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Michael "Black Max" Tuck

Michael "Black Max" Tuck is a writer at Politizoom and a regular contributor to posts at Daily Sound and Fury.

The Tara Reade Train Wreck Continues. Biden is Not Out of...

Tara Reade is a liar. This is not the first or the second time I’ve written about this. I hope it is the last. Frankly, I’m getting tired of it. And notice: I’m no longer qualifying this as an opinion. The facts bear out the claim. She is a bald-faced, unrepentant serial liar. What are some of the new developments? Well, she’s been revealed to have lied about her college degrees. She lied about being an “expert” who could testify in domestic violence cases — which she did. Now those cases are being considered for reopening, and convicted domestic abusers may be freed because of Reade’s lies under oath. And, her high-profile lawyer dropped her as a client. Her credibility is shot. No one with any discernment believes that Biden actually molested her, unless their hatred of Biden and/or love of Trump drives them to advocate for her credibility because they still hope she can split enough votes away from Biden to cost him the presidency. That applies to both devoted MAGAts and devoted Bernie Busters. Let’s look at where Reade stands now — in the ashes of her future, the unmasked lies and deceptions of her past, and the entire destruction of her credibility as a truthful witness to, well, anything. Cease and Desist? Back in the halcyon days of — five days ago!?! — Reade’s attorney, veteran sexual harassment defense lawyer and Trump donor Douglas Wigdor, sent a cease-and-desist order to Lynn Hummer, one of Reade’s most persuasive critics. Hummer, who calls Reade “manipulative” and a “liar” after having Reade allegedly milk thousands of dollars out of Hummer’s non-profit horse rescue organization, received the letter on May 17. The letter advised her to stop giving “false” information “to the media and online” about Reade. How did Wigdor know Hummer was giving false information to the media? His client, Reade, said so. Wigdor wrote: These harassing, intimidating and false statements are unlawful and are clearly intended to tarnish and impugn Ms. Reade’s character and reputation. … Let this letter serve as a final demand for you to cease and desist from engaging in this or similar conduct immediately. Almost a month before, Reade posted this on Twitter: You will stop Lynn Hummer. You have been reported for animal neglect to Santa Cruz county. Stop soliciting funds using my sexual assault story as leverage. A lawyer will be in contact with you for defaming me. You may not continue to spread false information regarding my life. — taratweets ( Alexandra Tara Reade) (@ReadeAlexandra) April 20, 2020 After Wigdor sent his letter, Hummer’s own lawyer, Pat Harris, said: I find it very ironic that her attorney is trying to bully witnesses when he is claiming that is what’s happening to her in the Joe Biden case. … The last thing in the world that Tara Reade wants to do is meet Lynn Hummer in the courtroom. Hummer has receipts. Reade does not. Harris told Politico: “We’ll be more than happy to provide actual physical evidence that backs up Ms. Hummer’s story. All Reade has is a lawyer trying to bully my client.” Released from Biden’s Staff Due to Health Issues? This is almost certainly a lie. In my previous articles, we’ve seen that Reade almost certainly was asked to resign, if not outright fired, due […]

Trump’s Idiot Sons Defame Biden, Democrats. In Other Words, It Must...

