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National Cathedral to Trump on McCain Funeral – No You Didn’t.

When the National Cathedral calls you a liar, you are most certainly a liar. So, yesterday sphincter said this: The National Cathedral today came out with this: Every friggin’ word that comes out of his mouth….

Trump Inc. Podcast Reveals Why drumpf Needed Kremlin Help to Build...

Excellent summary of Trump Inc.’s latest podcast, exploring drumpf’s real estate dealings with Russia. This is the bit that most interested me. “Making a business trip to Russia requires an official invitation. According to correspondence published by BuzzFeed, Sater arranged for an invitation from Genbank, a small Russian bank that expanded significantly in Crimea after Russia invaded in 2014. One of Genbank’s co-owners is Yevgeny Dvoskin, a Russian-born financier who grew up in Brighton Beach at the same time as Sater. Dvoskin pleaded guilty to tax evasion in federal court in Ohio for the bootlegging scheme and spent time in prison. He was later deported to Russia, according to press accounts. In Russia, he remained tied to criminal networks, according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. (We were unable to reach Dvoskin for comment.) •  We also get a hint about why Trump may have needed the Kremlin to get his deal done. Some of the sites under consideration for a potential Trump Tower Moscow were in historic areas with strict height restrictions. Just a few years before the 2015 letter of intent that Trump signed, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin pledged to do all he could to prevent the city from being overrun by skyscrapers. If Trump’s deal was to move forward in some place like the Red October Chocolate Factory, one of the spots that was considered, getting around zoning restrictions would need help from the very top. Sater and Cohen were also kicking around a plan to offer Putin the building’s $50 million penthouse, according to BuzzFeed. That need for special help, combined with the potential offer of a valuable asset, raises questions about whether the plan ran afoul of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, according to Alexandra Wrage, the president and founder of Trace International, an organization that helps companies comply with anti-bribery laws. “What you describe is certainly worrying,” she said.” Greasing the wheels to get around local regulations. Typical illegal drumpf business practice. There is a lot more to read at the link, and the Trump Inc  podcast is certainly worth a listen. Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Putin Angry that Poland Doesn’t Want Him at Ceremony Commemorating That...

Well, if this ain’t a bite in the ass… MSN “Russia expressed anger Wednesday that President Vladimir Putin has not been invited to ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in Poland later this year. The foreign ministry voiced its “bewilderment” upon learning of Warsaw’s plan to mark the anniversary of the start of WWII only with Poland’s close allies — members of the European Union and NATO and several ex-Soviet nations. Russia accused the Polish authorities of ignoring “historic logic” and seeking to turn the September commemorations into a “secret” meeting. “Despite our Homeland’s unquestionably decisive contribution to the defeat of Hitler’s Reich and the liberation of Poland from the Nazi aggressors there is no place for Russia in this plan,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.” Uh, Vlad, on Sept. 17, 1939, just seventeen days after Hitler invaded Poland from the west, the Soviet Union invaded from the east without a declaration of war, sending between a half a million to a million troops over the Polish border against a token defense — as Poland was concentrating it’s troops in the west against the Nazis. As many as 300,000 Poles were subsequently sent east to Siberia to slave in the Soviet war effort for the next six years or so. Many did not return. And while much credit is due to your country for destroying the German Army, you hardly “liberated” Poland, taking it under military and political control for the better part of five decades after you’d driven the Nazis out. How about you STFU and let the Poles commemorate this solemn anniversary with their current allies? Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

LOL. Devin Nunes Has a Twitter Problem….

Trump Tries to Re-Write Timeline of Dossier Release, Natasha Bertrand Calls...

When drumpf sent this vile piece of garbage tweet out yesterday… …near the beginning of a day long spate of the Twitter equivalent of deranged poo-flinging, many journos rightly, but rather obtusely, denounced the disgusting attack on John McCain that provided cover for the der groppenfuhrer’s true intent — attempting to implant the lie that McCain sought to disseminate the dossier before the election in 2016 —  and thus suggesting by falsehood that there was an attempt to change it’s outcome, as he is charged with doing himself. Sharp-eyed Natasha Bertrand and her following wasn’t going to let him get away with it: And Sarah is out front on this bombshell which is likely to dominate future news: If you can read Czech and get past Respekt.CZ’s paywall there is probably a hell of a diary there. I can’t, and have to skedaddle off to work in any case…but it’s nice to know that while I’m away Bertrand is keeping her eyes peeled.

