Astronaut Snoopy takes to the Skies at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

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The 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is on. With balloons and floats and the whole works. One of the highlights of today’s parade is Astronaut Snoopy. Here is some info about the parade and some images and videos of Astronaut Snoopy.

Hope you and your loved ones, especially the young ones, get a chance to enjoy this great American tradition. Perhaps, it will help the conversation at the dinner table be more civil and constructive.

Earlier, there was some uncertainty whether the weather will allow balloons to fly.

But the all-clear signal came soon –

The weather cooperated and the balloons came out. So did Snoopy.

More pictures –

Astronaut Snoopy sure travels fast 😄

Snoopy has flown the skies at the parade before, as the Flying Ace 😄

A Thanksgiving message from space –

NASA has collaborated with Peanuts over the years as a way to get students excited about science.

From… –

In 2018, NASA and Peanuts have collaborated over the past year leading up to the Apollo 10 anniversary with STEM activities, a mini-documentary and other new products that share the excitement of science, technology, engineering and math with the next generation of explorers. The collaboration, formalized though a Space Act Agreement, provides an opportunity to update the Snoopy character by Charles M. Schulz, for space-themed programming with content about NASA’s deep space exploration missions, 50 years after its initial collaboration began during the Apollo era.

Some more images of NASA astronauts with Snoopy –

First image above: Headed for the launch pad, Apollo 10 Commander Tom Stafford pats the nose of a stuffed Snoopy held by Jamye Flowers (Coplin), astronaut Gordon Cooper’s secretary.

Second image: Astronaut Tom Stafford, wearing his spacesuit, is being shown a pennant bearing Snoopy. The Apollo 10 Lunar Module was named Snoopy and the command module was named Charlie Brown.

Here is link to one of the livestreams.

Verizon has an interesting 360 degree webcast, where you can pan 360 degrees during the live video.

But wait, there’s more …

There is Broadway at the Thanksgiving Parade, a real treat.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

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