One of the more nauseating aspects of the Trump presidency is the media attention focused on his two idiot sons, Uday and Qusay, or, more accurately, Donald Jr. and Eric. Raised to be Trump’s successors in his gilded outhouse of a “business empire,” they have succeeded in faithfully echoing and doubling down on their father’s virulent, racist stupidity, and, again like their father, have not — yet — publicly shit their britches in public. Hey, credit where credit’s due, right? Well, the Moron Twins decided to start the weekend off with a bang. Junior led off the weekend festivities on Saturday, reposting a vile little concoction on Instagram labeling Joe Biden as a pedophile. Lots in our story on all that Trump is hurling at Biden—including a wave of F’book ads painting him as senile—and the president’s son is now suggesting the former VP is a pedophile >>https://t.co/Kv570T5tVo pic.twitter.com/H33RrlOIdV — Jonathan Martin (@jmartNYT) May 16, 2020 Predictably, Idiot #1 came back crying that he had been misunderstood, and all of the “LOL” emojis should have clearly indicated to anyone that he was merely joshing around. 1. The 3 🤣 emojis in the caption should indicate to anyone with a scintilla of common sense that I’m joking around. 2. If the media doesn’t want people mocking & making jokes about how creepy Joe is, then maybe he should stop the unwanted touching & keep his hands to himself? https://t.co/Jy98aq6yWD pic.twitter.com/Kcr9jdPSbC — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) May 16, 2020 Because labeling someone a pedophile is ALWAYS good for a laugh, right, Uday? He them came back with a four-pack of pictures of Biden indulging in “unwanted touching” of various children, at least one of which I’m 90% sure is Photoshopped. We’re all aware that Grandpa Biden likes to smooch and nuzzle kids, and, as every grandparent will tell you, sometimes the kids go, “Ewww, Grandpa!” Did Biden go a little far at times? Sure he did. Does Biden owe Uday a fist in his fat mouth for using that as a platform to pole-vault an outlandish, libelous accusation of pedophilia? In my view, absolutely. (For the record, I also believe that Bill Clinton should have whipped Rush Limbaugh’s ass for calling his daughter Chelsea the “White House dog.”) Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates responded: No repulsive, manipulative tactic will change the subject from how almost 90,000 Americans have paid for Donald Trump’s coronavirus negligence with their lives and how the booming economy he inherited from the Obama-Biden administration is now suffering from depression-level job losses. I appreciate the counterattack, but I would have liked to have seen Bates respond more directly, with a flat denial and an offer to come over and crunch Uday’s teeth…wait, that one would be more my style than the style of a presidential campaign, and now we all know why Biden didn’t hire me as a campaign spokesperson. Biden has flatly denied Tara Reade’s garbage claims of him mauling her in a Senate office hallway, and Reade’s story continues to collapse around her. But don’t think that will stop the Trump campaign’s relentless attempts to paint Biden as guilty of the same offenses Trump has committed. Younger and, if possible, stupider brother Qusay decided, as he always does, to try to keep up with his big brother. He ran to Jeanne […]

Tara Reade Is a Liar

As I said in my last article on the subject, this is not a fact. This is a strong conclusion based on an enormous amount of evidence. Since I wrote that last article, more evidence has emerged that paints Reade as a liar with a history of lying, manipulation and fraudulent behavior. When I taught middle school, we always had at least one serial liar in each class. A typical encounter: they would run to me during homeroom, crying and complaining that Mean Little Johnny pushed them on the bus. By the time I could get the vice principal in to hear the story, they were then claiming that Johnny had punched them in the head. By the time they got to the office to make a formal complaint, they would say that Johnny had them on the floor of the bus, beating, kicking and stomping them. When they were told that no one else saw any of this on the bus, or that we found it odd that their story had changed so drastically in the course of 30 minutes, the tantrum and tears would start. Everyone was against them. We all wanted them to be hurt. We were all on Mean Little Johnny’s side. And so forth. The parallels between Reade and the class liar/dramatist are clear. I might have believed the initial story — after all, Mean Little Johnny had pushed kids before. But I damn sure didn’t believe the escalated versions, especially after eyewitnesses verified they didn’t see any of the embellished allegations take place. And the drama and waterworks just confirmed what I already believed — that Sad Widdle Jenny (or Billy) was lying their little ass off. I don’t know what Tara Reade was like in middle school. I do have a better idea what she was like as a Biden staffer. From what I read, she was a poor staffer who was let go for incompetence (if not worse). PBS interviewed 74 former Biden staffers who worked with him during the time Reade worked on his staff. 62 of the ones interviewed were women. Most don’t remember Reade. The ones who do don’t remember anything about any sort of sexual harassment allegations (remember, the initial version of Reade’s story contains NO allegations of sexual misconduct). Biden: A Fair and Equitable Boss The reporters, Daniel Bush and Lisa Desjardins, describe Biden as “a demanding but fair and family-oriented boss, devoted to his home life in Delaware and committed to gender equality in his office. He was not on a list of ‘creepy’ male senators that female staffers told each other to avoid in the elevators on Capitol Hill.” The reporters continue: None of the people interviewed said that they had experienced sexual harassment, assault or misconduct by Biden. All said they never heard any rumors or allegations of Biden engaging in sexual misconduct, until the recent assault allegation made by Tara Reade. Former staffers said they believed Reade should be heard, and acknowledged that their experiences do not disprove her accusation. … Many said that her sexual assault allegation was at odds with their knowledge of Biden’s behavior toward women. … Many former Biden staffers said they believe Reade’s allegation is false. Fired for Poor Job Performance, Not for a Sexual Harassment Report One of the […]

