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I’m swimming in so much schadenfreude today I may have to hire Jerry Falwell’s pool boy to clean up after me.  There’s the Falwell news, the Eric Trump news, the RNC shitshow to come and now … holy shit, what fresh hell is this?

Yahoo! News:

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump’s former friend and adviser, is set to release a tell-all book in September called Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with The First Lady, and on Monday, journalist Yashar Ali reported that Wolkoff “taped the first lady making disparaging remarks about the president and his adult children” that will be revealed in the book.

Though Ali’s report doesn’t include the remarks the first lady evidently made, they’re said to include “harsh comments about Ivanka Trump,” and in fact, Ali says that “most” of the disparaging comments “were reserved for Ivanka Trump.” It’s reportedly not clear whether the book itself will disclose that the remarks in question came from audio recordings.

Someone making “disparaging” comments about innocent, doe-eyed Ivanka Trump? No way. Is that any way to treat someone who’s singlehandedly created 15 million jobs?

Wolkoff’s book will be the latest tell-all to emerge from someone in President Trump’s orbit after one recently published by his niece, Mary Trump. Last week, The Washington Post revealed that Mary Trump recorded conversations with the president’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, in which she says the president has “no principles” and that “you can’t trust him.”

Oh, yeah. The Maryanne Trump Barry news. Forgot about that bit.

Say, why do so many people turn on the Trumps before writing tell-alls? It’s almost as though no one can stay loyal to people who stab them in the back anymore.


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  1. Unfortunate this individual has also taken the opportunity to make a (lucrative) book deal while the getting is good. Sad state of affairs for the US

    • Don’t worry about Melania, she will land on her feet. All you have to do is watch the family when their together. Melania and Ivanka rarely stand next to each other. And most of the time Tiffany is around she doesn’t stand next to daddy. And she usually stands off to the side or in back of the rest.

  2. Yeah it’s getting to be a real bitch to find any trustworthy backstabbers anymore. Used to be they stabbed you in the back and moved on. Now they write a tell all then stab you in the back. Hell then everyone knows what an asshole you are. Just not sentimental anymore.

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