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Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe worked on the U.S. National Climate Assessment released last week. In fact, the atmospheric scientist is one of the authors of this most recent iteration of the report. The news it contains seems to have surprised only complete idiots, and, as a result, more idiots have come forward to try to promote their fake-science ideas about climate change. Hayhoe, who is a professor in the department of political science and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, is sick and tired of watching Trump say stupid things such as that he has an “instinct for” science, and other Republicans, with their bought-and-paid-for misinformation teams, rush around speaking into microphones.

Today she went on Twitter, having decided it was time to break down some facts, in the hope of debunking the truly deplorable fake news coming out of conservative circles.

She focuses in on Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her demonic spewing of falsehoods.

That’s a “No, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you are wrong.” She hits Rick Santorum and his sorry ass, and others who push the conspiracy theory that climate scientists are making big bucks peddling alarmist climate-change theories.

Then, Santorum claimed us authors were “driven by money”. … I picked myself up off the floor laughing, since we received $0 for writing the report …

She also smashes Trump.

Finally, the president then said that he “didn’t believe” the report. But climate science isn’t a religion: it’s real, whether we believe in it or not. If our decisions are not based in reality, we are the ones who will suffer the consequences.

Hayhoe also offers up real solutions from the micro to the macro level, as well as real hope for a future that doesn’t include us all asphyxiating in a fireball. More follows:

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