New Anti-Trump Ad: He is “The Snake”

I am generally not a fan of stories about political ads. “Such and such DESTROYED the other guy in this ad!!! MUST WATCH!!!” Yeah, yeah. The ads are usually good, making a relevant point and possibly irritating their target (especially if it’s Trump, who is insanely easy to ruffle), but no one is “destroyed” by them. This one is different. It’s called “The Snake,” and it is a master class in how to absolutely drop the hammer on a political opponent. There’s no narration; every word comes from either Donald Trump or a news anchor. Check it out. 📺 NEW VIDEO Donald Trump and his venomous politics and ideology are un-American. Donald Trump IS The Snake. pic.twitter.com/Ltey4mnEB2 — MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) May 8, 2020 It hits every high note with Trump: his catastrophic failure as a “real estate mogul,” his sexual predations, his depraved interest in his daughter Ivanka, his racism, his simpering pretense at patriotism, his repeated business frauds, his attempts to destroy NATO, his cozy relations with bloody-handed dictators, his attempt to coeerce Ukraine into helping him sabotage the 2020 election, his and his family’s grifting while in the White House, his deliberate sabotage of the federal and state governments’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis, and his attempts to cause the deaths of more Americans from fraudulent and dangerous “medical” treatments for the virus. Structurally, it’s framed around his performance of “The Snake,” a poem that we’ll learn more about in a bit. The ad starts ominously slow and ends on a furious climax of pounding music, whirling graphics, and Trump’s frenzied bellowing of the final lines of the piece. After I watched it the first time, I thought of Trump as one person: Randall Flagg. Like Trump, Flagg giggled while he tore society apart. Trump read the poem, in truncated form, at rallies throughout 2016. (You’re forgiven if you don’t remember. I didn’t either, until this CNN piece from 2017 reminded me.) “The Snake” is about a good-hearted woman who brings a half-frozen snake into her home to save its life. When it thaws, it bites her and causes her death, because that’s his nature. (Think “The Frog and the Scorpion,” or Aespo’s “The Farmer and the Viper.”) As Eli Rosenberg wrote for the Washington Post, “It is a crowd-pleaser, part xenophobic fearmongering, part tale told by Grandpa — “story time with Trump,” as one college supporter” put it. As CNN’s Chris Cillizza explained it, Trump’s grinning recitation of the poem was a: not-subtle allegory for the situation on the border with Mexico and in reference to the Syrian refugee crisis, warning against allowing potential terrorists into the country. […] Trump makes explicit the fact that the snake represents the undocumented workers coming into the country, and the woman is our current U.S. border policy. It’s a striking image: Undocumented workers might look weak and pitiable but, in the end, they will bite you for trying to help. He dredged it up again in 2017, to commemorate his 100th day in office, and has used it several times since then. Ironically, the daughters of the poem’s author have asked Trump to stop using the poem at his rallies. Civil rights activist Oscar Brown Jr. wrote the poem as a song in 1963. (In 1968, it was used in a song by […]

