I posted a report recently about Amazon’s plan to implement its new “Sidewalk” program. “Sidewalk” consists of sharing bandwidth from Amazon’s Alexa subscribers, and of other Amazon-connected devices such as Ring products, to provide that bandwidth to neighbors. This “backdoor” protocol is about to be launched on Tuesday, June 8th.

This is my “heads-up” story I posted previously so that everyone knows it’s happening; and so you can choose to opt-out, since Amazon is automatically opting all of their customers in. www.dailykos.com/… 

A lively, lengthy discussion ensued about this new bandwidth-sharing idea by Amazon, and of the privacy and security implications thereof.  A number of Kossacks weighed in with knowledge and expertise, so it’s worth a look back at what was discussed there.

The “update” I want to add here, for your convenience, are these articles recently released by news media, regarding Amazon’s new “Sidewalk” bandwidth-sharing program. If you have a connected Alexa, Ring or Echo, you may want to peruse these further expert discussions of the privacy and security risks that may arise via this backdoor bandwidth sharing with your neighbors.


As Amazon prepares its Sidewalk launch, privacy experts are raising concerns. One described the tech company’s plans as ‘another monumental step in surveillance capitalism.’

This article and the one from CNET below it have complete lists of all the Amazon devices affected by Amazon’s involuntary opt-in to its “Sidewalk” protocol. I know that was a major question when I first posted about this coming Sidewalk program: What Amazon devices will be affected? 


Amazon to share your Internet with neighbors on Tuesday – How to opt out


Amazon Sidewalk’s privacy settings: What to know about sharing your home’s Wi-Fi

On by default and launching June 8, Sidewalk allows other people’s devices near your home to stay connected by borrowing a sliver of your bandwidth.

Caveat Emptor.  You decide.  Don’t let Amazon decide for you!

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