I don’t know what you guys did to piss them off like this — but Jesus is LP full of vengeance.

Maybe they are just making an example out of you ATT — but they sure fucking hate your guts. They sure intend to fuck all GOP funding all right, It is clearly how they intend to get rid of the GOP. But this is over the top even for them.

I think Lincoln Project intend to destroy you and they are not going to let up. I have never seen them this full of piss and vinegar,

Looks they are going after your stockholders now —  I would say. Good luck at  your next stockholder meeting, I think they will eat you alive. Been to a few. Sure don’t want to be you.

You know they gamed this out weeks ago. And ATT is sure no match for these evil bastards. Like them or hate them — they are that fucking devious. And at least Schmidt sure knows “crisis management” — and I think they are in a hell of a crisis.

Their deal is dead and their dividend is so gone. IMHO. And they are so toxic right now  DO they really believe they can ride this out — are they really that stupid.? They sure have some really pissed of stockholders about now. And it is just getting started.

I get the impression they waited until you guys were that weak ATT — and I bet they will do the same to others, I really think they are making examples  — personally.

This is much deeper than this ad  = and frankly they are working with others to not let up. They are are passing notes to each other. They are all hitting them at this point. Love the unity.

Pretty much if they say they will fuck you —  they mean to fuck you. Ask Toyota.

I don’t do stock advise -=But I would really stay clear of this stock if I were you. Just IMHO.


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