Biden/Reade: Our Words Matter

(Thanks to my friend and colleague Darrell Lucus, who was kind enough to share some of his research with me for this article.) Tara Reade is an unrepetant, shameless liar. That is not a fact. It’s a conclusion I am quite comfortable drawing from the evidence we’ve seen. But that’s not why I’m writing this. We need to discuss how we talk about Joe Biden in light of these specious allegations. I’ll get to that in a little while. Short version: if we choose to disbelieve the Reade allegations, then we need to not call Biden an “alleged sexual abuser” or any other such garbage appellations. Don’t do it. If you do, then much of the damage Reade apparently intended to do is done. I was sexually molested at age 14 by a man who I thought was a friend. My next-door neighbor, another 14-year old boy, was also molested by the same man. My wife survived a large number of horrific sexual attacks from multiple people, including family members. We are not the only two in our families to experience sexual abuse. So when I declare my willingness to call Reade a liar (as well as another Biden accuser, former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, who was debunked within hours), I don’t go there hastily. Anyone who says they were sexually harassed or abused should be listened to, and their allegations thoroughly examined. But, since people can and do lie about, well, anything, they should not instantly be believed and the ones they accuse should not instantly be convicted in the court of public opinion. I don’t like talking about that personal shit. But, you have a right to know where I am coming from. Warning: This is a long-ass article. You may not want to read it all at once. Take a break. Bike around the neighborhood. Pet the cat. Do a jello shot. Whatever. It took me a while to sort through everything and put it together, and it will take you some time to get through it – especially since I really want you to read the end. (If you skip to the last section, you won’t hurt my feelings too much.) March 2020 Allegations On March 25, Reade, a former member of Biden’s Senate staff, went on Katie Halper’s podcast and accused Biden of publicly groping her in the Senate Office Building in 1993. She said that she brought Biden a duffel bag as per his request. Biden pushed her against a wall, kissed her neck, put his hand under her skirt, penetrated her with his fingers and asked, “Do you want to go somewhere else?” For an April 19 NPR article, she told a reporter, His hands went underneath my clothing and he was touching me in my private areas and without my consent. Reade says she must have refused him – her memories are unclear – and then he said, “You’re nothing to me, nothing.” Moments later he took her by the shoulders and said, “You’re okay. You’re fine. You’re OK,” picked up the bag, and walked away. Biden staunchly denied the allegations, telling MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, “I am saying unequivocally: It never, never happened,” and advising that all such allegations should be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. His deputy campaign manager, Kate […]

Will Trump Attack the US In Revenge for Not Re-Electing Him?...

The 2020 presidential election will decide either the life or death of America. — John Gartner I have a list of things I fear — death by fire, a decline into dementia, Pop-Tarts — but I have never feared Donald Trump or his goose-stepping minions. I loathe and despise them, and I fear for the people whom their policies actively hurt (most all of us, really), but I don’t fear them. Neither should you. However, I do feel a deep apprehension for what Trump might do if and when he loses re-election in November. We all think, hope, pray and anticipate him getting his ass dragged around the block by Biden in November, but there’s a question: what will Trump do in the event he loses? Psychologist and psychotherapist John Gartner, a specialist in borderline personality disorders, has those same worries. And he feels Trump will go out swinging. Trump’s bagman Michael Cohen said in Congressional testimony in February 2019: Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, there will never be a peaceful transition of power. I’m not worried about him not leaving the White House, as some do. It doesn’t matter if he acknowledges the loss or not. If he loses in November, his presidency ends at noon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, no matter what he and his idiot brownshirts say or do. I like to think that, given Trump’s penchant for belligerent, bullying behavior towards his “inferiors,” there will be plenty of Secret Service agents who are waiting for 12:01 pm on January 20 to put him on the ground and arrest him for trespassing. (Or just beat his flabby ass and throw him out of the front door. I’m good either way.) Former US Attorney Barbara McQuade agrees, writing for The Atlantic: “[T]he newly minted president would possess … presidential powers. If necessary, [Biden] could direct federal agents to forcibly remove Trump from the White House. Now a private citizen, Trump would no longer be immune from criminal prosecution, and could be arrested and charged with trespassing in the White House. While even former presidents enjoy Secret Service protection, agents presumably would not follow an illegal order to protect one from removal from office.” She doesn’t say anything about the Secret Service beating the brakes off him in the East Room, but I think privately she might get a chuckle out of the idea. Nor can he just cancel the election. If he does something insane to disrupt the election to the point where it cannot be held, then on 12:01 pm of January 20, 2021, Nancy Pelosi becomes president. Boy, would he hate that… What Gartner fears is the motivation for vengeance an infuriated Trump would feel in the days and weeks after the November election, should he lose it. You can forget about W’s being pried off keyboards. Trump is psychologically capable of far worse than that. Since Trump has taken office, he has performed not one action that was taken on behalf of the American people. Not one. He started by lying about the size of the crowd during his inauguration and attacking the media over its inauguration coverage, and in the last several days has recommended that Americans inject themselves with disinfectants to battle […]