On St. Patrick’s Day GOP Insults Beto and Every Irish Person...

Not content with stereotyping Hispanic, Black, Native American, Jewish and Islamic voters, on St. Patrick’s day the Grand Old Party adopted the style of their standard bearer Donald Trump and reached out to defame Irish Americans. Raw Story “Republican National Committee message about Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke appeared to fail on Sunday after it became the subject of internet mockery. A Sunday tweet from the official @GOP Twitter account seemed to smear both O’Rourke and Irish people as drunks….” (The RNC quickly pulled their Tweet but the GOP still has their’s up.) O’Rourke quickly answered. Are you paying attention, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

Victim-Blaming Australian Senator Who Ended Up with Egg on His Face...

The Australian Senator from Queensland who, unbelievably, blamed the victims of the Christchurch shooting for their own deaths, stating  “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” and whose family fortune was founded by stealing land from Australian Aboriginals and, at times, kidnap and forced labor of the same will be censured by the government and opposition as well as being investigated for punching the much smaller minor who egged him on says Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Morrison promised “the full force of the law” would be brought to bear against the pugilistic Senator who stepped way down in weight class when striking the child who did this…. In related news the punchy Senator was treated to a classic Australian dressing down when spotted at the departing gate of an airport later in the day. (If you disapprove of the use of triggering Anglo-Saxon descriptors do not play.) As much as Anning deserved those two confrontations perhaps the most severe spanking came from opposition leader Bill shorten who said: “the Christchurch event “hasn’t happened in isolation”, blaming “extreme-right politicians in Australia” and “keyboard warriors who hide behind the internet” for fomenting hatred. “I say to those who perpetuate extreme rightwing hatred … You, by your hate speech, have created a swampland of hatred,” he told reporters in Melbourne. “You cannot disown what crawls out of your swamp.” Would you ever consider moving to the U.S. and running for office Mr. Shorten? We could use your moral clarity over here.

While We Debate Pelosi’s Stance, GOP Advancing Trope that Her Inaction...

If the last thirty years have proven anything they show that Democrats often lose the messaging wars because Republicans pick a message they want to drum into the public’s mind and repeat it endlessly and, unfortunately, to great effect. Democrats are “big spenders” even though deficits balloon under Republicans. Democrats are “weak on defense” even though it has been W and Trump trashing our alliances, and through, in W’s case his stupid Iraq war, and with Trump his blatant Islamophobia and embrace of Putin, it has been the GOP who have made us more vulnerable. Democrats encourage late term, pre-birth, during birth, after-birth abortions for the convenience of women. There are many other examples where, with ad nauseam repetition they have convinced significant numbers of independent voters of the truth of their lies. Now they are doing the same thing with Pelosi’s no-impeachment proclamation. Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine. “This week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she opposes impeachment. You might think this would cause Trump’s defenders to rethink their belief that the Russia investigation is a ploy to justify impeachment. You’d be wrong. Instead they have decided the news proves just the opposite: Democrats must know Trump is innocent of wrongdoing on Russia. “If Pelosi and Schiff really believed their outlandish rhetoric on Russian collusion, they would be moving to impeach the president,” argues the Federalist’s David Marcus. This has become the new standard analysis on the right, and swift reversal of the party line has been picked up by the right-wing press with all the subtlety of a Stalin-era policy announcement in the Daily Worker: “There is an even more important takeaway, which is that Pelosi no longer believes in the Russia story, if she ever did. There is simply no way she would subject herself to this level of rebellion from the liberal wing of her caucus and deliver this much disappointment to the Democratic Party base if she thought there was any chance that the special counsel report would substantiate the assumptions they have all held so closely for so long.” (Mike Huckabee.) “How could anyone conclude impeachment isn’t ‘worth it’ if you have all the evidence Schiff has claimed?” (Scott Jennings.) “If those charges are true, they should lead to impeachment.” (Charles Lipson.) …The right’s response to Pelosi’s comments seem to show one possible drawback to Pelosi’s strategy. Republicans disbelieve all evidence against Trump, which becomes a reason for Democrats not to impeach him, which in turn becomes further reason for Republicans to disbelieve all evidence against him. For two years, the Democrats’ plans to impeach Trump were evidence the Russia scandal was supposedly a hoax. Now, the Democrats’ plan not to impeach Trump proves the Russia scandal is a hoax. Be prepared to hear a lot of this over the next 18 months or so. The GOP will worry our inaction like Fido chewing on his favorite bone.

