leave this world a merry dance And give stupidity a chance >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Good job guys, that’s a perfect rejoinder to last night’s performance by the Republican Party.

drumpf Jr. Rips WaPo’s Superbowl Ad on Twitter; Twitter Users Unload.

drumpf Jr. must have gotten bored with worst Superbowl ever, so he decided to start a TwitStorm by taking issue with The Washington Post’s ad honoring journalism and journalists that have given their all for their craft: The only controversy I see there is I wish they had spent the 5 mil investigating the crimes of Uday’s father. But Uday felt differently: He tweeted, then had to duck and cover…. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Charles P. Pierce Weighs in on Scrapping the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces...

Pierce begins in his piece on abandonment of the INF Treaty in Esquire Magazine reminiscing about his youth, when Europe, The United States and the former Soviet Union bristled with nuclear missiles, but when also it was understood (wink, wink) that a quick trip to the basement, averting one’s eyes or ducking under a desk were sufficient to stave off incineration. He then quotes the Washington Post to explain why Pompeo, Bolton and Trump deem it necessary to return to those halcyon days of stupidity:   The demise of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty raises fears of a new nuclear arms race, although U.S. officials discount the risk. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States is suspending participation in the agreement, starting a six-month countdown to a final U.S. withdrawal. That leaves a slim chance that Russia could end missile programs widely seen as a violation, salvaging the treaty. The United States accuses Moscow of violating the agreement since 2014. “For years Russia has violated the terms of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty without remorse,” Pompeo said, adding that the United States has continued to meet its obligations while seeking to get Moscow to come into compliance. “When an agreement is so brazenly disregarded and our security is so threatened, we must respond,” he added. So their argument goes, to paraphrase Peter Arnett during the Vietnam war, “It became necessary to destroy the treaty to save it.” But Charlie ain’t buying.  “Can we pause here for a moment and remember that Mike Pompeo is a jumped-up Tea Party congressman from Kansas who is in the upper levels of the national executive only because he climbed aboard the Trump Train and was standing there when it was determined that Rex Tillerson needed to go? He has enabled all of the president*’s worst instincts on foreign policy, and this move is only the latest example. There is no “good” member of this Cabinet—only fools, grifters, and incompetents. It is quite striking in its uniformity in this regard…. I’m not sure how giving Vladimir Putin everything he wants is supposed to hurt him, but I am not the Secretary of State. This is an odds-on decision to start another nuclear arms race in Europe, which can only hype up the ambitious Russian ganglord’s dreams of a gangster-capitalist new USSR. The INF Treaty was one of the Reagan Administration’s shining accomplishments, and one of the first indications that Mikhail Gorbachev was a real reformer.” He goes on to quote arms-control expert Joseph Cirincione to add some inside baseball to the discussion. “Maybe that is why no one wants them. No government in Europe or Asia is calling for these weapons or offering to host them. In the 1980s, deployments of nuclear weapons into Europe brought millions of Europeans into the streets in sustained protests. This time, the decision to pull down yet another security pillar in the trans-Atlantic alliance will deepen an already growing divide. “Of course, it will widen the rift between Europe and America,” former British diplomat and director of the European Leadership Network Adam Thomson told me this week, “European governments will look even more intensely at how they can provide for their own security.” It will not be as insulting to European leaders as Trump’s violation of the Iran anti-nuclear deal, he said. Europeans saw that agreement as […]

Elie Mystal of Above The Law Sounds Off on Ralph Northam....

Elie Mystal, editor of Above The Law and clear thinker has something to say on Twitter about the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam sh*t storm that Northam’s few remaining apologists aren’t gonna like…. “So, my senior year of high school I moved to Indiana for my senior year. At the new school, seniors got their own parking spots and could paint it however they wished. In my randomly assigned spot, the previous senior had painted it with the Confederate flag. People didn’t notice this would be a problem until I showed up and then *everybody* noticed it would be a problem. It was quickly repainted. Not even by me. But by members of the football team which I had been practicing with a little bit over the summer. I tell this story now because I notice how the #RalphNortham conversation isn’t really focused on the harm he caused to his classmates in real time. There were black people in his school in 1984. And 1985, and 86 and so on. Imagine what they must have thought. Imagine, coming into medical school, excited and terrified at the same time, flipping thought last year’s yearbook that’s lying around somewhere, and coming across blackface bro and Klansman friend. Imagine not knowing which one of your classmates will be “the one” your year. Imagine literally never being able to show your OWN damn yearbook, from your successful time at MEDICAL SCHOOL, to your children because you don’t EVER want them to see the racism you went through. Northman never apologized to those classmates. He’s had 35 freaking years to do so. He didn’t go up to black people at the reunion and say “hey, maybe you saw our yearbook from that year? I’m sorry, deeply sorry, I ruined it for everybody.” It’s not a victim less crime. It’s not a politically incorrect foible. Northam hurt people, and didn’t apologize for it until he got caught and wanted to keep his job. He shouldn’t be able to get away with it.” Elie’s point is twofold. Even the students he went to school with in Indiana knew that the traitor flag, far from being a benign expression of their “heritage” was hurtful to a black team mate and not something that should be allowed to mar his experience of joining the team. Ralph Northam and the Eastern Virginia Medical School allowed symbols at least as, if not more, offensive and terrifying to be printed in their yearbook in 1984, twenty years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. Northam cannot be allowed to hold onto his seat. If necessary Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly should join with Republicans, also if necessary, to remove him from office.  ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… To receive articles of mine not published elsewhere become a patron on Patreon. Please follow me on Twitter @durrati [cross-posted to PolitiZoom]

A Little More About Those Blocked Number Phone Calls Don Made...