Overprivileged White Girl Compares Quarantining, Social Distancing at Home to Slavery

You should be forgiven if you’ve never heard the name Tomi Lahren. But you’ve all known women, or more accurately girls, like her at some point in your life. I knew one like her in college. Her name was Kim, and she was thin, pretty, and arched her back while she walked to make sure male eyes were on her. A friend of mine dated her for six months. It took him a year to recuperate from the emotional battering he received. After college and a stint as an intern for then-US Representative Kristi Noem, Miss Thang hosted her own show for the fascist “news” network OANN. College girl Kim posed, bridled, and talked dirty because she knew the boys liked it. Tomi posed, bridled, and engaged in political dirty talk, making headlines in 2015 when, after a Muslim shooter killed four arines in Chattanooga, accused then-President Obama of being “more concerned with Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by those Marines.” From there she moved on to Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, where her ranting and pouting gained her even more views by the dirty old men who make up the majority of conservative television viewers. She finally landed at — surprise! — Fox News, where she hosts her own show on Fox’s ancillary streaming network Fox Nation. Her years of compiling street cred with one bigoted, poisonous rant and tweet after another came to a head Monday, April 27, when she posted the following tweet (now deleted, because we all know that once you delete a tweet, it instantly disappears from everyone’s memory like it never happened): She wrote, “Compliance starting to look a whole lot like willful slavery #ReopenAmerica” Only an ignorant racist like Tomi Lahren could write such a thing without being satirical. People, of course, did not instantly forget. Why did you delete your willful slavery tweet, Trash? — Chidi®️ (@ChidiNwatu) April 27, 2020 Why did you delete the tweet from earlier Tomi? Afraid you gonna join Diamond and Silk? — alCapp (@al5252) April 28, 2020 Lahren’s bosses at Fox Pravda are fine with her and other commentators cheering on the ReOpen protesters, but have reminded them to advise their listeners to observe social distancing while storming their state’s governmental offices demanding that they be allowed to scarf up their chili cheese fries in their favorite restaurants’ dining rooms. Tomi’s false equivalence of social distancing/quarantining and slavery is particularly pernicious. Let’s compare the two, drawing on a list written by actress Melissa Chambers: Slavery is when you are torn from your homeland and your family, shipped against your will to a foreign country, sold to the highest bidder, forced to work for a “master” who brutalizes and tortures you if you dare speak like a human being, and denied your freedom. You can be raped. You can be lynched. Your family can be sold into slavery away from you. You are less than an animal in the eyes of your “owners” and of society. Social distancing and quarantining? You keep six feet from the neighbors and the people you’re shopping with. You wear a mask. You stay home, play in the yard, complete puzzles with the kids, defeat a new level of Fallout, go for walks around the neighborhood, eat too much, and binge-watch television. Chambers sums it […]

ReOpen NC Leader Tests Positive for COVID-19, Intends to Attend Today’s...