Watch Laura Ingraham and Guest on Her Show Mock A Nine...

Well, I suppose there are bigger stories to weigh in on today, but perhaps none so indicative of the poison being pumped into the brains of Fox views as this: For those not on Twitter here is a you tube video of nine year old Zayne Cowie reciting his poem Goodbye Earth: “Move over Longfellow” Arroyo snarks, and Ingraham quips… “Byron and Keats rolled into one!” Arroyo even made fun of Zane’s enunciation, which I had no trouble understanding. I though Zane’s poem was very sophisticated for a nine year old, especially when he evoked some of the world’s wonders he would like to see. All the more reason for them to mock him for the benefit of their corporate sponsors I suppose. Good work, you two, maybe if you make fun of the kid some more maybe you can prompt a crazed Fox viewer into hunting down the boy and taking him out. Sick fucks.

Sarah Kendzior Makes the Case for Impeachment.

Sarah Kendzior doesn’t mince words when it comes to TrumpCo and the danger facing our nation: And, in an essay published on her Gaslit Nation website she and her partner Andrea Chalupa don’t mince words about the existential threat that not wielding the one weapon we have, through the hard work of many good folks in the resistance, been given — the power to bring this criminal pretender masquerading as POTUS to trial and exposing his many felonies to the American people: “It is critical that the stakes are made clear. Refusal to impeach sends the message that the situation cannot possibly be that dire – it if were, the Democrats would move to impeach, right? This is the same disastrous miscalculation that gave us an unpunished cadre of criminals from Watergate, Iran-Contra, the War on Iraq, and the 2008 financial crisis – criminals who are working with the White House right now! This is not a comparative study; this is literally the same people committing crimes over and over without repercussions. We would not even been dealing with this crisis if officials had acted with conscience and conviction earlier, and brought these criminal elites to justice. Let us be clear: we do not think that, if the House impeaches Trump, the GOP-dominated Senate will convict. We also do not think that if the Senate, by some miracle, impeaches Trump, that he will leave. Trump has made it clear he will not leave office even if the will of the people demands it in an election, and even if the will of Congress demands it in impeachment. Trump is an aspiring autocrat, and the GOP is seeking a one-party state. So what is the point of the House impeaching Trump? An informed public is a powerful public, and hearings are the best way of informing the people on what the White House has done. Autocrats and wannabe autocrats live by their brands, and a symbolic vote of impeachment by the House, sending the world the message that the United States still stands for the rule of law, damages the Trump brand and leaves a mark on it that Ivanka must carry with her as she continues to represent us abroad. The House must begin impeachment proceedings to help restore America’s standing in the world and because it is their constitutional duty. Impeachment sends a message about who we are as a country and what we will accept and abide. The rule of law demands action. Refusing to take action is normalizing atrocity. Lawlessness must be confronted regardless of the outcome, as a matter of principle and conscience. Fighting only the battles that you know you will win is a sure way of ensuring you lose; preemptive surrender, in a rapidly consolidating autocracy, is permanent surrender. The American people have suffered enough under Trump; they should not have to suffer due to Pelosi’s capitulation as well. We all deserve better than this.” I know many of you will not agree with this post, but I feel obligated to put it up anyway. I encourage you all to go to the link provided and read the full essay and listen to Sarah and Andrea’s latest podcast if you are able. Sarah is not a politician, weighing political reverberations and counting on elections that may or may […]

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