So, reports indicate that the two phone calls Made by Don Jr, to blocked numbers the same day Jr. spoke to  Emin Agalarov and publicist Rob Goldstone were not to his father (who was in the same building with him) as some have speculated, but to “friends” of “Jr.” Typically, Trump couldn’t wait to crow about the development, and just as typically, he lied his ass off… Because Howard Lorber, whom you won’t read much about in the above link, recipient of one of the phone calls, was an associate of Godfather Don himself, who had accompanied Trump on his trip to Moscow to lay the ground work for Trump Tower Kremlin in 1996. Craig Unger, author of House of Putin House of Trump tells the story below: 2/As per #HouseofTrump, LeBow had begun investing in Moscow in early 90s when one inevitably dealt w dubious characters–among them Vadim Rabinovich who had just taken part in Tel Aviv meeting giving Semion #Mogilevich control of lucrative Ukraine energy trade. 3/ In effort to develop Trump Tower Moscow, they were shown around by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov who was also close to #Mogilevich & Vyacheslav Ivankov (below), a murderous mobsters who happened to be a Trump Tower resident on 5th Ave and a regular at Trump’s Taj Mahal. 4/Mayor Luzhkov had other ties to #mogilevich thru real estate company, Sistema. Not much came of this 1996 trip, tho Trump boasted that it was going to be huge. 5/ Fast forward to 2013. By this time, Trump has pinned hopes for Moscow development on billionaire real estate mogul Aras Agalarov who also has ties to #Mogilevich. In Feb 2013, his son Emin had performed at a big RU mafia bday party Mogi gave for RU mob boss Sergei Mikhailov. 6/So in June 2016, Emin sets up infamous Trump Tower meeting w Don, Jr., Jared, Manafort and the Russians in which Russians, many w ties to Russian Mafia, clearly want team Trump to promise that sanctions will be lifted.L Howard Lorber is the new figure in this. What is his real role? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Tweet an answer to that, drumpf…what was the role of this “friend of ours”. Or don’t bother, I’m sure Mueller is on it.

Before the Disinformation Campaign Began, Roger Stone Said FBI was “extraordinarily...

Before the disinformation campaign began in earnest, before Faux News, Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham —  none of whom give a rat’s ass about children locked in cages or black men being shot by cops in the street by police playing a real life and death version of Grand Theft Auto —  laced up their fake outrage boots and waded, pearl clutching, their way into yet another murky puddle of lies, whinging that the FBI violently kicked in Stone’s door last Friday, guns leveled at his chest and shouting “Achtung, motherfu*ker!!!” … … Mr. Nixon Tattoo had this to say: “Extraordinarily courteous.” Basically then, everything that Republicans have said about Stones arrest since he made that statement has been day old, left-to-rot-in-the sun, vermin ravaged tripe. And even while he was making the one truthful statement uttered by Republicans or their operatives about the arrest, above, Stone could not help himself and told yet another lie impugning the character of his dogs, if not his wife…that they were “terrorized”: Dude, those are Yorkies. The FBI could have been King Edward I’s army, Kahleesi and her dragons, Godzilla, King Kong, the Super Friends and a contingent of sword-brandishing ISIS executioners, and those little Bravehearts would have — far from being “terrorized” — stood their ground ready and willing to rush into the breach, yapping and snarling, to protect you and your wife —  sacred guardians of the supper bowl —  from harm. You are such a freakin’ liar. Just shut the hell up.

Pentagon Reject’s Trump’s Separate Branch “Space Force”. Buck Rogers Will Be...

Per Politico coller heads have prevailed and drumpf’s fever dreams of a stand alone “Space Force” will be a failure to launch. Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan has recommended that a new Space Force be established within the Air Force, making it a separate branch akin to the Marine Corps, which is part of the Navy but not a fully fledged military department. “It’s going to be small, as small as possible footprint, that’s why I recommended it sits underneath the Air Force,” Shanahan said told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday…. ….Shanahan also said Tuesday that a senior officer has been identified to head the newly formed U.S. Space Command, a headquarters established by Congress in the last defense policy bill. “We do have a person that we’re going to move through in terms of who would lead the Space Command,” he said, without identifying the individual. Mr. Pickens could not be reached for comment.   Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

ROTFLMAO. Matt Gaetz Aspires to Be “The Conservative AOC.” Twitter Larfs.

drumpf lick-spittle, professional impaired driver and Russian bot wrangler like many in the GOP has a love to hate relationship with the Democratic Representative for New York’s 14th district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and, apparently just wants to be just like her when he grows up…. just minus the progressive policies and infectious personality. The linked article explores the infatuations various GOP fan boys and girls harbor for AOC, but I want to revel in Twitter’s responses to Gaetz’z declaration of love for her.  brevity is the droll of wit…. Then there is this…. Ouch:

Heckler Unloads on Howard Schultz: “Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical...

So, Starbucks CEO and wannabe 2020 spoiler Howard Schultz was at a meet and greet today to test the waters for his Presidential run and got at least one really bad review: Twittlers had some things to say: …but she wishes it were. …actually I think it was Paul Simon, but maybe. …have one for me, Ron. Amen to that, John.

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