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Donald Trump creates a national untelligence test with a single ‘word’

How was your morning covfefe? Did you have it with cream or did you drink it … whatever color covfefe is without cream? Was it both a floor polish and a desert topping? What the hell does it mean? Around midnight, Donald Trump first tweeted a...

Keith Olbermann: There’s No Excuse For Not Arresting Kushner

Obviously my “Resistance” series for GQ gets a lot of play elsewhere but for reasons I can’t fathom it never struck me until today ...

Fearless French President Lumps Trump In With Tyrants & Dictators

The new French President Emmanuel Macron is already proving to be a leader of strength, courage and integrity, and the man does not mince words. Days ago, Macron stood right next to Vladimir Putin during a press conference and censured the Russian...

#Resist: ‘March for Truth’ will be held in 100+ cities this Saturday

Whatever else you might say about Donald Trump, he's certainly been inspiring Americans to adopt a regular exercise routine . Marches are planned in Washington, D.C., and a 135 other cities Saturday,

To Ram Through Unpopular Agenda, Trump Urges GOP to Kill Senate Filibuster

Though his proposals have found slim support among the American people, president wants GOP allies to push items through "fast and easy"

Former DNI James Clapper calls Russia’s election interference the most aggressive in history

Every time Sean or Sarah or Hope or Kellyanne or any other Trump surrogate talks, they’re quick to say that everyone agrees that there’s no connection between Donald Trump and Russia. Of course, that’s not what anyone is saying. If there was already...

Incoming? Trump’s Twitter Account Has Added 5 Million ‘Followers’ In Last Three Days…Mostly Bots

Another area to keep our eye on is Breitbart. Notice anything interesting about the site’s user stats? No way are they organic. It will be interesting to see if they start spiking again now that the Trump “War Room” is presumably up and running. ...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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