If anyone thought that the deadly insurrection that took place on January 6th in Washington, D.C., was a transitory affair that concluded when the rioters were driven from the Capitol, think again. That was just the opening salvo in a battle that is still ongoing. And it is a battle that Donald Trump and his Republican confederates intend to exploit for as long as possible, causing as much harm as they can. Never mind how delusional they have become about all of it.

As evidence of the Trumpian right’s determination to wage another civil war, witness the remarks by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-QAnon) at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, on Friday. His speech was a call to arms to the CPACers, aimed at whipping up their already seething hostility and hatred for fellow Americans (i.e. Democrats and liberals) that he, and most other CPAC speakers, viciously and falsely malign as Marxists and communists (which they couldn’t define if their lives depended on it). Brooks ranted that…

“Our choice is simple. We can surrender and submit, or we can fight back as our ancestors have done. Think for a moment about our ancestors who fought at Valley Forge. They didn’t fight the British, they fought for survival. Twelve thousand Continental soldiers arrived. Five, six months later two thousand had died.

“Think about what they went through. Burying your brothers, your fathers, your sons. Ten to fifteen a day, every day for six months. That’s the kind of sacrifice that we have to think about. And I ask you: are you willing to fight for America? Are you willing to fight for America? Well, the choice is simple. This is how you fight for America. This is what America needs you to do.”


When the inevitable violence that this sort of rhetoric incites comes about, Brooks can’t pretend that he was speaking metaphorically. He is drawing a straight line from wartime events that resulted in thousands of fatalities, to the specific actions he is imploring his audience to take. It is not unlike his remarks on January 6th prior to the assault on the Capitol when Brooks said that “Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.” This is the guy that Trump has endorsed for the Senate in Alabama.

Make no mistake, violent insurrection is the goal of Trump and the anti-American, QAnon seditionists of the Republican Party. The Justice Department has recognized the potential dangers that are being fueled by this toxic pseudo-populism. And the nation must remain vigilant and determined to insure that democracy prevails over the domestic terrorism and totalitarianism of the today’s Trumpified GOP.

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  1. This 45th rESIDENT talks fighting but only with his mouth. He himself is a draft Dodger. He should never serve in a political position again!


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