Most of us are familiar with the ReOpen movement. If your state doesn’t have a small contingent of loudmouths twerking and thrashing because their “rights” to a mani-pedi or an enchilada plate are being “denied,” it will soon. They are no more “grassroots” operations than the Tea Party was eleven years ago. In fact, two of the groups funding the ReOpen movement, Freedomworks and the Tea Party Patriots, were and are heavily involved in the Tea Party. But let’s talk about one of these astroturf groups in my state, the ReOpen NC movement. They’ve held two “loud and proud” (and, in the cases of some protesters, heavily armed) protests in Raleigh, saying that the enforced quarantine orders issued by Governor Roy Cooper (D-Sane) are illegal (hint: they are not). They intend to hold more rallies every Tuesday until Cooper ends the quarantine, allows businesses to reopen, and permits infected citizens to walk and congregate at will, regardless of the threat they pose. Come on, Max. They don’t really want to deliberately infect the rest of us…do they? Apparently, at least one of them does. And she’s a leader of the group. BREAKING: A member of @TheRealReopenNC, the group leading #ReopenNC protests, confirms to @ABC11_WTVD she was an “asymptomatic COVID19 positive patient.” Asked if she attended last Tuesday’s parade, the person answered “No comment.” @ABC @NCEmergency @ncdhhs #coronavirusNC #abc11 pic.twitter.com/523a9P1pez — Jonah Kaplan (@KaplanABC11) April 27, 2020 Audrey Whitlock is an “administrator” on the Reopen NC Facebook page. On Sunday, she posted a long rant on the page confirming that she had tested positive for COVID-19, that she was apparently an asymptomatic carrier, and that she intended to continue defying the state’s quarantine laws. She says after consulting with her doctor, she self-quarantined for two weeks (which she labels forcible imprisonment), but information in her diatribe indicates otherwise. “As an asymptomatic COVID19 positive patient (quarantine ends 4/26),” she wrote, “another concern I have is the treatment of COVID patients as it relates to other communicable diseases. I have been forced to quarantine in my home for 2 weeks.” She continued: The reality is that modern society has not been able to eradicate contagious viruses. A typical public health quarantine would occur in a medical facility. I have been told not to participate in public or private accommodations as requested by the government, and therefore denied my 1st amendment right of freedom of religion. Whitlock believes her rights to freedom of speech, of religious expression, and of peaceable assembly are all being violated by Cooper’s restriction. Trump agrees with her, recently saying: “These are great people. They’ve got cabin fever. They want to get back. They want their life back. Their life was taken away from them.” Whitlock also refused to deny attending the last two Reopen protests, where hundreds of angry Trump supporters, Confederates, anti-vaxxers, and so forth gathered, most of them unmasked, to protest without a thought to whether they were infecting one another or the children many of them brought to the events. Whitlock wrote: “I have been told not to participate in public or private accommodations as requested by the government, and therefore denied my 1st amendment right of freedom of religion. If I were an essential employee, I would be denied access to my job by my employer and the government, though compensated, […]

Racist Michigan Senator Raises More than Eyebrows with Confederate Flag Mask

Let’s establish some truths. One: Republican lawmakers know what a Confederate flag is. Two: A lot of Republicans, Southern and non-Southern alike, have embraced the Confederate flag, and the racist ideology behind it. Three: Republicans lie. Now. Michigan state senator Dale Zorn (R-I Wish I Were an Overseer) wore a mask made from a Confederate flag on the floor of the Michigan Senate chambers Saturday. Like everyone above the age of ten who has a functioning neural net, he knew it was a Confederate flag before he put it on. In fact, on Friday, he was enjoying the idea of wearing it, telling a reporter that he was certain it would “raise some eyebrows.” Why, yes, Dale, you little Klansman you. It would indeed “raise some eyebrows.” It would horrify and outrage everyone who has a scrap of human decency about them, which is exactly why you wore it. He told the reporter on Friday that even though it would raise eyebrows: “[I]t was not a Confederate flag. … Even if it was a Confederate flag, you know, we should be talking about teaching our national history in schools and that’s part of our national history and it’s something we can’t just throw away because it is part of our history. And if we want to make sure that the atrocities that happened during that time doesn’t happen again, we should be teaching it. Our kids should know what that flag stands for.” When asked what that flag stood for, he answered, “The Confederacy.” (Guys like Dale aren’t usually very smart, either.) I taught American history, Dale. I taught World War II. I didn’t wear a Nazi swastika on my jacket so they would get a better idea of what that symbol stood for. Neither did I have my students participate in a mock slave auction when I taught African-American history. So, no, you weren’t attempting in some cloddish but well-meaning way to teach our little kiddies some history by wearing that Confederate flag mask. US Senator Jesse Helms (R-White Bigot) wasn’t attempting to teach fellow senator Carol Moseley Braun, an African-American, history when he cornered her in an elevator and began singing “Dixie” to her, either. Like Helms with his singing, Zorn wore the mask for a simple purpose: to strut his racism in public. To shove his racism in African-American faces. To celebrate his bigotry and white supremacy, and elevate himself above the “mud people” he so hates and fears. (Let’s not let his attempt to blame his wife for his choices slide; he told the reporter that she made it for him. Did she force you to wear it, Dale? He saiid, “My wife said it’s more similar to the, I think she said Kentucky or Tennessee flag.” No, it isn’t.) But, as is sometimes the case in 21st century America, he didn’t get away with it without comment. People called him down for it. Reporters questioned him about it. Zorn, realizing he had caught his dick in a door, tried to back away quietly. After no doubt consulting with his press office, he issued the following tweets: 1/2: I’m sorry for my choice of pattern on the face mask I wore yesterday on the Senate floor. I did not intend to offend anyone; however, I realize that I […]

