2ND day in a row of big sell-off. And it is going down with big volume.

The damn thing yields 8% dividends — and is is still melting down faster than an iceberg.

I  am guessing their proposed merger is in big trouble.

Lincoln Project has been gunning for them for some time. More than just ads I think. You know — many of them were crisis managers for big companies — just who you do not want to piss off if you run a big company. Schmidt sure was.

I think ATT just got the Toyota treatment. Toyota did not last 48 hours when they fucked around and found out. SO I am pretty sure OANN’s funding is big trouble too.

Ain’t capitalism a bitch.

This is the ad — but like I said — something a lot deeper is happening to them than just this ad.

I don’t think they will last very long. This has been brewing with ATT and them for some time really.


Cut pretty deep with Toyota by the way —  this started it. Bye bye ATT.  I think your proposed merger is DOA. IMHO.

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