Trump Parrots Lunatic “Bleach Cleansing” Theory Provided by Florida Scammer

Donald Trump has never had an original thought in his life. This includes his “bleach cleansing” theory that shocked, horrified and amused the world. Where did this one come from? Primarily from Mark Grenon, a con artist who runs a “church” in Florida called Genesis II. Grenon’s little grifter organization has long touted chlorine dioxide — bleach — as a “miracle cure” for everything from carbuncles to malaria, HIV/AIDS and autism. Grenon knows there is one way to get Trump’s interest: abject flattery. Grenon and his church have been peppering Trump with letters touting bleach as the cure for COVID-19. Grenon wrote to Trump that bleach is “a wonderful detox that can kill 99% of the pathogens in the body” and “can rid the body of Covid-19.” Days after Trump received the letter, he went on television and touted bleach as a possible cure for the virus. Genesis II sells what they call MMS, “Miracle Mineral Solution.” Since the first headlines about the Coronavirus outgreak, Grenon and his fellow trolls have been hawking bleach as a viral cure, advising everyone to mix a few drops of bleach in water and drink it. They push MMS, which contains not only bleach, but sodium chlorite, a chemical used in waste-water treatment and industrial fracking. On April 19, Grenon took to the airwaves with his weekly radio harangue to read the letter he wrote to Trumo. He also said about 30 of his supporters have written letters to Trump touting MMS as a cure. When Trump told his television audience that doctors should consider having patients inject bleach into their lungs to cure the virus, Grenon stormed Facebook to claim: “Trump has got the MMS and all the info!!! Things are happening folks! Lord help others to see the Truth!” This was an about-face in the fortunes of Grenon’s organization: in mid-April, the the US Food and Drug Administration obtained a federal court order barring it from selling what it called “An unproven and potentially harmful treatment for Covid-19.” The FDA also ordered a Genesis II follower, Kerri Rivera, to remove claims that MMS cured coronavirus from her website. The FDA warned Americans in August 2019 not to buy or drink MMS, calling it a “dangerous bleach which has caused serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.” The White House refused to respond to requests by British reporters for The Guardian for clarification on the impact Grenon’s letter may have had on Trump. The Guardian also points out another grifter, former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who hawks bleach-based products as a “miracle cure” on his online television show. It is unclear whether Trump and Keyes have communicated with one another. Keyes, who like Trump was an infamous promoter of the “birther” conspiracy theory that claimed Barack Obama was born in Kenya, has his show hosted on IAMtv, a far-right Internet-based TV channel. IAMtv’s other anchor, Bob Sisson, has promoted Genesis II and MMS on air. In late 2019, Sisson held up two bottles of Genesis II and proclaimed: “Gonna meet Trump, it’s only a matter of time. President Trump’s gonna invite us up there, when he finds out about this stuff.” Sisson also boasted about meeting then-Kentucky governor Matt Bevin and Tennessee governor Bill Lee, both Republicans. Doug Nash, a retired planetary geologist with NASA […]

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